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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 66- Regent

“Give me control… over the city?” Letty widened her eyes: what her was Master talking about?

“Yeah, there’s something called a reagent that allows me to do so. Why, is there a problem?”

Letty’s eyes seemed to have turned into tennis balls as she immediately shook her head, “Master, I know what a reagent is… the question is why? Why would you do that with a city you had to pour blood and sweat to conquer! I couldn’t possibly accept such a position!”

Will struggled not to display any trace of anger on his face:

Yeah, why would I do something like this? Oh, maybe because fucking Modus is an asshole! Fuck, if it weren’t for Adelda my love, you think I’d just take this school shit lying down! Adelda my love, are you watching? This is all for you!

“Well… I need to take care of a few things… researching the Dao, studying intent, secluded meditation… yeah, stuff like that.” Will smiled forcefully, veins popping on his forehead as he spat out a few excuses he had thought up on the spot. He couldn’t just tell his subordinate that he was still going to school, could he?

After all, in her mind, he was a great master, a wise and mighty man with deep understanding of the world!

Will’s fake smile trembled slightly as he awaited for a response; was it too much to ask for her to believe his bullshit?

Amazing! As expected of Master, he speaks of so many incredible things many people would give up an arm and a leg to experience even just once as if he has experienced them all beforehand… and all with such annoyance!

Letty’s eyes lit up with newfound admiration. Noticing this, Will gulped and decided to add fuel to the fire. He coughed once and then nodded knowingly, “Ahem, I don’t have much time for taking care of mundane matters, so ruling over a city 24/7 would be below me.”

“If you become my reagent however, I can also focus on increasing my understanding of the Dao! With this, you should also be able to surpass level 50, so that’s three birds with one stone!”

Please, buy it!

“Master…” Letty looked up, her eyes glittering with admiration, “is so resourceful! Of course, how could I not think of that myself! You have opened my eyes!”

She bought it! Fuck, why is it so easy to fool a top tier guide, I have no idea at all!

Will cleared his voice and then smiled once again, pointing his finger right at Letty’s excited face, “Of course! Then, it is decided! From now on, you are to be my reagent, Letty! Let’s kick those bad parents of yours’ asses and then conquer this world together!”

Letty widened her eyes in excitement: yes, this was the master she sought for! Powerful, resourceful and, above all, wise and knowledgeable!

Wait, did i explain why i wanted to attack my own world?

The two stared at each other in the eyes for a while, Letty was awed particularly due to the fact that Will had soloe’d a city like this with such a low level while Will mentally crossed his fingers for his idea to work. Then, after ten seconds had passed with nothing happening, Will finally spoke out, scratching his neck embarrassingly “Oh, so it doesn’t work like that… ehm, what am I supposed to do? Like, does it involve some kind of blood ritual? Or was I supposed to write down a contract?”

Letty gaped in surprise.

“Pfff… Ahaha!” She covered her mouth before bursting out laughing: strong and mighty, sure, but she had yet to grow accustomed to the more troublesome aspect of them all… his eccentricities!

Will knew what to do, after all the information had been processed by him in a second, but he wanted to cheer her up a bit and lighten the heavy mood.

After recovering, Letty shook her head and spoke out “Master, you only have to make a request and the system should take care of it!”

Will nodded with an expression that seemed to say so it was that simple…

“Ahem, System? Could you, like, make Letty my Reagent and stuff?”

Ding! System notice, user Letitia Yiva The Third has been offered the position of Reagent of city B30, Miami, by user Peerless Dao Master!

Just as the system notified Letty, a window appeared before her:

[Do you accept the position as Reagent of B30 / Miami? This will allow you to change and have control over the city on subpar with the Lord who is actually in control – Peerless Dao Master.]

Yes, yes, yes, I accept!

Letty almost shouted out, barely containing herself. The young girl pursued her lips before nodding, “I accept.”

Ding! User Letitia Yiva The Third is now appointed as Reagent of B30!


What was a reagent? A reagent was a person to whom a Lord would give, or more accurately share, the control over a city.

What’s more, with this position alone, a user would be able to pass the bottleneck that was level 49 as if he or she were an actual Lord.

This information, Will had also been told it when he had first heard of it from Alice a while ago but he had sliced it from his mind thinking it to be useless, of course, at the time, Alice had just tossed it out without thinking too much about it. After all, how could she have ever guessed that such boorish, eccentric and overconfident (at least in her own opinion) youth would turn into a Lord any time soon?

Now that I think about it… I guess I should give her something in exchange for her help, shouldn’t I? Mmm…

Will’s eyes fell on the System Notice from the boss battle that he had yet to dispel and his gaze fell on the rewards. His eyes lit up slightly and at the same time he felt his heart ache.

Yeah, sure why not? It’s not like I’d need it anytime soon anyway…

Will swallowed down his tears as is trembling hands signaled for the rewards to be acquired and sent into the default storage.

Not at all! Sniff, sniff… damn, I got something stuck in my eyes! I’m definitely not crying!

Taking it out of the storage, Will grabbed the small object in his hands and pocketed it before looking over towards Letty; the girl was observing her body with interest and, after noticing Will’s gaze, she explained.

“Up until now, it had felt as if all the excessive power and experience I was able to gather would just be syphoned away by some strange force… now however I no longer feel anything like that! It’s such a strange sensation…”

Will nodded, his expression one of extreme seriousness, “I understand that completely!”

Letty tilted her head in confusion; uhm, no, you don’t? You weren’t level 49 earlier, so why would you ever feel like that? There weren’t any bottlenecks up to level 49, so there was no way he could ever experience having any experience he gathered slipping out of his grasp!

Will, however, thought differently…

Fuck, some Nation Lord will be siphoning my experience as soon as I get back to school! Fuck this shit, I have to become a Nation Lord soon!

The two were completely different things, sure, but in Will’s mind, the two were the same, as long as even the tiniest bit of experience was stolen, he would not be able to rest until he got it back!

Hell, fuck you Modus! School’s fine, but you just had to find one where the guy controlling it was a Nation Lord! Shit.

“That aside, Letty! I have a task for you!” Will spoke firmly, his eyes glinting sharply.

Letty swallowed some saliva and then nodded. What was it going to be this time? Were they going to slay a B rank Boss monster next? Defeat a C rank beast horde? After so many amazing feats, she couldn’t help but raise her expectations…

However, Will had none of that stuff in his mind.

“Letty, I need you to stay here and make some changes to Miami… as you see, as of now, it is not habitable. Like, at all. We really need to fix that, so I’m asking you to stay here and those few changes for me… would that be fine with you?”

Letty’s eyes glinted and she nodded repeatedly, “Of course, Master! Speak, and I shall do my best to see the matter to its end!”

“Actually…”, Will smiled mysteriously, “I have quite the changes in mind… if I were to tell them orally it would take up too much time, so I’m gonna use intent to communicate. This shouldn’t take too much, so bear with it.”

Letty opened her mouth to speak, but then her voice was cut off as an incredible amount of information began to enter her consciousness, branding itself into her mind.

After a few breaths had passed, the girl was wide eyed, her lips trembling as she struggled to find the words, “Master… are you sure? Like, really, really sure?”

Will nodded, “Yup, and yup.”

Letty closed her eyes and felt her head ache. She sighed and then nodded, “Alright Master, I’ll see to it so that it’s done.”

Will’s lips arranged into a wide smile. He chuckled, “Thanks Letty! You da girl!”

“I…” Letty muttered, still in a state of shock, “I am da girl… I guess.”

“Oh! Another thing, you think you can change your appearance? I mean, it’d be easier for us if people don’t find out about my true identity, and since I just hired you, a famous guide, it’d allow people to easily find that out.” Will said.

Letty pondered for a while and then nodded, “I… I guess I can go back to my original form, to how I looked like back in Eridium.”

Will beamed “Sure! Do go ahead!”

“Then…” Letty smiled as she closed her eyes, “Here goes nothing.”


Uh? What the heck? Where did the brat go? Who the fuck is this?

The woman in front of him had slightly tanned skin devoid of any imperfections, a slim, pointy nose, slightly plump, cherry-like lips which made people want to bite them. Her exotic looks left people wondering her actual age, but she still did not look older than twenty five.

She had hazel colored eyes, plus a pair of perfect, long eyelashes which would definitely make any man with working nether regions unable to look away each time she blinked…


Why? It was not because her beauty was anything less than divine, no. She was a goddess, very few people would be able to measure up to her looks. However, when speaking of working nether regions, her slim waist, massive bosom and wide hips were simply too alluring.

She wasn’t as tall as Will, being one full head shorter than him, and she would probably also be much shorter compared to other girls her age.

However, most people, not necessarily only men, wouldn’t give a dog’s shit about that. Her figure was even better than that of a model, resembling a perfect hourglass, and even her slightly oval face was that of a beautiful actress!

The long, voluminous, raven hair broke free of the constraints tying them into ponytail and fell down the woman’s back like a waterfall. Speaking of voluminous things breaking free…

Fuck! This is almost Adelda level! Although Adelda my love is unrivaled when it comes to the mighty ass, she is actually beaten when it comes to boobs? Who the fuck is this bimbo? Is she trying to steal me from my Adelda!

“Master, what’s wrong?” The attractive woman asked, her beautiful face donning a mask of worry at Will’s painful expression, “Is something the matter?”

Letty? Is that really you? Fuck, what about my plan on hiring a premature girl to avoid being distracted? If I am a Peerless Dao Master, she is the Peerless Booty Queen! Give me back the cute little girl!

Will adjusted his Aqua Sense so as to get a better look.   

Adelda, my love, how difficult it is to resist the temptation… I hope you are watching your husband down here defeating his demons with his head held high! Never! I shall never succumb! Are you seeing this, my love? This is all for you!


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    1. im really curios as well whether or not he will get multiple wives i mean considering the type of story this is i think he would definitely give in and get multiple wives

  1. please understand that a reagent and a regent are very very different words.
    please also understand that you used reagent repeatedly when you must have meant to use regent.
    please fix this; it was incredibly annoying to read
    otherwise: ty for the chapter it was pretty good.

  2. He doesnt really have to give her anything, he made her a leader of a place and also able to pass a bottleneck.

  3. hmm isn’t reagent a substance or mixture for use in chemical analysis or other reactions? the word you’re looking for should be regent

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