Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 121

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 121: Yao’s song


Ye Chuan thought in his heart, but soon after that, he denied this thought.

Immortal Lake, this place was the battlefield he had intentionally selected. And, he was the one who had drawn Dark Tree Monarch and other eccentric people to this place, so the other party didn’t have any chance to arrange the ambush in advance. Therefore, there were only two explanation of this, either there was a hidden expert in this place, and due to their intrusion, they disturbed him, moreover, legend stated that there was an immortal living in seclusion here, so this place was called Immortal Lake; or, other experts had come here tailing behind them!

Immortals were purely imaginary, how could mortal easily see them? On the contrary, the underground Ghost Market was a place with hidden dragon and crouching tiger, so there might be someone that took a fancy to the Heavenly Dragon Rice inside the wooden box!

Ye Chuan got serious and a hint of hesitation appeared in his heart.

This fog was too odd, and it came too fast, bolting out the sky and the sun. With his present Rank 1 Xiushi realm cultivation, he also had no means to do so. Obviously, the person who had come was an expert, or was the person possessing a powerful magic treasure, or possessing a special innate technique. Compared to Dark Tree Monarch and his group, this person would be even harder to deal. Now, there might still be time to turn around and flee; but if he continued to stay, not only he would not obtain Heavenly Dragon Rice, he might even lose his life here!

The heart of Ye Chuan was restless, and Dark Tree Monarch as well as his group who were attacking also stopped abruptly, obviously they also felt strong danger.

With the dense fog separated the two parties, all of a sudden both parties hesitated.

The fog got denser and denser, and now, looking straight, they could only see the indistinct figure of each other, which was also becoming increasingly indistinct. In the midst of dense fog, the atmosphere got dangerous, and there was also obscure energy fluctuation, substantially weakening the range of their divine sense.

This is……, yao qi?

The expression of Ye Chuan suddenly change, with the movement of the alae of his nose, Ye Chuan quickly identified what this aura was, and then he instantly became more solemn and cautious.

People were comparable to yao beast, but many yao beasts often had unparalleled innate talent from birth. Depending on the environment richly endowed by nature, their combat power often far surpass the imagination of their opponent, easily crushing the opponent of the same realm!

Heavenly Dragon Rice was ancient Heavenly Dragon’s staple food grain, the appearance of this seed might also attract the ultimate yao beasts of Cloud Mist Mountain Range!

Ye Chuan took a deep breath, and recalling the surrounding terrain in his mind, when he was just about to evacuate, his ears suddenly stick up.

From a distant place where the vision of eyes and divine sense couldn’t reach, suddenly an indistinct sound of singing came.

This sound of singing was faintly discernable and erratic. Sometimes, it came from the east, becoming very clear, and felt as if it was quickly approaching; but in the next moment, the sound suddenly came from the west, becoming hard to tell if this sound really existed, and felt as if it was far away. This sound sounded just like someone muttering to himself, but also like a yearning girl pouring out everything. It was filled with thick resentment, arouse sympathy in the spirit of people, moreover, made people enter the world of resentment together with this sound of singing.

No wind, also no rain, Ye Chuan suddenly shivered and woke up with a start.

The fog got denser and the lakes on both sides of the narrow path make the sound of gurgling water. No one knew when, waves were surging forth, and the dangerous atmosphere in the sky had gotten even stronger.

Great technique!

Ye Chuan took out Cyan Lotus Lamp, and under the illumination of its faint cyan light, his spirit quickly settled down. The ethereal sound of singing continued to come, but it could no longer affect his spirit.

Just a moment ago, instantly after attentively listening to that sound, even he, this formerly Heaven Concealing Great Sage nearly suffer a setback, his spirit was lost in the resentment world of the sound of singing. That was illusion, illusion technique, a kind of extremely brilliant illusion technique!

In the midst of dense fog, rapid as well as chaotic breathing sound resounded. The four eccentric people were also trapped in this illusion technique. Shortly afterwards, ‘ding’ sound resounded, and then the furious shouting.

After Ye Chuan, the leader Dark Tree Monarch also woke up with a start from that terrifying illusion. Then with his ear deafening shout, the remaining three followers were also awakened.

“Sea Demon, it’s that Sea Demon girl, she followed us all the way here!”

“Yes, it’s her, that Sea Demon. She wants to seize the wooden box and also wants to avenge her companion!”

“Curse, this is the legendary curse of Sea Demon!”

Three eccentric people screamed in panic. Their voice was trembling, with fear rising from the depth of their soul.

It was not easy to rob the wooden box of Heavenly Dragon Rice. For this, they joined hand to kill a powerful Sea Demon, and then dug out his eyes, which was the same eyeball which Liu Hong had picked up from the stall thinking it was some kind of treasure.

Other than that Sea Demon that had died, there furthermore was a female Sea Demon, but she was able to flee from the attacks of this Dark Tree Monarch and his clansmen. But outside of their expectation, she actually followed them all the way to the mainland. Moreover, the special environment of Immortal Lake, and with various sized lakes scattered all over here, this place made Sea Demon clan like a tiger that had grown wings!

“A bunch of trashes, still not seizing the chance to attack?”

Dark Tree Monarch ferociously shouted, and then suddenly rushed forward, following the weak reaction towards the direction of Ye Chuan.

The illusion technique of Sea Demon was unparalleled in the world, so he wanted to capture Ye Chuan seizing the chance when he was lost in the illusion, then take him back to East Sea State of overseas. If he didn’t get to work, then wouldn’t it be that he had made a fruitless trip?

The leader Dark Tree Monarch made a reckless move!

Three eccentric people came back to their senses, then holding their sword, they also rushed. Sea Demon who was hiding on the one side made them tremble with terror, and they were dying to flee as quickly as possible from here, but because of the order of Dark Tree Monarch as well as for the honor of their clansmen, they had no choice but to go ahead regardless.


The eyes of Ye Chuan who had already woken up couldn’t see Dark Tree Monarch and his group, but his ears could hear clearly. Then Evil Eyed Cow Demons clustering around him suddenly rushed forward simultaneously, and as if they all had gone mad, they rushed faster and faster. Ye Chuan simply jumped on the back of Evil Cow King, then tilting his body, he silently slipped to the belly of Evil Cow King.

With more than 1000 Evil Eyed Cow Demons suddenly rushing forward like a mad, their momentum was extraordinary. And this also confused Dark Tree Monarch and his group who were making a reckless move, all of the sudden, the situation got chaotic. They hastily dodged but some were sent flying into the lakes beside the narrow path.

But Dark Tree Monarch didn’t dodge, moreover, still continued to push forward. He crazily swung the sword in his hand, beheading all the Evil Eyed Cow Demons in front of him. This fellow was even more insane compared to yao beasts, until he reached his goal, he seemed to have sworn not to stop!


Dark Tree Monarch swept everything before him, his sword again fell, chopping the back of Evil Cow King, but just when he was about to continue to push forward and look for Ye Chuan, he suddenly felt something was wrong. The body of this Evil Cow was too strong, unexpectedly his sword swing was unable to cut it in two half, and furthermore, he felt extreme pain in the web between his thumb and forefinger.

Evil Cow King?

Dark Tree Monarch quickly understood what had happened, and just when he was about to put forth his strength in his sword again, an earth-shaking momentum suddenly came from underfoot, and was knocked down to the ground all of a sudden, and his ribs were broken. That force was even stronger compared to the collision of ten Evil Eyed Cow Demons. He felt as if he was pressed down by a heavy boulder.

He fell into the trap of that kid!

The heart of Dark Tree Monarch shook, then angrily gritting his teeth, he raised the sword in his hand wanting to fight back, but his wrist was suddenly grabbed, then with a kacha could, it was broken, and the sharp sword fell to the ground. Immediately after that, in the midst of the fog, blade light suddenly appeared, then he simultaneously felt pain in throat, space between his eyebrows and chest as well as other vital parts. He had already suffered a deathly attack.


Dark Tree Monarch gave a blood-curdling scream, and before dying, he felt two big hands feeling about his badly mangled chest, taking away the wooden box in his bosom as well as that crystal box containing Buddha Bone Ring. Both treasures were snatched away. After that, the chaotic footsteps of Evil Eyed Cow Demons suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only the sound of singing of Sea Demon in the world.

“Dark Tree Monarch!”

“No……, Dark Tree Monarch……”

The remaining three eccentric people rushed over to the side of Dark Tree Monarch, then shouted loudly. They reached out their hand, and sensed that their powerful leader Dark Tree Monarch no longer had any aura on him, furthermore, the treasures on his bosom had already disappeared without a trace.

“Go, return and tell patriarch, let him……”

One eccentric person quickly stood up, but before he could finish speaking, he suddenly felt cold in his throat, then the blood burst out from his throat. After that, covering his throat, he collapsed in disbelief, falling into the lake beside the narrow path.

A graceful woman jumped out from inside the lake. And after seeing her, the remaining two eccentric people screamed and fled, but before they could run few steps, sharp blade penetrated their chest, then falling to the ground, they died.

After that, that graceful woman squatted down, and after feeling about the body of Dark Tree Monarch, her complexion got increasingly colder.

“Surnamed Ye? In this Cloud Mist Mountain range, how many youngsters are there with surname Ye?”

The eyes of this graceful woman shone with pallid light, then standing up, she kicked the corpse of Dark Tree Monarch into the lake. Then turning around, she left. Very soon, the dense fog also dissipated. As fast as it came, that fast it dissipated.


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