Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 6

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 06: Hoodlum Big Senior Apprentice-Brother

“Eh? I apologize, I had almost forgotten about it!”

Ye Chuan patted on his head and suddenly remembered.

There was a rule in Cloud Mist Sect where disciples should challenge another disciple to a battle every 5 days. The disciple who got challenged cannot reject the challenge from the other too. Anyone who disobeyed the rule would be expelled out of the sect.

The winner of the challenge would be able to earn additional points. The higher one’s points were, the higher his salary would be. The loser of the challenge would have the points deducted instead. If you lost very badly and lost all your points, you may not even be able to draw a single copper coin at all. The strong get stronger and the weak get weaker.

Although this rule may seem to be somewhat cold-hearted, the significance of this rule was actually very important as it was one of the largest form of motivation to encourage all the disciples to cultivate diligently.

In the past, Ye Chuan was always in seclusion in Purple Cloud Peak most of the time and had rarely come into contact with anyone. Afterwards, he disappeared in God Burial Valley for 3 months, so he had really almost forgotten about this rule already.

“Surname Jin? Is this brother here Alchemy Hall, Hall Master Jin’s son? That rumored sect’s genius Jin Hua who broke through to rank 7 Wuzhe at the age of 11 and broke through heaven and earth’s restriction at the age of 14 and became a rank 1 Xiushi?” Ye Chuan sized up and down on this green robbed disciple.

After hearing what Ye Chuan said, the green robbed disciple Jin Hua arrogantly snorted: “Exactly, I am indeed Jin Hua.”

“Not bad, indeed a genius with grand appearance. However, your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother here specializes in defeating all the geniuses in this world. No matter who you are, if you have offended the sect’s rules, you still must get spanked on the buttocks. So next time, you better behave more properly in front of me.”

Just a moment ago, Ye Chuan was still profusely praising Jin Hua, making him feel complacent. In the blink of an eye, Ye Chuan’s next few sentences when heard by Jin Hua instantly made him turned red with embarrassment and feeling angry, fiercely taking a step forward.

“Pretend, go on and continue pretending, continue to be arrogant. I will see for how long you can still continue to be arrogant!” Zhu Sijia thought within her heart and took a step forward, her murderous aura threatening forward.

Both Zhu Sijia and Jin Hua followers also stepped forward and surrounded around Ye Chuan.

“Jin Hua senior brother, let me teach him a lesson! Brat, challenge me!”

“Zhu Sijia junior sister, let me teach him a lesson! Brat, challenge me! Let me teach you a lesson on behalf of Zhu Sijia junior sister!”


Everyone was stepping forward and volunteering to challenge Ye Chuan. The mood of everyone was surging up violently, fiercely gazing at Ye Chuan, as if he had done something that offended the heaven, so they wanted to join hands to tear him into pieces.

The more people there were, the stronger the force was. Following the crowd atmosphere, fatty Zhao Dazhi who was hiding behind also stepped forward and waved his fist in front of Ye Chuan. Even right now, his buttocks were still currently in pain. He did not really dare to challenge Ye Chuan, but at least dared to take advantage of the situation and curse a few sentences at Ye Chuan to at least help him to dissolve his hatred.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi cursed loudly, exerting all his strength to curse, his voice becoming bigger than everyone in the crowd.

According to the sect’s rule, one could challenge someone else every 5 days and the person who got challenged cannot avoid the challenge too. But, there was only one challenge every 5days, just one challenge only. To challenge Ye Chuan, they could not only show off their strength in front of Zhu Sijia and Jin Hua, they could also seize the opportunity to take away the points on Ye Chuan. Who would let such a chance like this pass by in front of them?

Everyone was striving to be first and fearing to be last, their gazes gradually turning hotter and hotter.

“Shut up! Is everyone’s buttocks itchy and tired of living already?”

Ye Chuan shouted loudly, covering everyone’s voice and swept through the faces of everyone present with a cold gaze. In the instant, everyone felt a feeling of fear and trepidation raising from within their heart.

Zhu Sijia once again instantly had the same feeling she had felt back at the sect’s gate when she met Ye Chuan who had come back from God Burial Valley.

Ye Chuan’s expression had a majestic pressure which made her state of mind tremble. This kind of majestic pressure was something that she had never even felt and experience from all the other elders in the sect.

Fortunately, this feeling only appeared for a moment and vanished instantly at the next moment.

Ye Chuan evilly laughed, with a face of awkwardness as if he had just entered into a treasure mountain and not sure which precious gem to take and said: “Everyone here is all talented geniuses in my Cloud Mist Sect…Hmm, who should I pick though?”

“Brat, you can still really pretend! Challenge me! If you win, I will move to Purple Cloud Peak and be your assistant!” Seeing the evil smile on Ye Chuan’s face, Zhu Sijia was about to reach the peak of her anger.

Misconception, just now must have been a misconception. How could a mere ordinary Wuzhe have that kind of capability to make her feel pressured?

“No, challenge me!”

Jin Hua stepped out another step and coldly said: “Brat, I will only use one hand. If you win, in the future I will seriously and genuinely call you Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, and if anyone dared to not call you Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I will help you beat him up!”

“Not bad, that’s quite a good idea you have there!” Ye Chuan nodded his head.

“But, there are currently too many people here who have itchy buttocks. I can’t be biased and give only you a lesson, right? Why not like this? In order to be fair a bit, we can all play a game. When the broom falls on the ground, the person in the direction pointed by this broom will be one who gets to be challenged by me.” Ye Chuan lifted up the broom on his shoulder.

Zhu Sijia and Jin Hua gave a signal with their eyes, commanding everyone to move back a few steps. This way was good too, there was no disadvantage for them and they can let this Ye Chuan lose convinced. Everyone who was present here was not a weakling at all. The weakest was also at the least rank 6 Wuzhe, stronger than Ye Chuan much more already. Anyone who went up to challenge was able to beat him till his half-dead.

Ye Chuan applied strength to his wrist and toss the broom high up in the air. With a ‘pa’ sound, the broom landed on the ground.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi who was still softly cursing at Ye Chuan eyes lighted up when he saw the broom landed on the ground. Afterwards, his face scowled miserably. The broom which landed on the ground happened to point exactly towards him. There were so many people here and Ye Chuan actually exactly chose him.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi had a feeling of winning a lottery but just that after touching the scar on his buttocks, he just wasn’t able to feel happy at all. Ye Chuan’s broom had already left a shadow in his heart.

“Fatty, what a good luck you have! Your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother here congratulates you.”

Ye Chuan picked up the broom on the floor and purposely point the end of the broom towards fatty Zhao Dazhi and incite: “Come, come, come, let your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother spank your buttocks again and help you recall some memory. Of course, if you are afraid, just call me Big Senior Apprentice-Brother and I will let this pass and pick another person again.”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi was overjoyed at the turn of events and was just about to call out Big Senior Apprentice-Brother to Ye Chuan when two icy-cold gazes shot towards him.

Looking at Zhu Sijia’s face which was covered with cold frost, fatty Zhao Dazhi’s heart trembled and under her gaze, he did not dare to shrink back from challenging Ye Chuan. Clenching his teeth and summoning up his courage, he walked up to Ye Chuan and pulled out a long sword which was suspended on his waist.

“Br…brat! Watch my sword!”

Although fatty Zhao Dazhi’s body looked somewhat obese, his speed was not slow at all. But too bad, Ye Chuan still managed to dodge sideways from his sword. Fatty once again stabbed out with his sword but Ye Chuan dodged once again. Under the watch of everyone, the two of them started to fight against each other.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi had exerted all his strength and gave his all, stabbing out countless strong blows with his long sword which brought forth whistling sounds and sword qi. But no matter what, he was just not able to land any strike onto Ye Chuan’s body. Even the corner of Ye Chuan’s clothing, he was not able to get into contact at all too.

Was this the usual low cultivation Big Senior Apprentice-Brother who did not have the face to see anyone because he was too ashamed of his own pitiful cultivation? His cultivation rank, was it really just barely rank 1 Wuzhe?

Everyone’s gaze gradually became astonished.

Especially Zhu Sijia and Jin Hua. Not sure when, the both of them had already creased their brows.

With their cultivation of rank 1 Xiushi, they were able to see Ye Chuan’s muscles and bones flickering with luster when he dodges fatty’s attacks. This was clearly the indication of someone who had already broken through to rank 4 Wuzhe.

To someone who was at Xiushi realm, rank 4 Wuzhe was not even worth mentioning in front of them at all. But when Ye Chuan came back from God Burial Valley, he had only the cultivation of rank 1 Wuzhe. When did he broke through 3 ranks continuously and became rank 4 Wuzhe? Could it be that… he had a lucky encounter outside of God Burial Valley and received something?

Zhu Sijia’s thoughts were puzzled and she had a feeling of bad premonition. If fatty Zhao Dazhi continued to fiercely chase and strike at Ye Chuan, Zhao Dazhi would definitely make a mistake easily.

As expected, right after fatty Zhao Dazhi missed his attack again, he started to pant for breath heavily and his movement starts to slow down, causing a loophole to appear.

“Fatty, watch properly. Your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother’s broom is not used to beat people but is specialized in spanking buttocks only.”

Ye Chuan laughed and secretly start to revolve the half condensed Heaven Swallowing Talisman in his body. After fatty Zhao Dazhi’s attack missed, Ye Chuan finally retaliated and spank downwards with his broom.

Ye Chuan’s movement was not fast, seemed leisurely slow and he even warning fatty Zhao Dazhi in advance. But fatty just wasn’t able to dodge away from Ye Chuan’s broom. A pity that although fatty had already done the movement to prepare to dodge, but he was still half a step too slow. First, his sword was smacked away by Ye Chuan’s broom and followed by was a stabbing pain in his buttocks. When the broom smacked on his buttocks, fatty felt his whole body’s fat trembling and both his leg even went soft.

Rank 7 Wuzhe to fight against a rank 4 Wuzhe, fatty Zhao Dazhi obviously was higher by 3 cultivation ranks than Ye Chuan, but he still lost to Ye Chuan completely.

The Heaven Swallowing Talisman within Ye Chuan’s body had still not yet completely take the shape but even if it was like this, there was still at least 4000 jin strength in the smack of the broom. So there was enough and abundant to spare to completely crush this fatty Zhao Dazhi.

“Sigh, to not be able to smack dead you with one smack, seems like my strength is still not enough. Forget it. Fatty, your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother here is in a good mood today. I will just spank your buttocks and let you go, but I will only let you off just this once only.”

Ye Chuan evilly laughed and the broom in his hand spanked downwards a few times again. A few ‘pa’ sounds rang out and fatty Zhao Dazhi’s fat buttocks bloomed with flowers, and he lied down on the ground with no strength to struggle at all.

The broom in Ye Chuan’s hands appeared to be ordinary and mediocre but it was actually a strong weapon which was specialized in breaking through the target’s defense. A spank with the broom, spanked in the buttocks but felt pain in the heart, even Cloud Mist Sect’s founding master Ghost Hand Medicinal King’s trusted followers were also filled with sufferings when spanked by the broom. How could fatty Zhao Dazhi who got pampered and spoiled since childhood even be able to tolerate a few smacks from the broom?

“Ye Chuan, I will not let it go just like this!” Zhu Sijia crunched her teeth and glared at Ye Chuan while panting angrily. Due to being angry, the twin peak on her chest started to rise and fall, letting people worry if her red gown would burst from not being able to support her twin peaks.

After mustering large forces first thing in the morning, Zhu Sijia thought that she would be able to humiliate Ye Chuan and teach him how to conduct himself properly for sure. Didn’t expect, Ye Chuan won once again. Her face got totally thrown away by this useless fatty Zhao Dazhi already.

“Welcome, junior apprentice-sister Jiajia. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother welcome you at all times. Five days later you can come again. Junior sister, it’s no bother to come in the day or night too.”

Ye Chuan laughed and intentionally swept a gaze at Zhu Sijia’s twin peaks, his words seemed to have a deep meaning to it as he leaned against the broom and slapped his hands against one another.

“Hoodlum!” Zhu Sijia scolded, angrily turning her body and leave. In her eyes, Ye Chuan had changed from an idiot Big Senior Apprentice-Brother to become a hoodlum Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.

“Brat, don’t be happy too early. You will regret it for sure.”

Jin Hua ferociously glared at Ye Chuan and quickly chased after Zhu Sijia. Everyone quickly left and went down the mountain, leaving only fatty Zhao Dazhi lying down on the ground.

Seeing Ye Chuan turned to look at him, fatty Zhao Dazhi quickly extended out his hands to cover his buttocks, and miserably looked at Ye Chuan, just like a helpless little young lady who did something wrong.

“Swallow the white color medicine and for the red color medicine, break it into pieces and smear it on your wounds. You can leave now, but next time you better learn a lesson from this and don’t always cause a disturbance with others, otherwise you better be careful about protecting your buttocks. Sigh, all of you junior apprentice-brothers and junior apprentice-sisters really make me worry for you guys. But Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is to blame too for not having taught you guys properly before. If this continues on, next time your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother will not have any face to meet Sect Master already…sigh, such a huge pressure I have on me.” Ye Chuan sighed with a face that looked as if he was ashamed and threw a pill bottle to the front of fatty Zhao Dazhi.

“Thank you, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi struggled to climb up and quickly took the pill bottle, then while limping, he left Purple Cloud Peak, fearing that if he left a bit slow, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan would change his mind about letting him go.


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