Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 112

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 112: Dark Raven Demon King

Ye Chuan was barely able to cope with a sharp blade made from a water drop, and now with three sharp blades whistling towards him, Ye Chuan could only retreat. He retreated repeatedly changing the sides while brandishing the spear in his hand.

And after three loud and clear sound resounded, Ye Chuan was sent flying, colliding against many bamboo trees. After that, gritting his teeth, he struggled to stand up, but both of his hands trembled and his blood dripped to the ground.

The Blood Spear of Five Style Sect’s Elder Tu, Ye Chuan hadn’t discovered whether it had other power or not, but the material used however was indeed tough and tensile enough. Even after it was bent to 180 degrees, the spear didn’t break, successfully blocking the vicious and dangerous three sharp blades.


Assassin Yu Han exclaimed in surprise once again.

It would appear that the cultivation of Ye Chuan was not up to much, but seeing the strength showed in the battle, it was impossible to believe that he was only a Rank 1 Xiushi realm cultivator.

Surprised was surprised, assassin Yu Han didn’t stop for the rest, he unceasingly leaped and attacked. After a ferocious shout, five sharp blades whistled out, and in the sky of bamboo forest, suddenly an ear piercing sound resounded along with monstrous killing intent.

The raindrops falling from the sky was the best weapon for Yu Han,

Several hundreds of years ago, before he washed his hands in the golden basin, he would especially choose the rainy day to launch an attack to assassinate the target. The bigger the rain, the stronger his combat power, and especially the heavy raining night, it was the best opportunity to assassinate. Many experts who had higher cultivation level than him had died in such heavy raining night under his hand. For this reason, he won the title of Rain Demon, making countless high-ranking officials, wealthy merchants and even the experts of the sects of the world have their heart in their mouth whenever it rained at night.

The pupil of Ye Chuan shrunk and he retreated, but the speed of five raindrops which had changed into sharp blades was even faster, and they became bigger and bigger in his pupils.

Quickly retreating Ye Chuan suddenly swayed his body like willow catkins and the first sharp blade brushed past him.

Immediately after that, Ye Chuan suddenly raised the spear in his hand, and with ding ding two sounds, this spear trembled and was bent, blocking the two sharp blades. But the fourth sharp blade penetrated through the left shoulder of Ye Chuan and with the surplus power, it cut off a row of bamboo trees. And as for the fifth and final sharp blade, it was the slowest to arrive but the power was most ferocious of all sharp blades!

Ye Chuan was already unable to stop the fourth sharp blade, how would he block this even more ferocious fifth sharp blade?

Assassin Yu Han’s extremely thin lips were slightly raised, sneering at Ye Chuan.

In his assassin career, he had met many experts and genius, and some were even more stunning than Ye Chuan, they were able to dodge all of his four sharp blades attack in succession even though they had yet to breakthrough to Xiushi realm, but in the end, all of them without exception fell under his fifth sharp blade. The first four sharp blades, all were to deplete opponent’s strength and seal the death angle, nothing more, and the fifth sharp blade was the real killing move, which contained assassin Yu Han’s lifetime’s cultivation. With his power, sending out five blades at the same time was also his limit.

Ye Chuan whose left shoulder was dripping with blood was sent flying and the moment he collapsed, he saw the fifth sharp blade was already close at hand, but he wasn’t panic-stricken, rather was even calmer, and he raised his finger.

Want to use a finger to block, was this helplessness or ignorant?

Assassin Yu Han sneered, the matter is finalized, Ye Chuan is dead.

Whoosh! Suddenly a violent gust of wind appeared for no reason in the bamboo forest, stirring up the thick fog.

In this stirred up thick fog, suddenly a huge finger appeared, and with dense demonic aura, the fingertip happened to collide with the fifth sharp blade. Ding sound resounded, this sharp blade that contained assassin Yu Han’s lifetime cultivation disintegrated into water bloom and fell to the ground, then the huge finger also disappeared.

Illusory Demonic Finger!

In the life and death crisis, Ye Chuan insanely circulated two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and used the peerless technique, Illusory Demonic Finger, which he had seized from Ghost King in his previous lifetime, destroying the dangerous and vicious fatal blow of assassin Yu Han. In an instant, the face of Ye Chuan became deathly pale. He had nearly exhausted all of his vitality, and now even moving a finger was difficult.

Ye Chuan collapsed to the ground and was no longer able to move. And as for assassin Yu Han, he was also motionless, stupefied, and had inconceivable expression.

With this final attack, he had already considered that this would finalize the matter and Ye Chuan would surely die. But he had never expected that, Ye Chuan unexpectedly had such move to destroy his final attack!

“No, impossible! It’s impossible for you to be only Rank 1 Xiushi, and it’s also impossible for you to be the ordinary disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, speak, who the hell are you? That evil technique of just now, who teach you?”

Assassin Yu Han came back to his senses, then with shock and solemn expression, he walked towards Ye Chaun step by step.

Although he dealt with that final attack, but Ye Chuan had also exhausted his vitality, and his bloody body no longer had any fighting power. But seeing this, assassin Yu Han wasn’t excited at all, instead was utterly shocked. Looking at Ye Chuan on the ground, he was incomparably shocked and puzzled in his heart.

Even Daoist Master realm experts might not necessarily be able to deal with his fifth sharp blade, but how did Ye Chuan accomplish it? That huge finger that had suddenly appeared just now, what was that?

The confusion in the heart of assassin Yu Han surpassed his pursuit to complete the mission.

This was very unusual, he must interrogate him to understand it. He indistinctly felt that this was an opportunity, opportunity concerning whether he would be able to breakthrough to Rank 7 Daoist Master realm or not. This was the opportunity he had been waiting for several hundreds of years!

The intuition of expert was often very sharp, especially when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity appeared.

Yu Han believed in his intuition.

“Your Excellency Yu Han, I am naturally not an ordinary disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, rather the sect’s Big Disciple, is Sect Master’s only disciple, you know now?”

Ye Chuan was lying on the ground, was bloody and he could no longer circulate the two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body as they also had suffered unprecedented severe injury, but confronting assassin Yu Han’s interrogation, he wasn’t alarmed and also didn’t begged for mercy, instead smiled. He didn’t fear the torture of assassin Yu Han, merely feared that the other party was through and through cold-blooded and ruthless, and kill him without uttering a single word.

As long as the other party was emotionally affected and was confused, then there was a chance!

Ye Chuan laid motionless, but his mind however was operating at lightning speed thinking a way to survive as if electricity.

“Don’t think about playing small tricks and don’t have a wishful thinking of stalling, they are useless, there is no one in this world that can save you, even if your Master personally come here, it’s also useless. After returning to Sealing Sword Poison, if I want you to speak, then you will speak, but not speaking is also not a problem!”

Assassin Yu Han coldly smiled and seeing through the thoughts of Ye Chuan, he spoke while rushing over, then he reached out his hand towards Ye Chuan to grab and take him away. But before his fingertip touched the clothing of Ye Chuan, his body suddenly stiffened and he stood motionless, as a gust of ill wind sweep past in front of him. In the ill wind, there was a pitch black silver needle, clearly was coated with deadly poison, nearly poisoning him.

“Who?” Assassin Yu Han suddenly turned around and looked all around.

“Gagaga, just a bit, just a bit, it’s too bad……”

From the dense fog, a cold hoarse voice suddenly came through, but the exact source of the voice was unknown. After the heartily laugh, faintly sighing voice came, “Ai, I have not come out for several hundred years, and just arrived here once again but the people of Fire Continent doesn’t even know me, and even Dark Raven Needle is already forgotten? What a failure, what a failure, gagaga……”

Black Ravine Needle?

Assassin Yu Han muttered to himself, and calming himself, he looked at that completely black silver needle on the ground, from where thin black qi that had foul smell was rising.  He immediately fell few steps back, then a terrifying Great Devil suddenly appeared in his memory, “Dark Raven Demon King, you……, you are Dark Fire Continent’s great leader of Demonic Cultivators, Black Ravine Demon King? [Note: Don’t know why author changed Dark Moon Continent into Dark Fire Continent, and in next few chapters, it is also written as Dark Fire Continent, so I will be using Dark Fire Continent from now on. If you don’t remember, Dark Fire Continent is the continent of Demonic Cultivators, and Heavenly Fire Continent is the continent of righteous cultivators.]

Assassin Yu Han was startled, this was no small matter, and he suddenly got tense.

Hundreds of years ago, when he was sweeping over Heavenly Fire Continent, and assassinating many strong people, he had never dared to set foot on Dark Fire Continent. Not for anything else, but because of the demon king of Dark Fire Continent, Dark Raven Demon King. But after quietly cultivating in Sealing Sword Poison for several hundred years, he broke the rule and went down the mountain, but outside his expectation, this demon had still not died and had returned to Cloud Mist Mountain Range!

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