Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 107

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 107: Grabbing a Big Cow

Is this happening because of this 700 or 800 years old Fiery Dragon Herb?

Ye Chuan quickly understood what was happening here, indeed, this Fiery Dragon Herb was deliberately left by these Evil Cows, and in order to protect this rare Fiery Dragon Herb, Evil Cows who were cowardly in former days suddenly gathered up!

Swish, swish, swish, not waiting for Ye Chuan to finish thinking, cyan light whistled past him and a bowl-shaped craters appeared on the hard cliff. The accuracy was very bad, but the power was really not small. It was just like a piece of stone colliding with a wall in a high speed. If someone was accidentally hit, then even if he was wearing a heavy armor, he might vomit blood due to the impact.

Ye Chuan stood still, there was no need for him to dodge. The first round of the attacks of Evil Cows all failed. And after a good while, the second round of attack slowly came. This time, even more Evil Eyed Cow Demon came out of the dark, and the attack was more concentrated.

“Eh, can it……”

Ye Chuan still stood motionless, but seeing more and more Evil Cows glaring at him, his heart suddenly moved.

Three days was about to be over soon, and the day he had to return to Cloud Mist Sect was almost here. Although he had picked up many medicinal herbs all along the road, but they were far from achieving the objective of this trip.

He rarely went out on a trip, so he couldn’t return empty-handed too. A single Evil Cow was useless, was far from being as useful as Golden Cicada King and Piggy, but if he could use Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to tame a hundred or a thousand such Evil Eyed Cow Demons, forming a legion of Evil Cows, wouldn’t it be point where, attack there and see whoever, destroy whoever?

In a flash, Ye Chuan suddenly rushed forward, and above his head, Cyan Lotus Lamp appeared.

After that, with a flash of cyan light, an Evil Cow disappeared, and a small cow-head pattern appeared on the body of Cyan Lotus Lamp.

And before other Evil Eyed Cow Demons could react a cyan light flashed again in the sky, then again another Evil Cow disappeared.

Ye Chuan suddenly moved like a ghost, and with a cyan light flashing repeatedly inside the valley, one after another Evil Eyed Cow Demons disappeared in the thin air. But Evil Eyed Cow Demons still come out continuously from the dark, obviously, the remainder Evil Eyed Cow Demons were still stubbornly chasing after Ye Chuan. Since Ye Chuan still hadn’t fallen, many Evil Eyed Cow Demons were rushing in disorder.


An ear deafening roar suddenly resounded, and an aggressive Evil Eyed Cow Demon charged out from the dark.

Compared to other Evil Eyed Cow Demons, the build of this one was especially huge, was more than twice as huge as other Evil Eyed Cow Demon. Its eyes were blood red. Other Evil Cows emitted cyan radiance, but this Evil Cow however emitted blood-red radiance. And after its attack landed on the cliff, large pieces of rocks tumbled down. Its power was astonishing.

Evil Cow King?

Just perfect!

Ye Chuan wasn’t surprised, rather was happy and he suddenly got excited.

Common Evil Cows were only the lowest ranked yao beasts, but this Evil Cow King with very red eyes was completely different. Its huge size was already imposing enough, even if it was not emitting blood-red radiance, merely its huge body’s pressure was scary, moreover, it was powerful enough to contend against Xiushi realm experts!

Ye Chuan suddenly stopped then turning around, he rushed towards this Evil Cow King.


This huge Evil Cow King roared again, and two blood-red light beams shot towards Ye Chuan. The power was frightening and the speed was also faster than the common Evil Cows.

Ye Chuan suddenly bowed down, then putting forth the strength on the tip of his toes, he instantly jumped and exactly landed on the back of Evil Cow King. After that, the blade light flashed as thin blades appeared in the space between index and middle finger of his right hand, then stretching out his hand, he slightly cut open the throat of Evil Cow King. With this, the huge and threateningly moving Evil Cow King fell to the ground, and was unable to stand any longer.

Before entering the mountain range, Ye Chuan had already made preparation. His blades were smeared with a kind of drug he had personally refined. It was not fatal, but after mixing with the blood of the opponent, it could quickly paralyze and make the opponent lose their power to move.

The skin of Evil Cow King was crude and its flesh was thick, so it would be very hard to cut the skin of its back, as a result, the soft throat was a perfect point. After poisoning, it was at the mercy of Ye Chuan, and with a flash of cyan light, Ye Chuan tamed it and took it inside Cyan Lotus Lamp.

Evil Eyed Cow Demons were very stubborn, but they were very cowardly in normal times, still, once they set their mind on one enemy, they would initiate a frenzied assault. However, witnessing their leader Evil Cow King was subdued by Ye Chuan, they finally were scared and dispersed in confusion.

“Where do you think you all are going?”

Ye Chuan, in turn, chased after the panic-stricken Evil Cows, and after spending four hours, he finally subdued all Evil Eyed Cow Demons inside this volcanic valley. Together with Evil Cow King, there were more than 1000 Evil Cows. And after successfully subduing all of them, he wasn’t in a hurry to leave, instead he stationed in this volcanic valley, training these yao beasts who everybody from past to present thought would be useless in a battle.

Next day, early in the morning, a strange scene appeared inside Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

Ye Chuan had begun his return journey towards Cloud Mist Sect. He was not running widely like before and also not stepping on the flying sword to soar in the sky like many other Xiushi realm cultivators, rather was riding an Evil Cow which was leisurely walking through a white mountain and black water. After taming Evil Cow King, Ye Chuan made it his mount. Moreover, with the cooperation of this big fellow, training other Evil Cows was much easier.

When he had come here, there were only Golden Cicada King and Piggy, these two small yao beasts inside Cyan Lotus Lamp, but when returning, he had more than 1000 Evil Cows too. Although they were only lowest ranked yao beasts and people looked down upon them, but Ye Chuan was very satisfied with them and felt this trip was worthwhile.

From the past until the present, there was no trash yao beast, merely wasn’t able to see how to use, that’s all. Even a blunt knife could also kill a person!

Cultivating Heaven Concealing Technique to the ultimate attainment, he would have only concealed the heaven like before, and he also would have only reached peak Sage realm in cultivation. But now he was cultivating Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique which he had obtained in God Burial Valley, on one side cultivate and on other side tame various kinds of yao beasts, so after cultivating it to the highest attainment, what kind of realm will he reach? Will it be the legendary Immortal ream which was above Sage realm, or, were there even more levels?

Ye Chuan sat on the back of Evil Cow King and was full of anticipation for his cultivation and future.

Evil Cow King’s running speed was not fast, but its stamina was far higher compared to common yao beasts. Even after running constantly for half the day, it wasn’t even breathing heavily. In the noon, Evil Cow King who was carrying Ye Chuan reached a high mountain, and from there, Cloud Mist Sect enveloped in cloud and mist was visible far away.

“Cloud Mist Sect, I’m back!”

Ye Chuan took a quick look at the distant Cloud Mist Sect, then lightly used force in his legs. After that, Evil Cow King ran down the mountain. But when it arrived halfway down the mountain, it suddenly stopped.

Ahead, in a single glance, only dense woods could be seen, and there wasn’t anything peculiar, but the space between the eyes of Ye Chuan twitched.

“Who’s there, come out!”

Ye Chuan coldly shouted, immediately becoming alert.

He had rich experience, although his cultivation was not as heaven-defying as previous lifetime and had just stepped into the real cultivation, but his intuition was still there. He knew that it was an ambush, either it was an enemy expert or was a powerful yao beast!

Third Elder Bai Yanhu, Black Cauldron Sect Tuoba Xiong, or……

Ye Chuan secretly circulated two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, waiting quietly.

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