Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 111

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 111: Rain Demon’s Might

Evil Cow King madly ran, carrying Ye Chuan, it dashed straight, faster and faster. But Ye Chuan’s sense of danger not only didn’t disappear instead got stronger and stronger.

Grey robed Yu Han was chasing after him, and he lightly pressed his hands in passing and another raindrop changed into a sharp blade again.

Kacha, kacha sounds suddenly resounded in the thick fog.

Behind Ye Chuan, the bamboo trees in a straight line uniformly collapsed, and a strong wind blew straight to the center of Ye Chuan’s back.

Ye Chuan didn’t turn his head, but his body suddenly toppled over, and hung in the stomach of running wildly Evil Cow King. In the middle of the thick fog, a pallid light suddenly appeared, and a sharp blade scraped past the back of Evil Cow King, giving rise to a bloody rain.

The skin of Evil Cow King was course and its flesh was thick, so even if it stood motionless, an average person holding a sharp knife couldn’t even be able to leave a scar in its skin. But the slight scraping of the sharp blade made from the raindrop by this grey robed Yu Han caused such bloody rain, this shows his capability!

“Straight to the west, go towards Cloud Mist Sect!”

Ye Chuan suddenly jumped off, then he instructed Evil Cow King to go and notify Cloud Mist Sect.

This tamed bloody Evil Cow King had his aura. An average person wouldn’t be able to notice it, but Flame Devil who was taking care of Purple Cloud Peak, fatty Zhao Dazhi, Zhu Sijia and others would definitely notice it. Once the experts of Cloud Mist Sect came to help, this grey robed Yu Han, even if he was ferocious, he would have no choice but to retreat, after all, this place was the territory of Cloud Mist Sect, and this grey robed Yu Han, although powerful, was only a single person.


Evil Cow King’s roar of grief resounded in the thick fog, but its footsteps were rolling as if thunder. Even though it was furious and unwilling, it continued to run wildly.

Different from common Evil Eyed Cow Demon, this Evil Cow King had already started to have wisdom. It immediately understood the intention of Ye Chuan and also knew that turning around and coming to rescue Ye Chuan was merely courting death.

“Youngster, you want to let that cow go and inform the sect?”

The grey robed Yu Han appeared. He was expressionless and did nothing to intercept running wildly Evil Cow King, letting it leave and said indifferently, “It’s useless, this place is 50 li away from Cloud Mist Sect, and a round trip is 100 li. So, even if that cow is faster, when the experts of Cloud Mist Sect arrive here, they will only find your corpse.”

The grey robed Yu Han was incomparably confident. Beheading a trivial Rank 1 Xiushi realm youngster was naturally a piece of cake for him.

Before, assassin Rain Demon was widely known in Da Qin Dynasty, was the nightmare of countless people. But as early as several hundred years ago, he retired and wholeheartedly cultivated quietly ignoring the affairs of the world in Sealing Sword Poison. Assassinating a trivial Xiushi, it was basically not necessary for him to personally raise his hand for this kind of mission, moreover he had already washed his hand in a golden basin, but he had no choice, he once owed a favor to Third Elder Bai Yanhu of Cloud Mist Sect, and after receiving the message of golden eagle, he was forced to break the rule.

400 years ago or 370 years ago?

Yu Han was somewhat surprised, he had already forgotten when he had last killed a person, even to the extent that he had forgotten how old he was this year. All he knew was his days were numbered, and his life was about to come to an end.

A super assassin who walked unhindered without rival in the continent, personally killed each and every enemy, and chased and killed every powerful target, finally was helplessly looking at his natural death. This was life!

But Yu Han was unwilling, he wanted to fulfill the task of killing Ye Chuan quickly, then return to the Sealing Sword Poison to cultivate quietly, hoping to make a breakthrough within his little remaining time.

From Rank 6 Daoist Master realm to Rank 7 Daoist Master realm, was the gap of small rank, but once they breakthrough, they would transform.

Taking this one step, he would become Da Qin Dynasty’s first ever assassin to reach peak Daoist Master realm, and his lifespan would also increase vastly. He might be able to live several hundred years or even several thousand years!

“You have at most only half an incense time, start working!”

Ye Chuan coldly looked at grey robed Yu Han, and quickly settling down his breathing, he became calm. After that, a fine and continuous water mists rose from under his foot, and fused together with indistinct and thick fog of bamboo forest.

The face of Yu Han suddenly become solemn, and without demur, he rushed towards Ye Chuan, and grabbing the raindrop which changed into sharp blades in his hand, he threw it towards Ye Chuan.

The calmness and composure of Ye Chuan made Yu Han feel a little bit of unease for the first time.

When Ye Chuan was crushing Hong Lie and others, he was watching from far away. At that time, although Ye Chuan was stunning and was more powerful than average Xiushi, but he was still confident and after following him to bamboo forest, he made a move. But now, his confident began to shake slightly.

Who could be so calm after hearing his name and witnessing his might?

As a first-rate assassin, Yu Han had seen countless experts. And only that kind of heaven-defying existence whom he could never even dream of defeating would have the expression which Ye Chuan was having at this moment. Not only Ye Chuan didn’t flee in panic, instead, he indifferent said that he (Yu Han) had at most only half an incense time left, where did this calm and composure coming from?

Swish, swish, a wind breaking sound resounded again.

The bamboo trees between the two people fell.

Ye Chuan didn’t dodge this time, simply used the Blood Spear, meeting the whistling sharp blade by the spear tip.

Drip, as if a drop of water falling on the sharp rock, the sharp blade disintegrated and splattered.

The whistling sharp blade quickly dispersed and changed into a water splash, but the Blood Spear of Ye Chuan suddenly bent, and issued a cracking sound as if it was about to snap, and couldn’t help but try flying away.

A very small drop of the raindrops, used by assassin Yu Han was even heavier than 10,000 jin bronze cauldron. The power was terrifying!

The instant when the spear stabbed, Ye Chuan had circulated two Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body and the strength of 36,000 jin had erupted suddenly. But his body was still shaken!


Assassin Yu Han exclaimed in surprise, and his face had surprised, shocked and solemn expression.

A very small raindrop was only able to shake Ye Chuan, even Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong might not have this capability, but it was still far from being enough to deal with assassin Yu Han. Assassin Yu Han had thought that this raindrop would shatter the spear in the hand of Ye Chuan, then penetrate his chest, taking his life. But the result was far from what he wanted and also beyond his expectation.

Ye Chuan was indeed only Rank 1 Xiushi but when he showed all his strength, even Rank 3 Xiushi realm elite cultivators would feel ashamed of their inferiority!

“Come again!”

Assassin Yu Han quickly moved, and both hand suddenly grabbed. This time, it was three sharp blades. They whistled towards Ye Chuan’s heart, throat and space between eyebrows.  This attack was three times more powerful than before!

One attack failed, and assassin Yu Han began to launch full power attack, wanting to end this battle quickly.

Ye Chuan truly hadn’t spoken wrongly, he only had at most half an incense time. If he couldn’t kill Ye Chuan within that timeframe, then the experts of Cloud Mist Sect would arrive, and that would be troublesome.

Unlike average person, with regarding Cloud Mist Sect, this ancient sect, assassin Yu Han possessed a deep revere, and absolutely didn’t want to easily cross the boundaries of propriety with it.

It was this kind of cautiousness and sincere revering heart, he was able to stand out among the contemporary first-rate assassins and was alive until now. In fact, he was very unwilling to take this mission, as whatever one says Ye Chuan after all was Big Disciple of grand Cloud Mist Sect. But due to the promise of that time, he was forced to reluctantly do this mission.

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