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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 64- Lord!


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The Hound could sense its end the very instant Will got underneath. It had its own method of omni directional sensing and it could tell what Will was about to do underneath it. At that moment it was as if time froze for the hound and it could see death right before its eyes.


Dreadhounds were beasts that had a nether element to them, that meant that they were very sensitive toward anything that had to do with death. The hound could tell that once Will swung his sword, it would be all over, not even a spec of dust of it would remain, thus it made a difficult decision.


I yield!


These two words were like a mountain crashing into Will’s mind. He immediately stopped all action and stopped his sword mid-swing. Just the pressure from the swing itself blew away all the objects around the duo and made the Hound fall over.


Will was extremely happy with what had just happened. The puppy yielded! Both parties had completely different ideas as to what this meant.


A demonic beast that had a certain level of sentience could yield and end the battle in the arena. The result would be a drop in its strength and the winner receiving less experience than they should have. Yet many users were more than happy to do so because winning and killing were a far cry apart when it came to high rank beasts. This was what the Hound had in mind. It would yield and immediately run away once Will accepted. Of course Will had other ideas.


Colossus Criterion immediately took effect.


Skill: Colossus Criterion Thesaurus

Class: SSS


Class Restriction: Restriction: None

Level Restriction: None

Special restriction: User must be a Sovereign and must have an Intent Ability.

First Chapter- Colossus Criterion

An ability that allows a user to tame a beast that yields regardless of that beasts level so long as the user has personally won the battle.

Second Chapter- Thesaurus Phylogenesis

An ability that allows a user to imbue a tamed beast with intent and allow it to evolve. Can only be used 5 times. Results depend on compatibility.





Third Chapter- Colossus Graft

Fuse two tamed beasts to create a brand new species. Results depend on compatibility.



The Hound had no idea what it had just done, unfortunately for it the ability immediately took effect before it could even resist. A feeling of subservience and reverence for Will started forcefully entering its body and creeping up around its soul. The hound starting shrinking in size while howling in terror, until eventually it was a ball of light with a brown hue. Interestingly, once the ball stabilized, it started growing in size, completely surpassing the Hounds original size. As it grew larger Will could feel more and more resistance from it.


Impossible, its fighting back? No…I’m just too weak to fully control it!


Will was lacking knowledge on Godbeasts. If he did know what they were, he would not have used his skill so hastily, especially considering the fact that the Hound had yielded to the battle, not to Will himself. The result was now a spiritual tug of war between Will and the puppy. Will did not like what was happening, so he came up with a crazy idea.


“Thesaurus Phylogenesis!”


Will imbued his sword with three of his yin attribute intents: Bloodlust, Killing Intent and Sword Intent. Water Intent was to broad and had aspects of both yin and yang thus Will was not going to imbue it into his ability. His goal was simple. Make the beast evolve using his own intents, since yin had the aspect of suppression this should in theory help him suppress the beasts rebellion while at the same time synchronizing Will’s own soul with the beast, a sort of ‘soul branding’. It was conjecture, and a massive gamble, but Will was too tired and mentally fatigued to think of anything else at this instant.


A car with 64 fuel tanks is useless if they are all on empty. Thus with a reddish-gray sword strike, Will applied his ability, putting his theory to a test.



Congratulations! The battle has been won! Due to failure to kill the beast no material reward can be given. Due to successful application of Colossus Criterion experience reward increased. Due to successful application of Thesaurus Phylogenesis experience reward increased. 50000 points awarded for successful application of skill Colossus Criterion. 50000 points awarded for wining Lord Battle. 50000 points awarded for passing level 50. 50000 points awarded for defeating a full boss. 50000 points awarded for defeating a creature far stronger in terms of power. 200000 points awarded for becoming a first time Lord through Solo Play. Yuanying Purity Dan awarded. Guild token awarded. Title Sovereign of Solo Play awarded.


Will’s mouth could not close when he looked at the list of rewards. The points he cared little about because they were of no use to him at the moment. No what he cared about were the other rewards. A Dan and a Title! Dual Pioneer had come with incredible rewards so Will looked forward to seeing what reward he would receive this time.


Next was a Dan. Dans were medicines that had the ability to assist cultivators. There was a Dan for nearly everything. Increasing power, curing sickness etc. So long as there was a need odds were there was a Dan for it. As a reward for such an achievement Will had no doubt that this Dan would be impressive.


Will slumped onto the ground as he exited the arena. He could barely hear the prompt as he was too busy reveling in the pleasure of gaining experience. The system had said it. Will had surpassed level 50! That meant that he was now a Lord!


Will could instantly feel an immense change in his mind. Dual Mind Propagation was taking effect.


2048 minds! He had split into 2048 minds. It took a while for Will to fully comprehend just how serious this was. Once Will’s body was filled with energy he stood up. He looked at his hand and grinned so wide he looked as if he would crack his jaw.




An odd evil laugh escaped from Will’s mouth as he started laughing like an insane man. As Will laughed a change occurred, it was as if the surrounding suddenly became a part of him. Will naturally constantly had Aqua Sense but this was completely different. A system prompt appeared in front of Will right at this moment.


You have become a system Lord! Now that you have become a Lord a new option, [Sector] has been added to your menu. From this option you can manipulate your sector depending on how many points you have!


A flood of information flowed into Will’s mind. Normally even for the most intelligent of users such knowledge would take a while to process, but for Will thanks to Dual Mind Propagation it took merely an instant. Thousands upon thousands of numbers and statistics regarding the city flowed into his mind.


So this is why my senses changed.


Will could feel that he had a nearly omnipotent control over the city. He could feel the power, but a wall was blocking him from using it.


I need to use bonus points.


Will did not know this but most players could barely feel anything at first, at most they could only have a vivid feeling of power over their surroundings. But thanks to Will’s comprehension of intent, his soul was much more sensitive than most.


Will instantly opened up his [Section] option and decided to see what he could do with his new found power.



Letty was still standing in the shallow waters when Will returned, but this time the scenario was a bit different. The horde of beasts that had been concentrated on the city had scattered the moment Will’s battle had ended. Thus all that was left was a stunned Letty looking at round in shock. She was well accustomed to the system thus she knew what all this meant.


Master won the battle?


The fact that Will had been able to defeat such a creature was so shocking to Letty that she lost the strength in her legs. Many hours had passed and she had stood there scared to death, now all of that tension let loose. As Letty was about to fall into the waters, a hand reached out to her and caught her shoulder.


The hand was strong, steady, and comforted her. It was her Master’s hand. Letty did not even see Will coming, and when he did get there she knew that he was now stronger, far stronger than he had been before. She had a lot of questions to ask. How did he win? Why was he so strong? What level was he now?


All she could do was open her mouth, because no words could come out. Will snickered at how cute she was being. Using one hand he stood her back up. “Level 54, I’m now level 54. I’m strong because I’m awesome. And I won by using the pure epicness that is my awesome.”


At first Letty wanted to gasp at how he knew what she was thinking, but when she heard how ridiculous his latter answers were she could not help but giggle. Will smiled when he saw that she had relaxed.


“I’m glad you are back safely Master.” Letty had a sincere smile as she spoke, causing Will to nearly blush were he capable. 5 years ago such a sentence with such an appearance would no doubt cause him to faint. “Ehem, no need to worry my servant. I will never perish haha.”


Letty sighed in relief when she heard how confident he was. He was indeed a strong person. A battle with such a powerful beast had barely fazed him.


“Anyway Letty I’m going to give you control of this city.







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  1. shouldn’t his classes rank up now? since they first upgraded when he reached lvl 20, now that he’s over lvl 50 i think that he’s due for another upgrade

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