Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 115

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 115: Foreign loose cultivators

Returning to Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan quickly declared seclusion cultivation.

The injury of this time was more serious than ever before. No need to talk about his left shoulder was pierced through, his vitality was exhausted and withered, practically on the verge of dying. Only after using the top grade pill sent to him by Great Elder and cultivating for several hours, this slowly eased up.

And after his body was slightly better, he kept himself busy.

First, he sorted out the gains of tempering himself in the mountain behind of this time. Then he instructed Flame Devil to pick up some herbs planted in Purple Cloud Peak, after that, with the Fiery Dragon Herbs he had picked up in Volcanic Valley, he personally refined a kind of fiery red pill. After it was refined, exotic smell assailed the nostrils, and even more intriguing was, a lifelike small dragon was visible on this pill, and its surface had sparkling and crystal-clear gloss circulating all over. The efficacy of this pill was still unknown, but merely its look was enough to make people gasp in amazement.

Fiery Dragon Pill!

Using the herbs in his hand, Ye Chuan refined another type of pill which was already long lost in the present continent.

“Yi Yangzi, this is for you, take it. It can replenish vitality, resist severe cold, unfortunately, some main herbs were missing, so the quality is a bit poor.”

Ye Chuan threw a crystal bottle towards Flame Devil Yi Yangzi, there was a Fire Dragon Pill inside it. As for the remaining pills, he put them away. This time he had refined altogether 13 Fiery Dragon Pills, and 12 of them were squeezed together into a crystal bottle.

“Good fragrance!”

The nose of Flame Devil Yi Yangzi moved, then inhaling a mouthful of fragrance, he was full of praise, “Noble son, this pill can replenish vitality, but the quality is still not enough?”

Flame Devil strangely looked at Ye Chuan, merely inhaling a mouthful of fragrance, he felt full of vigor. This kind of strangely fragrant Fiery Dragon Pill if swallowed, then he would definitely benefit greatly. On the market, the pills that could replenish vitality was simply seldom seen, but saying the quality of this kind of good pill was poor, then there really were no good quality pills available, and no one could refine any better.

“This is nothing, if I had sufficient and complete materials, then the refined Fiery Dragon Pill can not only replenish vitality, but can also prolong the life. Take good care of that 800 years old Fiery Dragon Herb, and if someone comes looking for me, then say that I am in seclusion and will see no one. I am going out for the night, I will return before dawn.”

Ye Chuan instructed, then taking the refined Fiery Dragon Pills, he swaggered off.

These past few days, a lot of things had happened, but he didn’t forget his agreement with Miss Liu Hong of Five Style Sect.

Liu Hong looked pretty good, her figure was short but was charming, and her character was bubbling with enthusiasm, but Ye Chuan was not interested in her, instead was interested in so-called foreign loose cultivators. He wanted to see what kind of things these so-called foreign loose cultivators brought and came to underground Ghost Market.

“Noble son, noble son……”

Flame Devil chased a few steps. The sky was already dark and it was dangerous outside, moreover, the injuries of Ye Chuan still weren’t cured fully, so he wanted to persuade him to not go outside at this moment, but Ye Chuan left faster and faster and disappeared in a blink of an eye, so he was forced to give up.

The mountain gate was busy with the flow of people and the guards were strict, but Ye Chuan sneaked off from the mountain behind using a familiar road and a familiar door. Without anybody knowing it, Ye Chuan left Cloud Mist Sect. Arriving outside, he summoned Evil Cow King and rode it all the way to the underground Ghost Market when the earth was enveloped by the dim light of night. And as soon as he entered, he saw Liu Hong in her short leather skirt. It seemed like she was waiting for a long time.

“Noble son Ye, why are you so late? Don’t you know, I was anxiously waiting for you here?” Liu Hong twisted her slender waist and walking over, she reached out her hand to hold the arm of Ye Chuan.

“I was waiting for this time, it is inconvenient in board daylight, the dusky evening is good.”

Ye Chuan smiled with ambiguous expression, however he quietly retreated half a step, avoiding Liu Hong without showing any trace.

“Ai, do I look so ugly and cannot hold a candle to your that little junior apprentice-sister?”

Liu Hong lightly sighed, then smiling slyly, she got close to the ear of Ye Chuan and whispered: “I heard, when noble son Ye was returning from the mountain after tempering yourself, you encountered an ambushed of a super assassin?”

“Oh, how do you know?” Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised, didn’t expected that the news would spread so fast. It seems, there were many spies within Cloud Mist Sect.

“Hahaha, of course, I know, in this Cloud Mist Mountain Range, there is basically nothing this Miss doesn’t know.”

Liu Hong laughed beautifully, then approaching even closer to Ye Chuan, she said in all seriousness, “Noble son Ye, if I said, neither us Five Style Sect nor also Black Cauldron Sect’s that violent bear has anything to do with it, then will you believe?”

“I believe.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and said, “That was the doing of a pig.”


Liu Hong laughed loudly, and completely ignoring the gaze of other people, she said, “Noble son Ye, being together with you, I am truly happy. If I said I like you and in this life, I will not marry anyone except you, then will you believe?”

“Nope, absolutely will not believe.” Ye Chuan shook his head, cherishing words as if gold.

A layer of mist appeared in the autumn like eyes of Liu Hong, then looking at Ye Chuan with her watery eyes, she took out two cloaks and two bamboo hats from behind her. She wore one set and gave another set to Ye Chuan, then said: “Those foreign loose cultivators haven’t left, noble son Ye, please.”


Ye Chuan had a slight smile, and although he seemed to be talking casually, he however was secretly maintaining a distance and was cautious. And after putting on the cloak and bamboo hat, one at the front and one at the back, he left with Liu Hong.

Since this was not the fair which was held once every three days, underground Ghost Market basically lacked people, moreover with the cold wind whistling at night, this place looked even more desolate. Only after walking for a good while, they saw several figures.

Liu Hong walking in the front was leading the way. And within the underground Ghost Market with seven turns and eight bends, she was deliberately letting Ye Chuan have a fill of her graceful back view. After walking for half an hour, they arrived in front of a huge grotto. The other places were dark and desolate, but this place was lit with many torches and many people were gathered here.

Inside grotto, seven people were sitting on their knees. Their dress was peculiar, everybody was wearing sackcloth, and a big bamboo hat that was roughly weaved with bamboo on their head, moreover a sword was hung on their waist. Outside the grotto, gathered people were making an uproar, but these seven people had their head lowered and were cold as if all seven of them were stone carving without any life.

“Those foreign loose cultivators have brought many good things, but they didn’t want money and crystal stone, only exchange with goods. Never haggle, otherwise they will cancel the deal and no longer pay attention to him, they are quite eccentric! Noble son Ye, you are experienced and knowledgeable, help me see which treasure is worthy to get.” Liu Hong warned in a low voice beside the ear of Ye Chuan.

These seven foreign loose cultivators had a very eccentric temperament. Some people wanted to take advantage of them, but all of them got only a cold shoulder. Moreover there were some people who weren’t successful in their deal, so they wanted to use force, result, a single eccentric person casually stood up, and meeting them face to face, that foreign loose cultivator easily resolved the battle, and it was unknown whether the opponents were dead or alive. Each and every one had unfathomable cultivation, and very soon, no one dare to be presumptuous again.

“Oh, is that so?”

Ye Chuan was interested and stepped forward watching carefully.

Ever since the ancient times, many heavenly treasures only grew abroad. In his former lifetime when he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, the foreign loose cultivators had offered many good things as tributes to him. Now, in this life, he wanted to see what kinds of treasures were brought from abroad by these seven eccentric people in front of him.

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