Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 114

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 114: I want to kill him

Horned Demon Na Gusi knelt on the ground for a long time, earnestly looking at Ye Chuan.

After tasting the might of Nine Transformation Demonic Technique, now he was in no hurry to leave and was thinking of a way to stay beside Ye Chuan.

This time he had taken a risk to come out from Dark Fire Continent, because he wanted to rove all over the world looking for the opportunity. He wanted to see whether he could find any worldly treasure or ancient technique which could help him make a breakthrough.

He was unable to find the legendary Paradise Realm of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, and also didn’t know whether it really existed or not, but Ye Chuan had truly given him a great benefit. In future, returning to Dark Fire Continent after he attained the highest degree of perfection in the cultivation of Nine Transformation Demonic Technique, he would be a well-deserved foremost person among the horned demons, and could even challenge aloof and remote great leader of Demonic Cultivators, Dark Raven Demon King, competing for the world.

For horned demon Na Gusi, Ye Chuan was the opportunity he was strenuously looking for.

Ye Chuan didn’t speak and pondered silently.

Horned demon Na Gusi was pretty good, and he could be cultivated vigorously, but, if he wanted to become he, Ye Chuan’s disciple, then he was still lacking a bit. In his previous lifetime, there were millions of people who wanted to become he, Ye Chuan’s disciple, and there was no lack of Sage realm geniuses among them, but only very few of them were able to become his follower. Followers and disciples were different, he needed to be very careful and again careful to take even one disciple.

The hurried footsteps suddenly came from outside the bamboo forest.

Someone was coming, moreover, was an expert!

Horned Demon Na Gusi suddenly stood up and his complexion became solemn and he became alert. Separated by a thick fog, his keen senses perceived a powerful energy fluctuation outside the bamboo forest. The cultivation of this person was comparable or even better than his own.

Came so fast, could it be that assassin Yu Han saw through his scheme and came back to complete his tack?

Na Gusi got nervous, but didn’t panic, and firmly guarded in front of Ye Chuan.

He knew that he was not the opponent of assassin Yu Han, and confronting him head-on was definitely disadvantageous. But, this time, it was impossible for him to abandon Ye Chuan and flee to save himself, so even after he knew perfectly that he wasn’t the opponent, he prepared to fight recklessly.

“Don’t be nervous, he is some on our own side.”

After looking at horned demon Na Gusi, Ye Chuan raised his head and uttered a long, loud cry.

Outside the bamboo forest, this long, loud cry echoed, and immediately after that, with a wind-breaking sound, a middle-aged man with purplish red colored bread flew into the thick fog and rushed over. And seeing Ye Chuan sitting cross-legged on the ground, he bowed in respect and warily looking at three meters tall horned demon Na Gusi, he said: “Noble son, this old slave came late, are you alright?”

Flame Devil who had stayed behind to take care of Purple Cloud Peak finally arrived.

Calculating the time, from the time Evil Cow King had left to inform until now, nearly half an incense time happened to have passed.

“I’m fine, let me introduce you two, this is Flame Devil Yi Yangzi, this is Horned Demon Na Gusi.” Ye Chuan introduced briefly.

Flame Devil Yi Yangzi and Horned Demon Na Gusi looked at each other and nodded slightly, no longer vigilant, but there was an indistinct fighting intent, and both of them refused to obey each other.


Outside bamboo forest, a deep and powerful roar come along with thunder like rolling sounds of footsteps. Then, even more messy footsteps came.

Ye Chuan raised his head, sensing the familiar aura.

After the arrival of Flame Devil Yi Yangzi, fatty Zhao Dazi, Zhu Sijia and others arrived. And the person in the fort was the short old man Nangong Ren carrying a medicinal hoe on his shoulder. But, when they arrived at the bamboo forest, a figure ran past this small old man. Evil Cow King who had returned to notify had suddenly accelerated and run over the side of Ye Chuan.

“Very good, who said Evil Eyed Cow Demon is stubborn but most useless yao beast?”

Ye Chuan reached out his hand and intimately caressed the Evil Cow King that had rushed over to his side. Compared to horned demon Na Gusi and other followers, he had more thrust in Evil Cow King and other yao beasts whom he had personally tamed.

In the previous lifetime, his followers were fierce, but what about that?

Furthermore, a loyal follower might betray you and not betraying also might not means enough loyalty, rather the temptation wasn’t enough, but the yao beasts he had tamed personally would absolutely never betray him.

In God Burial Valley, inside a nameless tomb, he had found Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique. This technique made Ye Chuan enter a new cultivation world, and he also had new grand prospect and expectation.

“Big senior apprentice-brother!”

“Are you alright, Big senior apprentice-brother……”


Fatty Zhao Dazhi, Zhu Sijia and others also rushed in and only after seeing Ye Chuan was only injured but alive, they finally sighed in relief.

When Evil Cow King dashed towards Cloud Mist Sect to notify, the entire group of people was badly scared. But although they had never seen this Evil Cow King, fatty, Zhu Sijia and others quickly recognize the familiar aura on its body, which was the inerasable aura of Ye Chuan engraved in the mind of Evil Cow King. And seeing this Evil Cow King was pacing up and down in the state of agitation and was biting the sleeve of everyone, looking as if it wanted to lead to somewhere, they immediately understand what was going on, and they restlessly followed after it.

“Humph, now I will see if you will dare to go to the mountain behind alone to temper yourself.” Zhu Sijia angrily said, but, she had a sharp tongue but a soft heart, on one side she spoke and on the other side, she took out medicine and began dressing up the wounds of Ye Chuan. And seeing the wound on the left shoulder of Ye Chuan, she was startled, angry and also felt anguished, “What thing left this wound? Crossbow arrow, or……”

“Nothing, a simple injury that’s all, was stabbed and wounded by a pig.”

Ye Chuan played it down, now there were many people on the scene, so it was not necessary to narrate in full detail. And seeing the worried Zhu Sijia, he slightly smiled and said, “Junior apprentice-sister Jiajia, you are so good to me, this senior apprentice brother, regardless of anything, wherever you little hand touch me, the pain of that place would disappear, truly is strange.”


Zhu Sijia raised her arched eyebrows and subconsciously hit the shoulder of Ye Chuan, then hastily rubbed him, greatly worrying she might have opened the wound of Ye Chuan with her face already becoming red at an unknown time.

Fatty Zaho Dazhi secretly raised his thumb towards Ye Chuan, and winking his eyes, he told everyone to retreat quietly, leaving only Ye Chuan and Zhu Sijia in this bamboo forest shrouded by the thick fog. And after a good while, two people came out from the bamboo forest riding Evil Cow King, and with everybody escorting, they left leisurely.

When the entire group of people returned to Cloud Mist Sect, in the White Tiger Hall, Third Elder Bai Yanhu nevertheless had gloomy complexion, and his trusted guard was restlessly kneeling beneath him.

“Failed? Yu Han, known as the Rain Demon, who killed all of his targets unexpectedly failed, how could that be?”

Third Elder Bai Yanhu was surprised and also angry, and his face twisted.

Not being able to kill Ye Chuan continuously, was this his bad luck or the luck of Ye Chuan was too good?

Receiving the information that assassin Rain Demon had failed, instantly, Third Elder Bai Yanhu found it hard to accept.

“Elder, letter….., the letter says that Ye Chuan, that brat has secretly sought refuge with Dark Fire Continent’s leader of Demonic Cultivator, Dark Raven Demon King, so……” The trusted guard kneeling beneath said stammeringly, fearing that Third Elder Bai Yanhu would vent his anger on them. But before he finished speaking, Third Elder Bai Yanhu seized the letter from his hand and browse through it, then the complexion of this old man became heavier and heavier.

“Good, good, good, what a despicable and treacherous brat, he actually sought refuge with a Great Demon King, no wonder he suddenly became strange and did as he pleased. Heh heh, does he think that no-one can punish him and he can be absolutely lawless? Don’t let me find the evidence, or else I will play you to death! Want to fight with me? You brat is still too inexperienced!”

Third Elder Bai Yanhu gnashed his teeth, and his face became ferocious like no before, and instantly, the trusted guard kneeling beneath was badly scared.

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