Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 104

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 104: Really little time


An antique and very exquisite wooden window suddenly broke apart, then Third Elder Bai Yanhu rushed out from that window at an astonishing speed. After that, his right hand caught the empty void, and the spirit of Ye Chuan suddenly sunk. His spirit had a hard to move feeling, and a cold wind blew against his spirit, nearly ripping apart his spirit into two.

Evil Wind Finger?

Ye Chuan was startled, and he immediately recognized this technique.

As expected, this old man really cultivated a sinister and vicious technique. Millions of years ago, Evil Wind Finger was a life technique of a peerless Great Devil called Old Monster, afterwards, under the command of Ye Chuan, the founder of Cloud Mist Sect Ghost Hand Medicinal King killed him, and this technique fell into the hand of Ghost Hand Medicinal King, and was sealed up in Cloud Mist Sect.

Now, although Cloud Mist Sect was declining day by day, but it had a long legacy which Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, this kind of new sects couldn’t compare, moreover there were many great techniques that were sealed up. In particular, Evil Wind Finger, this kind of peerless demonic technique were only known and under the control of successive Sect Masters. But here Third Elder Bai Yanhu was using it. He unexpectedly learned Evil Wind Finger, this demonic technique secretly and moreover cultivated it to this decent level, no wonder he was able to scatter the soul of Yi Suo!

The spirit of Ye Chuan suddenly shrunk, shrunk into a small ball, then suddenly expanded. And drawing the support of this violent repulsive force, he struggled free from the clutch of Third Elder Bai Yanhu, then soared away harnessing the ill wind.

“Since you have come, why are you going?”

Third Elder Bai Yanhu suddenly sat down crossed-legged, then his spirit similarly came out and he spat out a cyan flying sword from his mouth. Then harnessing this life flying sword, his spirit chased after Ye Chuan. And while chasing, his spirit expanded, and indistinctly changed into a huge mouth, trying to directly swallow the spirit of Ye Chuan.


This old man, truly not fearing for his life!

Ye Chuan was greatly surprised, letting out a spirit was already very dangerous, and as for the battle between spirits, all the cultivators greatly dreaded it, as it was even more dangerous. Any accidents in spirit form would be a fatal. But even if it was the direct confrontation between spirits, obviously, Third Elder Bai Yanhu wouldn’t stop until dead, lest him scattering the soul of Yi Suo would be exposed.

After letting out the spirit, Third Elder Bai Yanhu could harness the ill wind for nightwalking, moreover, could also control flying sword and other similar treasures. Naturally, harnessing the ill wind was not comparable to harnessing the flying sword.

Ye Chuan immediately made a decision, and his spirit suddenly divided into two, then from two to four……and so on. Instantly, his spirit split into thousands and dispersed in all direction.

Spirit Splitting Technique!

Ye Chuan was also ready to risk everything, and used another secret technique.

Millions of years ago, this was his best move which was only inferior to Heaven Concealing Technique before he stepped into the pinnacle. Relying on this technique, he repeatedly escaped the deadly moves of many enemies, and finally setting foot on the pinnacle, he became honorable Great Sage, and could conceal the heaven with only his hand everywhere in Wilderness World. Now, his cultivation was nothing compared to before, but fortunately, he had broken through to Xiushi realm, so he could use this technique with an effort.

Roar! The spirit of third Elder Bai Yanhu silently roared, then attacked ferociously, unfortunately, he was able to swallow only a small portion of the spirit of Ye Chuan. The greater part fled successfully and the ill wind in the sky of White Tiger Mountain dispersed.

“Come back!”

Third Elder Bai Yanhu roared and his spirit soared again and was about to attack again, but his spirit suddenly shook. Not only was he not able to refine the swallowed spirit parts, those spirit parts began to burn as if torch, injuring his spirit. And even though his cultivation was Rank 3 Daoist Realm, he couldn’t help but felt extreme pain, and a blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

The incomparably imposing Third Elder Bai Yanhu who considered himself best in the world was suddenly frightened, and didn’t dare to give a chase.

After swallowing the spirit of the enemy, he however received the injury, this circumstance had two explanation. Either the other side had a treasure to protect the spirit, or the spirit of other party was far more powerful than his, like that, even with his cultivation of Rank 3 Daoist Master, he wasn’t able to refine it.

Refining the spirit of an enemy could rob the spiritual power and even could thoroughly understand a part of the memory and technique. But if he couldn’t refine after swallowing a spirit, then his spirit would receive the injury, this was serious!

Being an expert who specialized in spirit, Third Elder Bai Yanhu clearly understood this danger. He immediately spat out the spirits of Ye Chuan which escaped all around. After that, the more he thought, the more restless he became, then he quickly returned his spirit into his body, then without any words, he returned back to White Tiger Hall. And just after sitting straight on the high place of the hall, he had a feeling in his heart, then he immediately turned around and spat out his life flying sword to protect himself.

Above the crystal core inlaid on the wall, a wisp of black smoke appeared which slowly changed into a blurry back robbed person enveloped in black mist.

“I pay respect to Your Excellency Emissary!”

The heart of Third Elder Bai Yanhu trembled. He was completely unaware when this Dark Underworld Emissary arrived here in White Tiger Mountain. He immediately knelt down in reverence and awe.

“Bai Yanhu, you are so pathetic, didn’t you let the spirit of other people slip away right before your eyes?” The tone of this Dark Underworld Emissary was ice-cold. He seemed to be very dissatisfied with Third Elder Bai Yanhu. Then, grabbing in the empty air, all the remaining spirit remnants of Ye Chuan inside the body of Bai Yanhu were caught in his hand, and they turned into a wisp of thin black qi, circling around his fingertip, then slowly disappeared after a good while.

“Your Excellency Emissary, I……”

Bai Yanhu sweated profusely and sweats began to trickle down from his forehead.

Even though his cultivation was Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, in front of this Dark Underworld Emissary, he was nothing, so much so that he wasn’t even able to perceive the strength of the other party. In the end, what realm is the cultivation of this Dark Underworld Emissary?

In front of the disciples, Bai Yanhu set himself high above the masses, but in front of this Dark Underworld Emissary, his hands and feet were ice-cold in fear and trepidation.

“The cultivation of that person is not up to much, his spirit could only harness the ill wind to flee, but, the grade of his spirit is amazing, and especially that move, suddenly splitting spirits to escape, it is extremely similar to a certain legendary great technique which is already lost in Wilderness World. Bai Yanhu, no need to blame yourself too much, no need to mention you, even if I had personally taken the action, I might not have been able to stop him from leaving, but……”

Dark Underworld Emissary paused and said coldly: “But, you are still too careless, even though other people had approached so close using Spirit Nightwalking, you were not able to discover him. Besides, now you don’t have much time left, that Great Competition was a good chance, but you missed it. Now if you don’t seize another chance again, then you don’t have to stay in Cloud Mist Sect. Oh, that’s right, I will tell you the latest news, Cloud Mist Sect’s Sect Master Yun Feiwu will break out from the trap very soon and he might return back to Cloud Mist Sect at any time, so look out for yourself. In addition, no matter what method you use, you must find that person of just now, I like his spirit!”

The voice of Dark Underworld Emissary faintly came, then changing into a wisp of smoke, he disappeared. Just like coming without a trace, he disappeared without a trace, it was quite strange.

The complexion of Third Elder Bai Yanhu who was kneeling on the hall become dead-like deathly pale.

Cloud Mist Sect’s Sect Master Yun Feiwu will return at any time?

With his cultivation and prestige, after returning to Cloud Mist Sect, wouldn’t he be able to uncover all the atrocities he (Bai Yanhu) had done?

Cold sweat flowed out from Bai Yanhu, now he really had little time! He had to accelerate many plans and had to take the risk!

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