Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 108

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 108: Don’t force me to make a move

In the dense forest, with the rustling sounds, a group of people came out. Some of them were carrying heavy bronze cauldron on their shoulder, some were holding frightening mace and some were holding 100 jin blunt sword. Each and every one of them had an ice-cold expression, and their strength was also powerful. All of them were at least Rank 2 Xiushi and even Rank 3 Xiushi experts.

“Black Cauldron Sect?”

Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised. He already knew that Black Cauldron Sect was impatient to deal with him, but what he didn’t expect was, Black Cauldron Sect sending only a group of young disciples like this. The figure of Sect Master Tuoba Xiong was missing.

Originally, thinking Sect Master Tuoba Xiong had also come in person, he thought this would be troublesome, but seeing just these 13 disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, he relaxed.

“Yes, it is us Black Cauldron Sect.”

An ice-cold and hoarse voice resounded, as a person walked out from inside the forest. This person was limping along, had only one arm which was also holding a crutch, and his head was wrapped around several times with a gauze, but his complexion was ferocious and he was gnashing his teeth. Ye Chuan looked and saw that this person was none other than Black Cauldron Sect’s former Big Disciple Hong Lei who had suffered a great defeat in Great Competition.

As it turned out it was this boy!

Even after losing an arm, he still didn’t know impenitence, not shedding a tear until one sees the coffin!

Ye Chuan immediately understood what was going on, then spreading out divine sense to scan the surrounding, he discovered no one else was hidden to ambush, then he coldly smiled and said to Hong Lie, “Yo, look who this is? Not to mention not reporting to Black Cauldron Sect’s Mountain Patrolling Hall for duty, you didn’t even go to patrol the mountain early in the morning, but why run over to this place?”

The face of Hong Lie suddenly turned red, then gritting his teeth, he got even angrier.

Mentioning the pot that doesn’t boil, after Great Competition, Sect Master Tuoba Xiong had publicly demoted him to common disciple, and he was in charge of mountain patrolling sundry duties. All the honor, glory and power of former days were gone, moreover, he thoroughly lost his face and now, he was unable to raise his head inside the sect.

This time, he heard Ye Chuan had gone deep into Cloud Mist Mountain Range to temper himself, so he didn’t hesitate to exhaust his family’s property and all of his savings of many years in exchange for the support of more than ten experts of the sect. He was determined to kill Ye Chuan. And just like hard work won’t let you down, justice will be done by God, sure enough, he encountered Ye Chuan in the mountain.

To take revenge for himself, he was ready to do anything. And now, Hong Lie was already prepared to enjoy the panic, begging for mercy and struggle of Ye Chuan. But who would have thought that, at this time, Ye Chuan would instead reopen his scar!

“Kill, kill him for me!” Hong Lie roared and gnashed his teeth.

Now, he didn’t want anything as long as Ye Chuan was killed. The faster he was killed, the better, he wasn’t able to wait even a moment longer.

13 expert of Black Cauldron Sect suddenly moved and surrounded Ye Chuan. Then the surrounding air suddenly became heavy and ice-cold killing intents were locked onto every vital point of Ye Chuan.

These 13 were long-standing famous elites, and to fight against a person who had just broken through to Xiushi realm, they were confident in their victory!

No matter whether it was Hong Lie or these 13 elite disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, all were confident!

“Noble son Hong, is there any need for this?”

Ye Chuan shook his head as if he didn’t see more than ten experts of Black Cauldron Sect glaring at him with killing intent, and indifferently talked in kindly with sincere expression, “You and I do not have any huge debt of blood, we only battled on the behalf of our sect in Great Competition, nothing more. Moreover, this Great Competition has already ended too, so is there really the need for this? All say it is better to make friends than making enemies. You are no good like this, and your mentality is also not good, hereafter, how will you cultivate? Your look in itself is already not up to much, but now with the addition of such bad mentality and bad behavior, how can you get married to Tuoba Xiaoniao?”

“You……, brat, you……, kill, kill him for me, now!”

The face of Hong Lie twisted, he was really angered to insane by Ye Chuan.

In Black Cauldron Sect, everyone knew that he was secretly in love with Tuoba Xiaoniao. Although he was short and looked boorish, but at that time, he was still Big Disciple of the sect, so although it was difficult to marry Tuoba Xiaoniao, but it was not like there was no hope at all. But now with this appearance, if he still wanted to marry Tuoba Xiaoniao, then that would definitely be the greatest joke!

Swish, swish! Suddenly an ear piercing sound of movement resounded inside the dense forest.

13 experts of Black Cauldron Sect again changed their position and simultaneously initiated ferocious attacks. In an instant, glint and flash of daggers and swords streaked across, causing the fallen leaves to fly all over the sky. Instantly, as if magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, Ye Chuan was closely surrounded from all directions with nowhere to hide.

Black Gate Killing Formation!

Hong Lie and his group had overwhelming advantage of numbers, and there was no risk at all, still they used their sect’s killing formation, determining to win!

“Hahaha, hahahaha……, brat, you wanted my arm, now I want your life, go to hell, go to hell, hahaha……”

Hong Lie laughed heartily as if he was insane.

When angry, his face was twisted, and when happy and excited, he face was still twisted and looked fierce.

And when the leaves floating all over the sky landed on the ground, the laughter of Hong Lie ceased abruptly.

Ye Chuan who was trapped in the formation wasn’t splattered on the spot as he had expected, instead was standing motionlessly with a leisurely and carefree appearance. But Evil Cow King he was riding was missing now.

With 13 elites attacking at once, although he was no match for those attack, but even if he was no match for those attacks, he could dodge them.

At that crucial moment, Ye Chuan moved left and right dodging the attacks of the experts of Black Cauldron Sect.

“Brat, if you have the ability then don’t dodge, don’t force us to make a final move!”

Hong Lie firmly glared at Ye Chuan. If he could, he would have stepped forward and torn Ye Chuan apart with his own hand, but he didn’t have such ability so he ferociously said: “Today, you are dead! Go on, kill him, let’s see what else he can do!”

13 experts of Black Cauldron Sect surrounding Ye Chuan attacked again with killing intent. And with them seizing the advantage of numbers, even if Ye Chuan had the better footwork to dodge, it was impossible to keep on dodging. Under the ferocious continuous attack, there inevitably would be a slip of a hand.

“Finished, you forced me to make my move, you are finished!”

Ye Chuan was undaunted and even was smiling confronting the pressure of Black Cauldron Sect’s experts. Then with a flash of cyan light, an Evil Eyed Cow Demon appeared behind him and it timidly scanned at people while retreating continuously.

Hong Lie and others were dumbfounded, and all of them roared with laughter.

Evil Eyed Cow Demon was a low-level yao beast which was innately coward and stubborn. Even a hunter who wasn’t a cultivator could kill it. So using such Evil Cow to fight against more than ten Xiushi realm experts, wasn’t that the greatest joke?

“Hahaha, brat, is this your fatal move?”

Hong Lie laughed heartily, and was incomparably happy in his heart.

Even summoning such yao beast, what did this explain? This showed that Ye Chuan was really forced to the dead end today, and in a flurry, he was at his wits’ end. Today, he would certainly die!

“What’s the hurry, I haven’t begun yet!”

Ye Chuan also smiled, then a cyan light flashed again, and another Evil Eyed Cow Demon appeared behind him, and with a fellow companion, they slightly became calm.

“Hahaha, again an Evil Eyed Cow Demon, what else? Even if you summon one more, no, ten more, what can you do?” Hong Lie laughed widely, waiting to enjoy Ye Chuan’s embarrassment and helplessness.

But very soon, he wasn’t able to laugh.

Behind Ye Chuan, with the constant flashing of cyan light, more and more Evil Eyed Cow Demons appeared. 10, 20, 100……, more and more appeared very quickly. In an instant, more than 1000 Evil Eyed Cow Demons appeared and all of them were unthinkably arranged neatly, seemed to be in a battle formation.

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