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Letty marveled at what she had just learned, but when she looked at his level she gained a shock. Because Will was now level 29!

Defeating the Warhog only gave him a few levels of experience? What is this? He should at least be approaching level 40, especially considering the gap in power between the two and the fact that he seems to have come out without a scratch..


The system awarded experience for leveling according to multiple factors, the main ones being the gap in strength between the two opponents and the execution style. Will had managed to slay a beast that was at a higher rank than he was and he came out virtually unharmed. Letty would not have been surprised if Will was above level 45.


What she did not know was that although Will was many levels below the beast in terms of energy quantity, he was far above in terms of quality. The main reason why Will’s level had dropped to level 20 after cultivation was because his foundations were too weak and his energy was weak.


Experience just stuffs energy into you, but cultivation allows one to refine and improve the quality of the energy of their body while increasing the amount of energy in your body. The better the quality of your energy, especially at the beginning stages of one’s cultivation, the better their foundation and the more formidable you become. The system also took note of Will’s previous battle’s and his plethora of abilities into account before it came up with how much experience to give the young man.


“Yo, you seemed to have benefited quite a bit.” Will jumped from his sheet and landed in front of Letty with a smile beaming on his face. Letty nervously bowed, “It is all thanks to Master. Also I would like to congratulate Master on being victorious.”

Will nodded and his grin widened, he had not received that much praise ever since he became a cultivator.


Will walked to the shore and once again squatted, dipping his hand into the water. “So, tell me, what do you think of the skill I gave you.”


“Ah, yes. It is incredible, it is also very suitable for my class and abilities. With it I am confident I will be able to serve Master better in the future. Thank you Master for placing so much faith in me.” Letty’s heart was filled with gratitude, she knew just how valuable the skill Will had given her was. She silently swore in her heart that she would serve this man to the best of her abilities, because she knew that there were many more worthy of such kindness.


“No need to stand on ceremony. You are one of my people, so I should make sure you are pimped to the max.” Will nodded in satisfaction at his own words. Letty smiled wryly at Will’s odd use of words but still none the less felt the warmth in his tone.


He said my people. He trusts me, even though he knows that I am from an enemy world…


Letty looked at her Master with an unsure expression. Her fate was now going to be in the hands of this odd youth. He was certainly strong. But there was difference between a strong man and a victorious man.


It takes more than talent and strength to make it to the top.


Letty gritted her teeth and steeled her resolve. For better or for worse, her future was for him to determine.


As time went, the duo kept on conversing as they were, silently awaiting what would come next. In her opinion, Letty believed that since Will disposed of the mini boss so quickly, a more powerful mini boss will come, or perhaps even two. Will’s heart palpitated in anticipation. There were many things he wanted to try out, many aspects of his abilities left untested.


It was almost sunrise when the atmosphere suddenly changed…


In an beautiful golden room hundreds of miles away, a meeting was occurring. A multitude of powerful female users were seated around a round table. Only two chairs were empty. The room was adorned with many expensive pieces of art and beautiful designs, giving off a feeling of majesty. The users themselves were also nothing to scoff at. Each had powerful equipment and a plethora of experience.




The sound of the door opening drew the attention of the entire room. The women who entered the room were indeed worthy of attention. They were incredibly beautiful and each was a beauty that could cause the fall of a kingdom. The two ladies at the back had stern expressions and had the demeanor of bodyguards. The two at the front were clearly the true visitors to this meeting.


The lady at the front was without a doubt the most desired woman on earth in the minds of everyone in the room. Countless men and even some women dreamed of just touching her hand. Her shiny black hair was like a cascading water fall that embraced her incredibly curvaceous body. Her skin was flawless like that of a new born baby and her green eyes seemed as if they were always half open, giving the impression that nothing was worthy of her full attention.



Her leather outfit clung to her body like paint to a wall and her gaze caused the hearts of everyone in the room to shudder. Her blue haired counterpart was also attractive, with a slender waist, large bust and exquisite body, but in front of the dark haired beauty she might as well not have existed.


The dark haired beauty sat down gracefully and placed her hands on her chin with  her elbow on the table withe the two body guards standing behind her. This caused many of those who saw her to swallow their saliva. There was plenty to discuss today, but no one dared to speak before she did.


“I know what you are all thinking.” When the beauty finally spoke, many of the people in the room breathed out in relief, as many had been subconsciously holding their breathes. “Who is Peerless Dao Master and how do I know him? Why did he choose me? All these and other questions are not worthy of your concern. What matters is that he has given me power.”


This woman was indeed Aurora Phoenix. The user Will had chosen to be his representative, the Queen of the Indomitable Nation and the holder of the title ‘world’s most beautiful woman’. Her guild, known as Indomitable, only accepted women as members so far. Aurora herself was a feminist by nature and aimed to empower women. She had also created other guilds that allowed male members and these were run by her most trusted vassals. It was not uncommon for a guild to run other guilds, especially if that guild had requirements like Indomitable.


“I intend to use the power he has given me to the fullest extent.” Aurora reclined into her chair and pointed to the woman who had entered with her. “Genie will explain further.”


The blue haired woman nodded. She stood up and walked to one of the walls, which had a screen mounted on it. The screen had a world map on it with multiple markings on it. “So far we have received news from many people who wish to join our Nation. Multiple Kings have even attempted to communicate with us. Some tried to curry favor while others were demanding what we know about Peerless. So Lady Aurora and I have devised a plan. Please pay attention.



Letty’s class was of the darkness attribute so she had night vision, that coupled with her high level made her able to spend many hours without sleep while vigilant. There was no need to mention Will.


The first person to notice a change was Letty. In such a city, there would be many areas filled with humans scouting or living in groups. The mini bosses usually waited to be attacked, with exceptions like the aggressive Warhog which vigorously looked for a fight. Each mini boss had a territory, and users who were able to defeat a mini boss could make that territory their base. They would then either try to expand from there or use that territory as their personal hunting grounds.


Such an approach however was only usually taken by powerful guilds that had many members and resources. Miami was infamous for having a boss that would not allow for humans to have any territory. The moment a mini boss was taken out, the boss would then send mini boss after mini boss in an attempt to regain that territory. If that did not suffice it would appear itself.


This was very unusual activity from a boss. Not to mention no one knew what kind of beast the boss was except those with enough points. The local IB naturally sold such information, and there was a silent agreement among players of high standing that this information should not be spread around. There was no need to worry that a low ranking player would spread the knowledge, because they would either be killed by users, or they would be killed by the boss itself if they were unfortunate enough to meet it.


Letty was naturally aware of all the creatures in Miami, but she still was not aware of what the boss was. The IB had made information on this boss unusually expensive. There was no one willing to pay for information they would not use, and so far none of those who could afford the information were intending on retaking Miami. America only had middle ranked guilds at the top with a high ranked guild here and there, but none of them were near Miami.

This means that the boss is incredibly powerful. Most likely a C rank creature. This will be troublesome. Can he handle it?




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  1. Empowering women by creating separation between the genders? shouldn’t she be empowering them by making a strong guild with both sexes? its like feeding one dog and letting the other starve hehe. Guess fairness doesn’t count with feminist kek gg lol
    joking aside, the MC has got himself something rather nice setup, a guild filled with drop dead gorgeous girls haha

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