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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 73- Opening The First Door!



Ignius looked at Will with a deadpan expression but worry flashed across his eyes for an instant. At first, Will assumed it was hesitation but instinct later told him otherwise. He gripped his sword tightly, waiting for his opponent to make the first move. He was more comfortable countering, patience was to his advantage. A unique style, particular to Will was born from five years of countless battles. Considering that Ignius was giving off a dangerous aura, Will chose to proceed with caution.

Ignius wanted to kill Will with everything he had, but at the same time, part of him was disappointed that earth would lose someone who possessed two Empyrean Intents, and that his hands would be responsible.

“Are you done?”

Ingius’ words only resulted in a smirk from his opponent. In response, he snorted and once again stabbed forth with his spear. Will closed his eyes and concentrated. He was well aware that his sight was of little use to him thus he delegated his mental power to his other senses. He was really curious as to what made him feel like he would die no matter what course of action he chose.

As Ignius’ spear lunged forth, an invisible disturbance in space occurred in front of it, resulting in most of the spear disappearing into the void. At the same time, the spear appeared right behind Will, coming out of another disturbance in space.

This, This is!

Will barely had any time to marvel at such an overbearing ability. He was far to concerned with defending himself. Will immediately erected a barrier of Bloodlust and Sword Qi, while at the same time rotating his body to meet the spear.

Almost as if the spear had a mind of its own, it reacted! the weapon suddenly sped up and tore through the wall like it was a sheet of paper. Will no longer had enough to turn back, thus Ignius was assured victory.


Instead of hearing the screams of a dying man, his ears were greeted by the resounding sound of two metals clashing. His pupils dialated as he witnessed Will’s body in mid motion. Knowing he no longer had time to turn around, Will decided to put his sword behind him. The momentum from the spear had managed to decimate his defences thus Will held no illusions on being able to stop the spear with his sword, especially considering he was only wielding it with one sword. Instead, his objective was much more efficient. With a well calculated nudge, the spear’s trajectory was shifted, thus missing Will’s back by less than a centimetre.

Ignius was impressed but this feeling only lasted for as long as lighting strike. Like thunder, Ignius quickly went into action, pulling his spear back while swinging it to the left. This time he was confident his attack would meet its targert only to be surprised once again.


History repeated itself and his spear was deflected upward by a Will who was bending backwards.

What kind of swordsmanship is this?

Unlike Will, Ignius had information on forms, knowledge passed down to him by a variety of means. Where as his opponent was practically self taught. Except the basic techniques taught to him by the system Will used his own self created techniques. One could even argue that his technique was formless, constantly changing and adapting to the situation. In anger Igius drew back his spear slightly and aimed at Will who was still bending over backwards.

I’ve got you now!

Considering his opponent’s stance, Ignius was sure that he had this fight in the bag. But Will once again pulled a rabbit out of the martial arts hat. The spear was headed straight for the side of his torso and threatened to end him then and there when Will joined hands and placed his sword within. Then Will made his left hand slide down the side of his sword until it neared the tip. At the same time his feet quickly left the ground.


Using the momentum from the collision Will flew upwards. Ingius grunted and retracted his spear.

Fool, now you are stuck in mid air!

A new disturbance in space appeared above Will. He didn’t waste time and reacted quickly. A spear quickly appeared and descended upon him like the wrath of a furious deity. Ignius eyes dialiated as his spear hit nothing. Will landed a few steps behind, ready for the next attack.

This bastard formed and ice sheet beneath his feet and rebounded of it! What fast reaction speed. Why is he now so fast?

Indeed Will had now increased in speed. He was qualitatively different from before. Ignius refrained from attacking and closely observed his opponent, trying to understand what had just occurred.


The 12 Doors were undoubtedly the most important meridians within one’s body, particularly because one could only become an immortal once all 12 Doors have been opened. Before one started upon the path of cultivation their body would have a certain amount of doors that were already opened. The number of opened doors before cultivation determined ones talent regarding cultivation. Will had six doors open thus he was far above average in that regard.

The Doors were named 1st Door all the way up to 12th, in the order they are opened. According to cultivation laws one is born with all 12 Doors opened, but exposure to the filth of the world results in the Doors being clogged up. Some bodies resist this filth better than others like Will, resulting in them having quite a few doors open when they begin cultivation.

No matter how much of a prodigy one is cultivation can only begin after childhood is finished, because ones body needs to be able to handle the strain of world energy entering.

Having open doors is one thing, but utilizing them is a different story. For one to find the doors and use them one has to have a cultivation manual and have an Intricate understanding of the human body, including all meridians and acupoints.

The solitary sword manual was incredibly complex and gave Will quite the headache, but ever since he gained over 1000 minds he has been working non stop on understanding what he can. So far all he had understood was the most basic of methods, which was how to utilize open door and how to try to open others. Each door could be utilized an innumerable amount of ways, with some far surpassing others in results. Suffice it to say the SSS manual had high quality methods for opening and utilizing each door.

So far Will had been moving his yuan through normal meridians and had not utilized any of the 8 Gates or the 12 Doors as he was unaware of how to. Experimenting was out of the question, as it could lead to qigong deviation, a scenario in which energy went beserk and destroyed ones meridians, which would permanently ruin any chance of Will cultivating in the future. This basic knowledge was present at the beginning of every manual.

Ignius felt the yuan around Will go through a quantitative and qualitative change, thus he instantly concluded.

This brat has utilized a door!

According to the information he had received from Modus, Will was a fledgling cultivator who knew next to nothing on how to properly cultivate. Thus it came as a big surprise when Will suddenly appeared with such an upgrade.

Ignius would be shocked to know that Will was more surprised by the changes in his body than he was!

This was the first time Will had utilized a Door before, and the feeling was nothing like he had expected. The yuan in his body burst forth in billowing waves and surged around his body. If yuan traveled around his body like a trickling stream before, now it was a river. He knew that utilizing a Door would help him but he didn’t expect the change to be this extreme.

Utilizing Doors could be likened to travelling. The moment one utilizes a Door it was like running for the first time. Running was much faster than walking thus it was very powerful, unfortunately humans don’t run for most of their lives when using their feet, they walk, because one can only run for so long. The same principal applied to the Doors. Once opened they gave one immense strength, but at a price. Energy in ones body would run out at a much faster rate.

Will had only understood how to use the Doors a few days ago, but in order to avoid qigong deviation he wanted to make sure he understood everything thoroughly before attempting to open a Door. The current situation had forced his hand but fortune was in his favour.

Will was immediately invigorated because his mind was also awakened by the Door opening. His concentration was doubled and his senses sharpened. Will took in a deep breath as he quickly shifted a large portion of his brain into controlling his body. Each and every muscle fibre came under the scrutiny of Will’s yuan and entered into an incredible harmony with the rest of his body.

Ignius was no longer as impressed as he was a few moments ago when he finally thought about who he was dealing with. He stabbed forth with incredible speed, and once again a spear appeared near Will from an awkward angle.


Ignius gasped, because Will barely moved an inch. He had just stepped sideways and deflected the spear with minimum force. After realizing his plan worked Will smirked and started sprinting forward.



Ignius stabbed forth multiple times, engaging the approaching Will from all sides, only to be met by an incredibly concise movement from the swordsman followed by a deflection using only the minimum amount of force required.

No matter what Ignius did the same result occurred. In fact as time went on, Will’s reaction speed actually increased!

Bastard has achieved Martial Harmony!

Ignius shivered at the thought of what occured.

Martial artists trained for countless years in order to gain control over their entire body. For example, most people were more familiar with the use of one hand over the other. This example carried itself across the human body as there are many muscles we don’t use to their full potential. Martial Harmony was when a martial artist was able to control their entire body to perfection. Ambidexterity, faster reflexes, increased flexibility, these were only some of the boons of achieving Martial Harmony. Even Ignius, an incredibly talented Martial Artist was barley able to touch upon such a threshold. As far as he knew there was only one mortal who had achieved such a state.


By the time Ignius came to, Will was only a few steps away. Instinct told Will to stop and be cautious, thus he stood quietly observing Ignius.

I refuse, I refuse to believe he has achieved it!

Ignius stepped forward, Infuriated at the sudden turn of events. Since Will was now in reach he did not need to use his space warping ability. Will had even dissipated the bloodlust around him. He simply felt that it would not help him much in this situation as his senses were now sharper.


A resounding symphony of spear and sword clashing echoes in the empty hall. Ignius attacked from a myriad of angles, trying to find an opening, but he was always met by a well timed counter from Will.

He is only around level 50! Since he opened a Door he won’t be able to last for long! I only need to hold out until then!

Such were the thoughts of Ignius, unfortunately Will did not show signs of fatigue. Quite the contrary he was getting faster.

Imagine two puppets. One puppet that was only being controlled by 2 strings and one was being controlled by 10 strings, which one would have better movements assuming each and every string could be fully utilized? Such was the state of Martial Harmony.

It normally required years of specialized training and monstrous talent in cultivation to achieve. None of which Will had. Will was a monster when it came to intent, the soul and the Dao of water/sword but he was only above average everywhere else. Having 6 doors open innately was far from being talented enough to achieve Martial Harmony. However he had unique circumstances.

Yuan had the qualities of both mana and qi. Mana strengthened the mind and qi strengthened the body. Dual mind propagation coupled with synergy of having both his body and mind nourished by the 1st Door led to such a situation.

Martial Harmony also made one’s usage of energy efficient as well as body movements. Thus even though opening the 1st Door was taxing, it was not as bad for Will as Ignius thought. After exchanging a few more rounds with Will, Ignius finally reached this conclusion once his head was clear. He finally accepted what Will had achieved begrudgingly.

He jumped back a few steps and surprised Will by bowing slightly with his hands clasped.

“You are indeed an impressive warrior. I was wrong for assuming you were only a pampered child under Modus.” Will scratched his head in surprise and didn’t quite know what to say. He could sense the sincerity coming from Ignius and was caught up in the mood.

Suddenly, an overbearing qi started oozing from Ignius’ body. The qi was as heavy as a mountain and as brutal as a tsunami. It almost made Will want to step back in fright.

“I will now use 5% of my qi. Peerless Dao Master, prepare yourself! I am the Dragon of the West, Ignius Skye!” Ignius took a stance and his face showed a degree of seriousness the likes of which Will had not seen before.

Will simply nodded and took his stance. He also decided to kick things up a notch for the upcoming battle, by utilizing the 2nd Door!


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