Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 105

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 105: The mountain road twists around each new peak

At dawn, the horizon revealed a trace of marble white color of the dawn, but the sky of Cloud Mist Sect was still dark.

Flame Devil was sitting cross-legged outside the gate of Purple Cloud Courtyard. In former days, in underground Ghost Market, his status of aloof and no one dared to look down upon him, but now he was most willing to be a gatekeeper.

After staying in Purple Cloud Peak for this period of time, he felt that the gains of this time period were still greater than the gains of the seclusion cultivation of ten years.

Ye Chuan not only helped him to resolve his heart demon calamity, but also made his mind tranquil. In the daytime, he would be busy to plant the medicinal herbs on the mountain, and in the night, he would act as a gatekeeper. This kind of leisurely, carefree and feeling at ease and justified feelings was something he had never obtained in the past when he was wandering all around.

Flame Devil liked this kind of feelings. With this kind of insipid life, he got the clear understanding of himself, and even had already begun to make preparation to rebuild his Scorching Sun Body, restoring his lost confidence.

The sky quickly got brighter, but Flame Devil still sat cross-legged without making any sound as if an old monk sitting in meditation.


At that time, an ill wind suddenly blew in the sky of Purple Cloud Peak, flickering the candlelight.

Flame Devil abruptly opened his eyes, and happened to see the spirit of Ye Chuan which was harnessing the ill wind, urgently rushing into Purple Cloud Courtyard. His spirit was dim and aura was also disorderly, appeared to have fled in confusion after bearing a severe injury.

Flame Devil had never seen such appearance of Ye Chuan, so hastily getting up, he rushed after this spirit and arrived at the study.

Under the dim light of Cyan Lotus Lamp, the spirit and body of Ye Chuan combined into one. And sure enough, Ye Chuan looked pale and his gaze was somewhat dull. Now he didn’t have the demeanor of former days.

“Noble son, noble son Ye, are you injured?”

Flame Devil was greatly alarmed in his heart, and immediately got nervous.

The cultivation realm of Ye Chuan was not up to much, but in the view of Flame Devil, Ye Chuan was a real knowledge was not showy, moreover, he could predict like a prophet, and could seek luck and avoid calamity. What kind of great devil could injure Ye Chuan so severely? Could it be that an extremely powerful Great Devil or the formidable enemy of Cloud Mist Sect who wants revenge against the sect came to Cloud Mist Mountain Range?

Thinking this, Flame Devil who could walk unhindered in underground Ghost Market in former days couldn’t help but be perturbed.

Ye Chuan didn’t reply, and only after a good while as if he slowly came back to his senses, a little bit of his demeanor was restored, then he instructed, “Yi Yangzi, go, close the gate of Cloud Mist Courtyard.”


Flame Devil bowed receiving the order. Although Ye Chuan didn’t answer directly, but hearing his such words, he was sure of his guess, Ye Chuan must have met with an extremely powerful adversary. And just when he was about to walk out, he suddenly turned around and said, “Noble son, should we activate the restriction? Let this old slave use all of my energy to activate the defense restriction of Purple Cloud Peak in full power until you are better.”

Ye Chuan had difficulties, so Flame Devil didn’t decline to shoulder a responsibility and was ready to risk everything including his own life too.

“No need, be sure to just close the gate, but everything else should be as usual. If someone come up the mountain to search and interrogate, let them come.” Ye Chuan answered.

He was sure that Third Elder Bai Yanhu wouldn’t let this matter drop and he would go all around to investigate his (Ye Chuan) whereabouts and identity. And at this time, if he activates the defense restriction, wouldn’t that be confessing without being pressed?

“Noble son, rest assured, this old slave understand.”

Flame Devil turned around and left in a rush, then closing the gate of Purple Cloud Courtyard, he continued to calmly sit in the doorway. Sure enough, not long after, when the sky was slightly bright, a large group of people with ferocious aura came up the mountain and they kept searching every corner of Purple Cloud Peak, looking for the so-called the assassins of Black Cauldron Sect.

Flame Devil who had drifted about outside for many years was used to seeing wind and waves. Complying with the instruction of Ye Chuan, he calmly let these lackeys of Third Elder search all around. And after finding nothing, these lackeys had to go down the mountain on their own.

After confirming the lackeys of Third Elder were gone, Flame Devil closed the gate again and coming to the outside of the study, he asked: “Noble son, those people left, now, what should this old slave do?”

“Nothing, whatever you do usually, continue to do so. I will go to the mountain behind and will return after three days.”

Ye Chuan opened the door and instructed after coming out, then he walked away in large strides.

Yesterday, relying on Spirit Splitting technique, he was able to flee from the chase of Third Elder Bai Yanhu, but the injury of this time was truly severe. His spirit had shrunk and the range of his divine sense had also decreased to less than half of former days. If he wished to restore to his normal level again, then either he should cultivate in seclusion throughout the year or go to look for a number of worldly treasure to treat his spirit. So he wanted to go to the back mountain to see whether he had a good luck or not.

Ye Chuan decided to go and take a walk deep into Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

All along, he had this idea, and now, even if he wasn’t able to find worldly treasure to treat his spirit, he would at least be able to see what types of yao beasts were there in the depths of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. And he had decided to return just after three days because that day happens to be the day he had made an agreement with Liu Hong to walk around the underground Ghost Market.

“Ah, noble son……”

Flame Devil was very surprised, and before he could follow after Ye Chuan, Ye Chuan however had already disappeared without a trace.

If ordinary people received such severe spirit injury, then at least for next three months, they wouldn’t dare to go out, otherwise, if they happen to meet a devil that specialized in refining other people’s spirit, even if they didn’t die, they would definitely lose a layer of their skin. But here, Ye Chuan’s spirit was so severely injured, but no need to talk about recuperating quietly, he went to the mountain where yao beasts ran amuck, wasn’t he afraid of……

Flame Devil’s heart wavered and was unable to set his mind at rest, but after thinking for a bit, he didn’t follow after Ye Chuan, just made the preparation in secret.

The news of Ye Chuan leaving the sect, and had gone to the depth of Cloud Mist Mountain Range to temper himself spread around the sect very quickly.

And as for Zhu Sijia, she angrily entered the secret chamber to cultivate in seclusion. She truly hated and was angry with Ye Chuan. The depth of Cloud Mist Sect was very dangerous and unfathomable, and Ye Chuan went there without worrying about himself, but didn’t he think that there were other people that will worry about him? Went then went, why didn’t he at least notify them before leaving, don’t he know that someone would be so worried that they wouldn’t be able to sleep and eat?

Zhu Sijia was very angry but Third Elder Bai Yunhu was very happy.

Originally, he was a little bit suspicious of Ye Chuan. He suspected Ye Chuan might be the intruder of yesterday who had used Yin Spirit Nightwalking, but after hearing the news, he completely dismissed this thought. How high was the cultivation of Ye Chuan? Where could he find the technique of yesterday? Moreover, if the intruder of yesterday was really Ye Chuan, then with his spirit badly injured, he wouldn’t have dared even to go out of the sect, where would he get the courage to go to the mountain behind by himself where yao beasts ran amuck?

After eliminating Ye Chuan, Third Elder Bai Yanhu began to focus on several other targets, among them, there were Great Elder Zhu Guohong and Second Elder Nangong Ren. He secretly paid attention to each and every move of these two people. Of course, eliminating Ye Chuan from his doubts didn’t mean he had let him off.

The mountain behind was dangerous, and dying of disciple when going out for a travel was very normal, moreover, many impulsive disciples died each year. So even if someone found the corpse of Ye Chuan in one corner of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, that wouldn’t be suspicious at all.

Third Elder Bai Yanhu coldly smiled and his complexion got ferocious.

Originally, he was forced to a corner with nowhere to go, but to his surprise, such a favorable chance appeared so quickly. As long as Ye Chuan was dead, selecting a new sect’s Big Disciple would be within his schedule. And after arranging his own confidant to take up the duty as sect’s Big Disciple, he certainly would be able to strengthen his influence and control over the sect. Like that, it would not be impossible to control the entire sect before the return of Cloud Mist Sect’s Sect Master Yun Feiwu!

Thinking this, Bai Yunhu hastily wrote a note, and clapped his hand, then his close guard came over, and he whispered instruction in his ear. The latter bowed then left with that note. Very quickly, a golden eagle soared to the sky from White Tiger Mountain, leaving Cloud Mist Sect. And after flying for a long time, penetrating through a thick layer of cloud, it finally landed on the body of a grey clothed old man on a high mountain.

This grey clothed old man had been sitting cross-legged to quietly cultivate on the top of this high mountain for unknown numbers of years. He sat absolutely still as if a stone carving and his body was covered with dust, even to the extent that moss and some unknown weeds had sprouted out from his body.

After a good while, this grey clothed old man without any aura and warmth who was motionless as if a piece of rock finally opened his eyes slowly, then he took out a slip of paper tied on the leg of the golden eagle.

On that slip of paper, there were very few words, ‘Mountain behind, kill.’

This was a casually written letter, even if it falls into the hands of strangers, they would only be confused and wouldn’t know the exact meaning, but this grey clothed old man however understood what it meant. After that, the slip of paper in his hand was shredded into small pieces with an invisible sword lights. Then faintly sighing, he stood up, and with a single step, he was already halfway point of the mountain and in another step, he was already at the foot of the mountain, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared without a trace. On the cliff of this mountain, three words ‘Sealing Sword Poison’ were craved.

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