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As the dragon heard Will speak, it felt an overwhelming feeling of subservience fill up its body. It was as if Will was gripping the soul of the creature with his own hands, and if it yielded it would lose control over its own fate.


Being the descendant of a True Dragon, a Chilling Yin Dragon had an innate pride within its body, so under normal circumstances it would rather die than yield to a human, especially one from a lower world.


Yet Will was indeed stronger than it. The dragon was also aware of the fact that earth had only been part of the system for five years. Thus the fact that Will was this strong after cultivating for only five years meant one thing.


He has a lot of potential. He would be a worthy master, but can he defeat it?


As the dragon thought of its current master, the true boss of the city, it could not help but shiver. The dragon first looked at Will.


If I do not yield, I die.


Then it stared off into the space behind Will.


If I yield, the human will most likely die.


This was indeed quite the conundrum. But it had no choice, because at least if it chose the second option there was the option of survival. The dragon was confident that Will was using some sort of beast taming skill on it, which made it hesitate even more. If it was a high class skill then there was no backing out of it.


“Beast, I do not hold back twice, and I do not ask thrice, do you yield?


The dragon could not help but let out a weak whimper of resignation. Will was pleased and nodded in satisfaction. “Colossus Criterion.” Once Will spoke the name of the skill, the dragon immediately felt its effects. The dragons body turned into a small ball of white light.


Now lets see here…since its a creature of the yin attribute, I probably can’t apply radiant energy…hhmm.


After Will had left King Yama’s Gate, he got four S class skill books and a hundred thousand bonus points as a reward. 3 of the skills were not applicable to Will due to class restrictions. Soul regalia was one of them. There was only one book which Will could use.


Skill: Colossus Criterion Thesaurus

Class: SSS


Class Restriction: Restriction: None

Level Restriction: None

Special restriction: User must be a Sovereign and must have an Intent Ability.

First Chapter- Colossus Criterion

An ability that allows a user to tame a beast that yields regardless of that beasts level so long as the user has personally won the battle.

Second Chapter- Thesaurus Phylogenesis

An ability that allows a user to imbue a tamed beast with intent and allow it to evolve. Can only be used 5 times. Results depend on compatibility.





Third Chapter- Colossus Gambit

Fuse two tamed beasts to create a brand new species. Results depend on compatibility.


The ability only had three skills, but each had immense potential. Especially the second chapter. Intent was Will’s specialty: Radiant Energy, Bloodlust, Sword Intent, Water Intent, Killing Intent. Will had five intents at his disposal. The key point was compatibility.


For example, if one wanted to level up a zombie like creature but used a cleansing intent the creature would actually devolve. So Will had to carefully think about which intent he would use.


After some deliberation Will made his decision. “Thesaurus Phylogenesis.” With a slash, Will imbued the light with his killing intent. At first Will wanted to use bloodlust but he decided to take it one step at a time. He was also not sure if the creature could handle such a powerful intent. The killing intent Will put in was also imbue with sword intent, so Will was curious as to what the result would be.


The light quickly turned reddish as it began to fluctuate wildly. With a wave of his hand Will put the light into his ring. Looking around with a satisfied expression Will then looked downwards toward the turtle. The dragon had assumed that it had escaped the fog by flying up, but it had only escaped the first layer. Will wanted to make sure no one could see his fight from above. There was no telling how the IB got its information or what some abilities some players might have.


Will was confident that the powerhouses of the planet had their own means of observing what was happening at every major city on the planet. He did not want his abilities known so early.



From up above Adelda could not help but smile. She more than approved of Will’s actions. It is wise not to reveal all of ones cards so early. Even though she was happy with Will’s improvements she was also displeased because the more stronger he was the more likely he would achieve his goal. Which was something she did not want, but unfortunately it was what her master desired, so she would do her job to her utmost.


He may be a dog, but he is better than some of the worms out there.


As Adelda reminisced, she looked upwards. Wondering what would happen once her suitors upstairs learned of what had happened on earth.



Will decided to completely ignore the turtle and headed for the puppy. He was itching for some real action. In only a few seconds he was back at the beach, standing next to a shivering Letty.


Letty felt three beastly souls appear, so she was still thinking that Will was embroiled in a battle with the other. When he showed up next to her she felt a wave of relief. The puppy had not made any movements so far, only following Will’s body.


It had been following Will’s body with its eyes, to the point where just before Will came out of the fog it was staring at where he would land.


This creature is not normal.


As Letty was contemplating on the potentially lethal bundle of cuteness in front of them, Will put his hand on her shoulder.


“Stand back, its time I got serious.”


Will was merely a human, one she had only known for a few days, but his touch had a certain reassuring force behind it, as if everything was alright. But Letty was born in the system. She knew that things would not be so easy.

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