Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 102

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 102: Wily old fox

“Big Senior apprentice-brother, where are you?”

“Big senior apprentice-brother……”

Shouting sounds came from the darkness. Fatty Zhao Dazhi, Zhu Sijia, Nan Tiandu and other people came over holding the touches. All of them were tense, as not hearing any response from Ye Chuan even after a long while, they believed that something might have happened.

“I’m here.”

Ye Chuan waved his hand and called out after putting away Golden King Cicada King and Piggy and also blowing the corpse of Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun into the mountain gully not far away.

Fatty and other quickly walked over and seeing Ye Chuan was fine, they finally relaxed.

Although Jin Zhikun had put on a mask, but very quickly, the disciples recognized his identity. The cultivation of Jin Zhikun was far higher and he was also incomparably fiercer than what people had thought. Nan Tiandu, this kind of millennium genius wasn’t even able to touch him in a face to face combat, so how could Ye Chuan who had just broken through to Xiushi realm cope with him?

People were confused in their heart, and after looking all around, Zhi Sijia asked in surprise: “Eh, what about that devil surnamed Jin?”

“If I say, I swatted him to death, and threw him down the mountain gully, then will you believe me?” Ye Chuan answered with a smile yet not a smile.

“Believe, I will believe you are insane! Why are you being glib-tongue all the time?”

Zhu Sijia glared at Ye Chuan. She was really anxious, and was worried about Ye Chuan, but to her surprise, the latter was still unconscionable. And after not seeing any trace of Jin Zhikun even after looking carefully, she muttered to herself: “Strange, why did that old fellow leave just like this?”

“It’s not strange, Master and others have come.”

Nan Tiandu suddenly said calmly.

Sure enough, the whistling sounds came from the darkness, and a large group of people stepping on a flying sword appeared. And the people in the front of this group was Second Elder Nangong Ren and unexpectedly also Great Elder Zhu Guohong.

When they were suffering ambush in Front Line Heaven gorge, someone had quickly gone to notify the sect. Cloud Mist Sect was only 10 li away from here, but Great Elder and others had arrived faster than expected!


Zhu Sijia rushed over and holding the arm of Great Elder Zhu Guohong, she greeted him. Seeing numerous experts of the sect had personally come, fatty and others relaxed completely. Even if Jin Zhikun was ferocious, in front of Great Elder, he would never dare to attack!

“Jiajia, are you all right? Jin Zhikun, where is that fellow?”Great Elder Zhu Guohong asked with gloomy complexion.

“I’m fine. As for Jin Zhikun, he has already run away.”

Zhu Sijia being a straight person, bluntly said hatefully, “Humph, that fellow really knew that he was guilty of heinous crimes, and he could no longer continue to stay in the sect if Yi Suo reached the sect, so he recklessly attacked trying to snatch Yi Suo. But failing this, he viciously wanted to kill Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. Fortunately, grandpa and you all arrive here, and that scare him away!”

Zhu Sijia explained perfectly, and since Jin Zhikun was a fugitive, Great Elder also didn’t doubt her. No one thought that Jin Zhikun who had such strong cultivation base had already died, died in the hand of Ye Chuan, this merely Rank 1 Xiushi disciple.

“Great Elder, what are you doing here?” Ye Chuan suddenly asked.

Seeing the arrival of reinforcements, everyone was relaxed and overjoyed, only his complexion changed.

He could understand the arrival of Second Elder Nangong Ren, but seeing the arrival of Great Elder Zhu Guohong who rarely leave the sect and always guard the sect throughout the year, he knew that something was wrong!

“A Protector came to report me, he said Jin Zhikun betrayed the sect and started to slaughter our disciples, moreover Zhu Sijia was gravely injured. Humph, he dared to put his hand on even Jiajia, that fellow……”

Great Elder Zhu Guohong answered, and before he finished speaking, his complexion also changed.

Zhu Sijia was standing in front of him, and she was completely fine, where is the severe injury?

“Return to the set, quick!”

Great Zhu Guohong and Ye Chuan shouted in unison, then they rushed towards Cloud Mist Sect. Great Elder coldly snorted, then with the flying sword under his leg suddenly shining, he instantly disappeared from there, rushing towards the sect.

Zhu Sijia was not injured. No one dared to disturb him, the Great Elder, for ordinary matters, obviously, someone had lured him away from the sect. The Protector who had reported him was either deceived or bribed for this, so as to raid the prison taking this chance, and the target was obviously the witness, Yi Suo!

“Quick, to the Heaven Prison!”

“Seal off the gate, forbid anyone from entering and exiting!”

Second Elder Nangong Ren also realized this and he solemnly gave the order. His sound reverberated the sky as if the thunder. After that, similarly stepping on the flying sword, he also rushed straight towards the sect.

Just like Great Elder, he was also informed by someone. He was said that Ye Chuan was ambushed, so he hurried over here, but at that time, he simply hadn’t expected that he was simply falling into the trap of luring tiger out of the mountain!

Ye Chuan didn’t have a flying sword, so he was running on his legs. As a result, he was far slower than Great Elder and Second Leader who were using flying sword. In the blink of an eye, he was left far behind by them, but compared to the disciples of the sect, he was far faster. Just like a cheetah, he was dashing off in the wilderness, and Zhu Sijia and other could only see his afterimages.

Ye Chuan’s speed was fast, but when he reached the sect, he was already too late.

The entire sect was in turmoil, there were fire and smoke everywhere, moreover, the disciples were in a great mess. Heavily guarded Heaven Prison had changed into a sea of flames, and no one could escape from inside there. After the fire was put out, the corpses that were pulled out from inside had already changed beyond recognition. Great Elder and Second Elder who had returned a step faster had gloomy complexion, as they were similarly a step too late.

“Yi Suo, Yi Suo, my excellent disciple ah, how could you leave……”

Third Elder Bai Yanhu threw himself on a corpse and wailed loudly. With tears streaming down his cheeks, now he had a grief-stricken appearance.

Ye Chuan walked over to see, this corpse was tall and thin, and was really Yi Suo. Even if this fellow changed into ashes, Ye Chuan could recognize him. In eagle Beak Cliff, Ye Chuan had spared his life instead of immediately executing him, but unexpectedly, after returning to the sect, he died a violent death. If this fellow in neither world knew this, then even dead, he will not close the eyes. He would have never thought that one day, he would die in the hand of his own master.

Jin Zhikun died, so who set this fire? Other than Third Elder, who else can it be?

The answer was obvious, Ye Chuan coldly started at wailing Third Elder and become aware that he was underestimating this old man.

Seeing the matter was about to fall through and exposed, he killed even his only personal disciple. He wasn’t softhearted, rather sufficiently ruthless person! Jin Zhikun was nothing, but this Third Elder Bai Yanhu was truly a wily old fox!

“Guards, arrest Li Xuehan!” The complexion of Great Elder Zhu Guohong was gloomy and he gave the order to arrest his guard who had reported him to lure him away from this place.

A disciple stepped forward, and with somewhat odd complexion, he cautiously said: “Reporting to Great Elder, Li Xuehan died. He perished together along with the spy of Black Cauldron Sect who had set fire to Heaven Prison.”

“Heh heh, Black Cauldron Sect?”

Great Elder Zhu Guohong laughed, then after taking a quick glance at Third Elder, he left.

He wasn’t a fool, he just turned a blind eye for some matters, but this didn’t mean he knew nothing. But this time, Third Elder was truly too excessive, burning Heaven Prison, then shifting the blame to Black Cauldron Sect could deceive common disciples, but he clearly understood everything in his heart. Merely, Sect Master Yun Feiwu was out, and if he wanted to make a move against an Elder, then he needed to take time making a decision. So even though he was angry in his heart, he could only suppress it!

“Humph, Ye Chuan, let’s go!”

Second Elder Nangong Ren snorted and left together with Ye Chuan.

Behind, grief-stricken Third Elder raised his head, then coldly smiling, his expression became sinister and ruthless.

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