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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 68- War Is Looming


In a an empty castle on an abandoned hill was a party of seemingly ordinary users. This was a simple dungeon raid in a low level dungeon. A small group of people came out of the castle, and as soon as they had left, the castle then floated into the sky as if it were weightless. This was a typical situation of a cleared dungeon going back high into the atmosphere.

“Wow that was so dangerous!”

“Guys I think I leveled up twice!”

“I leveled up thrice!”

A rowdy bunch of teenagers in shiny amours and robes were chatting excitedly about their endeavors when a voice interrupted them, “Don’t be cocky. This was a low level dungeon. It just so happened to suit low level rookies like you. This is the world of the pros so don’t brag about being able to crawl when you can’t even walk!”

“Yes Master Julian!” The group replied. The strict speaker had been the person in charge of this raid. This was a raid party that belonged to the Dragonheart Empire. One of the world’s most powerful forces. They controlled most Europe and South America, and their influence reached far and wide. This was a nation that was ruled by one of the two legendary Sovereigns, Arthur Dragonheart.


The Dragonheart Empire was a very difficult organization to join and had very strict requirements for those willing to enter their ranks. A strict training regiment would be used by its newest members to increase their martial strength. This raid was part of the regiment these newbies were undertaking. Julian was a trainer in the organization. His was not extremely famous, but those who knew of him highly respected him, because all who fell under his tutelage would go on to have a bright future. Thus even though he was not powerful himself he was highly respected. He always wore a fox mask thus no one knew his face. He was simply known as a fire mage which a larger than average build.


While walking down the hill the group was stopped by Julian. He had received a call thus separated himself from the group. Once he was a safe distance away he started talking.

“You may go own Andreas.”

A voice entered his mind, “Yes your Highness. As we suspected Aurora Phoenix is indeed making use of Peerless Dao Master’s name, using it to recruit fanatics to his side. Most of the unconquered nations in south America and Europe are already shifting toward her banner. Within a few months she will become a force that even we should be wary of.”

“What about that sword head? What is he doing?”

“Lord Musashi has been very quiet recently. So far there has been no movement from his Nine Rings Clan, thus unless Your Highness does something, Aurora’s rise to power will continue unabated. There are few who do not fear Peerless, and even fewer willing to go against his wishes.”

Julian leaned against a tree and started massaging his temples in contemplation.

Sigh this is such a pain.

“Your Highness?”

With a sigh, Julian finally replied.

“Andreas, issue this statement. Any nation state or guild that joins forces with Aurora is now the official enemy of my Dragonheart Empire. Within a month I will personally head over to America and raze my enemies to the ground. Anyone who is not my subordinate is my enemy. Surrender will not be accepted once the time period of a month is over.”

“Your Highness, are you sure this is what-”

“Do it Andreas. I am tired of playing coy with these weaklings. Aurora will either roll in my bed, or turn in a grave. The choice is hers.” With those words Julian cut the connection. As if nothing happened he walked back to his group and they continued walking down the hill.

Within a beautifully decorated office stood a handsome dark faced man if expensive looking clothes. In front of his desk were a handful people. There was no one in that room who’s name did not send shock-waves across the world. Each and every person in there had the power to destroy a city with a wave of their hand.

The dark faced man was facing the window behind his desk, with both his hands behind his back. His eyes were closed as if he was deep in thought.

“Are you sure that is what he said.” Said a feminine voice from behind.

“Andreas does not mess around witch, you know that better than I do.” said another voice in a lazy tone.

“But if our Emperor moves himself Musashi won’t sit by idly. If those two fight who knows what the consequences will be.” said the feminine voice.


Andreas finally opened his eyes. He turned around and faced his companions. A resolute expression showed on his face as he spoke words he hoped he wouldn’t say so soon. “Enough. Our Emperor has decided. Go to your nations and prepare. For in a month’s time…we go to war!”


“My class, it changed!”

Alice was elated and surprised. She never expected anything like this to occur, especially with her measly level. She had heard of objects that could change one’s class but they were far out of her reach. She looked at Will, expecting to see some sort of reaction, only to see the dark skinned youth poking his nose.

“I figured that much, what I want to know is what class you now have and what it can do.” said Will with an annoyed tone.

If your class didn’t change then I would have run around the city naked.

Alice was not about to let Will’s words disturb her euphoria. With a jovial hum she looked at her class name, only to tilt her head in confusion. At first she had failed to notice due to her state of excitement, now however it was clear as water.


Will grunted in disapproval at her silence. “And then?”

“It says q-qiankun scholar?” Although Alice was well versed in many languages, Asian ones were not included. Will whistled in admiration at what she said.

“Heaven and Earth scholar, not bad.”

Alice looked at Will with confusion in her eyes, “You know Mandarin?”

“I know a lot of things, anyway look at your abilities, are they related to spacial manipulation?”

“Hold on…Huh? How did you know?” Alice was once again baffled by the young man’s actions. Will shrugged his shoulders, “Its an otaku thing.”

“What’s an ota-” Before she could finish she was cut off by Will, “We need to go back to class, we have wasted quite a bit of time here.”


Will put his arms around her slender waist and jumped from the roof. Alice screamed her lungs out but it did her no good. By the time Will landed the mist had cleared, and it was as if nothing had happened on the roof at all.

“Just to make sure I understand everything, let me confirm a few details.”


“You are Peerless Dao Master.”


“And you are creating a guild.”


“You are recruiting me into said guild.”


“Which is why you gave me that Dan, to make me stronger.”


“I have one more question…”


“Why me?”


After school Will and Alice went to a restaurant to have a meal. Suffice to say that Alice 2.0 had caused quite the shock-waves at school. Thanks to the existence of the system there were many ways of confirming someone’s identity. Once it was confirmed that it really was Alice, a medical check up was done. Alice requested to keep the details of her metamorphosis private, causing rumors of her change to spreads like wildfire around the school. Her family was contacted and she was free to go after the process was done. Her brother was on his way, and Will still had information to give her thus they decided to have an outing together. After making sure that sound could not leak and surrounding their table with mist, Will put everything in a nutshell.

At first Alice wanted to laugh at him. So all Will had to do was call her using the system. He asked for her user name and made the call. When the system told her that she was receiving a call from Peerless Dao Master Alice glanced at Will like she was looking at a ghost. It took a few minutes and hundreds of questions to finally reach the point they were at now. Will patiently answered all of her questions while ordering smoothies.


“I chose you because I like your personality.”

Alice slumped in her seat powerless. Personality? In this day and age where talent and power was everything he decided to use personality as his criteria?

Will slurped the last of his smoothly, “Oh and you were someone who already kinda knew me so I don’t have to worry about getting along with you. Two birds with one stone. Epic right?”

No! Not epic! Not epic at all!

“Um, Lord Peerless-”

“Alice like I told you a thousand times Will is fine.””

“Right…Will. I am sure there are millions that are more qualified than I am. Surely you could do better? Someone like me is not worthy.”

Will laughed at her statement. “That’s cute. Let me tell you something. You are worthy, and the only reason that should validate that for you is that it’s because I say so. In this world strength is justice”

Alice blushed when Will called her cute, were she another girl she would have completely missed his next words. “Thank you L-…Will, thank you.” After blushing she started crying tears of joy. Will merely sat there and ate the fries in front of him. He had no intention of stopping her, rather a serious matter of epic proportions was plaguing his mind.

What do I call my guild? The Dao Masters? The Empyrean Warriors? Sky Charterers? It has to be a really cool chuuni name, and I have no clue what to use. Over a thousand minds and no good idea. Useless system.

After Alice was done crying Will asked her about the requirements of creating a guild and how one goes about it. Alice was completely unabated by Will’s response or rather lack thereof, and answered him as best as she could.

“Right, before anything else, you need a Guild Token, these are extremely difficult to get. One can get one by doing a mass raid on a high level dungeon and hope to get one, or Buying. It is also an option. It is the most common method used but they are extremely expensive. I will do some research as how we will-”

With a flick of Will’s hand a gold coin with the words GUILD inscribed in the middle landed on the table. As the coin stabilized on the table Will yawned, “And then?”

Alice swallowed her words and marveled at the sight. She wanted to geek out about seeing a Guild Token but looking at Will’s face now was clearly not the time.

“Ehem, the next step is to have a minimum of 3 users. Do you have other users under you?”

“Yup.” Will nodded.

“Well it would be best if they were here.” Will put his hand on his chin as he started pondering on their next course of action.

After coming to a conclusion in his mind, Will grinned and clapped his hands.“Alright Alice, time to meet your fellow guild-mate!”

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  1. Brothers, sisters. I too have waited, checked daily, for this chapter. And let me tell you, me likey where this is going.

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