Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 4

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 04: You really spanked?

Purple Cloud Peak was very tall, reaching through the clouds. Dense spiritual qi between heaven and earth surrounded around Purple Cloud Peak. Although the Sect Master had been traveling outside for many years and had not returned to the sect at all, this Purple Cloud Peak which he had left here was a total natural treasure. Who knew how many people secretly drool to seize Purple Cloud Peak for themselves.

After sending back Ye Chuan to the courtyard of Purple Cloud Peak, Zhu Sijia fumingly left.

Bringing along Ye Chuan to fly on the flying sword was more tiring than when she flew on her flying sword for three days and nights. The crucial point was, both her waist and back were touched by Ye Chuan’s hands. It seems like, even her bosom was touched by him during the confusion when she lost control of the flying sword too.

Zhu Sijia couldn’t remember clearly at all. Her heart was in chaos, feeling somewhat shy, but most of what she felt was but of course resentment.

Every day, all the genius disciples within the sect would stick to her back and forth, but even after a few years, all the genius disciples still have not even got to touch even her hands. Instead this mediocre Ye Chuan had actually seized the opportunity to take advantage of her during a crisis, touching her body from the bottom to the top.

“Young lady sure has a bad temper. What a fiery temper indeed!”

Seeing Zhu Sijia going down Purple Cloud Peak while panting with rage, Ye Chuan evilly laughed.

How many years did he not had this kind of feeling already? Ten million years or eight million years?

Every peerless expert in Wilderness World all had a desire, which was to go into God Burial Valley and investigate it thoroughly. But, the days being trapped inside there was nothing except boring. Everywhere you look, there were only a large amount of icy-cold tombs all around. In God Burial Valley, there wasn’t even a tiny bit of the brilliance of the world outside.

To finally walk out of God Burial Valley, Ye Chuan had once again been reborn as a human and vividly felt the brilliance of the life of the mundane world.

After hastily cleaning up for a bit, Ye Chuan started to stay alone on Purple Cloud Peak. There were neither servants nor guards here. Although Ye Chuan was alone, he did not say anything and even felt happy in peace. What made him feel unexpected was that, although the courtyard at Purple Cloud Peak was small, there was actually Spiritual Congregation Formation and Alchemy Cauldron Furnace around the courtyard.

Time passed quickly and the color of the sky quickly turned black. Before nightfall, Ye Chuan walked around the mountain peak and picked up a few medicinal herbs. After fiddling for a while with a few stuff inside of the alchemy room, Ye Chuan took a walk around outside again before sitting cross-legged in the study room. Ye Chuan started to quietly cultivate, silently reading out martial technique with his mouth.

In the long years, Ye Chuan had obtained many rare martial techniques and grasped many remarkable abilities. But the real reason he was about to reach the peak of cultivation in Wilderness World was that of the unique and unmatched Heaven Concealing technique. After successfully cultivating this technique, he was able to conceal the heaven with only his hands. Which was also why millions of years ago, he was addressed by others as Heaven Concealing Great Sage.

But right now, the martial technique which Ye Chuan was currently cultivating was not Heaven Concealing technique. It was instead a completely new martial technique called Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique.

This martial technique was found accidentally by him back when he was still trapped in God Burial Valley.

In the eyes of the people in this world, God Burial Valley was incomparably mysterious. But the actual fact was that within God Burial Valley, there were only icy-cold ancient tombs all around. Within it, a large dragon which coiled into a huge mountain was buried there, giants with a human body and snake tail were buried there, and giant turtle which was bigger than an island was buried there too. All kinds of ancient god and demon corpses were buried within God Burial Valley. The majority of all the ancient tombs were incomparably firm and even ancient restriction formation that could not be open was there too.

This Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique was actually found by Ye Chuan in a tomb which was cracked open naturally. Along with the technique, he found within the tomb, he also obtained a simple and plain Cyan Lotus Lamp from the tomb too. Not long after silently reading the martial technique, that small Cyan Lotus Lamp floated out from within his body and floated in front of him, emitting out threads of warm lights. When his broken soul flew out of God Burial Valley, his soul brought forth this Cyan Lotus Lamp along too.

In Wilderness World, martial techniques are divided into heaven, earth, xuan and yellow grade. Within common sect, to be able to have a xuan grade martial technique to cultivate was already considered not bad. Most cultivators in their whole life could only have access to the most basic yellow grade martial technique to cultivate.

The Heaven Concealing technique which Ye Chuan had cultivated in his previous life was a rarely seen heaven grade martial technique. Although the Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing martial technique which he found within God Burial Valley was badly damaged and not complete, he had a premonition that the grade of the technique was far above Heaven Concealing technique and could even be a legendary martial technique which Daoist Immortals cultivated. Successfully cultivating Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, his achievement would for sure be higher than his previous life, breaking through the shackles of a Great Sage and finally going into a new realm which was only told in the legends, Daoist Immortal!

In my previous life, I had only concealed the heaven with my hands!

This life, I will swallow the heaven!

Ye Chuan’s face did not show any expression, but his heart was feeling extremely excited towards the future of his cultivation path. Everything that he lost after being trapped within God Burial Valley, he swore to take back everything and let those who plotted against him suffer double the pain he went through!

After being trapped for million years within God Burial Valley, Ye Chuan had been degraded from a Great Sage’s body to a mediocre body. Mediocre body, mediocre fetus, mediocre life…if it was anyone else, they would have long been in despair and not dare have any high hopes towards cultivating. But to Ye Chuan, as long as he was alive, everything was not a problem at all. There was no physique or martial technique that was rubbish, but only people were rubbish enough to not be willing to work hard.

“What a pitiful fellow. To be the sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother but get humiliated and snubbed by others. In the end to even meet with an ambush and died with grief. Just let me use this body, I’ll make your wish to become stronger fulfilled bit by bit.”

Sensing a deep grievance within his body, Ye Chuan sighed. His body shook for a bit and his soul and body started to merge together.

In his previous life, although he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage and possessed great techniques and abilities, those who plotted against him were of course no small and weak people at all. To have reincarnated within the body of a young disciple in Cloud Mist Sect, just nice, this gave him the chance to conceal himself for now and slowly cultivate to become stronger. Once the time becomes ripe, he will then go back to get his revenge!

Threads of pure spiritual qi between heaven and earth seeped out from the air and flowed into Ye Chuan’s body. The Dragon’s Vein Crystal which was within his body also began to awake and emit out boundless pure spiritual qi.

Rank 2 Wuzhe, broke through!

Rank 3 Wuzhe, broke through!

Rank 4 Wuzhe, broke through!

A layer of light rapidly covered Ye Chuan’s skin, and afterward his flesh, muscle vessels and bones too. Under the refining of spiritual qi between heaven and earth, his body rapidly grew stronger, and continuously breakthrough 3 cultivation rank, breaking through from rank 1 Wuzhe to rank 4 Wuzhe! Within his dantian, a qi cyclone suddenly appeared, incessantly rotating and twisting into different kind of shapes, faintly having an indication of condensing into a talisman.

According to explanation, after cultivating Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, one could not only refine all yao beasts under the heaven, they could also condense out 108,000 Heaven Swallowing Talismans. Every Heaven Swallowing Talisman which got condense out would bring an increase of 18000 jin of strength. Cultivating to the peak and condensing 108,000 Heaven Swallowing Talismans, what kind of strength would his body actually obtain at that timel? [Note: 1 jin roughly equals to 0.5 kg]

Ye Chuan who once concealed the heaven with his hands could not imagine it too. He was filled with expectation towards this new martial technique that he will be cultivating from now on.

Within Wilderness World, under Xiushi realm which let one possess great abilities, there was there was Wuzhe realm. Wuzhe realm could be divided into 7 rank, skin refining, flesh refining, muscle refining, bone refining, bone marrow refining, internal organs refining and blood refining, whose effect was to completely change the body of the cultivator. Only after reaching the peak of Wuzhe realm, one can have a hope for transformation and breakthrough to become Xiushi and finally be able to cultivate various kinds of abilities and techniques.

Ordinary people who want to breakthrough from rank 1 Wuzhe to rank 4 Wuzhe would normally take up to eight to ten years, and this was also including the fact that they needed an expert to point out for them how to cultivate too. But Ye Chuan just used only a few hours to breakthrough from rank 1 Wuzhe to rank 4 Wuzhe. He was the best expert to point out everything for himself, after all he was someone who once brought up the founding master of Cloud Mist Sect, Ghost Hand Medicinal King to the peak of cultivation. Now that he had to start cultivating from the start, he was familiar with every step like the back of his hand.

Ye Chuan suddenly stopped revolving his martial technique.

To breakthrough three cultivation rank continuously, if other Wuzhe realm cultivators knew of this, who knows how jealous they would have felt. But to someone who had once dominate and controlled Wilderness World, it was really nothing much. What’s even more was that if he had just continued to revolve his martial technique, and also continue to refine the Dragon’s Vein Crystal within his body and continue to breakthrough his cultivation rank. To quickly breakthrough and become Xiushi realm was no difficulty to him at all. For many years, the Sect Master had sealed the Dragon’s Vein Crystal within his body which had not been refined at all and the Dragon’s Vein Crystal had long like a clay ox which enters the sea became totally silent. Only right now, the energy of the Dragon’s Vein Crystal was starting to awake.

But, to breakthrough three cultivation rank in a day was astonishing enough already. He had just come out from God Burial Valley not long ago, if he was to breakthrough too many cultivation ranks right now, it would be too unbeneficial to him.

What was more important was that after being trapped within God Burial Valley and suffered from beating and grinding from the ancient restriction formation, Ye Chuan understood that when your cultivation speed was too fast, it wasn’t really any good thing at all. To steadily breakthrough each cultivation rank and grind your current cultivation foundation to the peak before breaking through was the best way to assure that in the future you can stand on the real peak of cultivation!

While everyone was longing to quickly breakthrough their cultivation rank and realm, Ye Chuan was instead purposely restraining his cultivation rank and realm, to not breakthrough too fast. Instead Ye Chuan guided spiritual qi between heaven and earth in the air to slowly flow into his dantian, refining his skin, flesh, muscle vessels and bones.

During midnight, cold wind blew, it was very quiet on top of Purple Cloud Peak with occasions of mournful wolf howls which could be heard from the far distant.

While Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the floor motionlessly, his eyebrow suddenly opened. Rustle sounds suddenly came from outside of the courtyard of Purple Cloud Peak, it was the sounds of footsteps. Within the cold air, a faintly familiar body fragrant was bought along with it too.

Young lady indeed was not able to tolerate at all. The corner of Ye Chuan’s mouth raised as he evilly laughed and continued to sit cross-legged.

Outside the courtyard, three male and one female sneakily stood side by side.

“Quickly! What are you guys still waiting for? Go and tie him up first then beat him up ruthlessly afterwards!” Zhu Sijia glared at the three male disciples. After going down Purple Cloud Peak, the more she thought about what happened, the more infuriated she felt and thus went to find three male disciples to come back during midnight and prepared to give Ye Chuan a harsh lesson he will never forget.

Her entire body was touched by that bastard Ye Chuan already. If she doesn’t beat him up, then there was no way her anger would be able to be vented out.

“Jiajia, this isn’t good right? No matter what… that brat is still the sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. If the elders were to know of this matter…” Fatty Zhao Dazhi had already reach outside of the courtyard and was prepared to teach Ye Chuan a lesson but suddenly started to hesitate. The other two male disciples were also hesitating with a face of troubled expression. At the start, the three of them patted on their chest and said big words but when it came the time to start their task, each of them was more coward than the other.

This was not playing tricks on an ordinary outer sect disciple at all but instead was the sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. According to sect’s rules, this was a big crime!

“Three idiots, don’t you guys know how to cover up your face with something? After this matter is finished, who in the sect would know that it was you guys who did it? If anything happened afterwards, you can all leave it to me. I am not afraid, so why are you guys afraid? Fatty, stop being effeminate already, do you still want to enter into the inner sect anymore?” Zhu Sijia intimidated out. Under her pressure, the three male disciples had no choice but to take out a black cloth to cover their face and bring forth their courage and walk towards the courtyard.

Only walking a few steps, fatty Zhao Dazhi suddenly turned his body and asked: “Jiajia, you confirm that big senior brother is only rank 1 Wuzhe?”

“I confirm. This was what my grandfather personally said.” Zhu Sijia nodded her head.

“Fair enough…”

Only then Fatty Zhao Dazhi let out a sigh of relief. If the Great Elder had already said so himself, then there should be no mistake, right? All three male disciples had already cultivated till rank 7 Wuzhe. The three of them to go up against a mere rank 1 Wuzhe, wouldn’t it be just a simple matter anyway?

The three male disciples climbed over the wall and secretly went towards the study room where Ye Chuan was at.

“Humph, see if you still dare to be so arrogant after this, or to even have the face to really take yourself as a Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!” Zhu Sijia who was guarding outside of the courtyard felt angry when she started to remember Ye Chuan’s expression of not placing anything in his eyes at all.

After a while, when the anticipated sounds of screaming and frightened voice did not ring out at all, Zhu Sijia started to feel somewhat suspicious.

After the time of half an incense stick passed and there was still no activity within the courtyard, Zhu Sijia could not stand still anymore. After fatty and the two other disciples went over the wall, no sound was made anymore, as if they had gone into another world.

“Fatty, fatty…”

Zhu Sijia softly called out for fatty a few times and just when she wanted to climb over the wall and check exactly what was happening, she suddenly felt her head feeling deeply dizzy, her four limbs becoming limp and as she fell on the floor, then she saw Ye Chuan with a smile opening the door of the courtyard and walked out. In the short distance, there was an incense stick which had been half-burned inserted within the underbrush.

“Brat, you used poison?!” Zhu Sijia crunched on her teeth. She knew that all of them had fallen into Ye Chuan’s trap.

“Oh? I did not use poison at all though? Your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother just picked out a few medicinal herbs and wanted to smoke out the mosquitos only. I guess you can only count yourselves unlucky.”

Ye Chuan laughed and carried Zhu Sijia into the courtyard, placing her together with the others on a wooden table. Their head was facing down but their butt was raised upwards. All four of them was not able to move but their conscious was still there. Seeing the smile on Ye Chuan’s face, they had a premonition that something bad was going to happen.

“What are you intending to do?!” Zhu Sijia was starting to get panicky already.

“I said before that if you don’t be obedient, I will spank your buttocks. Sect Master is not here, so as Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I have no choice but to enforce the law on behalf of master!”

Ye Chuan evilly laughed and raised the broom on his hand as he pulled down the fatty’s pants and smack downwards onto his buttocks with the broom. A ‘pa’ sound rang out and fatty started to scream out in agony, and bloody scar appeared on his buttocks.

The black broom in Ye Chuan’s hand appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary but when hit by it, it was really painful. An extremely scorching pain was what it felt like!

Although fatty Zhao Dazhi’s cultivation was not really anything, he was still at the least a rank 7 Wuzhe. His body when compared to ordinary people was much stronger and an ordinary sword or knife was not able to leave even a scar on his body. But being swatted once by this broom in Ye Chuan’s hand, he immediately screamed out like a pig being slaughtered, his spiritual body not being a single help at all.

Even after million years, the might of the broom was still there. To be nicknamed as God Beating Whip, it specialized in breaking through the defense of spiritual body was not fake at all. A pity, the broom was placed at the door of Weaponry Pavilion for so many years yet not even one person knew how formidable this broom was.

“Don’t…!” Zhu Sijia cried out in fear, extending her hands out to want to cover her buttocks.

A pity, her waist was very slim but her butt was very big. To be even bigger than the chubby fatty Zhao Dazhi’s buttocks. Both her hands were not even big enough to cover up her buttocks. Sensing that Ye Chuan was behind her, Zhu Sijia could not help feel incomparably nervous, her heart feeling as if it was going to jump out from her mouth. Fortunately, after a while, Ye Chuan did not pull down her pants, the broom on his hand did not smack down too.

“Humph! Seems like this brat is at the least tactful and do not dare to beat me. Want to beat, first must also see who the person is! To dare to pull down my pants, do you still wish to continue living?”

Zhu Sijia thought to herself and let out a breath of relief. Her grandfather’s identity as Great Elder was still effective during crucial moments indeed!


Ye Chuan did not raise up the broom in his hand, but he also did not intend to let off Zhu Sijia. With the palm of his hand, he spanked her buttocks. Zhu Sijia who wore an entire red color of tight clothing had a hot figure. The feeling of her flesh was considerably good, even with the clothing being a wall from her body, the flexibility could still be felt when smacking towards it. With a spank that was hardly any strong at all, Zhu Sijia’s plump butt started to bounce up and down.

He…he actually really spanked?

Zhu Sijia’s eyes were filled with tears. Half of what she was currently feeling were resentment and shame. The other half of what she felt was the grievance. From small till now, she had not been hit by anyone at all. But to actually get spanked on the buttocks when she was this big already in front of others, she really felt extremely humiliated.

Fatty and the others who were lying downwards were all currently howling in grief in their heart. They never thought that Ye Chuan would actually dare to spank Zhu Sijia’s buttocks. They were completely in trouble now. Zhu Sijia who was normally shrewish and had a fiery temper, how would she just tolerate this?

No matter what, Ye Chuan was still at least the Sect Master’s only direct disciple and also the sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. What can Zhu Sijia do to him? Now instead the three of them were finished. They didn’t finish their job properly, for sure they were going to be used as punching bags by Zhu Sijia.

Fatty and the two other disciples already had the thought to die already.


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