Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 117

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 117: I don’t want money

After seeing a strange woman was staring at him for a while, he moved his gaze away, and merely after he turned towards Liu Hong to speak, Ye Chuan discovered that this mysterious woman had already disappeared and he could no longer find her.  It seems she had hidden herself in dense darkness and also appeared as if she had left underground Ghost Market.

“Noble son Ye, look, what is this? Don’t tell me that it is a fish bone again?”

Liu Hong picked up another thing from the stall.

At a glance, this was just a piece of smooth stone and was fist-sized, but was much heavier than common stone. It appeared to be a little piece, but was over hundred jin in weight.

“This is……”

Ye Chuan took it and taking a closer look, he lightly rubbed his finger on its surface, then he said: “This is a piece of Magnetic Jade. Very heavy, but is rather fragile. It can be used to store worldly spiritual qi, but if you want to refine it into treasure, then it is somewhat difficult. This is a rare item, if you are interested, then there is no harm to buy it and slowly play with it.”

Ye Chuan returned the Magnetic Jade to Liu Hong, then he scanned through the superb collection of items in the stall, and was somewhat disappointed.

These seven eccentric people had brought many things from abroad, but, there were no true treasures, and the greater part were only common goods abroad. But the disciples of three sects were scrambling for these things that were very infrequently seen and were in the bidding war. Ye Chuan nevertheless disdained all of the items as beneath contempt.

But Liu Hong seemed to be interested, she didn’t care whether she could to find a treasure or not, but she would continuously pick up strange things and asked Ye Chuan for their appraisal. And not listening to the advice of Ye Chuan, she used several first-rate pills to exchange a string of which appeared to be multicolored crystals but in fact was useless sea agate, then wearing it on her wrist, she fondled it admiringly, causing Ye Chuan to not know whether to laugh or cry.

Women are women, even after knowing it is not a good thing, as long as it looks beautiful, it’s fine.

Ye Chuan no longer cared about Liu Hong, turning around, he carefully sized up the items of the stall, and he would often pick up some items for a closer look.

He found a piece of Deep Sea Red Iron which was the best quality material to forge a huge cauldron, unfortunately, this small piece was not very useful;

He found a chunk of Black Sea Agarwood Tree, it could be used for refining the Soul Calming Sandalwood, unfortunately, it was not old enough, also contains many impurities, wasn’t an ancient Agarwood Tree, and the quality was too poor;

Ye Chuan shook his head again and again, many things looked very good at first glance, but was not up to much under careful observation.

As a once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, Ye Chuan had seen countless worldly treasures, so there were very few items that could enter his discerning eyes.

The disciples of three sects that had rushed over after hearing the news exchanged many things, even Liu Hong exchanged several items, only he alone didn’t fancy any of these items.

Among the seven eccentric people, one eccentric person had his eyes open at an unknown time and slightly raising his head, he stared at Ye Chuan, and his cold gaze became sharper than the knife.

Ye Chuan immediately sensed this gaze, then raising his head, his eyes locked on to the eyes of this strange person, instantly, an invisible power hit him in his face, confusing Ye Chuan. Then, the pupils of the other party as if an endless abyss was about to engulf Ye Chuan’s soul and everything around him.

Little guy!

Still want to show off your slight skill before an expert?

Ye Chuan coldly smiled, then suddenly circulating two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, his eyesight changed, and compared to this eccentric, his gaze became even colder and even deeper. Moreover, as if the legendary endless flowing time, worlds were emerging and collapsing inside his pupils, crushing through everything.

Groan! The eccentric person let out a muffled groan. In the invisible contest, he didn’t occupy any advantage. After that, his sharp gaze quickly calmed down, and was replaced by surprise, solemn as well as a little bit of inexplicable excitement.

The six eccentric people beside him also sensed this and simultaneously raised their head, then reaching towards the swords hung on their waist, killing intent instantly soared.

But one eccentric person suddenly raised his hand, signaling other six to calm down. Then looking at Ye Chuan wearing a cloak and bamboo hat on his head, he slowly took out a jade box from his bosom and giving it to Ye Chuan, he said: “Noble son, you are dissatisfied with so many treasures in the stall, presumably you are a great master, how about taking a look at this?”

The strange action of this eccentric person quickly alerted many disciples of three sects who were gathered in the front, and everyone uniformly looked over there.


Ye Chuan nodded his head, and ignoring the gazes of other people, he didn’t refuse, but confidentially took the jade box from the eccentric person. He was also somewhat curious to see what was inside this jade box.

“Be careful of the sham!”

Liu Hong nervously warned in a low voice.

These Foreign Loose Cultivators didn’t seem to be decent people, looked more like a group of evil cultivators. If by chance, the jade box was filled with deadly poison or some other abstruse mechanism, then Ye Chuan might be in trouble if he opened it.

“It’s fine!”

Ye Chuan indifferently said. On the surface, he appeared carefree, but secretly he circulated two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and an indistinct layer of dim light circulated around his fingertips, enveloping his skin, then he slowly opened the jade box in public.

A ring appeared in front of everyone.

At a first glance, this ring appeared to be bland, and was far from being as dazzling as that string of sea agates which was exchanged by Liu Hong, but the eyes of Ye Chuan however shone, and with a light movement of the alae of his nose, a wisp of unusually sweet smell infiltrated into his heart via nasal cavity.

Buddha Bone Ring?

Ye Chuan was still calm on the surface, but his heart was surging forward with great momentum.

This seemingly bland ring unexpectedly had a pure Buddhism aura. Reaching out to touch it, a trace of warmness came through the finger, then a warm current appeared within his body, making him warm and comfortable. Moreover, there was an indistinct feeling as if he was about to ascend to the heaven and become immortal!

This feeling, Ye Chuan wasn’t unfamiliar. In his previous lifetime, when he was able to conceal heaven with his hand and dominated Wilderness World, a great devil had given him a similar ring as a tribute. It was made from the Buddhist relics of ancient Buddha.

Even at that time, ancient Buddhism had long been disappeared, and every piece of Buddhism treasure was of astronomical value. After refining that ring, it could calm the soul, hundreds of evils couldn’t invade and no need to mention about being able to subdue various kinds of evil demons and heretics, it could suppress heart demon. It was a priceless treasure for any cultivator!

After looking for a long time, finally, a real treasure appeared!

The spirit of Ye Chuan shook and quickly closing the lid, he came straight to the point, looking towards the eccentric person, “I want this ring, say, how much?”

“Do you know what this is?” The eccentric person didn’t say anything about price, and with an indifferent face as if he firmly believed that Ye Chuan couldn’t afford, he coldly asked.

“Isn’t this a Buddha Bone Ring?”

Ye Chuan paused and said: “Say, how much?”

“Buddha Bone Ring? What is that?”

“It doesn’t have any trace of splendor, how can it be a real treasure?”

The disciples of three sects discussed spiritedly, and shook their head inwardly.

In the previous lifetime, when Ye Chuan was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, ancient Buddhism had long been disappeared without a trace. And millions of years later, the people who knew about Buddhism became fewer and fewer, and now the disciples of three sects basically had never heard about Buddhism.

The eyes of seven eccentric people however shone, and especially the eccentric person who appeared to be the leader, looking towards Ye Chuan, his eyes were shining brightly, but his voice was hoarse and low, “I don’t want money.”

“Then what do you want?” Ye Chuan asked again, preparing his heart.

Liu Hong had already warned, these eccentric people who had come from abroad were unsociable and cold, and all of their items could only be exchanged for other things. Ye Chuan only wanted to know what they want to exchange this Buddha Bone Ring. He wanted to see what demand these eccentric people had.

“I want……, women, many, many women.” The eccentric person stretched out two fingers and said an astonishing sentence.

“Two hundred?” Ye Chuan asked.

“No, twenty thousand.”

Hearing the eccentric person saying something startling, the disciples of three sects gathered here caused a sensation, feeling incomparably absurd. Even passionate, bold and unrestraint Liu Hong had her eyes wide open.

She had seen many hungry ghosts that become high-spirited seeing a beautiful woman, but never seen anyone who wanted women as soon as he opened the mouth, furthermore he wanted so many women. Did they come here just to seek women from far abroad? Why did they want so many women?

The dark and desolate underground Ghost Market suddenly boiled over.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! How many cities does he expect a xiushi rank 1 to rob for this ring? He probably won’t even be alive after since everyone will be after his ass for such a vile deed. Totally not worth the trouble.

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