Storm in the Wilderness – Ch 10

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 10: This pit is a little deep


Below the abyss, a python suddenly stretched its head out from the blood fog and bite towards Ye Chuan with its mouth wide open. The whole body of the python was actually in red with a thick layer of red scale covering over its body.

Ye Chuan retreated backward and dodged the attack from the python.

The python turned its head and shook its tail, turning its body over and throwing itself towards Ye Chuan once again, appearing to be just a like fish swimming unconstrained in the blood fog.

Ye Chuan once again retreated backward but this time a pair of thin blades appeared in in his right hand.

“Hiss!” The python hissed angrily and once again threw itself towards Ye Chuan with more momentum this time.

Ye Chuan did not evade the python this time and collided head on with the python.

The instant when the python and Ye Chuan was about to knock against each other, the half formed Heaven Swallowing Talisman within Ye Chuan’s body started to revolve and Ye Chuan’s back suddenly fell towards the ground and as his back rubbed against the ground, Ye Chuan’s body had reached the abdomen of the python. Ye Chuan slashed lightly with the pair of thin blade in his hand and a huge hole was slashed open from the abdomen of the python to its tail, practically being slashed into half. After getting slashed, the python rolled on the floor and hissed in grief for a while before ceasing to struggle anymore.

Compared to the period when Ye Chuan was still in his peak, the current him with the cultivation of rank 5 Wuzhe was not even worth mentioning at all. However, his experience which had far surpassed others, strong body and tenacious willpower still allowed him to be able to display out reaction and movement which normal cultivators would not be able to display out during dangerous moments.

To be able to show off its true ability in close range combat, this was precisely Inch Light!

The berserk power which was brought forth by the Heaven Swallowing Talisman had even increased the might of Inch Light. How was the python going to even be able to survive from Inch Light after that?

Ye Chuan wiped off the bloodstain on the thin blade and kept it away as he squatted down to carefully examine the corpse of the python. Very quickly, he came to a conclusion which even he himself felt hard to believe.

This red python which was as thick as a thigh was actually just an ordinary cauliflower snake. Just that not sure what brought forth the change but the appearance of the cauliflower snake was totally different compared to the general cauliflower snake and even the temperament of the changed cauliflower snake was totally different too, being more aggressive than the general cauliflower snake.

Just what kind of things was there within the Evil Dragon Abyss and what kind of changes have happened in the Evil Dragon Abyss after millions of years?

Ye Chuan’s thoughts were puzzled as he look down towards the abyss where only the blood fog rolling up and down could be seen.

After entering into the blood fog, the fly which got tamed by Ye Chuan instantly disappeared. Not sure if the fly had returned back to its nest within the blood fog or had already died by accident, Ye Chuan had already lost the connection with the fly.

The smell which came from below the abyss made one feel uneasy but there was one point which made Ye Chuan feel unexpected, which was that just merely standing at the edge of the abyss for a while, the spiritual energy within his body had already begun to stir around restlessly, having the indication of speeding up the refining of the Dragon’s Vein Crystal within his body and breaking through to rank 6 Wuzhe.

What the self-proclaimed Seventh Elder said was indeed correct. The yang qi around the Evil Dragon Abyss was indeed very strong and when cultivating around here, it was half the work and twice the effect for cultivators who cultivated yang techniques. Also, it just so happens that yang qi was one of the crucial points to cultivating Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique!

Ye Chuan slightly muttered to himself irresolutely and took out a few incense sticks. After igniting the few incense sticks and placing it around his body, Ye Chuan sat down cross-legged and started to cultivate.

Those few incense sticks had the effect of calming one’s soul and blocking away poison, preventing the poison within the blood fog to invade Ye Chuan. Under the assistant of the incense sticks, Ye Chuan started to silently read out Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique. The same as last time, Ye Chuan controlled his cultivation from breaking through to the next rank too fast and instead guides the spiritual qi and yang qi within his body to refine his skin, flesh, muscles and bones, again and again refining his body.

The stronger Ye Chuan’s body was, the more he could display out the might of the technique, Inch Light.

Ye Chuan was not anxious to breakthrough and had the intention to sharpen every single rank and realm of his cultivation to the peak. Only this way then he could set up his foundation properly and display out the full might of Inch Light.

The time of three days passed by in a flash.

Ye Chuan had been sitting cross-legged to cultivate from the beginning to the end for three days. Fortunately, after killing the mutated cauliflower snake, no more beasts had come out from the abyss anymore, letting him cultivate in peace.

After leaving from Evil Dragon Abyss and returning back to the Purple Cloud Courtyard, it was already midnight.

Ye Chuan pushed open the door and just when he was about to walk in, his eyebrows suddenly jumped as a blade suddenly stabbed out towards him through the door.

“Who?!” Ye Chuan’s body quickly retreated backward and dodged away from the biting cold blade.

Within the courtyard, a person with a mask and black clothing suddenly jumped onto the courtyard’s wall and left quickly stomping his leg. The masked person immediately fled away after not landing his attack onto Ye Chuan.

“Humph! Want to run?” Ye Chuan snorted and pursued after the masked person.

The masked person charged into a forest and Ye Chuan followed him into the forest daringly, totally not caring about the old adage of ‘do not enter when coming across a forest’. Two people, one at the front and one at the back started to pass over one mountain ridge by another.

The cultivation of the masked person was higher than Ye Chuan but his speed did not dominate over Ye Chuan’s speed at all and very slowly, Ye Chuan gradually started pulling the distance from the masked person closer and closer.

However, after crossing over a bamboo forest, the masked person which was obviously not too far away from Ye Chuan just a moment ago suddenly increased his speed and instantly disappeared. Compared to before, the masked person’s speed suddenly increased several times.

“Not good, I have fallen into a trap already!”

Ye Chuan suddenly stopped his footsteps and started observing around his surrounding carefully.

Within the cold wind, a faint medicinal fragrance was brought along by the wind.

This was a piece of medicinal herb field which grew different kinds of famous and valuable medicinal herbs. Dragon whisker grass, zi mu monstera, gold thread demonic taro, etc…, every medicinal herb grown here was valuable, especially the water lily in the middle of the field which had at least the age of 800 years old and even at most 1000 year old. Just now when Ye Chuan was chasing after the masked person, so he did not notice that the many medicinal herbs around here had already been stepped, but now he did.

This is a trap!

After observing around, Ye Chuan suddenly understood something and just when he was about to turn his body and leave, a foul-mouthed voice suddenly rang out and a white beard old man who was carrying a medicinal herb hoe dashed to the field, “Brat, where do you think you are running to?”

The old man’s eyes were red, blowing onto his beard and glaring at Ye Chuan. Such an old age already but the strength exerted out by the old man was extraordinarily powerful as the old man immediately used the hoe in his hand to smash onto Ye Chuan’s head, bringing forth a wind and thunder sound.

“Second Elder, it is me.”

Ye Chuan dodged to the side and immediately recognized this old man wasn’t anyone else but was precisely Second Elder Nan Gongren who was famous within the sect for having the hobby of growing medicinal herbs. Carelessly moving backward, Ye Chuan once again accidentally stepped onto a dragon whisper grass.

“Brat, I know that it is you! You…you still dare to step onto my medical herb?!” Second Elder shouted angrily. Second Elder’s name was Nan Gongren but his temper was so fiery that he could not tolerate a single bit at all. Smashing down with the hoe again but with more strength this time, Ye Chuan’s escape was totally blocked.

A bright idea suddenly occurred to Ye Chuan and he dodged to the back of the 800 year old water lily. Immediately, the hoe which was smashing down suddenly stop, “Brat, come out! If you dare to step onto another medicinal herb, even if the Sect Master was to come in person, he would not be able to save you too.”

“Second Elder, this is all a mistake. Someone set me up and purposely lured me here.” Ye Chuan hid behind the water lily and remained still. The energy which was within Second Elder was surging with strength, obviously someone with the strength of Daoist Master realm. Daoist Master realm was much stronger compared to Xiushi realm and what more was, that Ye Chuan was still not even Xiushi realm, but was merely in Wuzhe realm. To walk out from the water lily right now, that is only if Ye Chuan had lost his mind and was tired of living.

In the distant, noisy voices suddenly appeared as many disciples quickly came to the medicinal herb field after hearing the noise coming from here. To connect everything together and deduce it all down for a while, Ye Chuan knew what was happening already. Clearly, someone was deliberately setting him up and want to attempt to use the strength of others to kill him.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi, the unruly and shrewish Zhu Sijia, or…

Ye Chuan pondered for a while and roughly guessed who the one that plotted this was. Fatty Zhao Dazhi was a coward, even if fatty Zhao Dazhi was given guts of a tiger, fatty Zhao Dazhi would not dare to do something like this too. Although Zhu Sijia was resentful towards him, but no matter how unruly and shrewish Zhu Sijia was, Zhu Sijia was unlikely to use this kind of despicable method to take revenge on him. The only one who had the ability and courage to use this kind of despicable method was obviously Jin Hua.

“Humph, misunderstand? So was it just a misunderstanding that these few months, so many of my medicinal herbs had been stolen and stepped on?” Second elder clenched his teeth, obviously not willing to leave the matter at that.

“Three months ago, disciple had received orders to go to God Burial Valley to pluck medicinal herbs and only came back a few days ago after surviving with a narrow escape. Second Elder, I think you have found the wrong person!” Ye Chuan replied.

“Humph, humph…”

Second Elder was at a loss for words after hearing what Ye Chuan said but clearly still did not intend to let the matter go. A cold light flickered within second elder’s hand and without waiting for Ye Chuan to react, a fishing net appeared out of the blue and trapped Ye Chuan tightly, “Brat, regardless whether if the medicinal herbs in the past three months was stepped or stolen by you. In any case, I have caught you red handed today and will break both of your legs as punishment!”

Second elder’s physique was short and small but his temper was extremely violent, immediately taking out Immortal Trapping Net and trap Ye Chuan, then afterwards lift up the medicinal herb hoe in his hand.

Ye Chuan had reacted too slowly and was now in a predicament.

Not too far from the medicinal herb field, Jin Hua who was hiding in the dark was bursting with joy and laughing out loud, “Hahaha, break, go and break both of his legs! Brat, want to fight with me? Steal my woman? You are still too inexperienced!”

“Congratulations young master! To fall into the hands of Second Elder, even if that brat Ye Chuan don’t die, he would still have to at least shed away a layer of his skin! Afterwards, just with a few more planning and work, the position of Big Senior-Brother would have to change for sure. With young master’s prestige and capability…” Advisor He Taixu who had a goat beard laughed.

“Old He, if the matter really succeeds, there will be benefits for you too!”

Jin Hua’s eyes shone and quickly thought of the benefits from getting the position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. An elder and a youngster laughed as they turned their body to leave and start preparing for their next plan.


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