Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 14

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 14: When a flood encounters Dragon King’s Temple

The energy and strength within Nan Tiandu’s body became more and more astonishing and not sure when, a whirlwind had started to appear on the outside of Nan Tiandu’s body. Nan Tiandu had not even attacked with his sword and the dust had already started to fly around everywhere.  The ancient inscriptions engraved on the sword started to shine as bright as a pearl and emitted out an ancient killing aura which gave others a feeling of not able to prevail against it at all.

With a sword in hand, even ordinary people could shake the heaven!


This was indeed a real expert of sect’s this generation, a millennium genius!

Everyone was shocked and opened their eyes wide without blinking at all.

Nan Tiandu who had cultivated by himself was already famous within the sect for a long time but Nan Tiandu’s cultivation and strength was far stronger than everyone had anticipated. At this moment, when comparing any of the genius within the sect to Nan Tiandu, all of them were inferior to Nan Tiandu!

“Damned fatty, still aren’t going quickly to invite Great Elder to come here?!” Zhu Sijia’s face was filled with concern and anxiousness.

This time, even idiots would be able to see that Nan Tiandu seriously had the intention to kill Ye Chuan already and it was not a matter of as simple as wanting to seize the position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother from Ye Chuan but to want to kill Ye Chuan with his sword technique this time. If no one was going to step out to prevent this, Ye Chuan was probably going to die at Purple Cloud Peak today.


A high sword cry suddenly rang out and without waiting for Zhu Sijia who was hesitating to step out, Nan Tiandu had already released a fierce attack and threw himself towards Ye Chuan. Striking out with the sword in the air, a shadow of a dragon actually faintly appeared in the air as it opened its bloody mouth and whistled towards Ye Chuan.

First stance of Heaven Shaking Nine Swords, Slaughter Dragon Hand!

Nan Tiandu ferociously attacked without speaking a single word at all.

With a strike of the sword, all the disciples who were watching from afar suddenly felt their body submerging as a heavy pressure rushed towards them which made them felt a formless might pressuring on their body. Even the elite disciples who were in Xiushi realm also suddenly felt that they were not able to move a single step at all for a while.

Even the elite disciples who were in Xiushi realm had already felt like this. How was Ye Chuan who had only the cultivation of rank 5 Wuzhe going to block against this strike by Nan Tiandu?

Everyone was alarmed and knew that the final moment had finally arrived. Fatty Zhao Dazhi had broken into a run and dashed to seek for help but a pity, it was all too late already.

Ye Chuan’s expression also suddenly changed.

Although Nan Tiandu’s cultivation was unable to compare to the cultivation of the former Heaven Shaking Great Sage but perhaps it was because of Nan Tiandu’s innate talent, Ye Chuan suddenly vaguely felt like he was facing against Heaven Shaking Great Sage once again. Heaven Shaking Nine Swords technique actually appeared to have been made just for Nan Tiandu. With such a young age, Nan Tiandu was already able to unleash such a strong might with Heaven Shaking Nine Swords technique!

Nan Tiandu’s momentum was fierce and seeing that Ye Chuan was going to die tragically on the spot, everyone involuntarily cried out in fear.

A rustic hoe suddenly appeared and with a ‘ding’ sound helped Ye Chuan blocked Nan Tiandu’s sword strike.

An old man who had a white beard whose hair was messy and face was dirty stood in the front of Ye Chuan and blew on his beard as he fiercely glared at Nan Tiandu, “Damned brat, who gave you the permission to leave the mountain? To even dare to be impudent here too, has your wings grow hard already?”

Who was this?

To even dare to scold Nan Tiandu, this millennium genius, was he tired of living already?

Everyone was dumbstruck and what followed subsequently was a scene that made everyone felt even more shock.

Nan Tiandu who was usually incomparably arrogant that even dared to kill Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother in the front of everyone actually tossed away the black engraved heavy sword in his hand and kneeled down on the ground sincerely as if he was a kid who had done something wrong and was blushing red from shame, “Disciple do not dare! Disciple request master to punish me for my crimes!”

“Humph! Where have you done wrong?” The old man lifted up his head up high and snorted.

“Disciple… disciple should not have left the mountain without permission and should not… should not have had the thought to kill Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan.” Nan Tiandu replied. Just now appearing insufferably arrogant but after seeing the old man, Nan Tiandu immediately was like a mouse who met till a cat.

“Wrong! Totally wrong!”

The old man wiped away the soil on his face and scolded loudly at Nan Tiandu that even his saliva had directly sprayed onto Nan Tiandu’s face, “It is alright to leave the mountain. It is also alright to kill people like those garbage around here who are seizing the opportunity to jeer and watch the show.  It is alright even if you kill thousand or hundreds of people like them but whatever you do, you should not have had the guts to dare to be impudent in front of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan! To be disrespectful towards Ye Chuan is the same as being disrespectful towards your master! Damned brat, still don’t quickly apologize to your Big Senior Apprentice-Brother and ask for forgiveness?”

The old man’s words shocked everyone who was currently around watching the show and everyone subconsciously took a step backward. The old man looked around everywhere and at this moment then did everyone clearly saw who the old man was. The old man was not anyone but was exactly the sect’s Second Elder who was famous for having the hobby to grow medicinal herbs. Also not sure what Second Elder had done, Second Elder had actually made till his clothes were ragged and his appearance appearing messy, appearing to be just like a beggar.

Nan Tiandu lifted up his head to take a look at Second Elder who was cursing at him profusely and then took a look at Ye Chuan who almost died in his hands, his face appeared to be hesitating. Just when everyone thought that Nan Tiandu was going to disobey Second Elder, Nan Tiandu walked to the front of Ye Chuan and respectfully bowed, “Please receive a bow from Nan Tiandu. Tiandu was wrong, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother please forgive me!”

Nan Tiandu was deadly earnest and sincerely apologized to Ye Chuan. If Second Elder told him to go east, he would absolutely not dare to go west. Nan Tiandu who was usually proud and arrogant, not placing anyone in his eyes at all was actually docile and obedient towards Second Elder.

In the eyes of everyone, Nan Tiandu had always been a weirdo for cultivating alone and not pay attention to the affairs of life right after joining the sect. What everyone did not know was that Second Elder was not only Nan Tiandu’s master but was actually also his life benefactor and someone who taught him how to cultivate. Several years ago when Nan Tiandu’s family was killed by his family’s enemies and when his whole family was killed, it was actually Second Elder who was just passing by who saved him.

Second Elder saving his life was something that Nan Tiandu would not be able to forget in his entire life. Both of them are known as master and disciple but the actual fact was that they were both just like father and son. Nan Tiandu’s heart had already long before considered Second Elder as his father and thus naturally would not dare to disobey Second Elder’s words at all. Although Nan Tiandu had always had Second Elder as his supporter, he had never display ostentatiously in the sect at all and relied on his own comprehension and great effort to cultivate, not like Jin Hua who ran amuck all around in the sect.

“Hahaha! Good, good! You can stand up already. Second Elder, you have taken in a great disciple.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and personally went forward to support up Nan Tiandu as he laughed heartily.

The harvest and things that happened today had truly let Ye Chuan felt somewhat unexpected.

Nan Tiandu’s strength had even made Ye Chuan felt astonished. If Nan Tiandu was to continue cultivating like this, before long Nan Tiandu would be another Heaven Shaking Great Sage, also maybe even stronger too. What made Ye Chuan felt even more unexpected was that a genius like this was actually Second Elder’s disciple. Relying on his relationship with Second Elder, wouldn’t he suddenly have an exceedingly strong assistance by his side?

“Hey, hey. Ye Chuan, the medicinal liquid which is used on the water lily have already been used up and also, the method you said to improve the medicinal spirit formation, you see, when can you …” Second Elder laughed and looked anxiously at Ye Chuan. To shout and curse in the front of Nan Tiandu but in the front of Ye Chuan, he did not care about his status as Second Elder at all and flaunt towards Ye Chuan, not having the single bit of the manner that an elder should have at all.

“Here, take it. I have recorded all the methods on it. Take it and try out the methods first, you can come and find me if you have any questions about it.” Ye Chuan took out a thin sheepskin and generously handed it over to Second Elder. On the sheepskin, methods of how to refine some medicinal liquid were recorded on it and what was even more important was that it also recorded the methods and secrets on how to make amends to the numerous defects in the sect’s medicinal spirit formation.

“Tiandu, you stay and protect Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. If anyone dares to be unfavorable towards Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, beat that person up till he dies.”

Second Elder took the sheepskin from Ye Chuan and as if had gained the most precious treasure, he started to immediately diligently tend to his matters. Within his eyes, it now all depends on Ye Chuan whether if he could bring his medicinal herbs which were all on the verge dying back to life.

“How did it become like this? Impossible, impossible…”

Seeing that Ye Chuan had gotten in good terms with the insufferably arrogant Nan Tiandu in the blink of an eye, Jin Hua rubbed his eyes in disbelief as he cried out involuntarily, his heart feeling like he was going to spit out blood any moment soon.

Such a good scheme which seemed like it was about to succeed actually turned dramatically in the end made him felt insufferably frustrated. Previously, all his schemes that were planned by him were all successful, but right now, ever since Ye Chuan had come back from God Burial Valley, no matter what kind of schemes he had planned, it all made him had the feeling of spitting out blood.

“Nothing is impossible. Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, I trust you have been well since we last met!”

Ye Chuan’s mouth curled up evilly and smiled as he walked towards Jin Hua who was standing behind the crowd. One scheme finishes and another scheme comes, it was indeed time to give some lesson to this Jin Hua already.

Seeing that the situation was looking bad, advisor He Taixu quickly grabbed onto Jin Hua’s shoulder and wanted to pull him and leave immediately. But to his surprise, just when Jin Hua and advisor He Taixu turned their body and prepared to leave, they discovered that the millennium genius Nan Tiandu had already blocked their way out before they knew it.


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