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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 56- Chilling Yin Dragon


AN: Sorry for the delay everyone. I truly apologize. Life has been…hard. Anyway Thanks to an incredible Donation from Lewis Towler I am able to continue on my journey of awesomeness. The next ten chapters are sponsored by him folks.


Will felt his sixth sense go off. He immediately looked sideways to the horizon to see the disturbance. Letty looked at Will with a look of worry on her face. Partly because powerful opponents were on their way, but also partly because Will was looking in the wrong direction.


Letty’s senses told her that five incredibly powerful demonic beasts were on their way and were nearby. As they neared all of the demonic beasts in the surrounding areas started howling and went berserk.


Many had started coming out of the city toward the beach where Will and Letty were standing. It took all of Letty’s strength to maintain control of her bodily functions, let alone remain conscious, because the five beasts, one in particular, had terrifying auras.


Will on the other hand looked toward the horizon, at one of the areas were multitudes of monsters were coming from.


Letty wanted to ask Will what he was doing, but then she the hairs on her back went on end as she felt that the mini bosses had arrived. She quickly turned her head and looked up in the sky.


Surprisingly all five of them were floating in mid air. Each creature larger and more terrifying than the one next to it. As Letty looked at the prompts explaining the creatures, her pupils dilated.


[Titan Ape: A beast that focuses on offensive attacks and is highly territorial. It is also much more intelligent that most and can outsmart the unwary. 

Rating: D+ 

Class: Sector Boss]

[ Wraith Serpent: A creature than is in touch with the world of spirits. Only half of it exists in this plane. It can make its body intangible and has a poisonous venom that cannot be cured by mortals

Rating: D+ 

Class: Sector Boss]


[ Bronze Back Bull: A passive creature that does not attack unless provoked. Its attacks are slow and its vision is poor but its hearing and defense are more than enough to make up for its deficits. 

Rating: D+ 

Class: Sector Boss]

[Mountain Turtle: A sly creature that ages slowly. Its shell is one of the hardest materials in existence. It has incredible telekinetic abilities and can shrink its size as it sees fit. It is a rather cowardly creature that only fight when necessary.  

Rating: D+ 

Class: Sector Boss]

[ Chilling Yin Dragon: A descendant of True Dragons, kings among demonic beasts. It has control over a flame that can freeze even energy itself. It has the tendency of annihilating many creatures for amusement and is extremely intelligent. It also is very adept at wind magic and has a quality that makes most demonic beasts bow to it.

Rating: C- 

Class: Sector Boss]

“A C-chilling Yin Dragon?” As Letty saw the leader of the beasts that had arrived, she lost all strength in her body and fell to her knees. Dragons were already fearsome enough, but some dragons were a cut above the rest. These were referred to as True Dragons. A Chilling Yin Dragon was not a True Dragon, but it was a descendant of them thus it was extremely powerful. A fully mature Chilling Yin Dragon can even reach the top of the B class! This is how frightening they were.


The ape was like the largest of them all, a black furred mountain of a creature that radiated might. The snake seemed as if it was ephemeral, and gave one the feeling that it existed yet did not at the same time. It was coiled and almost a hundred meters long with the thickness of a large sewer line.


The bull was the second largest but it had the smallest presence. Even the ghostly Wraith Snake had more of a presence than it. Its body was green and its horns gave the impression of a sword piercing the sky. Letty knew that it was passive by nature, but when it did attack, few could stop it.


The Mountain Turtle was as its name said. It was a large turtle with a mountain growing on its back. A truly odd sight. It was not the mightiest of the five, but it was no doubt the hardest to kill.


Last but not least was the smallest of them all. A gray dragon that didn’t even look like it had matured, but the sheer arrogance in its eyes showed that it looked down upon existence. The majesty radiating from its being made one want to bow and looking at its body gave one the impression of being frozen to death slowly over time. It looked simple but was the most frightening of them all. It was also the one that had given the other four the ability of flight.


Being the high level scout she was Letty knew what this line up was capable of. In her mind she and Will were walking corpses. To her it simply didn’t make sense.


Why is such a powerful creature here? Any of these five is more than worthy to be the  boss of this city, but they are mere mini bosses. Wait…if the dragon is only a mere mini boss, then what on earth is the true boss?


When Letty thought of this she looked toward Will only to see that he was still looking toward the monsters that had appeared to their right. Letty knew that Will should have been able to sense what was in front of them, yet he was busy staring at a bunch of weakling as if they had raped his mother.


The sheer seriousness she saw on his face was something she had never seen before. They were indeed in a perilous situation so his expression was justified, but Will gave the impression that he didn’t even notice the existence of the five in font of them.


She once again turned her head to look at what he was staring at.


There is nothing there besides some random weaklings, one of them is even a puppy. Just what is he so focused on…wait…a puppy?


Indeed, within the group of monsters Will was glaring at was a puppy, a brown furred, cute defenseless looking puppy.


Before Letty could process what she was seeing she heard a deafening roar. When she turned her head she saw that the dragon had roared some sort of command making the other four head toward them. Four giant demonic beasts were floating straight toward the duo. At the same time, gray energy started condensing into a ball in front of Letty’s eyes from the dragon’s open mouth. Four D+ mini bosses moving to attack plus a condensed long range blast launched by a C+ mini boss?


Isn’t this over kill?




An odd sound came into Letty’s ears, resulting in her cocking her head to look at Will. Nothing had changed except that a stick had appeared in his right hand. Yes… a stick.


It looked no different from a stick one could pick up in a forest. It actually looked old and seemed as if it used to be a branch from a dying tree. They were about to be destroyed by five behemoths within a few seconds yet all Will had done was stare at a puppy and bring out a stick.

Letty wanted to cry but no tears could come out fast enough to convey her sadness. Will on the other hand was tense. His senses told him that a truly formidable enemy had appeared before him. And it was in the form of an adorable puppy.


Will cared not for the five that were to his side. He had gained nine levels. To most that wasn’t much but to a person with a foundation as solid as Will’s this was the difference between heaven and earth, not to mention Will had severely limited himself before.


The stick was something he was saving for dire situations, and now was one of those situations. For it signified that from that point on, Will was going to fight like what he truly was, a swordsman!



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  1. First off, Lewis Towley, I don’t know how much you donated obviously but you seem like a legend and to Patriarch Onion, you are an even bigger legend, this book is awesome, I love the mix between rpg, cultivation and an apocalypse (kinda) style story setting, it’s amazing the way that you’ve mixed it and I can’t wait for more, I say again, your awesome 👍👌🙌😝

  2. What is with the stick, I know he can make anything into a sword with sword intent but why use a stick when he has a sword on his hip, it is kinda funny that he is staring at a puppy and pulls out a stick but what does the stick have to do with him getting serious

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