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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 67-  Super Makeover!

AN: Hey guys. I apologize for the recent errors haha, English is my third language and i am in need of an editor so, if you feel you are good enough and are interested hit us up on our recruitment section!



In a certain school, in a certain classroom, a young girl was looking out of the windows. While around her everyone looked as exhausted as a person can be on a monday morning, she didn’t look tired in the least. On the other hand, she had an expression of worry on her face as she muttered.

“Where did that guy wonder off to? The lesson is about to start… if he doesn’t hurry, he’ll be marked as late!”

Alice sighed as she opened her textbook. Then, as she picked up a pencil, her hand suddenly trembled and the object fell on the floor.

It couldn’t be… he tried to do something dangerous and got hurt? It couldn’t be, because I said that thing about Lords, right? But if that was it then…

“Oh, is this yours? Here.” the voice of a boy shook her awake. Alice blinked and saw the pencil that had just fell down being handed to her. Looking up, she recognised the figure of the young boy.

“Ah, yes. Thanks, Will…” she bowed her head slightly.

“Sweet. No problem. Well, lesson’s about to start, I better go find an empty desk, possibly one where I can sleep peacefully.”

“Oh? Sure, see you later. Do not get caught.” Alice nodded her head in his direction.

“Mmm, ya, I’m pretty sure I won’t, don’t worry.” Will yawned and sat two desks behind Alice’s.

The girl sighed and turned around…

Wait… what!

Alice gaped as the familiar figure of the dark skinned, white haired youth was finally registered in her mind.

So he was alive and well… bah, got me worried over nothing! 

She smiled and then sat up as the teacher entered the classroom.

“Everyone, good morning!” the teacher, a man in his mid-thirties wearing a cloak, enthusiastically waved his hand to the students.

“Good morning, Mr Cole…” some students managed to reply.

“Ahah, I know it’s monday and you guys must have been busy over the weekend, hunting monsters and completing quests. Still, this is no reason to slack off during my class everybody! I’d like you all to remember my class is Scout, so if any of you fall asleep, I’ll be sure to give extra homework due tomorrow!” the teacher chuckled.

“Alright, please take out your textbooks and turn to page seventy-four!” he grabbed a piece of chalk and began to write on the large blackboard.

A choir of ‘ugh’s and ‘darn’s rang out as the students realised they would not be able to rest. Well, everyone except for Will. He had long since fallen asleep, even his textbook was already drenched from the drool. Still, for some reason, nobody seemed to have noticed that.

“Today, we’ll be talking about Monster Rankings. As you all know, monsters are divided into many ranks, such as F, F-, E+, so on and so forth. As for Bosses…”

Will opened his eyes just as the bell for the morning break rang. He yawned and stretched as he wiped away the drool. He turned to look beside him and saw Alice staring at him with amazement.

“Three periods… you slept for three periods and none of the teachers found out?”

Will shrugged, “Told ya. Wake me up at lunchtime, I’m still tired…”

And just like that, under the shocked gaze of the female scholar, the youth curled up on his desk and fell asleep once again.


Alice sighed and turned around, heading back to her desk.

“…come find me at lunch time…” Will’s voice rang out in her mind.


Alice turned around: Will was still sleeping. Shrugging her shoulders, she sat back on her chair and grabbed a book.

Was that my imagination?

“No. It was not. Come find me at lunch time, I have something to give you.”


Alice turned around. Indeed, Will had not moved an inch. What’s more, nobody other than her seemed to have noticed anything strange. What was that all about? Was she growing crazy?

“No, you are not-” Will’s voice rang out once more.

“Goddammit, alright!” Alice shouted out loud.

The classroom fell silent and everyone’s gazes fell on her. Blushing, Alice lowered her head in shame.


“What on earth did you do that made you so tired?” Questioned Alice as Will wolfed down his food in the cafeteria.

“Well actually I’m not really tired. But I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention so I decided to rest my minds.”

Did he just say mind-s? He is crazy! I should avoid him. But if I avoid him, who will talk to me…

Alice sighed in resignation as she realized that her future was tied to the young man’s. She also wanted to ask how he was able to telepathically communicate with him. In this day and age abilities were common, however abilities like telepathy were rare and highly sought after. They were also abilities used by mages. And looking at the sword on his waist he was clearly not a mage. Alice was about to pop the question when Will handed her a round ball.

It was brown and looked like a ball of hardened mud. It was the size of a jawbreaker and was releasing an enticing scent.

“What is this?”

“This is a dan!”


Alice felt the urge to smack his face right now. Dans were legendary pills that could only be obtained by achieving incredible feats. One dan was was more than enough to buy her father’s entire company 10 times over. Yet Will called this little round ball a dan.

She was about to complain when Will grumbled, “Shut up and eat.” While her mouth was still open Will shoved the ball into her mouth with incredible precision. The moment it entered her mouth it liquefied and went down her throat into her belly.

At that instant Alice felt the most pleasurable feeling she had ever felt in her life. It was as if a stream of warm energy was spreading through her body and washing through every single one of her cells. Alice was overwhelmed. She had to forcefully cover her mouth to prevent moans from coming out.

Will was amused by the spectacle and continued eating with wild abandon. Alice’s chest kept heaving up and down, and soon her skin started to become red, as if she was suffocating. Then with a loud moan, Alice fainted. Her hands failed to prevent the sound of sheer ecstasy from leaving her mouth.

Everyone in the cafeteria looked to the source of the sound. Only to spot a table with two plates and empty seats.

“Phew that was a close one.” Will wiped his brow as he laid Alice down. Her had carried her and moved away instantly after her moan at the fastest speed he could. That sound was far too embarrassing. Even for him. It had caught him by surprise, otherwise he could have just made their table sound proof. But there was another reason he had to leave the cafeteria.

Will had carried Alice to the roof of the gymnasium. It was flat so there was plenty of space and no eyes nearby. Just in case Will released some mist to block their surroundings and started observing the changes being made to Alice’s body.

Right now her skin colour was no different from that of a tomatoes. She was breathing heavily as the body trembled. Suddenly, a black liquid-like substance started oozing out of the pores of her skin. The substance was the worst smell Will had ever come across. From rotting corpses to faeces, this was without a doubt the worst smell a human could come across.

Were it any ordinary human they would no doubt vomit and feint. Will was a human who could use intent, which was the pure manifestation of willpower, thus all it did was make him crease his brows.

The black liquid, as if it was alive, started to move around Alice’s body. It kept oozing and flowing, till Alice was completely covered in a cocoon made of the black substance. Once the cocoon was complete, the substance hardened.  After a few minutes a change finally occurred.

A hand broke out of the cocoon. Then after that hand came out a foot, and soon after the entire cocoon shattered. Will was eating popcorn he had taken out of this spacial ring and was viewing this with round eyes. For once the cocoon shattered Will saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Her skin was as smooth as the finest jade. Not a single blemish or flaw was in sight. Her hair flowed like water down a heavenly stream free and unrestricted. Her eyes contained an attractive wisdom that could not be hidden. The figure was so seductive that it seemed mathematically unsound. Her breasts were like mountains. Standing large and proud. Her hips were incredibly large and her waist was so slim it made one want to hug her.

Will started munching his popcorn faster and faster. He even forgot to swallow as he kept throwing more and more Into his mouth. This was the new Alice!

Alice was standing, hugging her perky chest in a state of euphoria. She was now moaning louder than ever with a voice that could make fairies quiver with envy. After a few moments she regained her senses and looked around. It took her a few moments to realise what had happened.

Gasps of awe sounded out from her cheery red lips as she looked at her new body. She felt so light, she felt so clean, she felt so…refreshed. She was now slightly taller and her senses had improved. She could now see farther, hear better, and smell better as well.

Sigh…I’ve had enough fun.

Will decided to allow her to see his presence. Once he had done so, Alice, with her new and improved vision finally realized that someone else was there. She saw Will’s fervent unadulterated  gaze scanning each and every inch of her body and suddenly realized that something was very wrong here.

She was about to scream when a voice rang out in her mind.

“Calm down.” It was soothing and gentle, and made her relax. This was another trick Will had learned with Water Intent. It only worked on beings much weaker than yourself but in such situations it was useful.

After dressing up, Alice was now standing on the rooftop. She was pouting while Will was whistling in awe.

Alice had no idea how Will had done so, but clothing floated to the roof as if it was being controlled by him. It was a pair of leggings and a tank top. There was even lingerie as well as some sneakers.

Alice had a lot of things swirling in her mind right now, yet despite that, she was able to remain calm. How did Will calm her? What did he feed her? Did he have telekinesis, which was one of the most feared abilities in the system? She was also unhappy at the fact that he had seen her naked, but for some reason her brain was more concerned about the logic of what had just happened instead of her feelings.

Will could not help but grin as he looked at the clothes he had given her.

Took away the fat from  all the right places. Very nice! It was totally worth it giving it to her.

Alice had finally organized her thoughts when Will finally spoke. “Check out your class.”

Alice also felt that it was a good idea so she closed one eye and immediately brought out her menu. What she saw shocked her to her core.

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  1. The previous chapter for this isn’t “SSS CH66” its “MOTDN and GDC Announcement” so there isn’t a link from chapter 66 to this one

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