Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 109

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 109: War Nation

Evil Eyed Cow Demons could also form a battle formation?

Hong Lie and his group had their eyes wide open and were dumbstruck.

“Retreat and make the formation!”

Hong Lie roared and was the first one to react.

After the Great Competition, he had become a useless person after losing his arm, but as once high leveled cultivator among the younger generation, he was more experienced, so he was able to quickly sense the strong danger of the current situation.

A single Evil Eyed Cow Demon was nothing, even ten of them together could be beheaded easily, but once more than thousands of them were gathered together, they gave a completely different feeling. Hong Lie and others felt heavy pressure.


“Black Gate Killing Formation!”

Thirteen experts of Black Cauldron Sect quickly leaped back, then exchanging the position, they laid out Black Gate Killing Formation that was able to take the offense as well as the defensive ground once again.

“Are you ready?”

Ye Chuan indifferently asked, and indifferently looked at those more than ten experts of Black Cauldron Sect who had a solemn expression as if they met a formidable foe. He simply disdained to take advantage of the time when they were withdrawing and forming the formation to carry out a sneak attack.

“Change the position and kill him!”

Hong Lie gave ordered with sinister and ruthless expression.

He didn’t know how to explain this scene in front of his eyes, and also didn’t know where Ye Chuan obtained so many Evil Eyed Cow Demons, but as long as Ye Chuan was killed, it was sufficient for him!

Xiu Xiu Xiu! Ear piercing wind breaking sound resounded once again. The 13 experts of Black Cauldron Sect in the formation rushed forward, leaving behind afterimages.

This time, they were even ferocious and their speed was even faster. With glints and flashes of daggers and swords, rumbling sound resounded, as those 1000 jin bronze cauldrons flew towards Ye Chuan at a fast speed. All 13 of them cooperated to unleash the strongest one attack. This attack sealed all the path to dodge so there was nowhere for Ye Chuan to hide.

“Have come at just the right time, merely it’s too bad……”

Ye Chuan looked at those bearing down menacingly 13 experts of Black Cauldron Sect and shook his head.

Then a dazzling cyan colored light suddenly streak across the sky.

After that, with the roar of especially huge Evil Cow King, the Evil Eyed Cow Demons on the front row standing behind Ye Chuan laid on the ground, then glaring with their cow eyes, they shoot out a cyan colored rays of light.

Hong Lie’s heart suddenly tightened as if an invisible big hand had grabbed his heart.

The accuracy of the cyan rays of light of Evil Eyed Cow Demons was very low, but the power couldn’t be underestimated. With more than hundred Evil Eyed Cow Demons attacking together, that cyan colored light beam looked magnificent.

“Change formation!”

The 13 experts of Black Cauldron Sect simultaneously roared angrily and again changed the positions, continuing to rush towards Ye Chuan.

The attack of over hundred Evil Eyed Cow Demons, all failed!

Hong Lie was excited to see this and laughed heartily. The move of Evil Eyed Cow Demons was famous for being slow. Since the attack failed, how will Ye Chuan block this fatal attack of Black Cauldron Sect’s experts?

Even more dazzling cyan light burst into bloom in the sky from the woods.

The Evil Eyed Cow Demons standing on the second row displayed their prowess. This time, no less than 200 Evil Eyed Cow Demons attacked simultaneously, and now twice as much cyan colored rays of light were crowded together and its power was also double.


Sad and shrill screams resounded in the sky of the woods. Someone was unfortunately hit, and with a big wound in his chest, he was badly mangled. Another one was even more unfortunate, as he had more than half of his head cut off. Although the accuracy of the attack of Evil Eyed Cow Demons was very low, but the might however was truly high, far more powerful than the arrows shot from a crossbow. With the doubling of the concentration, exchanging the position was also of no use, they were unable to completely dodge all of them.


“Speed up, kill him!”

The remaining experts of Black Cauldron Sect shouted loudly, and continued to ferociously rush towards Ye Chuan, and now they were only a dozen or so steps away from Ye Chuan. The blood of their companion made them brutal and their latent capacity was also stimulated, so their speed suddenly increased.

But even more concentrated cyan colored light beam whistled towards them.

This time, 300 Evil Eyed Cow Demons had jointly attacked, so the power was even more frightening. Screams resounded again, four experts of Black Cauldron Sect fell this time. Losing legs and arms could be counted lucky, but those unlucky ones died on the spot.

Xiu Xiu, wind breaking sounds resounded which was sharper than the sounds before.

The remaining seven experts of Black Cauldron Sect were thoroughly enraged. They dashed ahead regardless of their safety, and instantly Ye Chuan was only seven steps away. Now they only needed to jump and they would reach Ye Chuan, then could directly shred him into pieces! Unfortunately, they didn’t have that chance.

Cyan Light flashed again, as the remaining more than 500 Evil Eyed Cow Demons simultaneously initiated the attack. Very concentrated cyan colored light beam shot towards the seven experts of Black Cauldron Sect and engulfed them. The sword tip of the expert who was in the front reached just half an inch away from the tip of Ye Chuan’s nose, but this distance of half an inch completely wasted his desperate effort, and he no longer had another chance.

13 elite disciples of Black Cauldron Sect either died or injured, and not even a time needed to drink half a cup of a tea had passed.

From the very beginning to the end, Ye Chuan hadn’t raised his hand, moreover he had stood motionless. Simple before he was forced to personally raise his hand, his opponents were already dealt with.

“Impossible, how could this be, how could……”

Hong Lie was dumbstruck and dazed.

13 elite disciples of Black Cauldron, all of them were done in by a group of Evil Eyed Cow Demons. If he said this, who would believe?

Even if he was still not injured and was at his peak, Hong Lie didn’t have this kind of ability, he would not be able to defeat all of these 13 elite disciples, but this group of Evil Eyed Cow Demons behind Ye Chaun accomplished it. These low leveled yao beast whom he regarded as beneath his notice in former days, gathered together could bring out to play such incredible combat capability.

“Didn’t I say, you are finished since you forced me to use my finishing move, ai…..”

Ye Chuan looked at the elite disciples of Black Cauldron Sect who were rolling on the ground and said shaking his head: “It’s too bad, it’s too bad, all these geniuses, outstanding cultivation in such young age, it must have been very hard to reach this realm. But this noble son specializes in killing geniuses.”

“What is this formation?” Hong Lie with bright red eyes asked. Now his heart was very heavy and he was unwilling.

“War Nation!”

Ye Chuan indifferently said, “Dying in this formation, in fact, is your honor. Average people, in their lifetime, never get a chance to see this kind of killing formation.”

“I will remember, surnamed Ye, crippling 13 elite disciples of my Black Cauldron Sect, our Sect Master will certainly settle this account. He will definitely avenge us!”

Hong Lie gnashed his teeth, then suddenly turning around, he ran away. Even after his crutch fell to the ground, he didn’t pick up, rather limping along the road, he tried to run away. And those four elite disciples who hadn’t died but were heavily injured were also struggling to keep up the pace with him. And after rushing out to one kilometer, they turned around to see and seeing Ye Chuan hadn’t chased after them, they finally sighed in relief. But suddenly a clapping sound resounded from the front, then Ye Chuan riding Evil Cow King came out from inside the woods, blocking their path in the front.

“What do you want to do?” Hong Lie stopped his step and said while trembling.

“What do I want to do? Very soon, you will know.”

Ye Chuan smiled evilly, then patted the Evil Cow King under him. After that, this huge fellow rushed forward and collided with panic-stricken Hong Lie and others. This ferocious collision made these people feel as if all the bones in their body were broken.

“Noble son Hong, help me deliver a letter to your Sect Master and Tuoba Xiaoniao.”

Ye Chuan found a tough and tensile vine, then tying Hong Lie and others’ hands, he pulled down their pants and arranged them in a line. After that, while Hong Lie and others were feeling uneasy, he picked up a sword and carved words on their shining white buttocks. On the left butt, he carved “Thank You, Sect Master” and on the right side “I love you, Xaoniao.”

“Return and tell your Sect Master and Tuoba Xiaoniao, I, Ye Chuan miss them.”

Ye Chuan patted off the dust from his sleeve, then smiled evilly looking at those words on the shining white buttocks. After that, turning around, he rode the Evil Cow King and left.

Behind, Hong Lie and others hastily fled for life. Each of them had bare shining white buttocks. Now other than embarrassment, they were even more embarrassed.

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