Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 103

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 103: White Tiger Mountain

After a little while, Nan Tiandu, Zhu Sijia and others also returned and gathered in Ye Chuan’s Purple Peak Mountain, feeling indignant.

“This fire occurred so coincidentally, how could it be the doing of the people of Black Cauldron Sect?”

“Yes, moreover, how come all the assassins of Black Cauldron Sect died so coincidentally? Big senior apprentice-brother, investigate, must investigate strictly, we should submit a written statement to Great Elder requesting for a strict investigation to the end!”


Fatty and others shouted in unison. This fire was really too fishy and too coincidence. Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun had disappeared without a trace, and Yi Suo had burned to death in the fire, so all the clues were suddenly cut off.

“Jiajia, what do you think?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Big senior apprentice-brother, you decide.” Zhu Sijia answered. She was secretly angry with Ye Chuan, angry that he was unconscionable, angry that he and Liu Hong walked together, but in this kind of situation, she still understood the matter and let Ye Chuan decide.

“Tiandu, what about you?” Ye Chuan asked cool-headed and calm Nan Tiandu.

“I will obey all the arrangement of Big senior apprentice-brother.” Nan Tiandu answered, cherishing words as if gold.

His words were not flattery, and he had never flattered anyone, he was proud, aloof and indifferent, and throughout his life, he only admired Ye Chuan. After Great Competition, he admired this Big senior apprentice-brother Ye Chuan even more. In terms of cultivation, he was not necessarily the opponent of Ye Chuan, but in terms of scheming, he absolutely was inferior to Ye Chuan.

“Yes, Big senior apprentice-brother, you decide, we’ll follow you. Investigate, investigate strictly, and investigate till the end!” Fatty Zaho Dazhi said feeling indignant.

Ye Chuan smiled, then looking at fatty, he said: “Fatty, why are you so impatient, I never asked you.”


The face of fatty suddenly became red just like an apple, and seeing his embarrassed appearance, people laughed up their sleeves.

“Okay, Everyone, quiet down.”

Ye Chuan slowly scanned the crowd then said indifferently: “Starting tomorrow, do whatever you normally do, forget about the fire. The sky is getting brighter, all of you disperse.”

“Big senior apprentice-brother……” Zhu Sijia and fatty anxiously tried to talk in unison.

“Didn’t you all say you will listen to me, what, you all want to disobey me so quickly?”

Ye Chuan with a smile yet not a smile looked towards Zhu Sijia, then the latter’s face reddened, recalling the usual words of Ye Chuan ‘if you are not obedient, then I will spank your buttocks’. And after looking at Zhu Sijia, Ye Chuan continued: “That’s right, Yi Suo died, and all the clues are cut off, but we truly don’t need to be impatient, rather the person behind the scene who instigate this should. Along with each passing day towards the revival of the sect, that person wouldn’t have much time. Moreover, Great Elder who is guarding the sect for many years, is he a vegetarian? Rest assured, now what we need to do is, make great efforts to cultivate and raise our strength. Go, all of you, disperse.”


“Big senior apprentice-brother, farewell!”

After thinking for a bit, the people thought that Ye Chuan indeed was correct, so everyone left one after another. Now in the big Purple Cloud Courtyard, only Ye Chuan and Flame Devil were left. After thinking over, Ye Chuan had decided to not bring back horned demon Na Gusi to Cloud Mist Sect, rather let him go into the mountain behind. Unlike Flame Devil, horned demon Na Gusi was an out-and-out Great Devil, and before he reached the acme of perfection in the cultivation of Nine Transformation Demonic Technique, it was better for him to not show himself.

“What a wily old fox that fellow is, this game is getting more and more interesting!”

Ye Chuan climbed over to the summit of Purple Cloud Peak, and under the starry sky, he gazed afar inside the quiet sect, then sitting cross-legged on the spot, he took out Cyan Lotus Lamp. After that, his spirit came out, and circling a lap around the Purple Cloud Peak, it flew away.

Thick Fog Mountain, Second Elder Nangong Ren as if he wasn’t affected by the indignant he felt just a moment ago was meticulously taking care of a Dragon Back Bamboo Bark;

Cyan Elegant Peak, inside Cyan Elegant Courtyard, Zhu Sijia who had just returned wasn’t sleepy. She threw off her outer clothing, and only in her extremely thin underwear, she walked back and forth in anger inside her room. Her figure was too sexy, and even Ye Chuan was a little embarrassed to see her when she was wearing so little like this.

Embarrassed was embarrassed, but the spirit of Ye Chuan still stayed inside Cyan Elegant courtyard for a good while. Then, he turned away from Cyan Elegant Peak towards the well-known White Tiger Mountain.

White Tiger Mountain, it was shaped just like a crouching fierce tiger inside the sect. this mountain was majestic, and it was strictly guarded. This was Third Elder Bai Yanhu’s residence.

Ye Chuan cautiously let his spirit flew to this mountain. And avoiding the Detection Formation and patrolling guards of this White Tiger Mountain, his spirit quietly sneaked into the mountain.

In this Great Competition, Ye Chuan’s fame had greatly spread, and Cloud Mist Sect which had been suppressed for many years also felt proud and elated. Now after sweeping away the bad luck and misfortune of the past many years, all the disciples of the sect vowed to cultivate strenuously so as to plant the seed of rejuvenation. But with the death of Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun and his personal disciple Yi Suo, Third Elder had lost both left and right hands. Moreover, although ruthlessly killing Yi Suo had cut off the clues, but this also aroused the suspicion of Great Elder. Now, for Third Elder, the situation was becoming more and more unfavorable. Now he had to be cautious to make any move inside the sect, and he also had a very little time to make a move.

Ye Chuan wasn’t impatient, and was calmly waiting for Third Elder Bai Yanhu to expose himself. But, the appropriate spying was needed, as only after knowing the enemy and knowing yourself, one would be victorious.

It was almost dawn, but White Tiger Mountain was still brightly lit with lamps.

Outside, a group of fierce looking guards was standing. All of them were the cream of the crop, but everyone had terrified expression, and every one of them had their mouth tightly shut without even daring to breathe heavily.

Inside, solemn White Tiger Hall was very quiet. Burning torched were hung on the wall but the air nevertheless was ice-cold. Third Elder Bai Yanhu was sitting straight on the high place of this hall. His thin body was motionless and his complexion was malicious and pale. His entire body appeared ice-cold without any blood and qi as if he was a corpse that had just climbed out of from the grave.

The spirit of Ye Chuan floated inside the White Tiger Hall and stayed still under the eaves, doing his utmost to weaken the spirit fluctuation.

Unlike Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun who cultivated Divine Yang Body, Third Elder Bai Yanhu was another type of cultivator, he cultivated spirit. Moreover, it seemed he cultivated especially sinister, vicious and evil technique. Furthermore, he had two appearances.  In front of people, he was always smiling appearing to be a harmless person, but immediately after returning to the White Tiger Hall, he revealed his original color. Even his body emitted a gloomy and cold aura that could make people shudder.

The experience of Ye Chuan was abundant, so with a single glance, he knew that Third Elder Bai Yanhu was dangerous.

The cultivators cultivating Divine Yang Body were very fierce, their body would be impervious to sword or spear, and their blood and qi within their entire body would be seethed with yang qi, making them immune to all kinds of yin qi. But the experts cultivating spirits, their body wouldn’t be that abnormal, but they were often more dangerous as they had many unknown means. If a spirit accidentally landed on the hand of this kind of people, then even if they possess the will to live or begged to die, they would be helpless.

Third Elder Bai Yanhu continuously sat motionless for a good while, then from his bosom, he took out a crystal ball. Then using his technique, a wisp of spirit slowly came out from that crystal, changing into a translucent shadow. Looking at the facial features and build, this shadow unexpectedly was Yi Suo who was burned to death inside Heaven Prison.

“Master, please spear my life, Yi Suo was wrong, I was wrong, master, please spare my life……” Yi Suo loudly begged for mercy, and this spirit that had changed into shadow trembled nonstop.

His body had already been burned beyond recognition, but Third Elder Bai Yanhu was able to preserve this wisp of incomplete spirit using unknown means.

“Did you complete your task?” Third Elder Bai Yanhu gloomily asked.

Yi Suo instinctively nodded his head, then shook his head again, “No, I was wrong, disciple did a bad job, beg teacher……”

“Who asked you to take the initiative to enter the match of Great Competition?” Third Elder coldly interrupted the words of Yi Suo.

“Master, I……” The body of Yi Suo trembled even violently.

“Where is Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhukun?” Third Elder asked again.

Yi Suo shook his head once again, “I don’t know, I really don’t know, master, please spare my life, hereafter, disciples will definitely……”

“There is no hereafter, since you did the bad job, what’s the point of letting you live?”

Third Elder Bai Yanhu coldly without any emotion suddenly waved his hands. Then the spirit of Yi Suo gave a horrible shriek, as it was swatted to death.

This old man is truly sinister!

Outside the door, under the eaves, Ye Chuan who was accustomed to seeing various kind of ruthless means also was startled involuntarily, and a slight spirit ripple spread out. A personal disciple he had cultivated for many years, without any affection and emotion, he directly swatted to death, wasn’t this too ruthless?


Third Elder Bai Yanhu who was stilling upright on the high place of hall suddenly raised his head and he instantly flew out, then swatted towards the spirit of Ye Chuan which was hiding under the eaves.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! That act startled him? Surely he’s seen plenty of that in his long life. Looks like he’s still underestimate the third elder though.

    1. yep, that was unbelievable. the author should have had the third elder set up a formation that YC didn’t notice, or something more believable than that he was shocked. why would be shocked that the guy killed his disciple? he’d already burnt him to death.

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