Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 13

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 13: Millennium Genius

With a stab of the sword, sword light and dust rolled around Nan Tiandu.

This sword move displayed by Nan Tiandu showcased his exceeding strong cultivation base completely, letting disciples who had joined the sect at the same time as Nan Tiandu to only be able to see his dust and have no hope of catching up to him at all. Some of the disciples were exclaiming in admiration while some were shocked and some were anxious, feeling sorry for Ye Chuan.

Zhu Sijia was feeling very nervous currently. Her chest got touched by Ye Chuan and her buttocks got hit by him too. So seeing Ye Chuan get killed by someone, she should be emotionally gratified but not sure why, she started to feel worried for Ye Chuan instead when seeing Ye Chuan was about to get killed by Nan Tiandu.

The dust surrounding Nan Tiandu scattered away and everyone opened up their eyes wide with surprise filled in their eyes.

Ye Chuan who had taken Nan Tiandu’s sword stab head on did not die and was still standing in the front of Nan Tiandu. What was even more surprising was that there were no injuries on Ye Chuan’s body except that the gown worn by Ye Chuan was currently somewhat messy.

“How is this possible?”

“How was he able to do that?”

Everyone started to discuss what had just happened between Ye Chuan and Nan Tiandu while feeling astonish.

In front of this sword stab by Nan Tiandu, even if it was an elite disciple with the cultivation of Xiushi realm, that elite disciple might not even have 100% chance to dodge the sword stab by Nan Tiandu completely. How was Ye Chuan who had only the cultivation of rank 5 Wuzhe able to do it?

Nan Tiandu also felt very surprised and looked at Ye Chuan in disbelief.

In the past few years, although there were indeed people who were able to escape from under his sword, it was still absolutely not something that a person with the cultivation of Wuzhe realm would be able to do at all. The rumored Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan who was extremely mediocre had once again made Nan Tiandu look at him with a whole new level of respect.

“Good swordsmanship! But a pity…junior apprentice-brother Nan Tiandu, your speed is still a little too slow!”

Ye Chuan patted away the dust on his body and smiled dimly as he conveniently picked up the broom on the ground and made preparations to face against Nan Tiandu’s next incoming attack.

Just now, just when everyone thought that Ye Chuan was going to meet with mishap from Nan Tiandu’s sword stab, Ye Chuan’s body swayed like a cotton and dangerously avoided the fatal blow from Nan Tiandu.

Ordinary body, ordinary fetus and ordinary life. Although Ye Chuan’s current body could not be compared to the body he once had and his cultivation was not of the significance at all currently, his experience was still there and thus during a critical moment, his body would be able to make out a reaction which others would not be able to imagine at all. Although Ye Chuan’s cultivation was only at rank 5 Wuzhe now, but currently his body was actually stronger than fatty Zhao Dazhi who had a cultivation of rank 7 Wuzhe. The benefits of not rushing to breakthrough his cultivation rank and train his foundation for the past few days had finally emerged.

Of course, the reason why Ye Chuan was able to dodge Nan Tiandu’s sword stab was still because that Nan Tiandu’s speed was still not fast enough. If Ye Chuan was facing someone who had the same speed as his enemies of the past thousands of millions of years, no matter how experienced Ye Chuan was, he would still be unable to do anything about it at all.

Pretend, continue pretending!

He was already such straits, but this Ye Chuan was still boasting shamelessly!

Everyone was speechless. Nan Tiandu was already proud and arrogant enough, but looking at the situation currently, Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother seems to be more proud and arrogant when compared to Nan Tiandu. Nan Tiandu being proud and arrogant was because Nan Tiandu truly had the ability and capability to be proud and arrogant. What about this Ye Chuan? Isn’t this Ye Chuan completely looking to die?

“Hahaha! Good! Good!”

Nan Tiandu laughed with extreme anger and suddenly stepped forward as his body immediately jumped forward to Ye Chuan and once again stabbed out with his sword towards Ye Chuan, “Is this quick enough now?!”

Everyone’s heart suddenly started to tighten up.

This time, Nan Tiandu’s sword stab was even faster and fiercer than before.

Zhu Sijia was so nervous that she had started to clench her fist tightly with her palm filled with sweat. Originally, she still had the thought to challenge Nan Tiandu to see who was stronger. But after seeing the sword stab by Nan Tiandu, her heart had no more thoughts to challenge Nan Tiandu already.

As for Jin Hua who was standing behind the crowd, he was once again filled with hope and started to burst into loud laughter again. Ye Chuan was able to luckily escape from Nan Tiandu’s attack just now. But this time, he didn’t believe that Ye Chuan this brat would be that lucky again!

“Ding!”  A loud and clear sound of a weapon colliding against another weapon rang out in everyone’s ears.

Nan Tiandu cried out in shock and looked at Ye Chuan in disbelief as he if he was looking at a ghost.

Ye Chuan moved backwards a few steps in succession and currently appeared somewhat in a pitiful state but there was still no injuries on his body. When a thousand pounds hangs by a thread and imminent danger was closing in, Ye Chuan actually brandished the dark and swarthy broom in his hand and blocked Nan Tiandu’s sword.

All the inner disciples in the sect knew that the sword within Nan Tiandu’s hands was not ordinary at all. The sword that Nan Tiandu was using was actually 800 jin black engraved heavy sword. On the sword, there were a few ancient inscriptions engraved on it. This sword which could not be held up by ordinary people was actually a treasure item which was chosen by Nan Tiandu in Weaponry Pavilion when he was at the age of 8 years old. The heavy sword had no sharp edge and relied on its astonishing weight to kill the enemy. With a smack of the sword, even a ten thousand years old yao beast would be smacked into minced meat sauce. How did Ye Chuan even block the sword?

An insignificant broom that was left on the ground which no one wants had actually blocked Nan Tiandu’s black engraved heavy sword. If this was spoken out, who would even believe it at all?

Of course no one would believe it, but the fact had already been exhibited in front of the disciples, letting the disciples have no choice but to believe it was true!

“Once the talisman completes, with just a thought, the heaven would be swallowed…”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and on his face, there was an additional smear of luster.

This second sword stab by Nan Tiandu was indeed stronger and fiercer but fortunately, the half formed Heaven Swallowing Talisman within Ye Chuan’s body indeed did not let him be disappointed. Just revolving the Heaven Swallowing Talisman, a frantic power immediately erupted out.

This was merely a half formed talisman too. Once the Heaven Swallowing Talisman had been fully condensed and formed, how strong would Ye Chuan’s body even be?

Ye Chuan who had once concealed the heaven with his hands had for the first time discovered that the Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique was indeed far more profound than all the techniques he had known and was filled with anticipation towards the new path of his cultivation.

Jin Hua who was standing in the crowd had a face of disbelief and disappointment.

In order to request the sect’s genius Nan Tiandu to settle Ye Chuan, he and advisor He Taixu had spent quite a large price. He had thought that he would be able to see how Ye Chuan beg for his life but to still die in the end with his own eyes. But who would have thought that the scenario that would be unfolding would actually be so different? Was Ye Chuan too strong and had been concealing his cultivation in the past or was it that Nan Tiandu had secretly went easy on Ye Chuan?

Jin Hua was starting to get anxious already and wished that he could go and kill Ye Chuan with his own hands. After all the planning and price he had paid, if all these were still not able to kill Ye Chuan, he would really want to spit out blood soon already.

“Good! As expected of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you indeed have some capability. Come again! I have a sword technique which is known as Heaven Shaking Sword, I just request Big Senior Apprentice-Brother to point out some directions for me!”

Nan Tiandu’s expression was ice-cold as he once again took a step forward with overwhelming murderous aura.

But this time, Nan Tiandu did not rush to attack Ye Chuan and instead submerged his shoulder as he slightly bent his body backwards. The black engraved heavy sword in his hands started to make out buzzing sounds and the ancient inscriptions which was engraved on the sword started to light up one by one. Within the air, an ancient killing aura and strength fluctuation which was getting denser and denser started to ripple out

Heaven Shaking Nine Swords?

Ye Chuan was astonished and his face started to get truly serious as he looked at Nan Tiandu who was currently accumulating power into his next move.

Being someone who had once been Heaven Concealing Great Sage, Ye Chuan of course knew the might of Heaven Shaking Nine Swords. Thousands of millions of years ago, Heaven Shaking Nine Swords was a technique which belonged to an expert which was known as Heaven Shaking Great Sage.

During the flourishing period of Wilderness World where Ye Chuan had dominated the world, Heaven Shaking Great Sage was the same as other experts and had once come to challenge Ye Chuan. The two of them fought at Heaven Concealing Peak for 3 days 3 nights and in the end, Heaven Shaking Great Sage lost and from then on disappeared. After that, no one in Wilderness World had seen the trace of Heaven Shaking Great Sage anymore.

The old memories rushed forth like tide towards Ye Chuan’s mind as the battle during that time was still vivid in his mind.

Originally, Ye Chuan thought that after Heaven Shaking Great Sage lost to him, Heaven Shaking Great Sage had already went to the outside world and the two of them had no chance to meet again. Who would have thought that after thousands of millions years, he would still see be able to see Heaven Shaking Great Sage’s technique once again here.

The murderous aura and power fluctuation in the air turned more and more majestic and the disciples who were watching retreat further backward once again and only after withdrawing a kilometer away then did they start to look over while feeling terrified.

Nan Tiandu did not attack for quite a few moments but everyone knew that Nan Tiandu’s next attack would definitely be earth-shattering this time. If they were to get involved in the battle’s aftermath, maybe even they themselves would suffer from heavy injuries.

“Good! This should be the style that a millennium genius should have! Ye Chuan, this time you are dead for sure!”

Jin Hua gritted his teeth. After feeling the frantic power within Nan Tiandu’s body, Jin Hua then finally felt in ease and waited with anticipation to see how Ye Chuan was going to die.


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