Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 2

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 02: Spanking buttocks if not obedient

Zhu Sijia who had a hot figure, when handling matters was also swift, decisive and energetic. Very quickly, she had already done an experiment.

The experiment had proved what Ye Chuan said. Ye Chuan was indeed correct.

To refine a genuine dragon serpent pill, a snake berry that got crawled before by a female snake was needed. Cloud Mist Sect which was deemed as the most ancient alchemy sect in Da Qin Empire had actually neglected such a crucial detail to concoct dragon serpent pill which resulted in their secret method to concoct dragon serpent pill to be wrong all this time.

News quickly got spread out and a few elders once again gathered together in Cloud Mist Hall to see Ye Chuan.

How did the usually extremely mediocre Ye Chuan who knew neither how to cultivate nor concoct pills actually knew the secrets to concoct a genuine dragon serpent pill? Everyone was puzzled about this. Even the Great Elder who had the biggest authority was puzzled too.

Confronting against everyone’s questioning, Ye Chuan only said two words which relieved everyone, ‘reading books’.

Over the past years, Sect Master had been wandering about outside and no one was there to point out anything for Ye Chuan. At Purple Cloud Peak, although there were not any cultivating techniques at all, but there were actually many books which were left there by Sect Master. Among the books, there was quite a number of alchemy books about predecessor’s aspect on how to concoct pills. So there was indeed the possibility of Ye Chuan by chance finding out the real method to concoct dragon serpent pill on some ancient book among the books at Purple Cloud Peak.

“Bring forth Heaven’s Will Wheel!” Great Elder sized Ye Chuan up and down. Having a bit of expectation within his heart, he ordered with a deep voice.

When some people escaped from a great calamity, they might be able to bring out their hidden potential within their body and reveal their unique innate talent. If Ye Chuan’s situation was like this, then Cloud Mist Sect would start to focus nurturing his talent too. Then at least Ye Chuan having the title of Big Senior Apprentice-brother would not have been in vain.

Very quickly, someone brought forth Cloud Mist Sect’s Heaven’s Will Wheel which had been passed down from generation to generation. A round green light shone down on Ye Chuan’s body.

Mediocre aptitude, mediocre life, ordinary fetus, ordinary body, weak bones and vessels…

His body was weaker than even an ordinary person…

Maybe it had been due to Ye Chuan’s body being weak today, his aptitude had actually become worse from before. With his aptitude, to even become an outstanding cultivator was difficult. Don’t need to say, to even cultivate a profound martial technique was even more out of the question.

“To solve the problem of the method of concocting dragon serpent pill is no easy matter. This can be regarded as a great service you have done for the sect. Jiajia, there is still a marrow cleansing pill on you right? Give it to Ye Chuan and send him back to Purple Cloud Peak.” Great Elder sighed, hating iron for not becoming steel and shook his head before leaving. Sect Master only had Ye Chuan as his only direct disciple and the direct disciple was this younger generation’s oldest disciple too. A pity that Great Elder had the heart to nurture him but his aptitude was just too poor.

“Mediocre life, ordinary fetus, ordinary body, no matter how much marrow cleansing pill you take in, it is but only wasting resources. Humph…”

Third Elder snorted and left with Fifth Elder and the others.

“Humph! Brat, take it! Such good luck you have. Let’s go!” Zhu Sijia turned her body and left after unwillingly taking out a crystal bottle and threw it to Ye Chuan.

Within the bottle, there was a dark green colored pill. The pill was actually a gift from her grandfather. Originally, she had only wanted to put Ye Chuan in a difficult spot and let him make a fool out of himself in front of the disciples. But who would have thought that what she wanted didn’t happen and instead she even had to give Ye Chuan the pill she got.

“Young lady, next time call me Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. If not, I will spank your buttocks.”

Ye Chuan took a look at the marrow cleansing pill within the crystal bottle and swept a look at Zhu Sijia’s pert buttocks too before laughing faintly and catching up with Zhu Sijia.

Zhu Sijia’s cultivation was higher than Ye Chuan by a lot of ranks. But for Ye Chuan who in the past was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, no matter how high Zhu Sijia’s cultivation was, she was but a young lady.

“Humph! You dare? Who will spank whose buttocks, we still don’t know yet!”

Zhu Sijia snorted a few times and walk further and further away angrily. Her mind was somewhat confused. In the past, Ye Chuan was coward and afraid of getting into trouble. No matter who he saw, he would always try to avoid the person by making a detour. But right now he seems to be the opposite instead? Could it be after surviving from a crisis, Ye Chuan had gotten an enlightenment. Or was is that he hated the sect for not sending help in time and now his temperament took a huge change?

Zhu Sijia was in a bad mood. Just after walking out of the hall, she started to speed up her footsteps. Her buttocks bouncing, sweeping up an alluring arc. Her speed got faster and faster, purposely wanting to make Ye Chuan not able to follow up with her and get humiliated.

Brat, didn’t you act almighty? I will make you unable to follow up with me, at that time I will see if you can still dare to be so arrogant.

Zhu Sijia finally found a balance in her heart. She who was just an alchemy disciple had already cultivated till rank 1 Xiushi. But Ye Chuan who was the Big Senior Apprentice-Brother had only cultivated till roughly rank 1 Wuzhe. If it was other people who were such Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, then they would have already become so ashamed that they would be unable to show their face long ago. Where would they even have the guts to act almighty like this Ye Chuan?

Zhu Sijia walked very quickly, not paying attention to the numerous guards secretly gazing at her chest and buttocks along the way and instead was pleased with herself for actually thinking of a method to shame Ye Chuan. But after walking for a while, she suddenly felt something was wrong. Her back was too quiet. She turned back and looked, ending up to instead see that Ye Chuan was currently still standing outside of Cloud Mist Hall’s doorway. Ye Chuan had never followed her from the start, her effort just now had all been wasted.

“Brat, do you still even want to go to Purple Cloud Peak?” Zhu Sijia was really angered. Seeing that Ye Chuan was standing there and not moving at all, she had no choice but to walk back to where Ye Chuan was. She stamped her feet all the way back, stamping till the floor actually made sounds similar to drums being hit, Her pretty face was covered with a layer of cold frost that even her gaze could kill someone.

The guards at the side saw the situation was bad and all quickly lowered their heads, fearing that they might anger Zhu Sijia if they were to continue facing forward.

Zhu Sijia’s title of being the few best disciples in Cloud Mist Sect or the identity of her being Great Elder’s treasured granddaughter, not everyone was able to afford to offend her.

Ye Chuan laughed, not getting angry at all.

What kind of person was he? Of course, he who would not lower his level to argue with a young lady, “Jiajia, I apologize. I suddenly remembered that I do not have a weapon currently. Bring me to Weaponry Pavilion to pick one first.”

“Humph…” Zhu Sijia snorted, not moving at all.

“What’s the matter? Is there a need for Great Elder’s warrant?” Ye Chuan asked.

Zhu Sijia with both hands holding on her chest said: “There’s no need for a warrant. With me here, entering into Weaponry Pavilion is just a trivial matter. Just that…I am tired right now. I can’t walk anymore.”

“I understand already.” Ye Chuan nodded his head and adopted a posture with his hands, “To even dare to be negligent towards your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother…it seems young lady here is little naughty. I guess there is a need for a spanking someone’s butt already.”

“You dare?”

Zhu Sijia clenched her teeth, purposely making her buttocks raise higher and incite: “Come! Hit! I dare you to hit!”


A crisp sound rang out which shocked till everyone’s heart, including Zhu Sijia’s heart too was not able to resist trembling for a bit.

He really spanked?

Was he actually willing to spank that delicate and alluring buttock? Was this still the same Big Senior Apprentice-Brother who was a coward and afraid of getting into troubles?

The surrounding guards all raised their heads, opening up their eyes wide with a look of disbelief.

“It’s already reaching winter soon, but why is there still a fly here?”

Ye Chuan shook his head and spread out his hand, shaking off a fly on his palm.

Everyone then let out a huge breath. But the unruly and shrewish Zhu Sijia’s ears was deep red. That ‘pa’ sound just now actually made her thought that Ye Chuan had really used the palm of his hand to spank her buttocks, making her plump buttocks to tremble subconsciously. Having a huge change in temperament after escaping from a crisis was so true. With Ye Chuan’s status as Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, even if her buttocks were really spanked, she might not have any chance to redress an injustice.

“Jiajia, the sky is getting dark. Let’s go already. If you don’t listen again, this time I might really have to spank your buttocks. What are you guys looking at? Public morals are degenerating with each passing days, to not even able to do a proper job at being a guard and eyes are always looking around everywhere messily. No wonder the sect declined.” Ye Chuan shook his head, walking towards the road on the left side.

Back in those days when Ghost Hand Medicinal King was still here building Cloud Mist Sect, the guards were all as if tigers and wolfs and even if the sky was to collapse, they would not show the slightest change of expression at all too. Compared to the guards now, the difference was really too far. The guards right now could not even resist the temptation of looking at buttocks.

Although young lady’s temper was indeed fiery, but her figure was actually indeed really not bad.

Ye Chuan with a smile yet not a smile took a look at Zhu Sijia and gradually hastened his steps.

Zhu Sijia gritted her teeth and chased after Ye Chuan: “Hey, how did you know that the direction to Weaponry Pavilion is this way?”

Within the younger generation, Ye Chuan indeed was the person who entered the sect the longest. But his aptitude was mediocre and he had no one to point out anything for him, therefore he usually stayed on Purple Cloud Peak and rarely walk around within the sect. He had not visited many places in the sect before even though he entered into sect the longest, completely not even comparable to some disciples who just entered the sect for few days or weeks. Seeing that Ye Chuan started walking towards the direction of the Weaponry Pavilion, Zhu Sijia could not help feeling strange.

“Just a guess. Not being careful and I guessed correctly again. It seems my luck is indeed really good.” Ye Chuan raised an evil smile on the corner of his mouth, making Zhu Sijia feeling even more infuriated.

“Jiajia, why did our sect suddenly start urgent recruiting? Is there not enough manpower already? Ye Chuan asked.

“The newly appointed King of Da Qin ascended the throne one month ago. He claimed that he wanted to train out a hundred male warriors to make the country prosperous and wanted our sect to tribute twenty-three thousand first-rate pills. Included among these pills are, three heaven grade pure yang pill, three hundred earth grade purple cloud pill, five thousand xuan grade pills and seventeen thousand yellow grade pills. He wants us to deliver all these heaven, earth, xuan and yellow grade pills within half a year. After accomplishing the assignment, the range of eight thousand miles around Cloud Mist Mountain range will be in our control. If we do not accomplish the assignment, our sect will be annexed.”

Zhu Sijia pouted with her mouth, appearing unhappy but still told Ye Chuan the situation. Bringing up about this difficult assignment made Zhu Sijia felt deeply worried and wrinkled her brows.

“I understand already.” Ye Chuan nodded his head. He had been missing for 3 months already, no wonder he did not know about this matter, “The time is too tight, if we don’t want to get annexed and lodge under another person’s roof, then we can only start recruiting and get more manpower.”

“Humph. If only you are more reliable as the Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, the situation might not have been as difficult as it is now.”

Zhu Sijia pouted and took the initiative to walk forward and reveal the plate on her waist to the guards so that they could pass.

The two of them walked shoulder to shoulder and came to an ancient pavilion which had an interesting look and smell to it. Inside of the pavilion was stored with all of the sect’s weapons and treasures. Outside the gate, a stone sculpture of a person riding on a vigorous unicorn could be seen. This was Cloud Mist Sect’s founding master, Ghost Hand Medicinal King.

In front of the sculpture, incense sticks were arranged there and the air was filled with a sandalwood smell. At the corner, a black colored broom was placed there. Normally, the broom was used to sweep away the ashes from the incense sticks. And no one could say how long this broom had been in this world.

“An eternity in a snap of a finger…Didn’t expect that even old rabbit is not here anymore…”

Ye Chuan faintly sighed, walking towards the corner and picking up the broom while gently caressing it. In this world, there were only few who would dare to address Ghost Hand Medicinal King as an old rabbit. Right now, perhaps there was already nobody who knew of Ghost Hand Medicinal King’s real appearance that he was actually a yao rabbit. Originally, this yao rabbit was always wreaking havoc around the mountain and stealing many sect’s pills and medicinal herb to eat. Only after being subdued by Ye Chuan did the yao rabbit turn over a new leaf and became a generation of Sect Master.

This broom was different from other brooms. This broom was the same as a tree and a tree was the same as this broom.

This tree was also actually dug out from a demon god palace after he had beheaded 72 demons back in his former glorious days. The tree was used to encourage Ghost Hand Medicinal King and his group of trusted demon guards to work hard on cultivating. If anyone was not obedient enough, then this broom would be used to smack the person’s buttocks. Thus, the tree was also named God Beating Whip.

In the blink of an eye, million years had passed. Ghost Hand Medicinal King and his trusted demon guards had all disappeared. Only this broom was left here in the corner to resist against the wind and rain. Right now, even within the elders of Cloud Mist Sect, no one could recognize the true identity of this broom anymore.

“Brat, what did you say?” Zhu Sijia turned her body when she thought she heard Ye Chuan said something. Seeing the sad look on Ye Chuan’s face, she suddenly felt somewhat absent-minded.

Not sure why, she suddenly felt somewhat sad for Ye Chuan. Carefully looking, Ye Chuan was somewhat slim but his body was tall and straight as if a sharp sword. These many years, who knew how much Ye Chuan had suffered in the sect. The more she looked, it felt like Ye Chuan was not that dislikeable anymore.


Ye Chuan answered and rubbed his nose: “Jiajia, what are you looking at? Is it that Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I am very handsome? You can consider moving to Purple Cloud Peak to stay together with me and be my assistant if you want.”

“You can continue dreaming!” Zhu Sijia snorted, the favorable impression she had of Ye Chuan all instantly vanished.

Let me be your assistant? Truly a toad wishing to eat swan meat. Letting me be your assistant is a lie but to wanting to take cheap advantages of me should be the truth. Did you think that taking advantages of me is that easy?

Looking at Ye Chuan who had a smile yet not smile on his face, no matter how Zhu Sijia looked at him, she still felt irritated no matter what. Panting with rage, she turned her body, and twisting her slender waist, she angrily walked into the Weaponry Pavilion.


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