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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 71- Stalker

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A thousand years ago, a man at the peak of existence, the Evil Saint, along with his companions challenged the might of the Nine Heavens of Tian and fought the Tyrant of the Heavens, Lord Tian himself!

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The Dragonheart Empire spanned across most of Europe and what was formerly known as Russia. Its Emperor, Arthur Dragonheart, was from Britain and he made it his mission to transform the rest of the world into his ideal state.

It was well known that Arthur was some sort of noble before the system arrived, but the unknown was of much more interest, Arthur Dragonheart was from a clan that had practiced cultivation for centuries, in other words, he was from Jianghu.

He and his clan had little to no difficulty reaching their peinnacle within his own country. Arthur’s might was well known and few dared to challenge it, fewer still had any success, thus the empire faced little resistance during its expansion.

Its headquarters were located in a city once known as Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Now it was known as Drageria. London, Manchester and Birmingham were still in the hands of demonic beasts. Due do being the three largest cities in the country their rulers were no doubt powerful beyond imagination.

In Drageria Andreas sat in his office operating a tablet at his desk. The entire empire was in a flurry due to the upcoming war while Andreas constantly performed war preparations. As the Prime Minister of The Dragonheart Empire he was a powerful man but with great power came great responsibility. Arthur was the ruler but the day to day runnings of the empire were scrutinized by the watchful eye of Andreas.

He heard someone knock on the door. He was annoyed as he had demanded not to be interrupted. Andreas struggled against his curiosity only to give in to the powerful urge. He answered the knock.


A beautiful woman wearing a suit entered, performing a graceful bow. “My apologies for disturbing you Lord Prime Minister, but I have urgent news that requires your immediate attention.”

Andreas didn’t even bother to look up while waving his hand for her to proceed. She adjusted her glasses and said, “The Lord of the Major American City B30 has surrendered to us.”

“Miami, I see. That is good news but I don’t see why it is so urgent that you had to tell me now.” Andreas refrained from revealing his annoyance.

“Sir, the Lord is on the list of Peerless Dao Master candidates.”


“He is rather high up sir.”

Andreas said nothing for a few moments. After which he finally said, “Name?”

“Solitary Sword Sovereign Sir.”

Andreas quickly brought up Will’s file on his computer and evaluated all the details they had on him.

He is a Lord but he attends a highschool In another nation? He just started a guild with only three members? He conquered Miami almost single handedly? He has sword and water based abilities? He passed her test?

Andreas stood up from his seat and glared at his secretary. “He passed her test and he is a candidate for Peerless? Why was I not informed sooner!” Now he did reveal hia annoyance and didn’t care a bit.

The woman stuttered and didn’t quite know what to say. This was indeed quite the blunder.

“Sigh, no matter. Leave now.” Andreas slumped back in his seat and began massaging his temples.

“As you wish Sir.” The woman bowed and turned to leave only to hear Andreas speak from behind, “Wait, inform the closest Nation Lord we have to him that he is to personally visit the young man and give him a warm welcome.” The women seemed as if she may turn and speak. “Don’t even bother turning, your incompetence disgusts me. Now go!”

The woman shivered and briskly walked out of Andreas’ office. The longer she suffered his scrutiny the more she aged. Youth was a vital aspect of a young woman’s life after all.

Will only explained part of his plan to Letty and Alice, the duo were stunned by this seemingly out of character move but simply nodded. They had already given their lives to this man thus they had no choice. Will spoke with the fervor of a child about to open a Christmas present. He clearly would not take no for an answer.

The guild creation process was surprisingly simple after all. All Will had to do was drip a few drops of his blood on the token. After that all he had to do was manipulate the Management section of his menu a bit and voila, Senbonken was now official. Will also manipulated the menu a bit and renamed B30 returning the name to Miami. It just felt right. Sectors were named after the city in charge thus Will had effectively called his sector the Miami sector.

It was late and Alice’s brother was worried. He had arrived late at the school and began pestering her thus Will decided to bring her back to school. It was continuing the next day so Will had to leave as well.

Letty was left by herself in the large city, but she didn’t mind, she became absorbed in her work. Trying as much as she could not to think about what had happened earlier.

Will dropped Alice off near the school. She insisted Will did not meet her brother. He could tell that she did not want to reveal the reason so he obliged.

Will had no place to stay in Silverton, but he didn’t mind. Instead he flew high in the sky and created a cloud. Above that cloud was an ice sheet on which Will practiced his sword techniques. No yuan, no intent, just pure technique. From drawing to vertical cuts, Will practiced them all.

His intention being to practice for the whole night until school started the next day, yet something odd occurred.

Although Will refrained from using intent during practice he made it a rule to always have Aqua sense working on his surroundings. At the border of his Aqua Sense range entered an oddity that made his head hurt. The sensation was akin to looking at the sun and being blinded by the light.

Will Immediately switched off his Aqua Sense due to the oddity over loading his senses with an intent that was incredibly overbearing.

He was curious as to who was responsible for this but he kept on practicing. He did not want to get distracted from what he was doing. Aqua sense might have been overwhelmed but there were other ways to see.

The oddity that Will had sensed was a man wielding a spear. He was tall, broad shouldered and had a stiff expression. He wore plain leather armour and and simple cloak. Five years ago such a figure would have no doubt caught the eye of the masses. But now, especially considering how dark it was, no one payed much heed.

The man approached the tallest building in the area, a ten story structure, and climbed up the walls with his bare hands. This attracted attention from those who could see what he was doing, but he disappeared from their site the moment he reached the rooftop .

As soon as he reached that point the man simply sat cross legged and stared in Will’s direction.

He could see the man staring at him from quite the distance, but he paid little attention to it and continued training. So long as the man did nothing to disturb Will, he would mind his own business.

This continued until morning. The man was still staring at Will with a naked gaze while he practiced. When Will decided it was time for school he jumped down. As he did this the man’s gaze never left his visage.

Look’s like I’ve got a fan. Took him long enough.

As Will landed he sped off to school snickering in his mind. The man did not leave the roof and simply closed his eyes. Waiting for his target to return to the skies above.

This odd behavior continued for the entire week. Will would go up into the sky and practice his sword strokes and the man would simply observe. Will was not bothered by it at all and simply continued on training.

Despite his seemingly lax mentality what happened to Alice weighed heavily on Will’s mind, and this was a form of therapy for him. He could not be bothered to pay attention to curious onlookers.

Throughout the week Alice didn’t attend school, not once. Will found this reaction normal and decided not to enquire about anything. As far as he was concerned perhaps it would be best for her to stay away from dangerous things for a while.

Letty and Will remained in constant communication. Apparently quite a few Lords approached Letty with the intention of meeting Will. He told Letty that he was not to be disturbed so she brushed them aside and told them that Will was training. There were a few visitors that could simply not be ignored thus Letty had to entertain them quite a bit…

When Friday evening hit Will approached the clouds and started training. He intended to go to Miami at midnight and see what progress Letty had made regarding the city. Will had also heard of some very forceful guests who refused to leave until they met her master.

As Will looked to the side, watching the spear wielding man stare back at him, he sighed in resignation. Will assumed this would be like other nights but this time there was a change.

The man stood up. A large boulder the size of a house appeared in his right hand and he hurled it straight towards Will. Will didn’t bother stopping his training and continued his swings, a boulder was far from a threat to him. But it was not meant as a weapon.

The man leapt off the roof of the building, heading straight for the boulder which had traveled about a fifth of the distance to Will. He landed on the boulder with practiced ease.


Like thunder the man roared across the sky with the energy he gained by launching himself off boulder, which was now just a pile of ashes falling in the sky.

This is what finally caught Will’s attention. He Immediately raised his guard facing the man, because he had covered the remaining distance with a breath’s worth of time.


The man’s spear clashed with Will’s sword bringing forth the beautiful ring of metal on metal. The moments the duo clashed Will was overwhelmed by the force of his opponents attack and slid backwards by many meters. He had to create more ice behind himself in order to remain in the sky.

Will plunged his sword into the ice to halt the inertia. When Will finally stopped he pulled removed his sword, only to receive an incredible shock.

The duo was now within a large wooden hall. It contained no windows, no decorations, nothing but four white walls and a wooden floor.

Somehow in the time it took Will to draw his sword and look up, he had been taken to this place. What bothered him the most was that he sensed nothing. Only his eyes told him that he was now somewhere else.

He didn’t dare release his Aqua Sense in fear of feeling retribution in the form of overbearing intent. Despite that, the intent still came out, with words attached to it

“Before you speak know this. You are not qualified to know who I am, neither are you qualified to know why I am doing this. All you have to know is that you are now in my space, and you can’t leave until I allow it, or until I am.”



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