Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 122

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 122: Opening up land (for agriculture)

Before dawn, Ye Chuan, who had got through a daunting experience without mishap, returned to Cloud Mist Sect.

All along the road, in order to avoid someone tracking him, and shake off that mysterious expert of Immortal Lake who had raised that dense fog, he painstakingly detoured a big lap around the Cloud Mist Mountain Range before returning.

After Ye Chuan returned to Purple Cloud Courtyard, he instructed Flame Devil to activate the Purple Cloud Peak’s defense restriction, then he went to the study and sat cross-legged.

“Sea Demon……, is it possible that she is that mysterious woman I saw in underground Ghost Market?”

Ye Chuan quickly recalled that woman in the underground Ghost Market who was standing far away from the crowd in the darkness staring at him.

In the battle of Immortal Lake, he fulfilled his wish of obtaining Heavenly Dragon Rice seed, and even successfully obtained Buddha Bone Ring, but thinking about the circumstance of that time, he still had a lingering fear, secretly thinking he was lucky.

At that time, if his reaction was even a bit slower, then perhaps he would have sunk into the illusion technique of Sea Demon forever. Moreover, if the leader Dark Tree Monarch was a little bit more cautious and had fled, then he wouldn’t have obtained those treasures, only that Sea Demon hidden in the thick fog would have gotten the advantage.

Now, Dark Tree Monarch was dead, but the big overseas clan behind Dark Tree Monarch, and that Sea Demon were glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey, perhaps there would be no end of trouble in the future.

Pondering for a while, Ye Chuan discarded all distracting thoughts, then taking out two treasures, he opened crystal box first, then placing that Buddha Bone Ring in his palm, he observed it for a moment. After that, he forced out a drop of essence blood, and refined this most valuable treasure of Buddhist Sect on the spot.

If he wanted to set foot on the summit, and once again rule this Wilderness World, then he would inevitably face all kinds of enemies. This was the course every strong people couldn’t avoid when they were rising to the prominence.

The force behind Dark Tree Monarch and that mysterious Sea Demon were very troublesome, but Ye Chuan no longer thought about them. As formerly Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he had multitudes of enemies, increase or decrease of one or two enemies was nothing. Regardless of anything, increasing his strength and strengthen his forces were the most important matter.

In the palm of Ye Chuan, a dark red flame appeared, and slowly, the Buddha Bone Ring in his palm began to soften, and ancient runes as well as standing and sitting Buddha’s figures emerged. Furthermore, beside the ears of Ye Chuan, a series of Buddha singing sound resounded. It was a sonorous and continuous voice as if a bellowing sound. And before this lingering sound ended, yet another round of Buddha singing sound came through. These sounds seemed to be coming from inside the ring, resounded beside the ears of Ye Chuan, but also seemed like the sounds were coming from the depth of void.

Flame Devil who was sitting in the doorway of Purple Cloud Courtyard also indistinctly heard this Buddha singing. Hearing this, he unconsciously closed his eyes and began cultivating. His complexion was tranquil and his spirit was also calm and at peace like never before, moreover, the heart demon that was left behind within his body due to the cultivation of All Direction Scorching Sun Technique quietly dissipated, and now, there was indistinct red light circulating on his body.


After a good while, the Buddha Bone Ring in his palm lightly trembled, finally was thoroughly refined.

“Now, let me examine the legendary Heavenly Dragon Rice!”

Ye Chuan put on Buddha Bone Ring, then a pure and rich energy rose involuntarily, slowly circulating within his body, and then was deposited in his dantian. It condensed and turned into a cyclone which was ceaselessly changing its form. Third Heaven Swallowing Talisman was on the verge of coming out.

After that opening the lid of the wooden box, ancient Heavenly Dragon Rice seed appeared before his eyes, and a delicate fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

This delicate fragrance could cause people’s forefinger to jump. It wasn’t greasy like mortal things, and also wasn’t green and astringent like the wild fruit of the mountain, but a single mouthful of lingering fragrance could shake the spirit of people and vastly increase their appetite. In the void, a powerful dragon roar resounded once again, and as if ancient Heavenly Dragons that dominated the Wilderness World in ancient times were about to leap over time and space and come here, an ancient, majestic, vicissitudes’ energy fluctuation rapidly spread out. [T.N: One’s forefinger jumps = crave for food]

“Noble son, what’s going on here?”

Flame Devil was startled awake, then quickly rushing over, he worriedly asked.

“Yi Yangzi, follow me!”

Ye Chuan closed the lid, and opening the door, he walked out, then taking along Flame Devil, he went straight to the rear mountain.

Heavenly Dragon Rice seed in itself was not a treasure, but its value was unlimited, and was above the value of Buddha Bone Ring. If he could grow this Heavenly Dragon Rice which ancient Heavenly Dragons relied on to live, then he could substantially strengthen the body of his subordinates, making them fierce and doughy like the ancient Heavenly Dragon. At that time, no need to speak about the revival of Cloud Mist Sect, he could upgrade the physique of everybody in the entire Da Qing Dynasty, and then it would be easy for everybody to become knight warrior!

The worldly spiritual qi of Cloud Mist Sect was dense, and all kinds of medicinal herbs could be grown everywhere inside the sect. But after making a general survey, within the entire sect, there was only one place which was richly endowed by nature that was best to plant legendary Heavenly Dragon Rice, and that place was Evil Dragon Abyss of the rear mountain.

Ancient Heavenly Dragons were extremely yang in nature, and Heavenly Dragon Rice also needed to absorb a large amount of yang qi during its growth, so this Evil Dragon Abyss of the rear mountain which was surging with yang qi just happened to have the perfect condition. Opening up the land here, it might be the best place to grow legendary Heavenly Dragon Rice.

Late at night, all kinds of beast on the mountain roared, and under Evil Dragon Abyss, blood and qi seethed and yao beasts roared repeatedly, as if all beasts would rush out at any time. Even Flame Devil, this kind of strong expert, standing beside Evil Dragon Abyss at this time, he was also involuntarily short of breath, and the color of his face changed. Ye Chuan nevertheless was calm and composed, and after sizing up all around, he began to dig, then, opening the wooden box, he took out Heavenly Dragon Rice seed and carefully buried inside the earth.

After that, the world suddenly got quiet, as if all the yao beasts wandering in the wilderness had disappeared all without exception. Calm Ye Chuan and Flame Devil could hear their own heartbeat, and the seething blood and qi under the Evil Dragon Abyss also suddenly settled down.

Ye Chuan raised his head, and then suddenly wind started to blow beside Evil Dragon Abyss.

No, that wasn’t the wind, that was a large amount of worldly spiritual qi, engulfing everything just like a tide.

In the air, suddenly a spectacular energy whirlpool appeared, the worldly spiritual qi within the neighborhood of 10 li was instantly drawn, and was poured into the Heavenly Dragon Rice seed buried inside the earth. Shortly afterward, the range expanded to 30 li, 80 li, 120 li…… In the countless mountain peaks inside the Cloud Mist Sect, the people who were cultivating, including the Daoist Master realm elders and protectors, and even odd-jobs men who had just entered the sect, all without exception felt fatigue in their heart, and they could no longer absorb even a little bit of worldly spiritual qi, so all of them suddenly woke up with a start.


In the night sky, a dragon roar which was beyond description resounded. This dragon roar made the heart of people tremble, and also lose their spirit. In Heavenly Fire Continent, there was an ancient legend, everybody was the descendants of ancient Heavenly Dragons, and everybody had the blood of ancient Heavenly Dragons flowing inside their body. Instantly, everybody had an illusion, after hearing this dragon roaring sound, they felt as if they also turned into a dragon, and they rose higher to the sky as if riding the clouds and flying on the mist.

After continuing for a good while, the dragon roaring sound receded, and then at that moment, every kind of beasts on the mountain roared, or crying out in fear sound, resounded from far away from Evil Dragon Abyss.

Ye Chuan calmed down, and he instantly woke up from the state of losing his spirit. After that, he discovered that, merely after a short while, the Heavenly Dragon Rice seed buried underground had unexpectedly sprouted a small soft shoot. The concentration of worldly spiritual qi circulating in the sky of the rear mountain instantly become half as thin compared to before. The blood and qi under Evil Dragon Abyss was still seething, but now, it was rotating speed was much slower, as if a lot of its energy was consumed.

“Yi Yangzi, go, fetch a bucket of mountain spring water……”

Ye Chuan instructed, and before he could finish speaking, he was unable to move his body all of a sudden.

Not far away behind a rather dark stone, don’t know when, a cyan robed man had appeared noiselessly. He was very thin, and the cyan robe on his body was spotless. He looked as if he was not a person from this world. Even with the cultivation level of Ye Chuan and Flame Devil, they were unexpectedly unable to sense his arrival.


Flame Devil who had gone through countless dangers suddenly got nervous, and he subconsciously stood in front of Ye Chuan. Then a ball of scorching hot ferocious flame appeared in his palm.

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