Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 8

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 08: Inch Light

With Zhi Shijia accompanying him, Ye Chuan had come to the sect’s Martial Repository Pavilion.

Just when Ye Chuan was about to raise his head and walk inside, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him, blocking his path.

Alchemy Hall’s expert Jin Hua had been waiting outside Martial Repository Pavilion for a long time, and now while standing in the front of Ye Chuan, his eyes were secretly taking a few glance at Zhu Sijia’s figure.

“What are you intending to do?” Ye Chuan calmly asked, not in the least shocked or feeling unexpected at all, as if he had long anticipated that Jin Hua would be waiting here for him, letting Jin Hua who suddenly jump out in the front of Ye Chuan to feel hugely disappointed.

“I’m not going to do anything. Just that, you better leave far away from junior apprentice-sister Zhu Sijia.”

Jin Hua fiercely gazed at Ye Chuan and his original grand face instantly turned malevolent.

“This…I’m afraid this is not possible.” Ye Chuan shook his head, “It is not that I want to stay by Jiajia’s side, it’s just that she kept insisting on following by my side.”

“Utter rubbish! Who would want to follow you if it was not for grandfather’s order?” Zhu Sijia was extremely angry, shaking off Jin Hua’s hands which were extending out to her. Panting with rage, no matter who she saw, they were not pleasing to her eyes at all. Looking at the faint evil smile on Ye Chuan’s face, she then realized that she got duped into being angry.

“It ends here. Brat, go into Martial Repository Pavilion by yourself. However, I can with definite tell you that the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect are already rank 3 Xiushi. Even if you were to be able to immediately cultivate a heaven grade martial technique, you will still absolutely not be their match at all and be destined to die in their hands. If you are smart enough, then act like a tortoise and hide at Purple Cloud Peak just like before. It does not a matter if you were to die, but don’t throw the sect’s face.”

Jin Hua said with a face of disdain and was too lazy to waste his time talking to Ye Chuan, “Jiajia, let’s go together, I found an interesting place at the back of the mountain where we can go for a walk.”

Jin Hua once again extended out his hands towards Zhu Sijia, wanting to hold onto Zhu Sijia’s slender waist. The back of the mountain was filled with beasts and average people would not dare to go there during the day. But to disciples who had confidence in their strength, it was a good place to go for a date. With the azure sky as a quilt and the dark green earth as a bed, just thinking of that scene would make one’s heart surge endlessly.

“I won’t go! If you want to go there and feed the flies, then you can go yourself. Don’t come bothering me.”

With a ‘pa’ sound, Zhu Sijia slapped away Jin Hua’s perverted pig hand and walked towards the guard to show her warrant plate. Then walking into Martial Repository Pavilion and not even turning her head, “Brat, if you want to find a strong martial technique to cultivate then be faster!”

“Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, look at this, it really is not that I want to follow by Jiajia’s side, but it is that she voluntarily wants to follow me. Sigh, women are just so troublesome, and women who are pretty are even more troublesome. You just can’t shake them off even if you wanted to.”

Ye Chuan shook his head, and with a look as if he was in a difficult spot, he leisurely turned his body and walk into Martial Repository Pavilion.

At his back, Jin Hua’s face was already ashen and his lung was about to burst with rage. These few days, ever since Ye Chuan came back from God Burial Valley, he had been feeling that Zhu Sijia had been feeling somewhat abstracted. Sometimes Zhu Sijia would be panting with rage and sometimes she would be lost in thought alone, completely leaving him at one side already.

“Brat, after a few days, I will see if you can still continue to laugh anymore!”

Jin Hua clenched his teeth as he turned his body and left. His heart was like a raging fire as his rage getting more and more intense.

He just couldn’t understand which part of him was inferior to this extremely mediocre Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan who was famous for being weak. He was more handsome than him, his background was bigger than him and his strength was stronger than him, just which part of him was even inferior to Ye Chuan? Or could it be that it was really indeed that this brat, Ye Chuan’s temperament really took a huge change after having survived a calamity and Ye Chuan’s badness had captured Zhu Sijia’s affection? Was it really that he was not bad enough?

Jin Hua’s heart was feeling indignant. To be unable to court Zhu Sijia, he had already intended to vent out his rage onto Ye Chuan, starting to secretly plot on how to let Ye Chuan suffer.

The guards at Martial Repository Pavilion was extremely strict but once they saw Zhu Sijia’s warrant plate, no one dared to obstruct the two of them, and Ye Chuan followed behind Zhu Sijia, with large strides, walking into the pavilion.

Same as Weaponry Pavilion, Martial Repository Pavilion had 3 floors and was said to have all kind of martial techniques kept here. Strong heaven grade martial technique was kept here and rumors had it that even Great Sage’s martial technique was here too. Unfortunately, no matter how powerful the martial techniques were, the average person would have no chance to get their hands on those martial techniques at all. Without the Sect Master’s warrant plate or all the elders allowing, no one was allowed to go to the third floor of Martial Repository Pavilion at all.

“Hard Gold technique, allow the person who cultivates it to be able to make themselves be invulnerable to sword and spear. Brat, how about this martial technique?” Maybe Zhu Sijia knew that Ye Chuan’s time was limited and was going to die soon at the competition, or maybe she didn’t want Ye Chuan to lose too miserably and throw away the sect’s face, she took the initiative to help Ye Chuan search for a strong martial technique to cultivate. Leaving her anger aside, when handling affairs she was indeed quite efficient, knowing what kind of martial techniques were strong.

Ye Chuan shook his head, “This won’t do, another technique please.”

“Full Moon Wind Riding Technique, allows the person who cultivates it to be able to make themselves be able to resist the wind and fly during the night when there is a full moon. How about it? This martial technique is very powerful.” Zhu Sijia picked out a small book and as their head leaned against one another, Ye Chuan once again smelled till her faint body fragrance. The fragrance was intoxicating, with every smell permeating into his inner heart. Ye Chuan glanced at Zhu Sijia’s impressive chest and purposely sucked in a huge breath exaggeratedly.


Zhu Sijia reacted and her neck instantly grew red. Ferociously staring at Ye Chuan as she pulled away their distance, feeling angry and shy.

“Another technique again.” Ye Chuan shook his head and looked at Zhu Sijia while smiling. This lady here who was usually unruly and shrewish, who knew that during crucial moments, she would also be shy.

Martial Repository Pavilion was Cloud Mist Sect’s important place and disciples could only come in once every year. The martial techniques within Martial Repository Pavilion were surely not of the ordinary. Zhu Sijia picked out many renowned martial techniques but Ye Chuan just wasn’t interested in any of them at all. In the end, Ye Chuan found a book in the corner which had two words ‘Inch Light” on it.

“Brat, this…this is just a martial technique for Wuzhe, you…” Zhu Sijia looked at Ye Chuan in disbelief.

To not want all the martial techniques which Xiushi cultivators yearn for day and night and instead choosing a martial technique for Wuzhe… There must be some problems with this brat’s mind!

Zhu Sijia was puzzled and did not understand why he would want a martial technique for Wuzhe when he could have chosen a Xiushi martial technique instead.

She sized Ye Chuan up and down, wanting to thoroughly see through him. Ever since Ye Chuan had come back from God Burial Valley, she could not see through Ye Chuan anymore and did not know what Ye Chuan was constantly thinking.

“I am currently only rank 5 Wuzhe. If I don’t choose a Wuzhe martial technique, what else would I choose?” Ye Chuan laughed and turned his body as he left.

The martial technique Inch Light was of no interest to anyone but only he knew that this martial technique was actually Cloud Mist Sect’s founding master Ghost Hand Medicinal King’s innate technique.

Ghost Hand Medicinal King was once a yao rabbit and his mouth was always moving endlessly, and had always liked to steal treasures and eat medicinal herbs. Due to this, he would always hide a small blade in his mouth. After hard work and numerous revisions, he finally concentrated his innate talent into a Wuzhe martial technique. After finally becoming a Great Sage, Ghost Hand Medicinal King once again revised his technique and when this technique was cultivated successfully, its might was far above the might of a Xiushi martial techniques.

Unfortunately, after million years had passed, no one in the sect knows what’s what already and did not know of this martial technique’s origin at all.

To finally enter into Martial Repository Pavilion once every year, the disciples would always rush to pick out a Xiushi martial technique. Who would even notice a Wuzhe martial technique in the corner?

Even if someone had by coincident picked up the book and browsed over the details of Inch Light, without calming down their heart and cultivate with hard work, it was useless too, as they would not be able to find out how strong the martial technique Inch Light was.

Bringing the book which was filled with dust, Ye Chuan left Martial Repository Pavilion and went to Weaponry Pavilion to pick out nine pairs of thin blades that were one inch long.

After hearing the news of Ye Chuan’s activity of the day, few elders started to shake their head with an ugly expression on their face and Jin Hua who was plotting on how to make Ye Chuan suffer started to burst out into loud laughter.

To enter into a mountain filled with treasure and leave empty handed… If that person was not an idiot then what was he?

Jin Hua laughed heartily but in an instant, after thinking that Zhu Sijia would rather be with someone as stupid as Ye Chuan and not pay attention to him, his heart could not help to start feeling more depressed.

It was okay no matter who he had lost to, but to have lost to someone like Ye Chuan, how could he even lift his head up in front of others in the future?

Jin Hua exerted strength into his hand and firmly crushed the wine cup in his hand, causing the maid who was in his embrace to turn pale from fright. He was in a bad mood, no matter how nice the good wine was, even after drinking it would make him feel disgusted.

“Young master, if you want to let that brat Ye Chuan suffer, it is but a trivial matter. We can…”

The advisor who was standing by the side was smooth and slick. Knowing what Jin Hua was thinking about, he walked up two steps and softly whisper a few sentences to Jin Hua. The eyes of the gloomy faced Jin Hua instantly lighted up and burst into loud laughter again.

Hundred kilometers away from Cloud Mist Sect, within Black Cauldron Sect, someone was loudly laughing too.

“Ha ha ha, mediocre body, mediocre fetus, mediocre life. Taking away a broom after entering into Weaponry Pavilion and entering into Martial Repository Pavilion but took a Wuzhe martial technique instead of Xiushi martial technique. To have such a Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, even if Cloud Mist Sect does not want to lose, it is also not possible at all. Seems like Cloud Mist Sect’s luck is really at its end.”

Within a grand hall where two rows of big cauldrons were arranged, and a giant man with the height of more than two meters was laughing out loud with his head facing upwards. After a good while, looking at the trusted aide which was kneeling down before him, his face turned cold and asked: “Xiao Wu, is Ye Chuan, that brat really only rank 5 Wuzhe? Have you investigated properly?”

“Reporting back to Sect Master, I have indeed investigated properly, there is truly no mistakes at all about this information.” Xiao Wu replied.

“Ha ha ha! Good, continue to investigate and at the same time pay attention to Five Style Sect’s actions too. Cloud Mist Sect is finished for sure. The position of overlord within Cloud Mist Mountain will become our Black Cauldron Sect’s position soon!”

The giant man laughed loudly, causing the ninety-nine bronze cauldrons in the hall to shake, and at the same time, the disciples who were guarding outside felt stabbing pain in their ear. After pausing, the giant man’s face turned cold and still felt somewhat not at ease, “No, this won’t do. I have to make a trip to Cloud Mist Sect and see Cloud Mist Sect’s situation with my own eyes, if not I won’t feel at ease. Hmmm, what kind of big gift should I prepare for Cloud Mist Sect?”

The giant man who was sitting at the top of the hall started to contemplate as the coldness in his eyes grew colder and colder. After a while, an idea appeared in his mind and he smiled evilly, with his smile looking extremely cold and sinister.


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