Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 119

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 119: Dark Tree Monarch

“Unfortunately, I don’t recognize it.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, then slightly hesitating, he returned the wooden box with Heavenly Dragon Rice to the eccentric person.

Clearly, these seven eccentric people were disappointed seeing this.

But Ye Chuan sneered in his heart, observing their facial expression, he understood that his guess was really correct. Then, he turned away.

“Slow down, noble son, do you really don’t recognize this?”

The leader eccentric person called out, and slowly raising his head, he revealed an ice-cold face. After that, squeezing out a stiff smile with great difficulty, he asked, “Are you not interested in the thing inside the wooden box, or worried that you cannot afford?”

The leader eccentric person was obviously smiling, but his smile made people feel a chill.

And with ice-cold aura quickly spreading all over, the passages of entire underground Ghost Market got even colder.

As for remaining six eccentric people, their right hand reached out to the hilt of the sword hanging on their waist in unison, then ice-cold killing intent soared. And seeing the situation was bad, some people quietly retreated, and stayed far away from this hornet’s nest.

Ye Chuan smiled, the reaction of these seven eccentric people was beyond all expectation, but also was what he had hoped for. If these eccentric people were selling things honestly, then they wouldn’t have plagued him with unreasonable demands, so now, how should he obtain those things? Ye Chuan looked at those seven eccentric people, then said with a smile: “Yes, I am really worried that I cannot afford. Your Excellency, it’s just a seed, how about selling it to me in 1 tael of silver?”

Ye Chuan pushed the boat along with the current, offering a tael of silver.

The expression of seven eccentric people changed, but the smile of Ye Chuan became even more brilliant, then turning around, he walked away. And behind him, Liu Hong followed.

Returning to the surface, Ye Chuan raised his head looking towards the stars in the sky, then suddenly stopping his steps, he turned to look at Liu Hong and said, “Miss Liu, even if you see a friend off for a thousand li, in the end, you still have to part, we are parting here.”

“Why, noble son Ye, are you afraid that I will stick with you and go all the way to your Cloud Mist Sect?” Liu Hong smiled and stepped closer, then leaning her exquisite body against Ye Chuan, she raised her head and said looking at Ye Chuan, “Or to say, are you worried that your that little junior apprentice-sister will see us together?”

“A little.” Ye Chuan evilly smiled.


Liu Hong laughed like a silver bell, then lightly sighed and said: “Noble son Ye really isn’t an ordinary person, ai, how come our Five Style Sect don’t have this kind of talent? Noble son Ye, how about joining our Five Style Sect? I will definitely make father train you wholeheartedly and make you our Five Style Sect’s Big Disciple. And when that moment comes, Honghong can also call you Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.”

“Miss Liu, do you like to call me Big Senior Apprentice-Brother?”

Ye Chuan looked at Liu Hong with a smile, then said, “Also, Cloud Mist Sect and Five Style Sect are always at odds, and the disciples of two sects would frequently fight outside, but why are you treating me nicely like this?”

“If I say, you are too handsome, and in the heart of Honghong, you are the most handsome man compared to any other men in the world, do you believe?” Looking at Ye Chuan, the big eyes of Liu Hong became watery and under the dim moonlight, her skin appeared even more fair and exquisite, as if a water would come out if pinched lightly.

Ye Chuan rubbed his chin for a good while, because he had not taken care of it for a long time, some beard seemed to have already grown in his chin, then he said in all seriousness, “I believe, because, all junior apprentice-sisters of Cloud Mist Sect also said so. Miss Liu, thank you for inviting me. I reaped no little benefit from this time’s trip to underground Ghost Market. Goodbye!”

Ye Chuan waved his hand, then left with large strides, no longer entangling with Liu Hong.

Miss Liu Hong of Five Style Sect appeared bubbling with enthusiasm, and without any scheme, like a pampered and spoiled princess, she did whatever she wanted to do, but coming into contact with her several times always gave Ye Chuan an elusive feeling.

Each and every women all aren’t simple, and both beautiful as well as having powerful background women are even more not simple!

Ye Chuan was laughing and joking on the surface, but always was alert in his heart. And secretly maintaining a distance from Liu Hong, he gradually got further apart.

Behind, looking at his back view from far away, the expression of Liu Hong who just had an ambiguous expression of love-struck idiot quickly sunk, then she sneered, “Very cunning boy, is this really that so-called slow-witted Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect? Heh heh, let me see how long you can be so conceited, one day, I will make you kneel under my pomegranate-red skirt, hahaha……” [T.N: pomegranate-red skirt = feminine charms]

While Liu Hong was laughing, her eyes flashed with scorching hot radiance as if she was the queen who held the power in her hand. Immediately afterward, she reverted back to her previous state, then turning around, she walked, returning to storing dirt and gathering filth underground Ghost Market.


“Dark Tree Monarch, that boy is in the front!”

Liu Hong had just walked a step forward, and seven robust figures rush out. They wore sackcloth, had sword hung on their waist, and everyone was wearing a big bamboo hat on their head. Then they stopped for a bit, and they rushed again following the faint reaction towards the east which was the same direction Ye Chuan had disappeared.

Seven so-called foreign loose cultivators, from underground Ghost Market, chased after Ye Chuan.

Also, don’t know what method they used, but there unexpectedly was no disturbance among the people of underground Ghost Market. Without anybody knowing, under the dim light of night, they flew over. Even Liu Hong who was adept at scheming as well as who had eyes and ears everywhere unexpectedly didn’t realize this. Under the dim light of night, only a shadow hidden inside the dense forest coldly stared at those group.

The seven eccentric people weren’t tall, all of them were short in stature, but their speed however was not slow, like a bat, they quickly flew under the dim light of night. Originally, they thought that they would easily catch up to Ye Chuan before traveling 10 li, but now, even after chasing for nearly 30 li, they didn’t even see the shadow of Ye Chuan.

And after chasing to a mountain creek, the seven eccentric people suddenly stopped.

The footprint of Ye Chuan suddenly changed the direction at this place. Jumping across this mountain creek and continue to go straight forward, was the direction of Cloud Mist Sect; towards the left, was vast mountains; towards the right, was not tall but straight mountain peaks, big and small lakes scattered all over, was the enchanting scenery near underground Ghost Market called Immortal Lake. The footprints of Ye Chuan was stretched towards this Immortal Lake.

The six eccentric people simultaneously looked towards the leader eccentric person called Dark Tree Monarch. The sudden change of direction of Ye Chuan made them feel a trace of unease.

Could it be that Ye Chuan had noticed they were following him?

The heart of eccentric people got heavy, all of them held the hilt of the sword hung on their waist, then their killing intent soared.


Hesitating for a good while, leader Dark Tree Monarch waved his hand, leading six eccentric people to continue to chase, and their sharp knife like face was ice-cold without any expression.

The guess of Ye Chuan wasn’t wrong, these seven people had made such a long journey for the sake of finding a very knowledgeable Great Master to identify that seed inside the wooden box. In order to obtain this wooden box, their clan had paid a heavy price, so they were determined to identify the treasure inside the box!

“They came, they really came, came so quickly!”

On a tall and straight mountain peak, Ye Chuan silently looked at those seven eccentric people flying over under the dim light of night. After that, he coldly smiled and directly jumped down from the mountain peak and as if a shadow, he ran deeper into Immortal Lake with lakes scattered all over.

Seven eccentric people were determined to catch Ye Chuan and force him to identify the thing inside the wooden box. But little did they imagine, Ye Chuan was also determined to take advantage and seize that Heavenly Dragon Rice inside that wooden box. For this reason, Ye Chuan had intentionally parted with Liu Hong quite early. And this Immortal Lake where big and small lakes were scattered all over was the battlefield he had intentionally selected.

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