Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 3

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 03: This broom is not bad

Ye Chuan walked behind, following Zhu Sijia to enter into Weaponry Pavilion.

Although Weaponry Pavilion looked as if it was not very big from the outside, but within the Weaponry Pavilion was instead a completely different world.

On the first floor of the pavilion, the majority of the items placed there were all common weapons and armors.

On the second floor, the items there were all treasure items that cultivators used. For example, flying swords, armors made from precious stones, exceptionally strong bows… Various kinds of treasured items that one can think of were all there.

On the third floor, the treasure items there were all even more powerful. But, a pity that even Zhu Sijia did not have the authority to go up to the third floor of the Weaponry Pavilion.

Although Cloud Mist Sect was declining more and more with each passing day, Cloud Mist Sect was still, after all, a sect which had passed down from generation to generation since a long time ago and the inheritance that the sect had accumulated through all this time was enough to still support the foundation of Cloud Mist Sect currently.

There were quite a few treasure items in Weaponry Pavilion where there was a need for the wielder to be at least rank 7 Xiushi so that they could be able to use the item. Some treasure items even needed the wielder to be above Daoist Master realm. Thus, even if right now Ye Chuan was able to go to the third floor, he didn’t even really had the ability to use any of the treasure items there.

“You can choose any treasured item from the first and second floor. Choose quickly, I’m rushing for time here.” Zhu Sijia urged. After choosing a weapon, she still had to send Ye Chuan back to Purple Cloud Peak. She was already impatient long ago.

Ye Chuan turned a deaf ear to Zhu Sijia’s urging and walked slowly through each piece of treasured item. From time to time he would pick up a treasure item and lightly caress the runes on the treasure item before putting down the treasure item down and walk to the next treasure item.

Ye Chuan was vaguely familiar with some of the treasure items in the Weaponry Pavilion. Those treasure items were actually given to Ghost Hand Medicinal King by him back in the days when he was still Heaven Concealing Great Sage. Who would have thought, after million years had passed, he would once again be standing in the front all of those treasure items once again.

“Green Tip Flying Sword, yellow grade treasure item, not leaving a trace of blood when killing people, top grade within flying swords.”

Ye Chuan picked up a sword and looked at it for a while before putting it down.

“Cold Water Dagger, xuan grade treasure item, specialized in breaking through armors and strong bodies, dedicated as a killer weapon for an assassin.”

Ye Chuan picked up a three-edged dagger, the chilling cold murderous aura came forth from the dagger towards Ye Chuan. The memory of Ye Chuan killing the first-rate assassin from a long time ago slowly floated through his mind.

After a good while, just when Zhu Sijia thought that Ye Chuan would be taking the dagger, Ye Chuan placed back the dagger and continue walking forward.

“Golden Hard Staff, yellow grade treasure item, specialized in subduing demonic techniques, Buddhism weapon.”

Ye Chuan paused for a while again before continuing walking forward again.


Ye Chuan walked very slowly, practically having already taken a look at everything within the first and second floor of the Weaponry Pavilion, but his hand was still empty.

“Hey, when are you going to finish choosing a weapon?” Zhu Sijia pouted her mouth.

The same as pills, treasure items could be divided into heaven, earth, xuan and yellow grade too. Even if a Xiuahi realm cultivator had a yellow grade treasure item to protect himself with, it was already considered not bad. But this Ye Chuan who had only the cultivation of rank 1 Wuzhe was choosing here and there. What was he even trying to do? Zhu Sijia was very dissatisfied: “Right now you are only at rank 1 Wuzhe, don’t say a xuan grade treasure item, even if it was a yellow grade treasure item, you are also not able to use it at all with your cultivation. There are so many treasure items here, can’t you just pick one here and get it over with?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to pick, it’s just that the grade and quality of the treasure items here are all too low… Forget it, I will just take the broom outside of the door!” Ye Chuan said truthfully.

Any of the treasure items here, when placed outside, was able to give rise to a carnage, but to him, the treasure items here were really not worth anything at all. If not, he would not have so casually given the treasure items here to others already. Just that, Ye Chuan’s truth words was just like a total nonsense towards Zhu Sijia.

“Humph, it’s so obvious that you didn’t have the capability to use the treasure items here. Yet you still have the face to say the grade and quality of the treasure items are too low. Indeed if a human is too shameless, even a ghost would be afraid.” Zhu Sijia softly muttered to herself, becoming more and more dissatisfied.

“Young lady, let’s go!” Ye Chuan lightly laughed and took the broom before leaving Weaponry Pavilion.

Behind, an old man who was in charge of guarding the Weaponry Pavilion looked at Ye Chuan’s back and shook his head. Just now, seeing Ye Chuan looking at every treasure items and saying out the use and name of all of the treasured items, he thought that Ye Chuan had finally started to get enlightened and brought forth his true potential. A pity, his cultivation was just too horrible that he was inferior to even the worker in charge of sweeping the floor. He obviously had the chance to pick a good treasure item, but still want to act noble and virtuous and pick up a broom which no one wants…truly hopeless.

To take in such a person as a direct disciple and even granting him the title of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother within the sect…the Sect Master was really old and silly already!

The old man shook his head and sighed with sadness. Not only the Sect Master, the entire luck energy of Cloud Mist Sect was on the point of death already, getting worse and worse as the years went by. Twenty thousand first-rate pills, how was the sect to hand over such an amount of pills in such a short time? It seems like, this year’s crisis, Cloud Mist Sect will be unable to make it through.

Zhu Sijia walked very fast. Afterward, she even just simply took out her flying sword and step on it as she flew through the sky and threw off Ye Chuan far behind her. Seeing Ye Chuan who was climbing up the mountain like a snail, she finally raised her eyebrows and exhale out a breath of sigh. After deliberately flying very far away from Ye Chuan, she feigned as if she had waited till she was very impatient already and then finally turned and flew back to the Ye Chuan and said: “Hey, could you walk faster? If you continue walking with your speed, even If you walked till tomorrow you can’t even reach Purple Cloud Peak!”

Zhu Sijia had a face of impatient but in her heart, she was actually very pleased with herself. Purposely suspending in the air and looking down to berate Ye Chuan and scare him for a bit, also conveniently show off the flying sword under her feet too.

The name of the flying sword under her feet was known as Gold Carried Glass. It was given to her by her grandfather as a birthday present not too long ago. Looking closely, the flying sword looked as if it was transparent but when speeding along with the flying sword, the flying sword would bring along a gold light in the sky. Incomparably gorgeous, who knew how many female disciples within the sect would drool for this sword.

“Tomorrow then tomorrow. I really can’t walk anymore.”

Ye Chuan bluntly stopped walking and sat down with his buttocks on the ground to rest. Looking at him, there was not a single trace of weariness at all and there was not even a single sweat on his face too, obviously he was just finding an excuse. The guards in the vicinity looked over at Ye Chuan and pointed out at him to criticize him. But Ye Chuan’s skin was just too thick that he completely did not care about the guards’ criticism at all. Indeed when one survived from a crisis, their temperament will change for sure. Zhu Sijia’s little scheme instantly failed.

Other people’s skin was already thick till like this and not afraid of anything. How to even attempt to make him get humiliated?

Zhu Sijia crunched her teeth and her mood to show off the flying sword under her feet disappeared all of a sudden.

“Hey, are you going to continue walking or not?”

“Of course, let me rest for a while first.”

“You have already rested for half an hour. Is that still not enough?”

“My leg cramped, I can’t walk anymore. Jiajia, why not lend me the flying sword under your feet to use?”

“I spit! Even if I lend you, you also can’t use it at all!”

Zhu Sijia’s heart was really filled with anger that she wished she could chop off Ye Chuan’s head. Seeing that the sky was getting darker and the sun was setting down, without choice she could only resign to her bad luck and bring Ye Chuan along on her flying sword.

Secretly revolving her spiritual strength within her body, the speed of the flying sword doubled and brought forth a gold light in the sky. She actually wanted to scare Ye Chuan in the sky who did not know how to cultivate and see if he would dare to provoke herself again. But very quickly, Zhu Sijia realized she was wrong again and instead she was the one who got scared. Compared to normally when she flew on her flying sword, today when flying, she kept feeling herself staggering from side to side, feeling unnatural no matter how she tried to control the flying sword.

“Hey, how are you so heavy?” Zhu Sijia who was standing in front of the flying sword could not consider about her anger at all and had to concentrate her complete attention in controlling the flying sword below her feet. Sweats dripped out from her forehead as she felt like she could sort of not control the flying sword properly anymore.

“Your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I am just an ordinary person, of course I am not as graceful as you cultivators.”

Ye Chuan evilly laughed and handily embraced Zhu Sijia’s slender waist which could be held over with a single hand tightly. Both their body sticking close to each other and Ye Chuan with a smile yet not a smile looked at the side of Zhu Sijia’s face, secretly used a bit of strength and stepped on the flying sword. Instantly, Zhu Sijia could not control the flying sword steadily anymore and shrieked out as they both started to fly downwards with great speed and only after controlling the flying sword with great difficulty again, Zhu Sijia then manage to barely change the direction of the flying sword from downwards to upwards and start flying towards Purple Cloud Peak again.



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