Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 116

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 116: Eccentric people

Ye Chuan squatted down and observed carefully.

These seven foreign loose cultivators were odd tempered, but they had truly brought a lot of things, which were placed closely packed on a large area. In a single glance, he saw strange medicinal herbs, heavy and hard deep-sea iron meteorites, millennium sea carnelians, and so on, wide verities of exquisite things.

“Noble son Ye, what is this?”

Liu Hong picked up a glittering thing, its length was similar to the chopsticks, but the end part was sharp. It was a bit like crystal stone and also a bit like carnelian. A luster was circulating on its surface, which immediately attracted the eyes of Liu Hong. The majority of girls liked this kind of things, and although Liu Hong was a cultivator, but she was also no exception.

“This is….., a section of a bone outgrowth on the back of Sea Lathe Fish, nothing more.”

Ye Chuan took it and after taking a look, he quickly recognized it, then returning it to Liu Hong, he said indifferently, “If you like it, you can buy it, some other day I will help you polish it into a hairpin. But, although this toy is rarely seen in the continent, but it is common in abroad, is not something valuable. Even after processing it, it can only become a good-looking common item, unable to become any treasure.”

Ye Chuan was calm, and with a single glance, he identified what this thing was.

He wasn’t Alchemist Master and also wasn’t Weapon Refining Master, but in his previous lifetime, when he could conceal heaven with his hand, he had mastered 3,000 techniques, he had touched upon all sides to some extent and his attainments on all of them were not swallow. Now, in this Cloud Mist Mountain Range, his knowledge was so broad and profound that if he called himself second, then no-one was qualified to be first.

“It’s such a good-looking thing, but unexpectedly is only a fishbone.”

Liu Hong muttered, and somewhat reluctantly placed it down. The surrounding people also looked at this thing with regret. Originally, all thought that this was a rare treasure, and someone was already prepared to buy it at a high price.

Seven eccentric foreign loose cultivators still sat on their knees without any movement, only the eccentric person on the rightest side slightly raised his head. Immediately, Ye Chuan sensed ice-cold gaze staring at him, and as if he was being stared by a viper, his whole body felt uncomfortable.

“No, they are definitely not ordinary foreign loose cultivators, they are……”

Ye Chuan secretly thought in his heart, and frowning, he secretly raised his guard, but on the surface, he pretended to not know anything at all. Fortunately, the eccentric person merely stared at him for a little while, then lowered his head again, and coldly stayed still.

“Noble son Ye, what about this pearl? Truly good-looking, what is this?”

Liu Hong looked around the stall and picked up a dragon eye like pearl. Looking under the firelight, dark light flowed in this pearl, and a reflection appeared on its surface. Carefully looking, there was something else behind the reflection, and a vague outline that resembled a palace could be seen as if another world was sealed within this pearl, moreover, it emitted faint obscure energy fluctuation.

A common girl who looked a bit beautiful, usually was only a big breast without the brain, nevertheless Liu Hong wasn’t like this, she looked exquisite, lovely ****, but also was very keen. In this all kinds of items, she quickly found this beautiful yet odd pearl.

The short leather skirt was truly too short to squat down, even with cloak concealing more than half, less than half of her elastic buttocks were still faintly visible, furthermore, she constantly reached out her hand to pull down this short leather skirt, drawing the gaze of people. And coupled with her soft and sweet voice, she made people standing behind and beside her to continuously swallow their saliva. They couldn’t help but repeatedly look at her, like this they weren’t able to concentrate the treasures displayed in the stall.

“This is……, honestly speaking, Miss Liu, your long and slender legs are much better looking than this pearl.”

Ye Chuan took a look at the shining white legs of Liu Hong. Since two of them were leaning together, their legs were also leaning when squatting, so he could clearly feel temperature and elasticity of her long and slender legs. And even he was somewhat unable to endure this.

In his previous lifetime, what kind of women he had not seen, but at this moment, he had no choice but to sigh. Liu Hong, this woman obviously couldn’t be counted as tall, but her legs were longer than most of the women, he truly wanted to know how long her legs were.

“Hateful, quickly say, what is this pearl?”

Liu Hong rolled her eyes looking at Ye Chuan, but although her mouth appeared to be somewhat angry, but her eyes were watery with myriads of feelings. Then leaning even closer to Ye Chuan, she used a voice that could only be heard by Ye Chuan and herself to asked, “Between me and your that little junior apprentice-sister called something Zhu Sijia, what do you think? Whose legs are longer and even better?”

“Same, both are same!”

Ye Chuan smiled, facing the temptation of Liu Hong, he handled the situation with ease. Then looking at intentionally seducing Liu Hong, the corner of his mouth rose making an evil smile and said: “As for what this pearl is, this is an eye, an eye of sea demon. Staring at it for a long time, your spirit will be in trance and even give rise to hallucination. Very long time ago, people commonly used it to make evil treasure.”

“Ah……, why didn’t you say it earlier?”

Liu Hong was startled, and hastily threw that pearl. An eye, she had held it in her hand and touched as well as fondled it for such a long time, now she felt like vomiting to death. She angrily glared at Ye Chuan, suspecting whether he was intentional or not.

“Don’t throw carelessly, it was not easy for these people to bring these things from far away abroad, if they broke then you have to compensate. Besides, although this thing is somewhat evil, but it, more or less, also contains natural spiritual qi, in any case, it could be counted as a treasure and could be exchanged with some tales of silvers.”

Ye Chuan smiled, but there was something he didn’t mention, if one stares at the eyes of sea demon for a long time, not only it will give rise to hallucination, it also had the effect of aphrodisiac, which could unconsciously arouse people. There were legends that, some people sailing on the sea surface would go crazy or jump into the sea for no reason, this was because they saw evil sea demon.

Ye Chuan looked at Liu Hong, and sure enough, just after staring for a little while, this woman was emotionally confused and her thoughts were in a mess, moreover her eyes were somewhat blurred, appearing even sexier. If it was not for his warning and continued to let her stare at that pearl, then he didn’t know what would have happened. Merely, it’s too bad, although he had a good intention, but Liu Hong, this woman was still not appreciating his kindness.

These foreign loose cultivators were truly abnormal, they had placed such evil item like an eye of sea demon in the stall just like that. Could it be that they weren’t afraid of someone accidentally looking at it for a long time and having an accident? Or, were they deliberate?

Ye Chuan looked at those seven eccentric people and felt they were more and more abnormal in his heart.

At that time, he sensed strange ice-cold gaze sweeping over this place, then this gaze coldly stared at him from behind, and he felt indescribable hostility from that gaze.

Ye Chuan sensed this but he didn’t turn around immediately like ordinary people, rather he calmly picked up a smooth jade stone from the stall, then from the reflection of jade stone, he secretly observed.

Behind, more and more people were gathering. After hearing the news, many people rushed over to look at the treasures brought by foreign loose cultivators. Although all put on a mask or a big bamboo hat, but with a single glance, one could see that most of them were disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect.

Ye Chuan quickly discovered his target.

A woman with big bamboo hat, standing in the dark corner far away from the crowd, was coldly staring at him. Although her facial features were indistinct, but she was tall, slim and also especially graceful. With a single glance, Ye Chuan determined that he didn’t know this woman, and more strangely, the ground under the legs of this woman was reflecting light as if it was wet with water.

Who is this person?

Another first-rate assassin, or……

Ye Chuan secretly circulated two Heaven Swallowing Talismans and became more cautious. The trip to the underground Ghost Market of this time, it seems it was more dangerous than his expectation.

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