Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 100

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 100: Little cockroach also has big capabilities

Very quickly, Jin Zhikun who had left the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect far behind suddenly stopped his stepped and looked all around.

Ye Chuan, that brat is nearby!

Jin Zhikun became tense, as his intuition told him this!

It was very quiet all around, and there was not even a soul in sight, moreover, he couldn’t see any abnormalities either. But he just had a feeling that Ye Chuan was nearby, moreover, he was very close to him.

As a Hall Master and Rank 7 Xiushi expert, Jin Zhikun had gone through unknown numbers of wind and waves in his life, so his sense was sharp. And this kind of intuition of danger had never been a mistake.

“Your Excellency Hall Master, are you looking for me?”

A similar voice suddenly resounded in the middle of the night, sure enough, it was the voice of Ye Chuan. And since this voice was erratic and faint, he was unable to determine the source of this voice.

Jin Zhikun turned around, but there was no one behind him.

Then turning around again, there still was no one. He didn’t find the figure of Ye Chuan anywhere, so his heart suddenly became tenser, as if an invisible hand was gripping his heart tighter and tighter!

“Brat, come out, come out for me!”

Jin Zhikun loudly roared, then rotating his body all of a sudden, he sent out palm attack in all directions.

The wind of this palm attack was powerful, it blew up dust and fallen leaves as well as shook the towering trees within a large area, even to the extent that some of the trees were broken!

And after a while, the blown up leaves and dust in the sky, settled down to the ground again, and quietness returned inside this woods. But the heart of Jin Zhikun however became even tenser.

On the basis of reasons, since the cultivation level gap between them was too far, Ye Chuan should be far from being a threat to him, but a feeling of danger had never left his heart, and it was becoming denser and denser.

“Your Excellency Hall Master, I am here, you have been holding me like this for so long, aren’t you tired?”

The voice of Ye Chuan resounded once again.

This time, it resounded directly beside the ear of Jin Zhikun.

“You are not Yi Suo, you……”

The heartbeat of Jin Zhikun accelerated, he finally knew where the voice was coming from. He lowered his head to look, and happens to see an evil smiling face.

The disheveled haired person he was holding under his arm was not Yi Suo, rather was Ye Chuan!

Jin Zhikun was greatly alarmed, and as if seeing a ghost, he threw out Ye Chuan, and quickly retreated back, unfortunately, it was already too late!

In the middle of the night, blade light appeared suddenly.

Eight extremely thin sharp blades swiftly and fiercely whistled through the sky all of a sudden, giving rise to ear-piercing sonic boom!

Ye Chuan who was disguised as Yi Suo suddenly initiated a ferocious attack.

Yi Suo was a bait to lure out Jin Zhikun, this big fish. But the real Yi Suo had already been taken back to Cloud Mist Sect by Second Elder Nangong Ren, and Yi Suo inside the prisoners’ carriage was none other than Ye Chuan disguising as Yi Suo!

Chessboard inside chessboard!

Trap inside trap!

Ye Cuan hadn’t laid out a trap rather a series of traps, traps for a killing move. Whether Jin Zhikun had taken the bait or not taken the bait, he was destined to meet his doom.

“What to kill me? You are still too tender!”

Jin Zhikun suddenly shouted angrily, and his energy suddenly rose greatly, the muscles of his entire body bulged, and became hard as if rock. The blood and qi within his body also seethed, and majestic yang qi as if sea waves rose to the sky. Then with a kacha sound, blood light wander about in his skin, and indistinct blood colored armor condensed on his body. Moreover, incomparable energy fluctuation erupted out from within his body. And the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect inside War Front Heaven gorge who were about to chase were pushed down to the ground again.

Daoist Master Realm!

Conversely, suffering to a surprise attack, Jin Zhikun went all out to resist, and under this full power resistance, he unexpectedly surpassed his normal limit, and a sign of breaking through to Daoist Master realm appeared! The sharp eight blades slashed, but unexpectedly metal colliding sound resounded as if they were not slashing a human body, rather slashing a real heavy armor!

“Hahaha, hahahaha……”

Jin Zhikun laughed heartily, then ferociously send out his palm attack to kill Ye Chuan who had just failed his surprise attack.

He was able to easily settle the sneak attack of Ye Chuan just like this, moreover, he had unexpectedly broken through to Daoist Master realm, so what else was more exciting than this?

Jin Zhikun who originally had a tense and solemn face now couldn’t help but laugh heartily in excitement!

Another blade light streak across the sky.

This blade light was much faster, and directly entered into the wide opened mouth of Jin Zhikun.

Ye Chuan had opened his mouth and spat out the final blade.

This blade caught Jin Zhikun off guard. His laughter stopped and his mouth was filled with blood. Moreover, the energy fluctuation which originally was steadily rising within his body was also interrupted. And his cultivation which was about to break through to Daoist Master realm fell sort of success for lack of a final effort!

Jin Zhikun specialized in Divine Yang Body, so his body was extremely strong. If he had spat this blade towards his chest, then it would have not even left a scar. But when all was said and done, the legendary Divine Yang still didn’t train or strengthen the tongue. And under carelessness, nearly his entire tongue was cut off by this final blade of Ye Chuan.

“Ah……, brat, I’m going to kill you!”

Jin Zhikun flew into the rage, then spitting out a mouthful of blood, he ferociously pounced towards Ye Chuan. After this injury in his tongue, the words he spoke were unclear.

Ye Chuan’s body swayed in succession, and after some probing attacks, they suddenly parted. Jin Zhikun was still ferocious as if tiger and wolf, but Ye Chuan was pale. In a head-on confrontation of Rank 1 Xiushi and Rank 7 Xiushi, Rank 1 Xiushi was indeed not a match.

“Brat, you are dead, today, no one can save you!” Jin Zhikun ferociously said with dense killing intent. Although he occupied upper hand and was sure to win, but talking with a mouthful of blood, his words were unclear.

“Your Excellency Hall Master, what is this?”

Ye Chuan indifferently smiled, and facing extremely vicious Jin Zhikun, he was still calm, “If I were you, then now, I would have already ran and hide far away, otherwise, it will be too late, and even if you want to run, you won’t be able to do so.”

A golden light flashed in the sky, and Golden Cicada King appeared in front of Ye Chuan.

“Six Winged Golden Cicada?”

Jin Zhikun became a little solemn, and his steps paused for a bit, but he continued to advance towards Ye Chuan and said ferociously, “Six Winged Golden Cicada is very tricky to deal with, but you are dreaming if you want to use such a little yao beast to stop me, my single attack will crush it to death, hahaha……”

The anger of Jin Zhikun had already reached so extreme that he laughed. Now he wanted to kill Ye Chuan in one attack.

In the middle of the night, a light flashed, and another small yao beast appeared in front of Ye Chuan. This time it was snow-white Piggy.

“Brat, what else is there? Summon all of them, let me see what you have in the end, I want to see how you will block my killing blow!” Jin Zhikun approached nearer and nearer, while secretly preparing a fatal killing attack.

This Piggy had two bulges on its back, and it resembles neither a kind of wild boar nor a kind of raptor, clearly was a wilderness mutated beast. But wanting to obstruct his steps relying on such small yao beasts, that was just a wishful thinking.

“Well, as you wish.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, and in the middle of the night, a rustling sound came.

Jin Zhikun turned his head and discovered this time it was unexpectedly a cockroach in front of Ye Chuan.

“Hahaha, what is this? A cockroach?”

Jin Zhikun found this somewhat difficult to believe, then laughed heartily, “Hahaha, hahahaha, brat, Cloud Mist Mountain Range has so many powerful yao beasts, but you summoned……”

From the thick clump of grass, a cockroach crawled out slowly, making Jin Zhikun feel incomparably comical and ridiculous. Then, when he was laughing, that cockroach who seemed to have difficulty even walking suddenly spread its wings, then flew, whistling towards him just like an arrow shot from a crossbow.

Is this a flying cockroach?

The smile of Jin Zhikun suddenly stiffened, it was not like he had never seen a flying cockroach, rather he had never seen a cockroach that could fly this fast. Moreover, what’s on the back of the cockroach?

Sharp-eyed Jin Zhikun suddenly discovered this cockroach seemed to be carrying something on its back, so just when he was about to quickly dodge, the cockroach that had arrived in front of him suddenly exploded, spreading a powder in a large area. When this powder landed on the skin, it would feel itching and pain, and when landed on the eyes, it would feeling extreme stabbing pain in eyes, blinding them temporarily.

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