Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 9

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 09: Evil Dragon Abyss

After leaving from Martial Repository Pavilion and returning to Purple Cloud Peak, Ye Chuan started to go into seclusion to cultivate.

Half a month later, he would have to set out for a journey towards Wind Cloud Arena which was hundred li away from Cloud Mist Sect to take part in the Great Competition between three big sect’s disciples, thus he would have to make some preparations too.

Brushing away the dust on the book, the two words ‘Inch Light’ that was on the book’s cover clearly appeared before his eyes as he used his fingertips to gently rub the two words.

The memory of when Ghost Hand Medicinal King coming to have an audience with him and asking him to point out on cultivation stuff was still vivid in his mind.

The martial technique Inch Light was Ghost Hand Medicinal King’s innate technique and Ye Chuan also spent quite a few meticulous care towards it. It was due to Ye Chuan pointing out for Ghost Hand Medicinal King that Ghost Hand Medicinal King was finally able to make his innate technique raise a level higher and was finally able to cultivate his innate technique to the peak and to then later become the first generation of Sect Master and known by others as Ghost Hand Great Sage.

A crafty rabbit has three burrows, but Ghost Hand Medicinal King was not only a crafty rabbit, he was actually a crafty old rabbit and his cautiousness was embodied into every single detail. The martial technique Inch Light which was recorded onto the book had a secret that was not known to anyone, strictly forming into 3 type of rules in the book. Most parts of the content in the book was of no use at all and so much useless information recorded on the book was just to mislead others. At the interval of every three page, every three rows, and every three words, according to the 3 rules in the book, the real martial technique was hidden away.

Ye Chuan knew Ghost Hand Medicinal King’s secret but he still used fully half an hour before arranging out the real Inch Light martial technique out properly. After attentively reading and finishing engraving every single information of the martial technique into his heart and mind, he used a fire to burn away the book. Then sitting cross-legged on the floor, his right hand held a pair of a thin blade, his arm not moving at all, only moving few of his fingers and the pair of a thin blade which was between his thumb, forefinger and middle finger started to rotate.

At the beginning, the thin blade rotated very slowly and seemed somewhat rigid. But very slowly, the rotation of the thin blade became smooth and unhindered. His arm was motionless and even his wrist was not moving at all, but with just merely few fingers, he was already able to make the thin blade rotate very quickly and do few actions with it like cutting and pulling it back and forth.

Inch Light, in close distance, its ability would truly showcase out!

The crucial point of the martial technique Inch Light was in its fierce power eruption, being able to erupt out an extremely fierce attack within the shortest period of time. Holding the thin blade in his hand during battle, he would need to find an instant to cut open his opponent’s main artery or throat and give out a clear cut fatal strike.

Ye Chuan sat down cross-legged on the floor and started to meditate his mind and cultivate. Slowly, the thin blade in his hand increased to two, three then until the limit of four. Immediately afterwards, both his hands started to move and on each hand appeared four pairs of thin blades. A thin blade was contained in his mouth too and as he stretched out his tongue, a blade light could be seen flickering in his mouth. With his body staying motionless and even his eyes closed, on his body, 9 thin blades started to rotate at high speed, emitting out biting cold murderous aura into the air.

A fly which could not endure the murderous aura, which was getting stronger and stronger, in the air suddenly flew out from a corner and flew towards the window, just flying pass by Ye Chuan’s body.

Ye Chuan’s eyes were still closed. His ears slightly moved and a pair of thin blade suddenly flew out while rotating in high speed and scraped past the belly of the fly.

The fly got startled and spread out its wings to increase its speed and flew faster towards the window.

Another thin blade flew out from Ye Chuan’s hand and this time the rotating thin blade chopped off the fly’s left wing into half.

The fly tumbled onto the study table and with a buzzing sound, it once again flew towards the window with great speed, but this time staggering from side to side as it flew.

“Buzz!” Just as the fly was about to fly out of the window, Ye Chuan suddenly spat out a blade light from his mouth. Another pair of thin blade flew out and this time landing directly onto the fly’s body, cutting it into two pieces.

“A pity that I am still not that used to this technique yet and my control is also not that good yet.”

Taking a look at the fly which died at the window ledge, Ye Chuan shook his head and kept the 9 thin blades as he picked up the crystal bottle on the study table to take a look. Two whole days have already passed and the fly which got closed within the bottle had actually still not yet died and was currently struggling within the medicinal herb’s liquid. Towards the tenacious vitality and adaptability strength of the Wilderness mutated fly, Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised.

Ye Chuan lifted up his head and looked out the window. Not sure when, the sky had already turned dark and the hazy moonlight started shining down from the sky to the ground. Within the cold air, a faintly strange smell was vaguely brought along by the wind. The flies which were hiding in the day had all started to come out in the night and throw themselves onto the medicinal herb to suck on the medicinal herb’s juice.

Ye Chuan shook the crystal bottle and opened up the cover of the crystal bottle.

The fly which was closed in the crystal bottle started to emit out a buzzing sound and quickly flew out. Compared to the other flies, this fly was somewhat different as it did not stop over at any medicinal herbs on the way to suck on the medicinal herb’s juices and continuously flew towards the back mountain of Cloud Mist Sect.

Ye Chuan stayed a distance behind the fly as he followed along with where the fly was going.

Although the liquid which was dripped into the crystal bottle seemed like it was ordinary, the liquid was actually a renowned liquid which was able to let someone quickly feel deeply dizzy and this fly was no exception too. Under Ye Chuan’s conscious command, the fly could not take into consideration to feed onto the medicinal herb’s juice and instead quickly return back to its nest.

The sudden appearance of all those Wilderness mutated flies was too odd already and Ye Chuan was intending to investigate it out thoroughly to see what was actually happening

Cloud Mist Sect had an ancient restriction formation which was protecting it and thus beasts did not dare to approach near Cloud Mist Sect at all. But it was a totally different matter after arriving at the back of the mountain which was actually stretched out for thousands of miles long. Danger lurks everywhere within the back mountain with hundred different kinds of beasts roaring around and from time to time being able to hear the sounds of mournful howls too.

Ye Chuan was calm and unhurried, the whole journey following behind that Wilderness mutated fly which he let out from the crystal bottle. But after half an hour passed when he finally arrived at the place where that fly had disappeared to, and thoroughly looking around the surrounding topography, his face couldn’t help slightly becoming shocked too.

What appeared before his eyes was a deep and unmeasurable abyss.

Looking down into the abyss with the light from the hazy moonlight, the fog was rising upwards from the abyss and the fog was actually red in color looking just like scarlet blood. Standing at the top of the precipice and looking down into the abyss, he was unable to restrain his emotions and couldn’t help feeling the willies. In the air, yang qi was abundant but the air also brought forth a smell which let one couldn’t help feeling uneasy. A cryptic power fluctuation which belonged to the remnant of ancient restriction formation drifted within the air too.

Evil Dragon Abyss!

Ye Chuan followed the Wilderness mutated fly and had arrived at Cloud Mist Mountain’s dangerous ground.

Million years ago when Ghost Hand Medicinal King built Cloud Mist Sect, Evil Dragon Abyss had already existed there. It was said that the reason why the yang qi in the abyss was surging here was because that an ancient evil dragon was confined deep within the abyss. Afterwards, Evil Dragon Abyss slowly became a place where Cloud Mist Sect banished traitors in the sect to, a place where disciples who have committed a mortal crime and judged with death punishment were sent to. To have accumulated over a long period of time, who knows how much bones of the dead have already been accumulated in the abyss, gradually turning this place into a dangerous ground.

Before being trapped within God Burial Valley, Ye Chuan had once come to Cloud Mist Sect to take a look at this deep abyss. During that time, even though Evil Dragon Abyss had already turned into a dangerous ground, it was still not as dangerous as it was currently. Standing at the precipice of the abyss for a while, even Ye Chuan couldn’t help feeling alarmed too, not sure what kind of changes have happened within the abyss after millions of years.

“The yang qi here is abundant and is beneficial to cultivator who cultivates pure yang martial techniques but there is poison in the fog that rises from the Evil Dragon Abyss so don’t stand too long at the precipice of the abyss for too long.” A voice which carried a somewhat hoarse sound rang out.

Ye Chuan turned his body and only then realized that not sure since when, a middle-aged man was currently standing behind him. The middle age man wore a square hat on his head and a green color gown. The power fluctuation within his body was faint and dim too, appearing to be just like an elegant scholar. When walking, the middle age man was soundless and breathless, his cultivation being deep and unmeasurable. Although Ye Chuan had just recently started to cultivate from the start, his experience was still there but he actually was not able to see through the middle age man at all, “Who are you?”

“Who am I?”

The green gown man laughed mockingly at himself, his face appearing somewhat bitter and astringent and softly said: “You can just call me Seventh Elder.”

After that not waiting for Ye Chuan to ask anything else, the green gowned man suddenly turned his body and left. The green gowned man’s footstep did not seem fast at all but in the blink of an eye, he quickly disappeared from Ye Chuan’s sight.

“Seventh Elder?” Ye Chuan creased his brows.

Cloud Mist Sect only had five elders currently, so when did Seventh Elder appear?

A burst of rustle sound suddenly appeared. The scarlet blood fog below the precipice started to suddenly roll up and the fishy wind hit towards Ye Chuan’s face.


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