Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 113

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 113: Accept me as a disciple

Another great expert?

Ye Chuan felt bitter in his heart, he was already having a hard time to deal with one super assassin Yu Han and then comes a similarly powerful another great Devil, how should he deal with this situation?

Ye Chuan who was dripping with blood suddenly felt danger to the extreme.

“Noble son Ye, it’s me.”

A hoarse voice suddenly resounded in the mind of Ye Chuan.

Horned demon Na Gusi, is it him?

Ye Chuan was startled in his heart, immediately afterward, he was excited. The reinforcement he was waiting for a long time has finally arrived, merely he had never expected that, before the experts of the sects had arrived, horned demon Na Gusi who was cultivating in the behind mountain arrived here first!

The cultivation of Na Gusi was pretty good, but his opponent was assassin Yu Han, could he handle him?

After a brief moment of pleasant surprise, Ye Chuan frowned.

Assassin Yu Han that came from Sealing Sword Poison, not only his cultivation was amazing, his cultivation technique was also unique. And the rainy day had further strengthen him. Now, he had already suffered heavy injuries, and only relying on horned demon Na Gusi alone, he feared it wouldn’t be enough to withstand the deadly strikes of assassin Yu Han. His fame of being a first-rate assassin in former days was absolutely not an undeserved reputation.

“Dark Raven, hundreds of years have passed, you are still not dead?” Assassin Yu Han scanned all around and his gaze glimmered.

Carefully thinking for a bit, he had a suspicion. Dark Raven Demon King, when he was in his prime, had rarely set foot on Heavenly Fire Continent. Legend stated that he once had a battle against a heaven-defying expert of Heavenly Fire Continent, and after losing, he pledged to never set foot on Heavenly Fire Content throughout his life again. But after hundreds of years later, this old demon not only didn’t die but also suddenly appeared here, unavoidably was somewhat fishy.

“Gagaga, the world is so big, this dazzling human world with its myriad temptation is so beautiful, I want to take a stroll everywhere. Besides, you are still not dead, how can I die? What, could it be that you want to taste my Dark Raven Needle again, gagaga……”

The sinister laughing voice transmitted from all around, and in the thick fog, a tall and thin figure gradually appeared. His eyes were dim as if two will-o’-the wisp, cheekbones were very high and his face didn’t have much flesh, strikingly like a skinny skeleton. Moreover, his simile was uglier than crying, revealing the two rows of white teeth.

The complexion of assassin Yu Han changed, after seeing the figure that indistinctly appeared in the middle of the thick fog, he no longer doubted and his complexion became gloomy.

Several hundreds of years ago, he had a brief encounter with Dark Raven Demon King. When he had just set foot on Dark Fire Continent for the first time, he happened to encounter Dark Raven Demon King who could summon wind and rain in Dark fire Continent. Just after they meet, both of them began to show various kinds of techniques, and the result was, assassin Rain Demon’s always successful sharp blades of water drops were pierced through for the first time by the Dark Raven Needle of Dark Raven Demon King, and was scratched on his earlobe by that Dark Raven Needle being caught off guard. So, in order to prevent the poison from being spread, he had no choice but to personally cut off his right earlobe and flee in defeat.

Since then, assassin Yu Han never set foot on Dark Fire Continent and also never encounter another weapon that could pierce through his raindrop sharp blades. Dark Raven Demon King’s deadly attack of Dark Raven Needle left an inerasable shadow in his heart, so even if this demon morphed into ash, he would recognize him.

Continue to seize Ye Chuan and kill him after interrogation to complete the mission, or……

Assassin Yu Han who was always decisive hesitated.

Ye Chuan was already injured, he could seize or kill him without any difficulty, but if when he was taking action, Black Raven Demon King suddenly attacked from one side, then……

Assassin Yu Han wasn’t able to understand the purpose of Black Raven Demon King, and in this moment of unable to make up his mind, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Kill, kill him, why aren’t you attacking? The talent of this disciple is too poor, even after teaching him so much, he is still no good, I don’t want him. Help me kill him, gagaga!”

A gloomy sound continued to come through the thick fog, and this hoarse and gloomy voice was even more unpleasant to hear than the voice of nightjar. Moreover, he didn’t raise his hand to save him, instead continuously urged assassin Yu Han to attack, “I have 3,000 disciples, not too many, not too few, kill, kill him. Didn’t you say, no one in this world can save this boy, so just kill him, gagaga……”

The sinister laughter drifted from place to place, sometimes in the east, sometimes in the west, and listening carefully, it again felt like the voice was coming from under the ground.

The complexion of assassin Yu Han changed again, then his gaze looking at Ye Chuan glimmered with an ominous glint, then grabbing in the void with his hands, a raindrop changed into a sharp blade, but, he didn’t dare to attack.

Good boy, no wonder he had strange move that was actually able to destroy his fatal move, moreover, that move had dense demonic aura. As it turned out, on the surface, he was Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, but actually had sought the refuge with Dark Raven Demon King!

Assassin Yu Han was suddenly in an awkward situation.

On one side, there was severely injured Ye Chuan whom he had to kill, and on the other side, there nevertheless was a peerless great demon who was ready to make trouble, what should he do?

“Humph, boy, you have good luck!”

Assassin Yu Han coldly snorted and suddenly turning around, he walked away.

After repeatedly thinking over, he decided to give up the operation. After knowing Ye Chuan was the disciple of Dark Raven Demon King, he was sure that he will not be able to interrogate or capture Ye Chuan. If he forcibly attacked, then Ye Chuan would definitely die, but he himself would also be in extreme danger. He didn’t want to lose another earlobe again.

“Gagaga, you are sensible, daring to make a move against my disciple, truly is, the more you live the more confused and tired of living you are, gagaga……”

The sinister laughter was transmitted to far away by the wind.

The complexion of Yu Han who had already left the bamboo forest become cold, he angrily looked back and accelerated his speed to leave, while endlessly cursing Third Elder Bai Yanhu in his heart.

Ye Chuan secretly seeking refuge with Dark Raven Demon King and becoming his disciple, assassin Yu Han didn’t know, and without such a vital intelligence, how could he accomplish his mission? What kind of elder was he, were all of his many eyes and ears blind and deaf?

Since the intelligence was critically wrong, assassin Yu Han decisively gave up the mission.

Inside the bamboo forest, a shadow followed assassin Yu Han with his eyes until far away, then quickly come over to Ye Chuan. After that, with cracking sound he instantly changed into three meters tall sturdy man from a tall and thin skeleton, then bending down, he said: “Noble son Ye, I was late, how are your injuries?”

Horned demon Na Gusi cultivating in the mountain behind was the first one to sense the danger of Ye Chuan from Evil Cow King, then following the weak aura, he rushed over to help at the top speed. After that, witnessing assassin Yu Han’s power, he knew that he was not his opponent, and with his quick wits. He used Nine Transformation Demonic Technique to disguise as Dark Fire Continent’s great leader of demonic cultivators, Dark Raven Demon King, successfully forcing Yu Han, this super assassin to retreat.

As an outstanding figure among horned demons, Na Gusi had status to some extent in Dark Fire Continent, and had the chance to meet the aloof and remote Demon Raven Demon King. And years ago, he once heard latter personally talking about the past events including the battle between him and assassin Yu Han several hundred years ago, moreover, he had quietly taken one of Dark Raven Demon King’s unique killing weapon Dark Raven Needles. The careless act of those years suddenly came in handy today.

“I’m fine, after resting for a period of time, I will be good.” Ye Chuan took a deep breath, and gradually had his perception back.

“Noble son Ye, you are too amazing, just Rank 1 Xiushi and you were actually able to stay alive from the hand of assassin Yu Han, moreover, neutralized the final attack of Rain Demon, please accept me as your disciple!” Horned demon Na Gusi suddenly knelt down and prostrated himself in worship.

In front of assassin Yu Han, disguising as Dark Raven Demon King, he claimed himself as Ye Chuan’s master, scaring the super assassin to retreat. But immediately after the other party left, he conversely asked Ye Chuan to accept him as a disciple.

When he arrived here from the Cloud Mist Sect’s mountain behind, he happened to see the scene of Ye Chuan using Illusory Demonic Finger to neutralize the final attack of the assassin Yu Han, and his heart trembled at that time. He was learning Nine Transformation Demonic Technique but he also couldn’t let Illusory Demonic Finger slip by, as, if he learned it, then with his cultivation of Rank 5 Daoist Master realm, how ferocious that attack would be if he used it?

Horned Demon Na Gusi eagerly struck while the iron was still hot, never caring the slightest bit of his cultivation and status.


Seeing the shameless of Na Gusi, Ye Chuan was speechless. What time was this, assassin Rain Demon might return to kill at any time, but not leaving hastily, he wanted him to accept him as his disciple, who would act like this?

This person isn’t a great devil, rather was a martial fanatic!

Ye Chuan shook his head, this horned demon was sufficiently thick-skinned, but, he liked it. Once people had greed, then it was easy to pursue and control them better. A man that prides himself as being without any selfishness and desire was truly terrible!

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