Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 106

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 106: Evil Eyed Cow Demon

After leaving Purple Cloud Peak, Ye Chuan didn’t go deep into Cloud Mist Mountain Range right away rather first came to the mountain behind Cloud Mist Sect.

Near Evil Dragon Abyss, inside a hidden underground cave, horned demon Na Gusi was cultivating quietly. After experiencing Nine Transformation Demonic Technique’s power and benefit, not to mention disguising himself into an ordinary of Cloud Mist Sect to defeat the opponent of Great Competition, even if Ye Chuan asked him to go and assassinate Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong, he would accept it without even blinking his eyes.

“This is the core law of the second layer of Nine Transformation Demonic Technique, cultivate properly.”

Ye Chuan threw a bamboo slip to Na Gusi, then headed towards the depths of Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

To suppress the opponent completely, one should take a step at a time, and after wearing down the resistance of the opponent, rout them in one fell swoop. And to buy the heart of people, one should also slowly take one step at a time. After cultivating the second layer core law, Na Gusi would naturally expect the third layer, the fourth layer……and so on, like this, horned demon Na Gusi wouldn’t be able to free himself, and thoroughly be unable to escape his control.

To play a chess, first one must arrange the chess pieces. And since he had yet to get rid of his opponent, Third Elder Bai Yanhu, he had to lay out the pawns he control when he was still in the dark.

In the first life, he could conceal the heaven with his hand, but in this life, he didn’t want to simply conceal the heaven like before, rather wanted to set foot on even higher pinnacle!

Cloud Mist Sect had a long history, was one of the few rare sects inside Da Qin Dynasty that possessed ancient inheritance. Strictly speaking, the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range that stretched more than 10,000 li was the back mountain of Cloud Mist Sect, merely after Cloud Mist Sect declined and become worse day by day, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect turned from a guest into a host, and the sphere of influence of Cloud Mist Sect reduced by a wide margin, that’s all.

After leaving the sect, Ye Chuan began to speed up.

Cloud Mist Mountain Range was shrouded by thick fog throughout the year. The forest was also dense. And behind the mountain, there was still another mountain, was a continuous chain of mountains. Walking into the mountain, the roar of yao beasts and various kind of animals never stopped. If an average person walked into this mountain, then they would be scared, timid and wouldn’t be able to walk easily. But Ye Chuan nevertheless was walking as if on wings, in the middle of lofty ridges and towering mountains, he was galloping.

Inside Cloud Mist Sect, he should always be on the guard restraining his heart, and couldn’t expose his real strength and identity. But in the wild, all scruples and restrains no longer exists, he could speed off and allow two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body to seethe as much as he liked. All the way, he swallowed pure and fresh air as well as that pure worldly spiritual power drifting in the sky like a whale as if he was hungering for them.

One Heaven Swallowing Talisman gave him the strength of 18,000 jin, which was already unheard-of. And all along the way, two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within the body of Ye Chuan were circulating, which made the overwhelming majority of yao beasts to give way in a flurry. But there were also some low intelligence or not afraid of death yao beasts that obstruct his way, even to the extent of meeting him head-on.

A fierce Hell Hound blocking his path, kill!

A Golden Backed Pit Viper jumped out of unknown place, kill!

Ye Chuan practically ran straight forward and got farther and farther away from Cloud Mist Sect.

A Hell Hound and Golden Backed Pit Viper, this kind of yao beasts weren’t the wilderness mutated spices he wanted, so when these types of beasts blocked his way, Ye Chuan just killed and grind his way through. He didn’t use any powerful weapons, just used a branch he had casually picked up or his bare hand. Circulating two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he wiped out all the beasts that blocked his path.

At the dusk, Ye Chuan arrived at the inner part of the mountain range, and along the path, he obtained a lot of medicinal herbs. Unfortunately, all were somewhat common herbs, and he didn’t come across any worldly treasure that was capable of treating the injured spirit, and also didn’t encounter any worthy to tame and cultivate yao beasts.

The first day passed very quickly.

After cultivating for the entire night, in the next day, Ye Chuan continued to go deeper into the mountain range. The deeper he went, the more medicinal herb he found, and the more yao beasts he encountered, but still didn’t come across what he wanted.

In the second night, Ye Chuan didn’t rest, rather continued to wander around under the hazy moonlight. And in the latter half of the night, he reached a very steep valley.

This was a volcanic valley, the air was filled with volcanic ash, and in some place, there still was bright red magma, boiling on the earth’s surface. Everywhere else there were lush trees, but here, it was practically bare, only the wild herb called Fiery Dragon Herb were growing here.

Ye Chuan entered this valley, and picked up some matured Fiery Dragon Herb. This wild herb was poisonous, if eaten, internal organs would fester and die. Its corrosive property was astonishing, even yao beasts don’t dare to touch it, but if used properly, it was also a treasure, as it was used to refine Fiery Dragon Pill.

Inside the valley, there were many Fiery Dragon Herb, but many of them were only ten or so years old. It was hard to find Fiery Dragon Herb that had grown for 100 or more years. Ye Chuan found very few strains in the crack of the stones. And the more he walked towards the inner part of this valley, the hotter the ground got and the more frequently the magma erupted out from the ground.

Ye Chuan circulated two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, then boldly but cautiously walked farther and farther from the entrance of the valley. And after he walked for roughly an hour, the alae of his nose suddenly moved as he smelled a strong different smell. Looking up, he saw a Fiery Dragon Herb that was grown on a cliff far away. Just looking at it, Ye Chuan knew that this herb was at least 700 or 800 years old.

“Good thing!”

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone, then rushing over, he stood on the stones and extended his hand. But just after his hand reached to the herb, his hand stopped, then he used a medicinal hoe to carefully dug out this Fiery Dragon Herb. This kind of Fiery Dragon Herb, Ye Chuan would have casually picked them up, but this one was different, as it was more than 700 years old, so Ye Chuan carefully dug it out. He wanted to dig it out together with its root.

Fiery Dragon Herb was yang in nature, so if he planted this herb in Evil Dragon Abyss where yang qi was plentiful, then its growth would absolutely be satisfactory.

Rustle, the sound of footsteps suddenly came from behind him, and the distance was not even 10 meters away.


Ye Chuan who was digging suddenly stopped his movement and he became alert all of a sudden.

This person had already approached 10 meters behind him, and only then he realized it, he was truly too careless!

Ye Chuan circulated two Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and after secretly preparing a fatal move, he slowly turned around, and was dumbfounded.

Behind, there was no one with the exception was a calf slowly walking out from the dark. Although its body looked sturdy, but there was a layer of thick callus on the sole of its legs, and it was making no sound while walking. Unlike a common cow, its two eyes were especially big, were as big as a bowl. But when looking at other, they didn’t look straightly rather look with a sideward glance, which appeared quite comical.

“Where did this Evil Cow come from?”

Ye Chuan was happy and also relaxed.

The unusual cow in front of Ye Chuan was commonly known as Evil Eyed Cow Demon or simply referred to as an Evil Cow. It was quite famous in the Wilderness World, merely in a derogatory sense.

Evil Cow appeared physically strong, but their courage, in fact, was smaller than a mouse, nevertheless their temperament was very stubborn, no one knows when it would make a turn. When they were normally looking at people, their eyes would be slanted and also bright, but when they were angry, their eyes emit cyan light while glaring. They are very powerful, but their reaction was slow and was slow in movement, so their attack misses 99 times out of 100. As a result, they were barely a low leveled yao beasts. Ever since the ancient times, if someone was stubborn and didn’t know how to be flexible in some circumstances, then they were often called this Evil Eyed Cow Demon to describe.

An Evil Cow, it was not a threat. Ye Chuan laughed and continued to dig out the Fiery Dragon Herb on the cliff. But not long after, he suddenly felt something was wrong, so turning around to look, he saw more and more Evil Eyed Cow Demons appearing behind him, one head, two head………, and unexpectedly all of them were glaring at him, seemed to be angry.

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