Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 7

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 07: You are in trouble already

After seeing fatty Zhao Dazhi left far away, Ye Chuan took a few spin around Purple Cloud peak. When he came back, his brows were creased tightly.

The situation regarding the flies was more serious than what he had anticipated.

Just after a night, many more medicinal herbs in Purple Cloud Peak had already withered. At some places, the medicinal herbs of the entire area were already withered and died.

Cloud Mist Sect’s spiritual congregation formation was unique. The spiritual congregation formation was used to nurture the medicinal herbs and the spiritual energy emitted out by the medicinal herbs would in reverse help to strengthen the might of the spiritual congregation formation, mutually forming a virtuous cycle.

This kind of spiritual congregation formation was known as medicinal spirit formation. This medicinal spirit formation was also passed on to Cloud Mist Sect founding master Ghost Hand Medicinal King by Ye Chuan at that time and later Ghost Hand Medicinal King passed it down to his direct disciples, then was passed down generation to generation.

Unfortunately, perhaps Ghost Hand Medicinal King’s direct disciples were not able to cultivate the medicinal spirit formation properly or perhaps more than million years had already passed, some parts of the secrets of medicinal spirit formation were lost already.

Right now, the medicinal spirit formation on every mountain in Cloud Mist Sect has quite a lot of flaws in it. Also because of this, the Wilderness mutated flies which had compound eyes on their head was able to enter into the medicinal spirit formation by entering through the weak spot of the formation.

At present, problems were arising from the situation of medicinal herbs being harmed by the flies and withering. As the medicinal herbs died, the strength of the medicinal spirit formation would subsequently get weakened by a wide margin and thus resulting in, when the sect disciples cultivate, it would be twice the effort for half the result. In the long run, not only would the sect be not able to finish Da Qin King’s assignment, the sect’s strength would also get weaker and weaker.

“Old rabbit oh old rabbit… Back then, I helped you establish Cloud Mist Sect. Now, do I need to personally help you withstand the calamity which your sect would be facing?”

Ye Chuan sighed, somewhat reminiscing his former follower Ghost Hand Medicinal King.

Million years ago, although Ghost Hang Medicinal King was hardly the strongest within all his many other followers, and was even somewhat clumsy, gluttonous and especially lecherous too, but Ghost Hand Medicinal King was absolutely one of his most devoted followers. Every time when Ye Chuan was in danger, Ghost Hand Medicinal King would always be the first to rush to the front to help him.

After finally breaking out from God Burial Valley, million years had already passed and Ye Chuan had come back to Cloud Mist Sect but the whereabouts of Ghost Hand Medicinal King was already unknown. Not sure if Ghost Hand Medicinal King had longed found a hidden place to cultivate in seclusion or had already breakthrough the restriction of heaven and earth and went to the outside world.

Ye Chuan was somewhat absent-minded. Only after sighing did he regain back his spirit.

Just one look and Ye Chuan had already found out the defects of the medicinal spirit formation and knew how to make amends to it. But to mend it, there was a need to consume a large amount of yuan qi. Without the cultivation of at least Daoist Master realm, there was not much he was able to do to amend the medicinal spirit formation. Seems like there was a need for him to speed up his cultivation speed already.

Ye Chuan walked back to his study room and looked at the crystal bottle on the table. The fly which got closed inside the crystal bottle was still vigorous and lively. After slightly muttering to himself, Ye Chuan dripped a few more drops of medicinal herb’s liquid into the crystal bottle and placed the crystal bottle back on the table.

The fly had already been tamed, but Ye Chuan obviously was not preparing to train it into a strong helper. Although the fly was a Wilderness mutated fly and its destructive power was ample, but its innate talent was actually limited. No matter how hard Ye Chuan was to train it, it would also not be able to grow too strong so therefore instead keeping it for other use was good enough for the moment.

“Crisis is just like a hurricane, when a hurricane passes through a mound, only the grass will exist. So, let this hurricane come more fiercely!”

Ye Chuan sat down cross-legged, concentrating his attention and started to cultivate.

As someone who was once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he was not afraid of crisis. What he needed was only time. He needed time to conceal himself within Cloud Mist Sect to slowly become stronger, just like a weak little grass which when only after experiencing a rainstorm’s baptism would it only vigorously grow. After the time is ripe, he will once again overlook Wilderness World and let this world tremble under his feet.

Threads of pure spiritual qi flowed out from the air. Compared to yesterday, the spiritual qi was indeed weaker a bit.

Ye Chuan slightly released the restriction within his body which was restricting his cultivation from breaking through and revolved Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, engulfing all the heaven and earth spiritual qi within a radius of a kilometer. Very quickly, there was luster of light flickering on his body. First was his skin, then his flesh and mussel vessel. This luster of light grew more vigorous and vigorous, slowly permeating into his bone, flowing into the hundreds of bones in body. His body lightly trembled as his flesh got stronger and his muscles and bones started to resonate with one another, giving out a refreshing feeling to his body. The Dragon’s Vein Crystal within his body also started to emit out vigorous life force and strength.

Bone marrow refining!

Rank 5 Wuzhe!

Ye Chuan revolved Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique and his cultivation broke through once again. The qi vortex within his dantian started to rotate and the Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body became clearer than before.

The ancient martial technique within God Burial Valley was indeed formidable, letting even Ye Chuan who was once Heaven Concealing Great Sage to be astonished. This speed was also after being pressured down by the ancient restriction formation within God Burial Valley and degraded to an ordinary body, ordinary fetus and ordinary life. If not, his cultivation speed would be even faster compared to right now.

Ye Chuan stopped right after breaking through to rank 5 Wuzhe and started to revolve the Dragon’s Vein Crystal within his body to refine his muscles and bones.

During the battle with fatty Zhao Dazhi, although Ye Chuan looked as if he was very relaxed and at ease, Ye Chuan actually carried quite a risk in the battle. If fatty Zhao Dazhi’s speed was faster a bit and was nimble a bit more, then the one lying down on the ground might have been Ye Chuan.

The 7 ranks of Wuzhe realm consists of skin refining, flesh refining, muscle refining, bone refining, bone marrow refining, internal organs refining and blood refining. The first 5 rank of Wuzhe realm was the most important and was the deciding fact of one’s strength, speed and nimbleness. If someone does not properly temper and set a good foundation for the first 5 ranks, even if he was to cultivate till rank 7 Wuzhe, he would not be able to reach the peak of Wuzhe and his potential would be limited after breaking through to Xiushi realm. The main reason why fatty Zhao Dazhi lost to Ye Chuan was because his foundation was not firm at all.

Ye Chuan had ample experience and was not anxious for quick results, quickly going into meditation and cultivate after breaking through to rank 5 Wuzhe. Only when the morning of the second day arrived did he slowly opened up his eyes. Standing up and stretching up his body, ‘pa’ sounds of his bones crackling rang out and unconsciously his body grew half an inch.

Ye Chuan picked up the broom which was in one corner and started to sweep the fallen leaves in the courtyard. This was his assignment every day. While in the process of sweeping the fallen leaves, he would carefully observe and comprehend life and death and the ups and downs of life.

Life was just like a stringed instrument, there were both happiness and sadness, and ups and downs.

When life is smooth, don’t be too happy or too pleased and lose your sense of measuring because in the next moment, there might be a catastrophe coming towards you. When you are met with setbacks, don’t be too sad too as in the next moment, perhaps there would be a turnaround in your life. Look at things lightly and figure it out thoroughly. Only this way one could walk further in the journey of cultivation.

Once again being reborn as a human, Ye Chuan had a comprehension which he did not have in his past life when he had concealed the heaven with his hands. This comprehension was towards the natural law of this world.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother…”

The courtyard was still not yet sweet finish and a shouting voice came from outside of the courtyard.

Ye Chuan opened the door and walked out, unexpectedly finding that fatty Zhao Dazhi had come here once again. However, this time he only came alone. The figure of the unruly and shrewish Zhu Sijia was not seen anywhere at all.

“Fatty, what are you doing shouting first thing in the morning. Are your buttocks itchy again?”

“Junior apprentice-brother do not dare, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother must be joking.”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi’s words had been filled with respect already. Calling out Big Senior Apprentice-Brother came from his inner heart too, not daring to be rude in the front of Ye Chuan at all. Being both scared and respectful towards Ye Chuan, he said, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Great Elder request you to go to Cloud Mist Hall at once.”

“Alright, let’s go!” Ye Chuan nodded his head and conveniently threw the broom to one side and followed with fatty Zhao Dazhi to Cloud Mist Hall.

Within his hands, this broom was a huge killer weapon but in the view of others, this broom was just a broom and was even a black filthy broom at that. Even if this broom was given to them, they would also not want it. Throwing the broom at one side, Ye Chuan was not afraid of someone stealing it at all.

Breaking through rank 5 Wuzhe, Ye Chuan was feeling invigorating. On the journey to Cloud Mist Hall, Ye Chuan’s speed and endurance were not inferior to that of fatty Zhao Dazhi who was at rank 7 Wuzhe. This made fatty Zhao Dazhi’s thoughts became more puzzled and afraid as he could not see through Ye Chuan’s cultivation already. Both of their speed was like the wind and they quickly reached Cloud Mist Hall.

Walking in, Ye Chuan was surprised to discover that everyone was gathered here already. A few elders were sitting upright at the top and each Hall Master and elite disciples were split into two sides, standing below the elders. Zhu Sijia and Jin Hua was surprisingly in the bottom group too. Looking at Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia had a complicated expression on her face and Jin Hua instead had an odd smile on his face.

“Disciple Ye Chuan greets every elders here.” Ye Chuan slightly bowed towards the elders and felt a bad premonition but his face remained calm and collected.

“Ye Chuan, what is your age this year and how many years has it been since you entered the sect already?” Great Elder asked.

“Disciple is 15 years old this year and has entered the sect for 15 years. I am indebted to Sect Master’s help and was able to escape from a calamity after being born because of him.” Ye Chuan replied. According to his memory, when he was just born, he was carried by Sect Master to Cloud Mist Sect and took in as a direct disciple. His family died in a fire and his whole village was burned to ashes.

“What realm have you cultivated till now?” Great Elder asked.

“Rank 5 Wuzhe.” Ye Chuan honestly replied and did not conceal anything at all.


Surprised cries rapidly rang out within the hall. Zhu Sijia’s and Jin Hua’s eyes were even opened wide.

Yesterday when Ye Chuan was battling against fatty Zhao Dazhi, he was clearly still only rank 4 Wuzhe. How did he breakthrough only after a night?

Great Elder was quite surprised too and used his strong consciousness to penetrate into Ye Chuan’s body, quickly checking out Ye Chuan’s cultivation and finding out that he was indeed rank 5 Wuzhe, having already started to refine his bone marrow, “Ye Chuan, you… how did you cultivate? Did Sect Master come back already?”

To breakthrough from rank 1 Wuzhe to rank 5 Wuzhe in a few days, this was not a genius anymore, but a hundred percent peerless genius.

If Ye Chuan continued to cultivate like this, who knows what heights he would reach?

Great Elder was shocked. Although rank 5 Wuzhe was not much of a big deal at all, but Ye Chuan’s cultivation speed was too shocking already. Thinking back and forth, the reason where Sect Master had come back and helped Ye Chuan wash his marrow was the only explanation.

“No, Sect Master did not come back. Disciple had not seen Sect Master for many years already. Just that when I was outside of God Burial Valley, I unintentionally ate a vermillion colored wild fruit and finally broke through my bottleneck when I came back.” Ye Chuan replied, already having thought of an excuse earlier on, “Great Elder, to ask me to come down from the mountain, is there any matters currently?”

“A problem, a very big problem.”

Great Elder expression was dim, not continuing to question Ye Chuan and started to size Ye Chuan up and down. Rank 5 Wuzhe indeed was unexpected, but it was still not enough at all. Great Elder sighed: “Ye Chuan, the competition between our Cloud Mist Sect and other two big sects that is held every 3 years is starting soon. This time, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect unanimously requested the sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother to personally bring their group to the competition.”

There were three big sects within Cloud Mist Mountain. Cloud Mist Sect have been passed on for the longest and had the deepest foundation but due to having already steadily deteriorated, it was already not the same mighty sect as it once was. Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect had moved to Cloud Mist Mountain later and even started to occupy the places in Cloud Mist Mountain which should have been Cloud Mist Sect’s territory. Especially Black Cauldron Sect which had been expanding rapidly these few years, vaguely having the indication of becoming the number one sect in Cloud Mist Mountain already.

In the three big sect competition, throwing face is a small matter and the crucial point was that there was a need to concede a huge amount of resources like territory, mines and pills to the winner. This was no doubt one disaster on top of another for Cloud Mist Sect who already had to urgently concoct pills and finish the assignment given by Da Qin King.

Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect had many strong disciples and knew perfectly well that Cloud Mist Sect’s big disciple Ye Chuan was extremely mediocre and even inferior compared to normal disciples. To join hands and request that this time, each sect must have their sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother to bring their group to the competition, this was obviously wanting to mock and slap on Cloud Mist Sect’s face.

Great Elder sighed with sorrow, while the other elders and Hall Master also had an ugly expression on their face. To have someone like Ye Chuan as the sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, how could they let him bring the group to the competition?

Originally, everyone thought that Ye Chuan this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother had already died at God Burial Valley and when they received the news regarding the competition, they had already planned to pick another Big Senior Apprentice-Brother already. But who would have thought that Ye Chuan had actually not died and even came back during this crucial moment?

“Disciple understand already. No problem, it’s just a competition, just leave it to me. Great Elder, when do we leave?” Ye Chuan’s expression was tranquil, having a face as if he had complete confidence to win the competition. Seeing Ye Chuan’s face, few people who were waiting for him to voluntarily resign from his position as Big Senior Apprentice-Brother spat out blood in their heart. It was already such a crucial time and this Ye Chuan was still continuing to pretend. Does he really want the sect’s face to be completely thrown away?

“Half a month later. You can pick any 6 disciples to go to the competition.” Great Elder faintly replied. He too wanted Ye Chuan to resign from his position as the sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother in order to avoid the sect getting humiliated. But Ye Chuan did not initiate to say anything, so he could also not say anything. After all, Ye Chuan was the Sect Master only direct disciple and the time Ye Chuan had entered into the sect was the longest in the younger generation too.

“Alright. Great Elder, then can I go to Martial Repository Pavilion to choose a martial technique? So many years have already passed and I have still do not have a martial technique to use. If I want to completely defeat the two other sect’s disciples, without a suitable martial technique, I’m afraid it would be a little difficult.” Ye Chuan asked, boasting shamelessly, letting others in the hall to be completely speechless.

“You can go. You can choose any martial techniques in the first and second floor of Martial Repository Pavilion. Jiajia, bring Big Senior Apprentice-Brother there.”

Great Elder powerlessly waved his hands and left right after standing up.

“Great Elder, this won’t do!”

“Great Elder, is there any use to go find a martial technique now? Even if it was a heaven grade martial technique, it will be useless too. Great Elder…”

Third Elder and Fifth Elder stood up and loudly object, but Great Elder turned a deaf ear towards their objection and walked further and further away. Everyone was helpless and could only fiercely glare at Ye Chuan before leaving. Quickly, only Ye Chuan and Zhu Sijia was left in the hall. Ye Chuan was calm but Zhu Sijia was already panting with rage, cursing herself for having such bad luck once again to get pushed up with a bitter task.

Not sure why, just seeing the face of Ye Chuan looking as if he didn’t care at all, she instantly felt unhappy. Thinking back about her buttocks getting spanked by him in front of others, her teeth would start to feel itchy. The clothes she wore on that day was very thin, so getting spanked by Ye Chuan that day was no different than being directly spanked on her buttocks. Just thinking about it would make her feel extremely angry and ashamed.

“Let’s go! Can you be faster if you want to go to Martial Repository Pavilion? Brat, this time you are in trouble already!” Zhu Sijia sneered at Ye Chuan and rejoiced in other people’s misfortune as she started to walk faster and faster, swinging her hips left and right.

“Jiajia, you are in trouble too. I have decided that I will bring you along for the competition. Such a marvelous competition, how could junior apprentice-sister be left out right? You can come along with Big Senior Apprentice-Brother to help provide support and watch how your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother here win the competition magnificently!” Ye Chuan answered with a few simple sentences and Zhu Sijia instantly was not able to remain happy and had the feeling to cry already.

“Stinky brat, you throwing away your own face is your own problem. But you still want to drag others to throw their face away with you, could you still be any much more shameless?”

Zhu Sijia gritted her teeth and a cold frost covered her face.

A girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood. She too wants to act as a wise and virtuous woman, but she just couldn’t act out in front of Ye Chuan no matter what. Being angered till her chest was bulging back and forth, her clothes seemed as if it was about to burst any moment. Letting other worries if her plump twin peaks would burst out from her clothes.


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