Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 120

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 120: Peerless style technique

Hazy moonlight, came down pouring down on a calm and tranquil lake surface.

From far, these lakes looked as if big and small sized mirrors inlaid on the earth, moreover, also looked just like resplendent gems.

All the way, seven eccentric people pursue relentlessly, reluctant to part with the trail of Ye Chuan. Following the trace of Ye Chuan’s footmarks, they arrived at Immortal Lake, but quickly, they fell into a predicament.

Arriving in front of a lake, the footmark of Ye Chuan suddenly disappeared, as if he had disappeared into a thin air without a trace. The seven eccentric people searched all around, but they didn’t find even a bit of his trace.

“Dark Tree Monarch, what should we do now?”

The six eccentric people stepped forward and surrounded the leader Dark Tree Monarch.

The circumstance and their expectation were completely different, they had thought that, relying upon the ability all seven of them, they would be able to easily intercept Ye Chuan, but who would have thought that, even after pursuing for a long time, they didn’t even see a trace of Ye Chuan.

“He is an expert, we made an error of judgment!”

The leader Dark Tree Monarch said. His face was tense and his complexion was solemn.

Ye Chuan was Great Master of identifying treasure, they had already seen this point. But no-one had foreseen his strength, clearly, he was far from simply a Rank 1 Xiushi as seen on the surface!

Dark Tree Monarch hesitated and was indecisive in his heart.

This time they had crossed the sea and came from far to this place just to look for an all-knowing Great Master. And finally, they came across extraordinarily knowledgeable Ye Chuan with great difficulty but missing him just like this and returning empty-handed, he was unwilling. But everything in front of him clearly stated that Ye Chuan was already aware of them, following his tracks, so both staying on this place and continue to chase after him were very dangerous.

Dark Tree Monarch who could summon wind and rain in East Sea State, at this moment, was apprehensive, and an uneasy feeling arose involuntarily. Moreover, this feeling was getting more and more strong.

Whoosh! A cold wind blew over causing waves to appear on the surface of lake water as if the creases on the silk cloth, and the lotus leaves floating on the lake surface also swayed.

At that time, all around, in the sky, a cold killing intent quietly rippled.

The leader Dark Tree Monarch felt uneasy, and similarly, those six eccentric people also felt the same to some extent, then they immediately tighten their grip on the hilt of their sword. After that, scanning all around, they unwittingly discovered a narrow path between the lakes in front of them. Originally calm and tranquil lakes had Ill Wind Formation, and they suddenly became ferocious and ghastly like oppressive bottomless pits.

“Bastard, come out!”

“Dark Tree Monarch……”

The six people felt more and more uneasy and they clustered around the leader Dark Tree Monarch.

“Come out, boy, this lordship know you are nearby, come out for me!”

After waiting for a moment, the leader Dark Tree Monarch lost his patience, then pushing away one follower with his one hand, he pulled out the sword hanging on his waist with another hand.

Kengqiang! [T.N: kengqiang: sonorous and rhythmic]

Under the hazy moonlight, the bone-chilling cold sword light flashed as Dark Tree Monarch brandished his sword towards the lake surface. The water waves immediately rose to more than ten meters, and the entire lake seemed to be cleaved into two by this sword slash. After the waves fell down, another wave rose again, as the sword lights swept all over the lake surface. In one breathe of time, Dark Tree Monarch brandished his sword seventeen times, and his power was terrifying. Although he was not tall, his sword moves however were downright domineering, and his swordsmanship was clearly different from the swordsmanship of the mainland.

After the foam of breaking waves fell down, the lakes around gradually revert back to the calmness.

After the fierce slashes, Dark Tree Monarch panted, but there was still no trace of Ye Chuan. After that, the seven people not only didn’t relax instead got even more nervous and their heart pounded.

Under the night sky, they didn’t know when, the killing intent undulated along with obscure energy fluctuation.

This energy fluctuation was not very strong but clearly seeped into the senses of everybody, moreover, as the time goes on, it steadily rose, as if the sea tide, it got more and more intense and as if war drumbeat, it got more and more elated.

Ye Chuan was lurking, but after unleashing his seal, the aura of Heaven Swallowing Talismans became increasingly denser and as if a death shadow, it somewhat heavily pressured the heart of seven eccentric people.

“Are you all looking for me?”

After a good while, when all seven eccentric people were gasping for breath and when their heart almost popped out, a faint voice resounded.

On the left side lake, at an unknown time, Ye Chuan had appeared, sitting on the lotus leaf. His strong and vigorous body was light as if feather sitting on the lotus leaf without sinking. And looking at those seven eccentric people who appeared as if they were facing a formidable foe, an evil smile appeared.

“Catch him!”

Dark Tree Monarch angrily shouted.

After that, these seven eccentric people that came from overseas disappeared simultaneously. And in the next moment, the air beside Ye Chuan suddenly twisted, and seven sharp swords dazzling with pallid light appeared.

Wind Style!

The seven eccentric people jointly gave free play to Style Technique initiating ferocious attacks. This technique appeared somewhat similar to the technique of Five Style Sect, but was even simpler and fierce, moreover, the speed was also faster.

“With such little bit of skill, do you think you can be unbridled in the mainland?

Ye Chuan indifferently smiled, then suddenly swaying left and right, he dodged the sharp swords of all seven eccentric people.

This……, is this also a Style Technique?

The pupils of seven eccentric people contracted, then jumping over, they landed on the narrow path, and all of them became very alert.

“Hahaha, look carefully, this is the real Style Technique, Peerless Style Technique!”

Ye Chuan laughed, and with his body suddenly becoming dim, he instantly appeared 100 meters away on the narrow paths of the lakes. After that, with cyan lights flashing behind him, one Evil Eyed Cow Demon appeared, then two, three……, in no time, more than thousand Evil Eyed Cow Demons crowded on the narrow path and their momentum was threatening.

When he was just in Wuzhe realm, Ye Chuan wasn’t able to display many techniques, but after breaking through to Xiushi realm, it was different. In similar Style Technique, he was even better than these seven eccentric people!

“Be careful!”

Dark Tree Monarch exclaimed as the dangerous feeling suddenly increased.

Dazzling cyan radiances suddenly streak across in the sky, illumination the greater part of the sky.

The Evil Eyed Cow Demons arranged in the battle formation showed their might, launching ferocious attacks, and those seven eccentric people who were crowded on the narrow path dodged in succession. Some swayed left and right and some used Style Technique to jump into the lakes beside them, and only came out after a good while. But, after they had just dodged the first wave of attacks, the second wave of thickly dotted cyan radiances arrived in unbroken succession. Soon, screaming sounds resounded in succession. Three eccentric people died and fell into the lake, then red color slowly floated on the lake surface.

“Kill, kill him!”

The leader Dark Tree Monarch angrily gave the order to kill, then leaving behind the remaining three followers, he rushed forward.

Originally, he only intended to grab Ye Chuan and forcibly ask what treasure was the thing inside the wooden box, but now, he didn’t care about anything, and he only wanted to kill him.

The air suddenly distorted, and several waves appeared on the lake water on both sides of the narrow path which simultaneously advanced forward quickly.

Wind Style, Water Style, together with leader Dark Tree Monarch, the remaining four eccentric people launched an all-out attack, wanted to kill Ye Chuan.

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk, and the energy fluctuation within his body rose to the extreme, as he insanely circulated two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body. After that, Evil Eyed Cow Demons clustered around him simultaneously opened their eyes wide, preparing a ferocious attack.

Would these foreign eccentric people be first to rush over or the move of these Evil Eyed Cow Demons under his command be faster?

Ye Chuan prepared to personally make a move too, those eight extremely thin blades in the space between his fingers glimmered with blade light and began to rotate. Confronting four insane foreign loose cultivators, could Evil Eyed Cow Demons obstruct them or not, he was not sure in his heart.

At that time, suddenly fog rose from the calm and tranquil lakes.

When both sides were about to fight to the death, the dense fog suddenly appeared, moreover, it appeared very fast. In the blink of an eye, the narrow paths between the lakes were enveloped with the dense fog, and a strong danger feeling simultaneously emerged in the mind of Ye Chuan and those four eccentric people.

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