Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 101

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 101: Great Yan Refining Magic Technique

Little cockroach in itself didn’t possess any threat. After staying inside Cyan Lotus Lamp for several days, it could only fly faster than a common cockroach, that’s all, and it couldn’t even be considered a low-level yao beast.

But, if a burst talisman was tied up on the body of the small cockroach, moreover add a pack of poison powder, then that was a different matter. It would change into a poisonous cockroach from a common cockroach.

Under his carelessness, Jin Zhikun savored the power of poisonous cockroach, and his eyes suddenly lost their sight for the time being. And at the same time, the originally spiritless and silly Piggy that appeared to be no threat at all suddenly stood up, then roaring like a tiger, its aura completely changed. Then, as if a fierce tiger, it pounced towards Jin Zhikun.

“What is this?”

Jin Zhikun was startled, and before he could circulate yang qi within his body, Piggy rushed over and colliding ferociously, Jin Zhikun with his chest sunken was sent flying. His invulnerable boy which the blade of Ye Chuan wasn’t able to injure however was unable to resist the collision of Piggy.

Damn it!

Where did Ye Chuan, this brat find these strange yao beasts?

Jin Zhikun was again surprised and angry, and a thought to retreat appeared in his heart. He forcibly opened his eyes, and was able to see things faintly. But just when he wanted to stand up, he suddenly heard a very indistinct buzzing sound.

It’s that Six Winged Golden Cicada! Jin Zhikun was startled, suddenly recalling another yao beast of Ye Chuan.

And compared to silly looking Piggy, Golden Cicada was famed for its fighting powers, and especially Six Winged Golden Cicada, its combat ability was absolutely not inferior to any Xiushi realm expert!

A dazzling golden light streak across the night sky.

Jin Zhikun increased his vigilance, and he reacted very quickly. But, his reaction was still late, as the speed of Golden Cicada King was faster. He suddenly felt pain in his eyes, as the wings of Six Winged Golden Cicada had scratched his eyes, thoroughly turning him into a blind person.

“Ah……, brat, I will never let you off!”

Jin Zhikun wailed loudly, then immediately standing up, he wanted to flee from this place.

Never judge a person by his appearance, yao beasts were also the same. The three little fellows in front of Ye Chuan appeared to be no threat, but each had their unique traits, and in the blink of an eye, they had inflicted a heavy injury. Now Jin Zhikun didn’t want to stay in this place any longer!

Although Jin Zhikun hated in his heart, but he was decisive, seeing he was in a bad position, he immediately tried to flee. But, just after rushing 10 or so meters, he happened to collide head-on with a sharp spear. It appeared as if he was a depressed person who wanted to bring about his own destruction. Now just like a frog, he was stabbed through by a spear.

Jin Zhikun was very experienced, but compared to once Heaven Concealing Great Saint Ye Chuan, this small amount of experience couldn’t even hold a candle.

Ye Chuan had already prepared in advance. He had quietly stood on the only way from where Jin Zhikun could flee. Moreover, with a sharp spear in his hand, he was silently waiting.

The body of Jin Zhikun was very doughty, claimed to be invulnerable, as Divine Yang Body was not weak. Unfortunately, the spear in the hand of Ye Chuan was also not a common spear, rather a killing weapon Blood Lance of Five Style Sect’s Elder Tu with which he was intensely proud of. Colliding head-on in a high speed, this scene was incomparably miserable!


Jin Zhikun wailed once again, his blood and vitality also decreased rapidly.

The heavy blow of Piggy and the attack of Golden Cicada King had injured him severely, but the fatal one was still Ye Chuan’s this move. Taking advantage of his blindness, Ye Chuan had quietly stood in front blocking the path, moreover, held a sharp spear in front of him, causing Jin Zhikun to collide head-on with the sharp spear. Despicable, this brat is so sinister, can he be any more despicable?

Jin Zhikun hated Ye Chuan to his bones, but at this time, he ignored the hatred in his heart and fled for his life. Unfortunately, being seriously injured and with spear still stabbed through his body, he was unstable to even walk, so how could he shake off Ye Chuan in such a dense forest?

Stumbling away for a little while, Jin Zhikun gave up on his own.

Blind eyes, all ribs broken and chest pierced through by a spear, with these serious injuries, he was unable to carry on running. Moreover, the faster he ran, the faster he lost his blood and vitality, approaching death faster!

“Eh, Your Excellency Hall Master, why aren’t you fleeing?”

Ye Chuan who was leisurely following behind Jin Zhikun, seeing the latter turning around and standing still with no power to escape, he smiled coldly, “You knew this was useless but why did you even try? Your Excellency Hall Master, I will give you two paths, either obediently return to the sect with me and expose Third Elder, or, die. I will give you ten seconds to choose, 10……, 9……, 8……”

The cold voice of Ye Chuan resounded, and Jin Zhikun felt as he was already in the death jaw.

The complexion of Jin Zhikun got increasingly pale and his body trembled. Grand Alchemy Hall Master, an expert cultivating Divine Yang Body who was about to step into Daoist Master realm, would he die just like this?

Jin Zhikun was vomiting blood in his heart, and was unwilling. He didn’t understand how a stupid and mediocre Ye Chuan got so powerful. This kind of scheming and means, not to mention the disciples of the younger generation, even among those old monsters who had cultivated for thousands of years, who could compare with him?

Expose Third Elder, that was impossible. In these last few years, both of them together had done many shameful matters, so exposing Third Elder was confessing his own evildoings, so his final aftermath would still be death. Thinking this, he gritted his teeth, then suddenly pulling out the spear stabbed through his body, he shouted and rushed towards the position of Ye Chuan he had determined by hearing, then taking the advantage of his final breath, he attacked wanting to perish together with Ye Chuan!

“Courting death!”

Ye Chuan with ice-cold complexion dodged the desperate attack of Jin Zhikun, then he pressed the forehead of Jin Zhikun with his five fingers.


The face of Jin Zhikun twisted, and he frantically struggled, yet the hand of Ye Chuan was firmly pressing his forehead. Very quickly, the strong body of Jin Zhikun withered just like the withered old tree. The blood and qi as well his lifetime cultivation disappeared, leaving behind only the skin and bones, as if a thousand years old mummy.

Great Yan Refining Magic Technique!

Ye Chuan had used a secret technique to swallow blood and qi as well as the lifetime cultivation of Jin Zhikun. After breaking through to Xiushi realm, he could finally use many techniques he had mastered when he could conceal the heaven with his hand. These techniques had already been lost for millions of years in this Wilderness World, but now they returned once again.

Gugugu, the blood and qi within the body of Ye Chuan seethed with excitement, and his energy fluctuation also rose steadily, moreover, boundless majestic yang qi churned and condensed, changing into a different shape. Soon, it condensed into a new talisman, which had a human skull like appearance. This was the essence of Great Yan Refining Magic Technique.

Now there was second Heaven Swallowing Talisman within the body of Ye Chuan.

Condensing a Heaven Swallowing Talisman needed a lot of energy. To condense the first dragon-shaped talisman, it consumed the entire energy of the Dragon Vein’s Crystal. So Ye Chuan was uncertain when he would be able to condense the second Heaven Swallowing Talisman, but to his surprise, he accidentally obtained an uncostly technique to condense them. By consuming the hundred year’s cultivation of Jin Zhikun, he had successfully condensed a second Heaven Swallowing Talisman!

One Heaven Swallowing Talisman added 18,000 jin strength, didn’t this mean the two Heaven Swallowing Talismans added 36,000 jin?

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone, and with a thought, he could easily sense the rapid flow of the blood within his body, and also the explosive energy within his body. Although his current cultivation of Xiushi realm was nothing, but this profound Heaven Swallowing Talisman made him look forward to the future.

Condensing two Heaven Swallowing Talismans, he was full of explosive power, if condensed third or fourth Heaven Swallowing Talisman, then what would it feel like? And at that time, who would be his opponent in the same realm?

Ye Chuan in high spirit suddenly looked towards the sky and uttered a loud roar, releasing his powerful energy fluctuation.

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