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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 60- The Sword is Drawn!



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A battlefield is a place which reeks of blood, death and suffering. It is a sacred place for warriors who have a purpose, it is a temple for those who seek to transcend to the peek of the martial path, that is something the puppy knew very well. Its had been alive for only a few decades, but its blood held the memories of its ancestors.


That is why it knew, when your opponent is bloody, injured, a seemingly weak, yet still has such a smile on his face, danger is on its way.


Currently Will was standing on the remains of the Miami arena. No more buildings existed, everything had been reduced to mere rubble, as if a giant foot from the sky had stomped on the city with an unbridled fury. There was nowhere to run, and clearly nowhere to hide.


Will was covered in cuts and bruises from head to toe, dried blood stained his skin and clothing, and even his white hair had a little red tint in it. The puppy on the other hand was perfectly fine, floating in the sky looking down upon Will like the god it thought it was. Despite this seemingly perilous situation, Will was the one with a smile on his face, were as his opponent was currently in a state of inner turmoil.


The reason was simple. The current state of their surroundings, the damage and the sheer desolation, was precisely because of Will. All of it caused by the stick in his hand. Since the beginning of the battle till now, Will had been unable to land a single hit on the fury creature, and every miss resulted in deadly consequences for the duo’s surroundings.


The puppy excelled in speed, which Will had pride in, and was able to land multiple small hits on his body, but that was all it could do. Every powerful attack it threw Will’s way was annihilated or parried by his stick.


Will had only been using one technique throughout the whole battle. True strike. His Qi reserves were near depletion, and the continuous attacks and True Strikes had taken a toll on his body. Nevertheless, it was Will who had a smile on his face.


This human, what is he! How is his intent so overbearing, and that attack of his, he is getting weaker and weaker yet his proficiency is improving over time, to the point where his overall battle strength is getting higher over time! Monster! This King has truly found a monster!




Like a specter Will disappeared from the puppy’s line of sight.


Not good, he keeps getting faster!


Will suddenly appeared on the puppy’s side with stick in hand. His True Strike lashed out with incredible force.




With a human like snort, the puppy swayed sideways dodging the blow. With a turn and a stretch of its front paw it prepared to attack Will once more. Will knew what was coming so he prepared to back away, an ice sheet forming beneath his feet. But he was still a tad slower than the puppy.


This puppy had a particularly troublesome ability. It could expand any of its extremities at will in terms of size and length. Thus the paw became a behemoth within a fraction of a section and came crashing down upon Will.


Will snickered at this, and roused all of his potential into action. An ephemeral green sword formed on top of his head as he got ready to unless his move. Till now Will would simply use his True Strikes to ward off the giant paws and other attacks, but this time something was different.


As the puppy saw the green sword forming above Wills head, its mind went into a frenzy and its body shivered.


A sword totem! This brat has condensed a sword totem! I cannot let him live any longer!


This time the puppy decided to bring out its full power. Its demonic energy filled the atmosphere as its paw rained down upon will like wrath from the heavens.




The clash between the strike and Will’s stick caused a deafening boom to spread to their surroundings. Rubble from their entire surroundings was completely displaced by the epic shock-wave produced from the clash. A body also shot out from the impact point and hit the ground like a meteorite.


It was Will’s.


The puppy heaved a sigh of relief when it saw this. It had finally landed a major blow to Will!


Will’s body continued bouncing off the ground like a pebble till he landed into the water.


Hmph! Take that! This is the true power of this King!


As the puppy was feeling happy about properly landing a hit, a sudden feeling of crisis welled up from its very core. Without even looking it suddenly dodged to the side with all the strength it could muster.


A vertical sword light the size of a skyscraper moved where it had previously been.


This…this is!


Previously Will’s True Strikes where lacking presence, but now they were so dense they were visible to the naked eye!


The puppy looked toward the source of the light, and looked to the beach. Water had been parted in two by the sword light, but oddly enough the water stood in place revealing a path made of dry ground. The puppy’s heart started beating faster as it saw what was coming out.


It was Will. From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, no more blood could be seen. One would think that this is because of the water, but the strange thing was that he was completely dry!


My attack had no effect? Impossible! It was with this King’s full power!


The sword totem above Will’s head became more and more tangible with every step he took. The deranged smile on his face made the all of the hairs on the puppy’s body stand on end. The puppy shook its head to focus and got ready to once more unleash an attack when it was stunned by what it saw.


Due to the sword light, the parting waters, the sword totem and Will’s appearance, the puppy had failed to notice what could be the most crucial point of all! Will was no longer holding a stick! In his hand, was now a sword!

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  1. “An ephemeral green sword formed on top of his head as he got ready to unless his move.”

    Not unless its ‘unleash’ meaning releasing

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