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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 57- Do You Yield?


AN: Some of you may not know this, but this book is based in a multiverse called the Magnum Opus Multiverse. This book is but one book in this multiverse, two more being Titan’s Throne and the newest addition to wuxianation….Pathless Origins! Thats right folks, Pathless is in Magnum Opus, and Will even shows up in pathless chapters 7&8…what does he do? Well head on over and find out here!


The moment Will gripped his sword, all of the powerful beasts felt the atmosphere change. Animals have always had more powerful instincts than man. Before, Will was a target, now he was a threat. The puppy narrowed its eyes as it observed Will, curious to see what he would do next.


I really did not want to get serious so quickly, but these guys have forced my hand, that dragon isn’t much but that puppy is a problem. It looks like it won’t make a move until I take care of the other five…man I hate chores, especially taking out trash.


The ape, the turtle, the snake and the bull were merely seconds away from their target when they immediately halted in mid air. The energy the dragon was gathering immediately dispersed. Letty looked on with shock in her eyes.


All Will had done was look at the beasts and they stopped in the middle of their tracks. She had no idea what Will had done.


Could it be some high ranking ability that causes beasts to freeze temporarily? Why didn’t he use it earlier?


Letty was half correct, this was an ability, but it was not one bestowed by the system like mana from the heavens. No it was something Will had spent five years grinding to the point of perfection. It was intent.


At this instant, the five beasts no longer felt like they were fighting a human, for some reason Will seemed like an Asura straight from the abyss. All five of them felt as if there was a sharp sword lying on their necks waiting for them to make a single mistake.


There clearly was no sword, but there was no denying their instincts. The turtle was spooked and intermediately started to retreat. It shrunk to the size of a soccer ball and started flying away.


Will was no slouch either. Like lightning he bolted of the ground and headed straight for the turtle. Due to its cowardly nature, the turtle had been at the back of the four. So even though Will was targeting the turtle, the others all thought he had started attacking them so they retaliated, despite the instinctive fear taking control over their bodies.


At the forefront was the ape. It flung its large fist at Will. The wind displacement caused by this punch caused some dilapidated buildings nearby to collapse.




Will snorted in disdain at the oncoming fist and brought out a small sphere of water. The ball was thrown at the oncoming fist and exploded upon impact.


The explosion was not meant for damage, but was meant for cover. Within that tiny ball of water was a large amount of condensed water which Will immediately converted into a large amount of water vapor. The entire area surrounding Will and the five beasts was shrouded in mist.


The moment Will formed the mist he easily glided past the ape’s fist and appeared next to its neck. With a slice the beasts head came off with it having no clue as to what had occurred.


Using the ape’s body as a launch pad Will now headed for the bull. The loss of sight did not affect the bull much because it mainly relied on its sense of hearing. It could tell that Will had decapitated it companion and was headed its way.


With a bellow, the bull charged forth while its body shined with a green metallic sheen. It targeted Will with one of its large horns. Were it not for his ice pads Will would have fallen victim to them. The bull was painfully slow in Will’s eyes so it was easy for him to circumvent the horns.


No matter how tough the hide is, the eyes are there for the taking.


Will burst forth aiming straight for the bull’s right eye. Due to its large size and momentum the bull had a hard time changing directions so it fell victim to Will’s attack. Will filled his wooden stick with sword qi and stabbed forth straight into the bull’s eye. Sword qi gushed forth straight into the beasts’ brain killing it instantly. With one last painful bellow the large beast started falling.


Will ran across the falling bull’s back as he located his next target. It was a beast that was indeed strange. It was shifting between visibility and invisibility every second. It gave one the feeling of a ghost and an eerie purple liquid was flowing down its long fangs dripping on to the ground. Surprisingly the creature had no difficult time locating Will.


Before he had even left the bull’s back the snake had already extended its long body and it was about to bite through Will’s comparatively smaller body. Will let out a whistle as he was impressed by the snake’s speed and vicious nature.


Unfortunately you should never compare with me in speed.


The snake often relied on its ephemeral body to survive attacks. It could make its body intangible at will thus it was a troublesome creature for most. Unfortunately for it, Will was not one of those.


Physical attacks were one thing, but sword qi was another. Will had fought mini bosses in King Yama’s Gate with similar abilities thus he knew how to defeat it. Sword qi versus a snake with little to no defenses, this battle held no suspense.With a casual swing Will bisected the snake and moved past its falling corpse. The snake was split all the way down to its tail.


Kinda scary but no substance.


The turtle was not as fast as it hoped because Will had nearly caught up within moments. It had decreased in size to increased its movement speed, but this was now pointless, so it regained its original size and hid within its shell. It did not even bother attacking Will.


Will smirked as he saw this and simply stood on the small mountain on its back. After locating his next target Will put strength in his legs and burst forth.


The Chilling Yin Dragon was very sensitive to life energy so it could tell that its companions were being felled one by one as quickly as one could breathe. The dragon then did all it could to use this time to fly out of the fog. After successfully doing so it looked down.


The feeling of a sword resting by its neck only intensified as time went on, and when it saw that there was a was still one colleague alive it was about to sigh in relieve. Before it could successfully do so however, all of the danger signals in its body went off like fireworks.


All it could see was Will’s visage leaving the fog with his sword held high. The dragon could not understand why it felt like it was going to die. It had many murderous abilities. It was the descendant of a True Dragon! Yet it felt as if it was staring down death himself.


Will’s stick was like the grim reaper’s scythe as it descended down. This was a technique Will had performed more than 10000 times and was very familiar with. It was the True Strike.


Instinct told the dragon that it was dead, for a beast with such a noble bloodline to feel like this, it was unlikely that its instincts were off. Thus the Chilling Yin Dragon, a beast feared among multiple worlds as the bearer of death. Closed its eyes in resignation as it prepared for death…but death did not come.


After a few breathes worth of time the beast opened its eyes to see Will standing on an ice sheet looking down upon it with disdain.


“Beast, do you yield?”      



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  1. Great Chapter cant wait for more i hope he makes that puppy his familar and then uses its cuteness to fool people

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