Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 110

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 110: Yu Han

There was still time before dark, so Ye Chuan leisurely rode Evil Cow King.

And when he was just 50 li or so away from Cloud Mist Sect, it suddenly began to rain. Although this rain was not big, but it was continuous, and with the water mist curling upward and gathering together, the mist got denser and denser, enveloping large area of Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

The weather of mountain was unusual, it could rain anytime.

Ye Chuan didn’t seek the shelter from the rain but continued to ride Evil Cow King in the rain, hurrying on with his journey. But not long after entering the bamboo forest, he suddenly stopped.

Rainwater hit the leaves of bamboo trees, giving rise to the continuous rustling sound. And the area enveloped by the water mist in this area was not big but also not small, covering the radius of one kilometer of this bamboo forest. The rainwater had dampened the bamboo forest and also made it cold, so big and small animals had already retreated to their respective lair to seek the shelter from the rain. Even yao beasts that would wander around in the wilderness couldn’t be seen. At one glance, there was nothing unusual, but the space between the eyebrows of Ye Chuan however twitched violently.

There’s expert!

Ye Chuan slightly bowed, spread out his divine sense and secretly circulated the two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body. Then a buzzing sound resounded, as the sharp spear tip of the Blood Spear he had obtained in Great Competition slightly trembled.

But even after looking all around, he saw nothing unusual, and he didn’t get any reaction in his divine sense too. Everything seemed to be his misconception, but Ye Chuan however was so tense that he had never been this tense before. As a Great Sage who had concealed the heaven with his hand before, he was very experienced and had a sharp intuition. His intuition was sharper than the yao beasts that were hidden in the mountain.

Pa, pa, pa, clear clapping sound suddenly passed through this thick white mist.

Ye Chuan carefully looked and saw an old man in grey colored clothing slowly coming out from the dense fog. His body was very thin and seemed to have endured the hardship of a long journey. His that grey robe was covered with dust. Moreover, his face was filled with wrinkles, and while walking, he was somewhat staggering. He appeared to have one foot in the grave, but seeing him, the complexion of Ye Chuan changed greatly.

Under this rain, his body was thoroughly drenched long ago, but how come this grey robed old man was still so dusty?

A drop of raindrops falling from the sky just happens to fall towards the head of this grey robed old man, but when it was merely one meter away, this raindrop suddenly began to decelerate, and due to the invisible power, it began to evaporate. The raindrop got smaller and smaller and when it was only half an inch away from the head of this old man, it completely disappeared!

The complexion of Ye Chuan changed again.

This grey robed old man appeared to have one foot in the grave, but in fact was a hidden extremely powerful expert!

“Did you come due to the request of Third Elder Bai Yanhu?” Ye Chuan asked. After forcing himself to calm down. He understood what was going on.

This grey robed old man in front of him, he had never seen him before, had no enmity and also no grievance, but he suddenly intercepted him in this bamboo forest, obviously was incited by other people.

After reincarnating, Ye Chuan had many enemies, no matter whether it was Black Cauldron Sect or Five Style Sect, there were many people that wanted to kill him.

Five Style Sect was skilled in Style Technique and assassination. They would try to one shot their opponent, and they would never meet enemy head-on. This was not the style of Five Style Sect. Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong liked to openly crush the opponent, but, he had just beaten Hong Lie and his group, and if Tuoba Xiong really wanted to attack, then he wouldn’t have waited until now. So Third Elder Bai Yanhu was the most suspicious person.

“Yes, Bai Yanhu asked me to come, youngster has a good eyesight.”

Grey robed old man continued to walk forward, and to the surprise of Ye Chuan, he admitted it.

The heart of Ye Chuan which had just calmed down suddenly started to beat violently once again and his eyelid also twitched violently.

The grey robed old man unexpectedly admitted it, what did this mean?

That means the other party held 100 % certainty!

Was there any need to conceal from a dead person?

“Do you truly have to do this?” Ye Chuan asked again.

Grey robed old man nodded his head and took a step forward, leaving only the distance of 9 meters between them, “I have to.”

“Is there any way we can resolve this without killing?” Ye Chuan asked, beginning to speed up the circulation of two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and the spear in his right hand also made droning sound with the spear tip glimmering with pallid light.


The gray robed old man took a step again. His complexion was calm, and his body didn’t emit any killing intent too. Moreover, Ye Chuan couldn’t feel any pressure from this old man, but the feeling of danger kept on rising. Every step he took gave him twice as much danger feeling!

Ye Chuan took a deep breath and forcibly calmed down again. The energy fluctuation within his body steadily climbed to his peak state, preparing a fatal attack, “Final question, who are you?”

“Yu Han, Rainwater (Yushui)’s Rain (Yu), Cold Climate (Hanleng)’s Cold (Han). A very long time ago, some people called me Rain Demon.”

The grey robed old man stopped and no longer advanced forward, then looking up towards the sky, he spread open his hands and let rainwater land on his body. After that, he stuck out his tongue and licked the rainwater fallen from the heaven, then nodding his head, he said: “Well, the taste of this rain is very good. Was it Ye Chuan? You taste it too, it’s cold and sweet. Unfortunately, this rain is still too small.”

The pupils of Ye Chuan suddenly shrunk.

The spread out hands of the grey robed old man suddenly closed up, catching a drop of the raindrops falling from the heaven. Then this raindrop lengthened in the center of his palm, becoming half the length of his finger. Then with a sudden appearance of pallid light, it changed into a sharp blade, and in the next moment, it whistled towards Ye Chuan. The nearer this blade got, the sharper ear piercing sound he heard.

The lower part of Ye Chuan’s body stood motionless, his two legs were as if wooden pegs nailed securely on the damp ground, but the upper part of his body suddenly bent backward, practically becoming parallel with the ground.


The sharp blade whistled past the tip of the nose of Ye Chuan, cutting off the raindrops falling from the heaven along its path, giving rise to a water bloom.

Although the movements of this gray robed old man appeared sluggish, but everything had completed in a blink of an eye.

From seeing this action of this grey robed old man and dodging his attack, all were completely from the physical instinct of Ye Chuan!

Under the rain, Ye Chuan was thoroughly drenched, not only because of the raindrops falling from the heaven but also because of the great amount of sweat he was shedding.

After his reincarnation, Ye Chuan had squarely faced the interrogation of sect’s elders, squarely faced the pressure of Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong, and also had subdued Flame Devil and horned demon Na Gusi, these Great Devils, but he had never been as tense and in danger as this moment.

This gray robed old man Yu Han appeared to have one foot in the grave, but his cultivation nevertheless was heaven defying. Although he had yet to breakthrough to Sage realm, but within Cloud Mist Mountain Range, he might already be an invincible existence. Even Flame Devil and horned demon Na Gusi together were inferior to him!

The Evil Cow King, Ye Chuan was riding, suddenly turned around and ran wildly in the rain.

Ye Chuan didn’t summon the legion of Evil Cows, because even though thousands of them bombarding together could withstand the opponent of Xiushi realm with difficulty, but it was just a wishful thinking and purely courting disaster if he wanted to stop the grey robed old man, this kind of heaven defying expert.


Running to Cloud Mist Sect as fast as possible was the only way left!

Ye Chaun didn’t even hesitate for even a bit, turning around, he immediately fled.

Making a killing blade out of raindrop, Ye Chuan also had this kind of means, but that was only when he could conceal the heaven with his hand in his previous life. Now, he was trivial Rank 1 Xiushi realm expert, so if he stayed here, then he would definitely die, therefore, he didn’t have the slightest hesitation to flee!

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