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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 65- Shocking The World



AN: From now on chaps will be minimum this length. Enjoy:)


In the United States, buildings such as the pentagon had grown all but useless with the waves of powerful users. Thanks to the system, even the threat that an atomic bomb posed for a powerful user could be debated.

What’s more, many bombing raids on some cities which had been taken over by Beast Hordes had failed miserably with the planes being shot out of the sky as soon as they entered the monsters’ line of sight.

Because of that, as of the moment, after five years, the pentagon had been remodeled into an intelligence gathering station… using the System! Hundreds of users gathered together in large offices, keeping track of any noteworthy event.

Just as the bell indicating the lunch break was about to ring and people were stretching and chatting enthusiastically, a young man refreshed the glowing screen in front of him one last time.

“Lord Rankings” he sighed.

The screen grew fuzzy for a second and then grew clear once again. It looked exactly the same as before… if it weren’t for a small detail. In fact, it was the disappearance of a short string of characters under the section: unoccupied cities.

An high-pitched scream suddenly rang out, silencing all murmuring. Then, the figure of the young man shit out of the small office and entered a room at the end of the vast hall.

The room was full of smoke and the young man had to repress the urge to cough. Gulping down, he immediately stepped forward.

“Boss! Quick, take a look! The Lord rankings, just now…” He shouted, shutting the door behind him.

“What is it?” A voice replied. A fat, old man sighed as he unhurriedly stood up from his comfortable chair. He went around the large, wooden desk and then pushed his hand on top of the young man’s shoulder.

“Calm down and tell me what happened.” He spoke, his presence making the youth shiver. He gulped to regroup his thoughts and then explained.

“A-A new Lord has just took over a city!” He finally was able to speak out.

“So what? That happens more often than not these days, what’s there to make a fuss about? You scared me there… I thought a Sovereign had appeared or something…” the old man chuckled and took out his pipe from the front pocket of his jacket.

“No… sir… that’s… he took over city B30.”

“Mmm? B31? Someone actually beat that annoying beast horde? I heard there was even a C+ dragon boss… that’s impressive indeed, but is it enough for you to be this excited?”

“Sir… the user…” the young man wanted to cry, shout, but he was just in a state of shock and was unable to speak. It was at that moment that the door slammed open once again!

“Sir! Peerless Dao Master has become a Lord!” A woman barged into the room, her eyes glowing with a fanatical passion.

The old man was surprised for a moment, but then regained his cool. He coughed twice and then nodded, “So it seems. Well, that is to be expected. After all, a Sovereign still not being a Lord would have sounded like a joke after his announcement earlier… so, what city did he obtain? Is it in the thousands? Ten thousands?”

“…sir… he took over the highest ranked city in Florida.” The woman tried her best not to cringe at the man’s opinion about her idol and hubby, Peerless Dao Master!

“Florida? Oh, isn’t that where Miami is?” The old man widened his eyes.

“…sir, I told you that somebody just took over B31, didn’t I? That’s Miami.”

“Oh yeah! I remember wondering what kind of name system is the one assigning these codes to cities is using! Miami, yeah, a good place. I wonder who the lucky Lord is…”

Bang! The door flew open once again!

“Sir, a person was just reported to have leveled up tens of times at once!
This breaks all previously reported records!”

The old man was flabbergasted, “Who… Who is this guy? What a monster! Let alone Peerless Dao Master, would even the two other sovereigns be more talented than such a beast? This is the birth of a new sovereign, I tell you! How did it happen?”

The person that had just walked in was a man in his late thirties. He was dressed in a suit and wore glasses, making him look like an intellectual.

At the moment however, this person had messy hair and a crazy grin on his face as he spoke excitedly “Sir, he conquered one of the highest ranking cities in Florida and earned the exp by defeating the Bosses that lived there!”

“Oh?” The old man flinched as he pondered. Then, his expression lit up and he laughed, “Ahahah, doesn’t this sound familiar? That Peerless Dao Master couldn’t even make some achievements without copying them from this guy! What Peerless Master, he is just a Copycat!”

At this point, the young man that had first walked in and had heard the whole thing couldn’t hold it in any longer and wanted to either yell or punch something. Preferably, the both of them.


Similar scenes played out all over the world. People all around Earth were staring at the System Windows with wide eyes.

Some wore happy smiles, other grimaced enviously, others simply stared at the glowing screens coldly, hiding their expression under masks of indifference. However, wherever and whenever they were, people in Europe, South America, Asia, Indonesia could all be seen feeling their blood pumping: a Sovereign had made his move after staying silent for so long! How could they not feel excited?

As for Africa, ever since Golden Lord had taken over its entirety, no news had been heard from within as, after going in, no one had ever come back out, so one could only guess.

However, the first to have discovered Will’s achievements was not a company or agency such as the NSSA (New System Society of America), but a lone, insignificant player…

The large corpse fell back down. Blood trickled down countless holes riddling the monster’s body, the biggest amongst them being right in the middle of the Ogre’s forehead, splitting a crown-like circlet in two perfect halves.

“Whew! I almost died back there!”

Duke sighed in relief and lowered his bow. He adjusted his scarf and patted the dust of his clothes. He looked at the system message and grinned with excitement.

[Congratulations, you have successfully completed the quest: Return of the Ogre King, a recurring quest. You slew the Ogre King, an E+ rank boss, and have received 100 points as a rewards.

As this is the tenth time you have completed this quest, you receive as an additional reward the Title ‘King Slayer’.

Because you killed one thousand Ogre Warriors you have gained the Title ‘Ogre’s Nightmare’

King Slayer: to slay a king, one has to be cold-blooded and strong-willed, as the simple royal aura of a ruler is enough to frighten even the strongest of warriors! The user is granted immunity to all low level status effects targeting the mind.

Ogre’s Nightmare: after slaughtering so many ogres, you’ll without a doubt become the main antagonist of the tales ogre mothers use to frighten their children to sleep! The user gains the passive abilities ‘Fiery Gaze’ and ‘Frighten’, which respectively lower by 5% the stats of weak Ogre monsters and grant a small chance of any Ogre Monsters faint whenever they gaze at the user.]

“There’s actually titles? God, yes! So that information was true! You can truly get titles from repeating this recurring quest… and this other title seems OP too!” Duke excitedly spoke, tightening his grip around the handle of his longbow.

Duke, aka Kevin Dull, had been one of the latest arrivals to the system: having joined just a few months before, he could be considered a newcomer. At the same time however, his knowledge about the system surpassed that of many veterans!

Before the system first appeared, Kevin had been a shut in. He would spend all his time playing games in his room, becoming what people usually call NEET. Due to this, the few friends he initially had ditched him, the girl he confessed to, one he had liked ever since grade school, had rejected him. Kevin could still remember very well the expression of disappointment and disgust on their faces.

He had always regretted dropping out of college and relying on his parents’ money, however, after the system arrived on Earth, he had finally a felt a chance, a ray of hope in the darkness; a chance to redeem himself!

Because of that, he had been gathering lots and lots of information even before receiving his class. Hunting areas, quests, classes, abilities, etc, etc.

He did not care whether they were actual facts with proof rumors, he had chased after them all!

And when his class finally arrived, he was met with quite a surprise: his class wasn’t common, but at the same time it wasn’t that rare either, being a slightly stronger version of any rpg’s basic archer, Monster Hunter. At the same time however, Monster Hunter allowed him to inflict greater damage against monster such as Ogres, allowing him to successfully complete solo raids against the E+ ranked boss monster Ogre King.

Thanks to his knowledge Duke had grown strong enough to slay bosses ranking E+ in just four months! He was just level 39, but was up and coming!

Just as Duke was going to leave the arena, he heard a beeping sound. He widened his eyes in excitement: this was a System Notification, and what’s more one that focused on the Lords rankings! Being such a seeker for new information, Duke had long since bought items that allowed him to receive notifications about all kinds of matters.

The Lord rankings was one of them.

Duke excitedly called the system menu and went into the information tab. There, the list of Lord rankings was displayed in front of him. He frowned: there was no change amongst the top 10 Lords, so why did the System Notification beep so loudly? He had programmed it to have it only beep as loud as it had when something extremely important happened. For example, last time it had been when the Sovereign Dragonheart had been surpassed by the Sovereign Kenshin in the Nation Lord rankings… so why would it…

Then, as he thought that, a thought dawned upon him. Duke paled.

Could it be…

“Search for Lord, Peerless Dao Master!”

Whenever Duke had tried this action earlier, he had been met with the cold message from the System, announcing that no such user held the position of Lord. This time however, ten seconds passed and no such message had appeared.

Finally, after ten more seconds, the screen refreshed as another System Notice rang in his ears!

[Ding! Information about user Peerless Dao Master acquired.]

Duke stared wide eyed at the information before him: after just a little time had passed from the bold and confident announcement, Peerless Dao Master had truly let his actions speak instead of words!

[Peerless Dao Master: Position – Lord;

Lord Ranking – 3767/3860]

He had actually become a Lord! How much time had passed since the world had been looking down on that man because of his level? Minutes? Hours?

Despite the ranking being low due to his level, that was not what had shocked Duke so much. After all, anybody not being a Lord was stuck under level 50. What surprised him however was the fact that, even after having just become a Lord and having the limiter on his level removed, he was still not the bottom of the list!

The lowest level Lord was a guy at level 47. A few hours prior, Peerless Dao Master had been under level 25. And yet, Peerless Dao Master was not in the last place, meaning he was higher than level 47, but he also was higher than last place by a hundred spots! What did this mean? It meant that the mysterious sovereign had gained more than twenty levels in just a few hours!

But was that all?

No, the reason for his shock was the following piece of information which showed the city and territory occupied by a certain Lord. Being such a high ranked city, Miami had been under the scope of many Lords and even a few Kings and Emperors. However, these Lords, Kings and Emperors had all failed at conquering Miami because of the fierce bosses guarding it.

And yet, there it was, clear as day, black on white. Peerless Dao Master was now Lord of the highest ranking city in Florida, amongst the top fifty in America!

Duke cleared his voice and then read the information displayed on the glowing screen out aloud, “Peerless Dao Master: Position, Lord; Lord Ranking, 3767/3860; …”

Duke, Kevin Dull, swallowed some saliva and then read out aloud:

“…city occupied by Peerless Dao Master… City B30, Miami; City Ranking… 279/23736!”

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    Just a little comment on the chapter, sometimes you are calling Miami B30 and other times B31, not a really big problem, but still a little confusing.

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