Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 12

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 12: Nan Tiandu

When doing things, advisor He Taixu was direct and efficient. At the afternoon of the second day, advisor He Taixu had already brought Jin Hua to Purple Cloud Peak to watch a show of what was going to happen to Ye Chuan.

Within the courtyard of Purple Cloud Peak, Ye Chuan was currently reclining down on a bamboo chair while drinking a cup of first-rate Cloud Mist Camellia tea leisurely. When drinking this tea, a bitter taste would appear first and then afterwards bring forth a trace of sweetness, leaving a nice aftertaste for the drinker. Just a pity, Ye Chuan had not even finished drinking a cup of tea and had already wrinkled his brows as he felt a murderous intent coming closer and closer towards him from afar.

“Why do the flies in the mountain just not grow any eyes? No matter how many of them get killed, more of them just keep coming.”

Ye Chuan shook his head as he stood up and walked outside the courtyard.

Outside of the Purple Cloud Courtyard, a tall and straight male in black clothing with a long sword carried on his shoulder slowly walked towards Ye Chuan.

This male’s appearance was handsome and bright. If this male was to walk in the streets, who knows how many females would screech after seeing him. This male’s eyes however were apathetic like water, appearing icy-cold like two streams of ice spring. The male walked very slowly, appearing like he was just taking a walk in the mountain but every step he took was actually close to 10 meters long. Although the male seemed as if he walked very slowly, his momentum was actually astonishing, giving others a feeling of misconception. What was even more shocking was that every step the male took, the ground would shake a bit and leave a deep footprint on the ground afterwards, seeming as if he was even heavier than a mammoth.

An expert!

This was an expert. Rank 3 Xiushi or rank 4 Xiushi?

The pupil of Ye Chuan’s eyes contracted backwards as he sized up the male.

This was Ye Chuan’s first time feeling a sense of danger after breaking out of God Burial Valley. The reason as to why Ye Chuan felt a sense of danger was not only because of the male’s strong cultivation but it was also because of the male’s eyes.

To have once been Heaven Concealing Great Sage, this kind of eyes was something that even Ye Chuan had rarely seen. This black cloth male was absolutely someone who would murder others without blinking an eye and was decisive when killing! Looking at the black cloth male’s attire, he should also be one of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciple but when did someone like this male appeared in this generation?

Ye Chuan creased his brows as he searched everywhere in his memories but unfortunately was not able to find the male in his memories at all.

The black cloth male’s pace was steady and powerful. Only after walking till he was 10 meters away from Ye Chuan did he suddenly stopped his movement. The male remained silent as his pair of sharp eyes which was just a like a pair of icy-cold knife fell onto Ye Chuan’s body.

Ye Chuan remained silent too as he calmly sized up and down on this uninvited guest.

How many years already? Was it 8 million years or was it 10 million years? Ye Chuan had not met an opponent like this for a very very long time already. The murderous intent which assaulted towards him made his spirit felt like it was stretched tightly but more of what he felt in his spirit was familiarity and excitement, vaguely feeling like he had returned back to the time when he was still Heaven Concealing Great Sage.

Sounds of whispers could be heard coming from afar.

The black cloth male had not come to Purple Cloud Peak for long and a big group of people had already rushed to the outside of Purple Cloud Courtyard to watch the show which was unveiling soon.

Sweeping his eyes through the crowd in the distant, Ye Chuan had already seen few familiar figures.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi was here, with a face of nervousness and uneasy. The unruly and shrewish Zhu Sijia was here too, similarly with a face of nervousness. Alchemy Hall’s Jin Hua had come too, bringing along the inseparable advisor He Taixu with him as the two of them sneakily hid behind the back of the crowd. Compared to most of the crowd who had a face of nervousness and uneasy, Jin Hua and advisor He Taixu instead had an evil grin and expression that seemed like they were looking forward to something happening.

This Jin Hua again!

Brat, you are really tired of living already!

A cold light flashed through Ye Chuan’s eyes as he roughly knew what was happening. The scheming of Jin Hua and advisor He Taixu to frame him against Second Elder did not succeed and they had once again came up with another scheme. This two was truly treacherous and malicious, being more annoying than the flies which could fill an entire mountain. Some people truly just will not give up until they had seen their coffin in front of them. Just that, Ye Chuan did not know where Jin Hua and advisor He Taixu found and persuaded this expert to challenge him.

“So, you are the Sect Master’s direct disciple, Ye Chuan?”

The black cloth male coldly stared at Ye Chuan and only after remaining silent for a good while then did the black cloth male finally took the initiative to break the silence.

Ye Chuan nodded his head, “That’s right, I am indeed Ye Chuan. Who are you?”

“Nan Taindu.”

The black cloth male spoke out his name word by word.

Cries of surprise suddenly came out from the crowd who was watching and Ye Chuan was also dazed for a moment as he suddenly thought of someone.

Although Cloud Mist Sect was steadily deteriorating these few years, Cloud Mist Sect’s foundation was after all still indeed deeply rooted and there were many people in the sect. Besides from the numerous handyman, the sect’s disciples were divided into outer and inner disciples and within it, there were also ordinary disciples and elite disciples.

After entering Cloud Mist Sect, some people would be allocated to Mountain Patrolling Hall, Tool Smelting Hall or Alchemy Hall, etc… There are duties within every place that the disciples would have to do. Only after working hard on their duties then would the disciples be able to earn enough sect points to exchange martial techniques or treasures.

But some people are different and just after entering the sect, they would find a remote place to cultivate alone, not paying attention to the affairs of life. To lack the support of the sect, the large majority of the disciples’ achievements would be limited but there were also quite a few geniuses in the history of Wilderness World. Nan Taindu was precisely one of the genius in this younger generation of Cloud Mist Sect who had only cultivated by himself. It was rumored that during the age of 12, Nan Taindu had already broken through to Xiushi realm by himself, possessing remarkable abilities and his cultivation was also far above than Alchemy Hall’s elite disciple, Jin Hua, who had the reputation of being known as a genius within the sect.

Ye Chuan in the past had always closed himself off in Purple Cloud Peak and rarely went out, thus not knowing too well of many situations within the sect and had only somewhat heard of Nan Taindu’s name. Nan Taindu and Ye Chuan had never crossed swords before but who knew Nan Taindu who had always cultivated in seclusion and not question anything about the affairs of life would suddenly come to Purple Cloud Peak to confront against Ye Chuan.

“The sect’s rule of challenging others is five day a time. The time for my next challenge is still not here. So, junior apprentice-brother Taindu, what have you come here for?” Ye Chuan calmed himself down and remained calm and collected.

Nan Taindu who had an icy-cold face from the beginning to the end suddenly had a trace of astonishment on his face and once again sized up and down on Ye Chuan. The rumors were indeed not equal to instead meeting the person face to face. The rumors had always said that Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother was extremely mediocre but within Nan Taindu’s eyes, the Ye Chuan in front of him was more outstanding than any disciples he had met till now. Just speaking of Ye Chuan’s calmness, most people were already inferior to Ye Chuan already.

“Murder someone.” Nan Taindu said coldly.

Truly crazy!

This Nan Taindu indeed had huge guts and was direct enough!

The crowd who was watching cried out in surprise once again and fatty Zhao Dazhi was even dumbstruck as he opened his mouth wide with disbelief in his eyes.

No matter how mediocre Ye Chuan was, he was still the sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother nominally. To not follow the sect’s rule and lay hands on Ye Chuan, this was counted as offending the sect’s rule and judge with a serious crime. A few days before, setting out in the dark to Purple Cloud Peak to beat up Ye Chuan, fatty Zhao Dazhi was also nervous and had even worn something to cover up his face. Who would even have the guts of Nan Taindu to confront Ye Chuan like this and even claiming to want to kill Ye Chuan too?

“Hahaha! Good, come! But before that, can you tell me why?” Ye Chuan laughed out loudly. Nan Taindu who had large strength was even more proud and arrogant than he had anticipated, but, he liked it!

To want to slowly become stronger and even once again become a peak expert, not only do Ye Chuan need to cultivate, he also needed opponents like Nan Taindu.

“After killing you, the sect will then not suffer any humiliation during the three big sect competition. Since Big Senior Apprentice-Brother does not want to be the evil person, I will instead be this evil person then!”

Nan Taindu slowly stepped out and the next moment his body was already in front of Ye Chuan. The changing of speed was only in an instant. A ‘clang’ sound rang out and Nan Taindu had already pulled out the long sword on his shoulder as stabbed out towards Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan lifted up his head to look forward and Nan Taindu’s tall and straight figure had already disappeared. Dazzling sword light filled Ye Chuan’s eyes as Ye Chuan felt an extremely dangerous energy speeding towards him. On the ground, a straight crack appeared which extended towards Ye Chuan and an ear-piercing sound could be heard within Ye Chuan’s ears.

Such a strong sword qi!

Everyone’s heart was alarmed as they quickly retreated further away from Ye Chuan and Nan Taindu.

The sword qi which was brought forth was already this strong, how could Ye Chuan even block this sword attack from Nan Taindu? Ye Chuan who was going to bear the brunt, was he going to get cut into 8 pieces or turned into minced meat?

Everyone took in a long cold breath but Jin Hua who was standing behind the crowd was instead laughing out loud with his head lifted towards the sky.

“Hahaha! Brat, go and die! Want to fight with me and steal my woman?”

Jin Hua’s face was sinister as he let out all the depressed feeling which was stuffed within him these past few days.


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