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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 59- This King!


As Letty was contemplating these things, the puppy finally took action.




Its body appeared in front of the two as if it had materialized from nothing. Of the two only Will was able to follow its movements with his eyes…barely.


The little brown puppy narrowed its eyes and completely sized up Will, staring from the top of his head to his feet. After its viewing a confused expression appeared on the puppy’s face.


Will marveled at the puppy’s actions. Even though it had the body of a dog its face showed emotions like a human, to the point that Will was almost freaked out by it. Letty was born in the system so such a thing did not fascinate her. She knew that the more innately powerful a beast was, the closer it resembled a human in everything it did. In her home world she had seen far more bizarre things, of course that was under protection.


“This King believes you to be a worthy opponent human. Feel honored that this King has chosen you!”


All of a sudden a voice entered Will’s mind and spoke to him directly. It was like the voice of a ten year old, but it carried an odd dignity to it.


This dog can talk directly to people? And this feeling, its using intent! Incredible!


In his past battles Will had never fought a demonic beast that could use intent before. Will assumed that they existed but he never thought he would meet one so early, and under such…circumstances.


This King? This puppy has chuuni? Oh shit. A powerful demonic beast that can use intent and has chuuni? Looks like I have hit the jackpot. This King huh? Two can play at that game.


“This Sovereign has always been worthy to battle thee, thou art just a puppy. Tis as easy as breathing for this Sovereign to smite thee!”


The puppy looked like it had swallowed shit when it heard Will’s response. For two reasons. Reason one was because Will had referred to himself as ‘this Sovereign’. The puppy knew Will did not speak like this so it figured that out that Will was mocking it. This in turn enraged the little creature. But the second reason was like a bucket of cold water completely calming the dog. Will had replied to the dog with Intent as well!


Will was not familiar with the skill, but he simply tried to reverse the process the puppy had used, not to mention Will had spoken to the whole world like this before, now it was only a matter of targeting.


A human that can communicate with intent? What kind of monster is this brat! The system has only been active for a measly five years. Five years! He deserves to die for mocking me, but he does deserve to call himself a Sovereign. Aye, he is most likely that Peerless Dao Master everyone has been making a fuss about. The voice does sound similar. Why is a Sovereign from a lower world so powerful? This King will relish eating him!


“Human how dare you speak to this King in such a manner, you are courting death!” The puppy put on the most menacing glare it could, but it ended up looking even cuter.


“Fool! The one this Sovereign courts is Adelda, this Sovereign courts not this death you speak of, but it will be my pleasure to introduce you to her. Lately this Sovereign has been introducing many patrons to her. The only question is are you dog enough to gain her attention?” Will had a smug grin as he delivered his message. Direct discussions with intent can take anything from a fraction of a second to minutes, depending on the skill of the user.


Will and the puppy were skilled enough to deliver their messages in only a second, but the result was odd. When a person spoke, their bodily movements matched their speech, this was no different case. To Letty, Will and the dog were having a stare down while a myriad of expressions and poses were being taken. Suffice to say, she was creeped out.


“Impudence! Very well, this King shall end your life as you wish. Do not regret your choice human, for in this world there is no medicine for regret.”


“Ai, its a shame, if there was medicine for stupidity this Sovereign would be more than happy to part with it and give you some. You cuteness has put this Sovereign in a giving mood.”


Suffice to say the puppy was angered to the limits. “Human, it took this King quite some time to gather minions worthy of this King’s presence. Especially that dragon, I had expended quite a bit of effort to subdue him. Now I shall have you bear the costs of your actions, prepare!”


A boss challenge has been issued, if you accept you will be taken to the arena. Do you accept?


When Will saw the prompt appear,a smile appeared on his face. This is what he had been hoping for! Of the other bosses only the Warhog had given him a challenge, and he had been given a prize from killing it in the arena. He had slaughtered multiple creatures before but had never received rewards before. The potential rewards made Will want to fight even more.


This Sovereign huh? I am starting to like the sound of it.


“Letty, stay by the beach, close to the water, none of the creatures will harm you if you are there. I have a fight to go to.”



Will shoved Letty lightly but she flew quite a distance an landed right into the shallow waters. By the time she had stood up, Will and the puppy were gone


Letty saw that she was surrounded by multiple demonic beasts of all kinds. In response she brought out a dagger and stood on high alert. Yet the attack she was expecting never came.


The remaining beasts were weak, true, but only compared to the bosses. There were still plenty in the crowd that could devour Letty within seconds. After all she was not someone who focused on combat. After thinking about this some more Letty made a resolution. As soon as this was over she would use the Soul Regalia ability and get stronger. The only question was, would she and her Master survive?

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