Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 118

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 118: Heavenly Dragon Rice

If they wanted silvers, then there was no problem. If they wanted pills and magic items, then that was also fine, but 20,000 women, where would he find them?

Ye Chuan shook his head making a wry smile.

The demand of this eccentric person was also not impossible, rather he didn’t want to do. If he refined a large batch of pills and sell them in the secular world, then look for some local tyrant, and use the earned silvers to gather women, then he could easily gather 20,000 women, but, using this kind of means to obtain a piece of treasure, was it worth it?

Not worth!

Ye Chuan who was once a Heaven Concealing Great Sage naturally disdained using this kind of means. Even now when his cultivation was still shallow, and this item was very useful for this lifetime, he disdained to use such despicable means.

“Sorry, noble son Ye, I can’t help you with this.” Liu Hong whispered beside the ear of Ye Chuan while shaking her head.

In order to thank Ye Chuan for providing the information about the hidden treasure of Bluestone Mine, she specially invited Ye Chuan to this underground Ghost Market, and if it required silvers, then she would have immediately helped Ye Chuan to pay. Even if it was ten thousands of taels, she wouldn’t have even blinked her eyes, but 20,000 women, she, this eldest Miss of Five Style Sect, also could do nothing.

“Asking women, moreover, 20,000 of them, these people are sick, all seven of them are sick.”

“Heh heh, really are uncivilized barbarians. What foreign loose cultivators, obviously are big devils, I don’t know what evil, sinister and vicious technique they wanted to cultivate for them to need so many women.”


The disciples of three sects also shook their head and began discussing spiritedly.

Although they had neither heard about the ancient Buddhism nor understood the power of this Buddha Bone Ring, but some people were secretly tempted. However, hearing the requirement of this eccentric person, they were forced to give up.

“Noble son, did you consider clearly?” The eccentric person in the middle asked, then slightly raising his head, he looked at Ye Chuan with a fierce gaze. Although his facial features were hidden by the big bamboo hat, he could indistinctly see a sharp knife-like face and obscure dark skin.

“That is the opening price, then how much is the offering price?” Ye Chuan asked, instantly, everyone around including Liu Hong was dumbfounded.

If the opening price was 20,000 taels of silver, then it could be haggled to 10,000 or 8,000. But since his opening demand was 20,000 women, then could this also be discussed to 10,000 or 8,000 women? Was this something to bargain?

These eccentric people were shameless, but Ye Chuan was even more shameless!

People were surprised in their heart, today, they truly widened their knowledge.

Hearing Ye Chuan, even those eccentric people were dumbfounded, and after a good while, they came back to their senses and coldly said while shaking their head: “No, not one less.”

“Then forget about it, strolling around underground Ghost Market is seeking pleasure, if we can’t even haggle a little, then what’s the point, furthermore you still want to do business like this? Miss Liu, let’s go.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, then putting down the Buddha Bone Ring, he turned away.

This was a trap, thinking for a moment, he understood it. The opening price was not 20,000 taels of silvers, rather 20,000 women, these eccentric people basically didn’t have any sincerity, and also had no intention to truly sell this Buddha Bone Ring. Judging from their reaction, they obviously knew the origin and might of this ring, so they will not sell it so easily.

The thoughts of Ye Chuan moved as if lightning, and on the surface, he was haggling with a smile, but he was already clear in his heart. As for what this trap was all about, and why these eccentric people who came from overseas set up this kind of trap, Ye Chuan was not clear about it and he also didn’t want to know. But without any reason, he suddenly recalled that strange mysterious woman.

Ye Chuan didn’t want to get mixed up with this muddy water, so he wanted to leave.

Liu Hong was somewhat surprised, but quickly followed after Ye Chuan. Behind, the gaze of the leader eccentric person got gloomy, and he suddenly called out, “Slow down, noble son, I still have another treasure, aren’t you interested to see?”

The first eccentric person again took out a box from his bosom. This box looked just like a commonplace coarse wooden box and its workmanship was not particularly good, but it emitted faint energy fluctuation.

Ye Chuan stopped his footsteps and turning around, he said, “Oh, what’s this? Is the opening price 30,000 women, moreover, not one less?”

The disciples of three sects roared with laughter, even Liu Hong also chuckled. And her two slender legs vaguely seen under the half-concealed cloak attracted unknown numbers of eyes.

“I don’t want women for this, there is no harm for noble son in looking at this first.” The complexion of this eccentric person reddened, then quickly reverted back to normal.

“That’s also fine.”

Ye Chuan returned back, then taking that wooden box that seemed to be rough and slipshod work, he had a marvelous feeling.

That was not the energy fluctuation of some treasure, nor it resembled any ancient restriction, was an inexplicable feeling, but the feeling it gave to people was very marvelous. This feeling, even in his previous life when he was able to conceal the heaven with his hand, Ye Chuan had practically never chance upon.

The gaze of people quickly transferred to the wooden box from the slender legs of Liu Hong, and all of them were curious.

Ye Chuan stood motionlessly, holding that wooden box in his hand, that marvelous feeling became even clearer and stronger, even to the extent that his spirit was restless, as if he vaguely heard the call from ancient times, and an even more ancient aura compared to Buddha Bone Ring slowly seeped into his fingertips from the wooden box, infiltrating into his mind, making his spirit tremble.

Good item!

This was absolutely a peerless good item!

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone, then taking a deep breath, he slowly opened the lid.

An unknown small seed appeared in front of people.

It looked like a grain of rice, but was hundred times bigger, filling up the entire wooden box. And immediately after opening, faint rice fragrance floated in the air.

“What is this? A large grain of rice?”

“Can it be that the rice grown in abroad is like this?”


The disciples of three sects discussed spiritedly, and shaking their head, they were endlessly disappointed.

They had thought that there was a rare treasure inside the wooden box, but outside their expectation, it was unexpectedly a grain of seed.

Cultivators seek supreme techniques, first-rate pills and powerful treasures. And after reaching the certain level in cultivation, they could go without eating for dozens of years, or even hundred years in seclusion cultivation, so secular food was not essential. Therefore, they don’t have any interest in this trivial grain of rice.

“This is……, legendary Heavenly Dragon Rice, ancient Heavenly Dragon’s staple food grain Heavenly Dragon Rice?”

Ye Chuan pondered, and he was so excited in his heart that it became difficult to suppress.

The disciples of three sects were greatly disappointed, and lost their interest, but the heart of Ye Chuan shook, and even the Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body was burning. After that, placing it under his nose, a trace of ancient pure aura assaulted his nostrils. The history of this small seed might be as old as Cloud Mist Mountain Range!

According to legend, the ancient Wilderness World was divided into many eras. Before the rise of human clan, the entire Wilderness World was the world of ancient Heavenly Dragons, and they were the ruler of Wilderness World. Just a light yawn of adult ancient Heavenly Dragon could give rise to a hurricane, and they had such extraordinary strength that a single hit could knock down huge mountains. One section of their terrifying strength came from their inheritance, and the remaining section came from their foods which were richly endowed by nature, that was, long extinct Heavenly Dragon Rice!

If his guess wasn’t wrong and he could obtain this seed, then what did that mean? Didn’t that mean, he could grow Heavenly Dragon Rice, and train a group of unmatched and invincible soldiers, as well as give birth to a division of enormous yao beast legion?

The excitement of Ye Chuan rose?

“Noble son, what is inside the wooden box, what do you see?” The leader eccentric person asked, staring at Ye Chuan with inexplicable excitement and expectation.

The heart of Ye Chuan shook, suddenly realizing the situation.

These eccentric people didn’t want to sell this thing inside the wooden box, rather wanted to seize the opportunity to understand what this seed was!

These seven eccentric people had come all the way from overseas just to find a Great Master who knows all about the goods, so that he would answer their doubts! That Buddha Bone Ring of just now was merely a prop to see whether he know all about the goods or not. The superb collection of items in the entire stall were all insignificant, but this seed was the real treasure!

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