Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 11

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 11: This time lost big already


Seeing that Second Elder Nan Gongren’s hoe was going to smash into him, Ye Chuan shouted loudly, “Old guy, didn’t you just transplanted this water lily here?!”

Just when Second Elder Nan Gongren’s hoe was about half an inch away from Ye Chuan’s knee, Second Elder Nan Gongren suddenly stopped his hoe.

A strong wind blew towards Ye Chuan’s face as his hair blew backwards and his gown made out the flapping sound. Good fellow, looking at this Second Elder Nan Gongren’s aura and attitude, he wasn’t just saying out things to scare Ye Chuan but was really indeed intending to break both of Ye Chuan’s leg after he had said he was going to.

“Brat, how did you know that I have just transplanted this 800 year old water lily here?”  Second Elder rolled his eyes and looked at Ye Chuan suspiciously. As long as Ye Chuan’s answer was not to his satisfaction, he would immediately continue to smack the hoe onto Ye Chuan’s legs.

“Very simple. The soil around the water lily are all new, showing signs that the soil was definitely just dug out not long ago to place the water lily. The surrounding soils are somewhat different too, which were definitely brought from some other place right?” Ye Chuan answered, observing the water lily down to the smallest detail and quickly found out that this water lily was somewhat different.

“Not bad. Brat, you are at the least somewhat attentive.”

Second Elder nodded his head but his face turned cold, and once again lifting up the hoe in his hand, “But, to have trampled on so many medicinal herbs, you must have really been tired of living brat! For the sake of Sect Master, I will give a lenient punishment for you and only break only one of your leg!”

Second Elder’s temper was fiery, not even having finished his sentence, the medicinal herb hoe in his hand had already once again whistled and smashed towards Ye Chuan’s left leg.

“Finished already, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is really finished this time!”

“Precisely. To dare to provoke Second Elder, isn’t this seeking death?”

Cries of surprise could be heard within the dark as the disciples who had rushed to the medicinal herb field after receiving news that something was happening here started to discuss what was happening between Second Elder and Ye Chuan.

Zhu Sijia was here too. Looking at what was happening, her face flashed through a trace of not being able to bear and wanted to step out to prevent Second Elder from breaking Ye Chuan’s leg but after taking a step out, she started to somewhat hesitate.

Second Elder Nan Gongren’s temper was famous for being fiery. Most of the time he would not talk just like a mute person but once his bad temper came, even if 10 bulls were to pull onto Second Elder, they would not be able to stop him at all.

After coming back from God Burial Valley, Ye Chuan’s temperament took a huge change and had turned from an idiot Big Senior Apprentice-Brother to a hoodlum Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. Her chest got touched by him during a confusion and even her buttocks got smack by him too. Even if she was to not bicker with Ye Chuan, with Second Elder’s temper, she would also not be able to advise and stop Second Elder at all!

Zhu Sijia suddenly turned her body and urgently instructed, “Fatty, quickly go and bring my grandfather here. Ask him to come here immediately.”


Fatty Zhao Dazhi knew how grave this matter was and while jolting his buttocks, he quickly went to bring Great Elder here. Right now, fatty’s attitude towards Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother was already different compared to before. Even if Zhu Sijia had not instructed him to do anything, he would have also thought of some method to help Ye Chuan.

Second Elder’s temper was fiery, but he would still at the least listen to Great Elder’s instruction. Just that…water from afar could not put out the fire which was nearby!

Seeing that Second Elder Nan Gongren was blowing onto his beard while glaring at Ye Chuan and the hoe within Second Elder Nan Gongren’s hand was about to smash onto Ye Chuan’s leg, Zhu Sijia’s heart was nervous and just when she was about to clench her teeth and rush upwards to stop Second Elder, Ye Chuan shouted at the top of his lung, “Wait! Old man, your water lily is about to die soon! Do you still have the leisure to go crazy here?!”

The heavy hoe once again stopped suddenly.

Second Elder opened his eyes wide and glared at Ye Chuan, “Say, why is this water lily about to die soon? Don’t attempt to talk rubbish and stall for time. If not, I will tear away this jinxing mouth of yours!”

“There are lots of flies in the mountains recently and many medicinal herbs had already withered and died due to these flies. Your water lily right here is no different too.”

Ye Chuan took a glance at the fiery tempered Second Elder and indifferently said: “If you don’t believe me, you can squat down and look carefully at the water lily. A layer of densely packed flies had attached themselves onto the water lily and the juice within the petals of the water lily had already been sucked dry by the flies. Soon, the water lily will wither and die already.”

“Are you serious about this?” Second Elder asked half believing and half doubting Ye Chuan’s words.

Second Elder already knew about the matter that a layer of flies attaching themselves onto the water lily. But, the entire water lily looked lush green and filled with vigorous life. To say that the water lily was about to wither and die already…wasn’t this over exaggerating?

“Won’t you know if what I am saying is true or false by just peeling off a petal from the water lily and look at it?” Ye Chuan replied, with a face that looked like he was telling Second Elder, ‘believe me or not is your choice’. The more Ye Chuan looked calm and collected, the more Second Elder felt uneasy. After thinking for a while, Second Elder took out a small knife and peeled off a petal from the water lily to look at it. As expected, although the outside of the water lily looked as if it was filled with life and lush green, the inside of the water lily had already started to wither already.

“Damn it, how did this happen?”

Second Elder’s face changed immediately and gnashed his teeth as he stretched out his hand and pressed towards the air. The flies which attached themselves onto the water lily immediately fell onto the ground like raindrops and a bunch of flies died on the ground.

Not bad, this technique called Dragon Claw Hand was displayed quite skillfully! Ye Chuan was feeling somewhat unexpected as Dragon Claw Hand was one of Ghost Hand Medicinal King’s technique which was very difficult to cultivate that even a few of Ghost Hand Medicinal King’s direct disciple was not able to cultivate at all. Because of this, Ghost Hand Medicinal King had once been very vexed about this matter and looked for Ye Chuan to look for a method to solve this problem. At that time, Ye Chuan did not have any method to solve the Ghost Hand Medicinal King’s problem at all. After all, the stronger a technique was, the difficulty to cultivate that technique would naturally of course be harder too.

To not expect that although this Second Elder Nan Gongren’s temper was fiery, Second Elder had actually learned how to cultivate Dragon Claw Hand.

“Old man, this way won’t do. There are too many flies of this type around here currently and these flies is also a mutated type, so it will not matter at all how many you kill them. If this continues, very soon, this water lily will die.” Ye Chuan said indifferently.

Just as expected, buzzing sounds came from all four directions and very quickly, a huge swarm of flies flew out from the dark and attached themselves onto the water lily. Second Elder did not believe evil at all and used Dragon Claw Hand again and again. A pity, it didn’t matter at all how much these flies he killed. Just after killing a swarm of flies, another swarm of flies would immediately fly out from the dark and attach itself to the water lily again.

“An 800 years old water lily…What a pity, sigh…” Ye Chuan shook his head. To get trapped within a weird fishing net, Ye Chuan’s face was actually calm and collected and instead even seemed as if he felt a pity about the water lily dying.

Second Elder, who kept killing the flies but still could not stop the flies from attaching themselves to the water lily turned his body and fiercely said: “Brat, how did you know that this water lily is already 800 years old?”

“It’s what said in the book. Petals which was as if arms and the water lily which looked just like a white flower. If this water lily was to grow for another 200 years, it could even start to take in the essence of the sun and moon and grow essence too. What a pity…what a pity indeed…” Ye Chuan shook his head.

Second Elder indeed took the bait and began to turn urgent, “Brat, did the book say anything about what to do when met with this kind of problem?”

“Yes. The book did say something about what to do when met with this kind of problem. Let me think… Ouch, my head is starting to get dizzy after standing for too long…” Ye Chuan replied.

Second Elder glared with his eyes again and was just about to use violence again but after seeing the water lily in front of Ye Chuan, he had no choice but to tolerate and went up to untie Ye Chuan from the fishing net. After keeping away the odd fishing net, “Alright. You are alright now. Brat, can you now say the method to solve the problem?”

“My feet are feeling numb and my leg is feeling sore. Yep, I must have suffered from an injury just now that even my stomach feel stuffy and painful right now.” Ye Chuan replied, acting out as if he was in pain.

Zhu Sijia who was looking at the side couldn’t help laughing after seeing the way Ye Chuan acted. Second Elder’s temper was very eccentric, fiery and stubborn. In the days, even Zhu Sijia would fear the Second Elder to some degree too.

“Brat, are you tired of living already?” Second Elder rolled his eyes and his temper started to act up again.

“I’m tired already. I’m going back to Purple Cloud Peak to take a good nap. Second Elder, you can do as you wish. Don’t worry, within a short time, this water lily will at the least still not die and can at the very least last till daybreak. It would be hard to say after daybreak though…” Ye Chuan dusted away the dirt on his gown and turned his body to leave.

“Don’t! Don’t go, you can rest here at Second Elder’s place too.” Second Elder blew his beard and glared at Ye Chuan with his eyes wide open but under someone’s house, one had no choice but to lower their head. Very quickly, Second Elder’s face turned into all smiles and brought Ye Chuan to a wooden house nearby to rest.

Very quickly, Ye Chuan lied down within the wooden house and bossed Second Elder around and Second Elder instantly started to get busy within and outside the wooden house. According to Ye Chuan’s pointing out, Second Elder started to refine out a special medicinal liquid to spray onto the water lily. The medicinal liquid was colorless and tasteless but strangely, after spraying the medicinal liquid onto the water lily, the flies which had attached themselves onto the water lily instantly flew away and hid as far away as they could away from the water lily.

“Ye Chuan, those flies had indeed all flew away. What should I do next?”

“There are defects within the spiritual congregation formation here and there is a need to mend the formation quickly. According to what the book said, there is a need to… Ouch, why are my legs still so sore after resting for so long?”

“You can lie down here and rest. I will help you massage your legs for you.”


Second Elder started to become busy and just to save his 800 years old water lily, he had even not cared about his face at all already. To be nicknamed as Medicine Crazy was really not just for show. In Second Elder’s entire life, his only hobby was to plant medicinal herbs. Second Elder Nan Gongren did not care about his identity as Second Elder but the disciples who were watching outside the wooden house’s windows was already in a daze.

Originally, the disciples had thought that they would be able to see how Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother get beaten up by Second Elder. Who would have guessed that, the thing they had estimated would happen in the beginning didn’t happen, and what they had never guessed had happened in the end. And news of what happened between Ye Chuan and Second Elder quickly got spread out within the sect.

Within the hall of a sumptuous mansion, Jin Hua’s face was sinister as he breaks a wine cup into fragments and fiercely stared at a trusted aide which was kneeling before him, “You say that Second Elder and Ye Chuan have already reconciled?”

“Yes!” The trusted aide replied.

“Damn it! This is not possible! How is this possible?!”

Jin Hua was agitated with anger and was already on the verge of spitting out blood.

In order to plan on how to seize the position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother for himself, he and advisor He Taixu had been busy all night long, spending a large amount of money to prepare generous gifts to give others to gain their support and after a while, he had finally won over many supporters in secret. And Jin Hua had thought that him replacing Ye Chuan as Big Senior Apprentice-Brother was already set in place but who would have thought that Ye Chuan would actually be alright and had already reconciled with Second Elder. He had only left the medicinal herb field for how long? How did this even happen?

“Young master, maybe the situation is not as we imagined and we can still continue to investigate it!” Advisor He Taixu went forward to console Jin Hua.

“Scram! What do you even still want to investigate?! Surnamed He, can you not just only play with schemes? Can you come up with something that can actually work out? I want to become Zhu Sijia’s first man and I want to become the sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother! Even if I cannot sit on the position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I cannot let that brat Ye Chuan keep sitting in that position too! Do you understand?” Jin Hua’s anger was soaring up to the sky and in a fit of anger, he flipped over the table in front of him.

Cold sweat flowed out from He Taixu’s face and after wiping away the wine which got splashed onto his face, He Taixu walked up towards Jin Hua to propose another plan. Jin Hua whose anger was soaring through the sky then only started to slowly calm down and then fiercely said: “Old He, this time you can only succeed and you are not allowed to fail at all! If not, Evil Dragon Abyss will be your final destination!”

“Of course, of course, young master you can be at ease. That brat Ye Chuan was able to escape this time by luck but he won’t be able to escape another time for sure!”

He Taixu quickly replied as a few drips of cold sweat flowed out from his face.


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