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The past few days were far from being easy for Letty. Countless Lords and powerful users had come, all to meet The Solitary Sword Sovereign, yet he was not around, thus Letty had to entertain the guests until Will arrived. The majority who arrived had little patience and left after a while in a foul mood, because Letty could not give a plausible reason for Will’s unavailability. It was as if he disappeared from existence. He was clearly still alive because she still had her Regent abilities, but Letty was getting worried.

Within a large conference room, Letty was entertaining a large batch of guests. This group was all dressed in suits from head to toe and looked imposing. They were lead by two people. One was a middle aged man who clearly was not a fan of shaving, while the other was a masked gentleman who never spoke a word, but the reactions of the others clearly showed that he was a man of importance. Will had informed her that he was on his way, so she had gathered the most important guests to this conference room.

Letty only knew the identity of the bearded man, he was the Lord of The Silverton Alliance, the nation in which Will’s school was located. Since he had arrived he had refused to explain the reason for his visit, saying he would only do so when Will arrived.

The man did not have a pleasant reputation. He was known for being very lustful and violent. Whatever he wanted he got, if one resisted then their only fate was death.

Silverton was also a man who did not shy away from revealing his power. He constantly exuded an aura of majesty wherever he went, like a lone mountain with a peak far above all in existence. Everywhere he went, he was the center of attention.

He had expected that Letty would treat him in a certain manner, but he was surprised. She was polite to him, as he was a Nation Lord, but she was far from walking on eggshells when she was in his presence. The same could not be said for Silverton’s own entourage. Except for the masked man everyone around him dreaded him, and he loved it.

As expected of the infamous ‘untouchable’ guide. Just what did Solitary do to win her over?

Silverton did little to hide his lustful gaze as he looked at Letty’s body, causing her to shiver in her heart. She was far from being afraid of him, but her innate disgust for him made her unable to not react.

With a creak of the wooden door a new entry arrived. He was wearing a simple white robe, with a snow white sheath holding his sword. His left hand had a glove on and he was wearing socks with his sandals. His striking white hair made it hard to miss him and his perfect brown skin made the room think of him as a bronze war machine. Will had entered the room.

“Sorry for being late guys, I had some serious business to take care of. But you now have my full attention.”

Will sat at the head of the table and reclined in his chair. Putting his feet on the table. This was clearly an act of provocation, but Silverton merely laughed while the masked man did what he had been doing since earlier. Nothing.

A woman wearing glasses stood up from behind Silverton. “Lord Solitary, we are here to represent the Dragonheart Empire in welcoming you to our nation.”

Letty and Will raised a brow, they had not expected the empire to make contact in such a manner after Will had made his intentions of joining them clear.

“Lord Silverton is the head of the vassals of the empire within the immediate area. He, along with Lord Sicario have come to welcome you to the empire and discuss certain terms with you.”

“Terms of surrender I suppose?” said Will lazily.

The lady nodded, “After you have become a part of the Dragonheart Empire, Lord Silverton will become your immediate superior. As is custom in our organization, you must battle a representative from the capital of the empire for them to ascertain your true power. If you fail to meet the standard you might be asked to relinquish control of the city, for the sake of the empire. It is for this reason that Lord Sicario is present.”

Letty and Will were prepared for such thus they were not surprised. Letty had quite the information network thus she had communicated with Will and informed him of what happens when a lord surrenders to the Dragonheart Empire. First, a curse would be placed on you, one that ensures you remain loyal. Second, you’d battle a representative from the capital. If you were weak you would be stripped of your power, while if you were strong they might even present you with more power than you had, but this was extremely rare.

The woman then brought out a pitch black pill with a dragon insignia, it was releasing an a dreadful and ominous aura. “In order for us to begin, Lord Solitary has to ingest this.” There was no explanation, no information, nothing. Just a command, eat this. In a world filled with strange things, who knows what something like this could do to someone.

Will sneered, “If I say no?”

The woman adjusted her glasses and looked toward Silverton, who had been playing with the breasts of a woman sitting next to him. In response to Will’s words he merely touched the table. Within seconds the entire table had frozen over. A dense killing intent wafted over to Will. This was not true intent, but instinct that told Will, ‘If you resist, you die.’

“Thank you Lord Silverton.” said the woman, with fear evident in her eyes. Silverton grunted and started making out with the woman he was molesting, as if he did not have a single care in the world. Will’s level was far too low for him to give a damn about his existence. All he wanted to do was get this over and done with so he can go and have fun.

Will sighed and signalled for the woman to give him the pill. She approached and handed it over to him, as if she was holding a delicate explosive. Will marveled at the pill for a second, and he threw it into his mouth without hesitation.

It melted as soon as it entered his body, turning into a dark formless energy that went straight for his heart. Will snickered in his mind, because he was far too familiar with what this was. It was Intent!

Trying to poison me using intent? Bitch please.

The energy went straight for his heart, but Will was long prepared. Another formless energy was guarding his heart, and as soon as the dark intent touched it, it was covered by the formless energy Will had in his heart. Will knew of the empire’s methods because Letty had warned him, so he was fully prepared.

“Thank you for your cooperation Lord Solitary. What you just swallowed was an enslavement pill. So long as you perform any act detrimental to the empire in any way, the poison will destroy your heart. The poison is made from a unique undetectable energy. His Majesty Dragonheart encourages those brave enough to attempt to remove the poison, if one succeeds, there will be much to be gained. But do be careful, accidents might occur along the line.” said the woman.

Dragonheart is looking for people who can use intent. Impressive method, but when it comes to intent, you still have much to learn.

The woman was happy that nothing had gone wrong so far. Plenty of lords would refuse to take the pill, resulting in many blood baths occuring. This was one of the reasons why the empire had been able to expand so quickly.

“Now Lord Sicario here will test your battle prowess or other skills and determine your position in the empire. Please follow us outside.”

The enterouge left the room, leaving Will and Letty baffled. Weren’t they the hosts here?

Once again Will marvelled at how domineering the empire was. He was not a fan of taking orders, but circumstances dictated otherwise. The group exited the skyscarpepr they were in and walked to a desolate area. They arrived at what seemed to be a small run down stadium. The woman raised her hand for everyone to stop and bowed toward the masked man, “Lord Sicario, if you please.”

The masked man stepped forward while flexing his body. At that instant a mad current of World Energy started entering the masked man’s body. The nearby area started to shake a little while the masked man’s aura shot through the roof. Even Silverton stopped fooling around and had a serious expression on his face. A trace of fear could be seen in his eyes. It was clear whom of the two lords representing the empire was stronger.


With a shout, the man slammed his palm into the pavement, and mana spread out toward the surrounding, soil started gathering upon the surface at a speed visible to the naked eye, forming a mini mountain. Within seconds the mini mountain had reshaped itself into a pyramid. Will could not help but whistle at this. The sheer density of the mana used to create that pyramid made him shiver. In that instant Will realized an important fact, he had no chance against the masked man. Especially if it was a long range battle.

“Destroy that.” said the masked man in a monotone voice. Letty gulped as soon as she heard his words. If it was an ordinary pyramid made of earth, then Will would find it easy, but the energy packed within that pyramid made it harder than steel. She was not from earth and was born within the system, thus she was all too familiar with what was required for the deed to be done.

Will had only just passed the level 50 threshold, yet he was now required to break a mass that had been created by a mage who was at least level 100, not to mention it took the mage time to gather energy and create the mass itself. The more time someone had to prepare, the more powerful the outcome, especially for mages.

Will could not help but frown when he saw the pyramid. His aqua sense had informed him just how formidable that big block of soil was. Even Silverton was pondering how on earth he would destroy that. Silverton had also taken a similar test, but it was nowhere near this difficult.

This kid is unlucky. The empire wants to use this city as an entry point into the country, so it is extremely valuable to them. The lord stationed here would have to be someone who would not lose the territory to anyone nearby, including myself.

Silverton quietly mused. Will sighed and started walking toward the huge mass. Under Modus’ guidance Will had learned a thing or two about formless water intent, but he had yet to come up with a way to use it in battle as an attack. Thus he planned to use this pyramid, to test some of his theories!

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