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The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Chapter 54- Spoils of Battle!



The Warhog’s manipulation of earth was indeed worthy of a D+ creature. As it moved nothing could be felt above ground. Will smacked his lips in admiration at such skill. Even when it was only a few yards from Will, his eyes and body saw and felt nothing.


Will intentionally gave the hog his back as he ‘searched’. The pig believed that this was its opportunity as its eyes shined even brighter. Its large body bolted diagonally upwards as it aimed one of its tusks at Will. As the earth was its home, it was freely able to adjust its speed when underground despite being so big. It covered the distance between it and Will in merely a portion of a second.


Will’s body turned around to react but the pig believed that it was already too late. It could already picture piercing Will’s body with its natural spear. As it approached Will, its expectations were quickly doused by a bucket of cold water as Will had a savage grin on his face. Before the pig could understand what was happening, its tusk was already held by Will’s gloved right hand.


In an instant the mighty Warhog went from burrowing out of the ground at the speed of a bullet train to being yanked out of the ground with a force equivalent to a tidal wave. Will yanked the pig out of the ground with his right hand and spun around a few times before launching the pig high up into the sky.


The Warhog could barely register what had happened before it was already flying high into the sky. It had been thrown up into the sky? By a low level human?


These logic defying actions had made it impossible for the pig to compute what had happened, until it started feeling strength leave its body.


Indeed, as a creature powered by the earth, it was weak the moment it lost contact with the ground, and the further away it was from the ground, the weaker it became. Will had made the right guess. After fighting hundreds of demonic beasts, he had learned to carefully observe their attributes and try to attack their weaknesses as much as possible.


As the pig flew higher and higher, Will followed quickly, by forming a staircase of ice. Every step Will took shattered every ice sheet he made. He was quickly catching up to the pig as it reached the clouds. Then something surprised Will.


The pigs body smashed into an invisible barrier and halted. The impact sent ripples across the transparent barrier.


So thats the point of the arena, the moment you accept, you can’t run!


Will’s grin became even more savage as an idea on how to finish off the pig entered his head. The impact with the barrier had done quite a bit of damage to the pic, causing it to vomit some blood. As it started falling, its expression quickly turned to horror as it saw Will follow it up. The pigs head was incredibly large, and its tusks heavy, so it was falling head first.


Will timed his ascent so that he met the pig head on. The moment they were about to meet, Will created a massive block of ice. It was roughly the size of the hog itself.


Will stepped on the ice block as his right hand got hold of the descending tusk. Will once again started spinning, except this time it wasn’t only a few revolutions. Will spun for almost thirty seconds, each revolution faster than its predecessor. Faster and faster! Harder and harder!


A tornado of air formed around Will as he and the hog spun to the point were they were becoming barely visible. With each revolution the area around them started changing from ice to vapor, till only 3 meters diameter of ice was below Will’s feet.


The vapor from before would shift to once more form ice at the bottom of the ice burg, till it seemed as if a long nail made of ice hovered in the skies above. With no one observing, Will could go full out without worrying about being observed.




With a shout Will spun to the edge of the burg and threw the Warhog up with all the strength he could muster. This time he was very close to the barrier, so the pig’s impact caused much more damage. This time the sound of breaking bones entered Will’s ears and a fountain of blood spewed from the pig’s mouth and nostrils. The hog barely had any strength left to squeal in pain, as the light in its eyes dimmed slightly.


As the force of the impact subsided, the pig once again started to fall, this time however Will and his enormous ice burg had caught up. His right fist punched the pigs abdomen, causing it to squeal in pain. Will covered his left fist with as much water as he could and condensed it into a thin glove like membrane and followed up his first punch with a second.


The pig flew up and smashed into the barrier, but this time it did not fall. Will was now right below the pig as its back was in contact with the barrier. Will suddenly unleashed a torrent of punched as he viciously demolished what little of the pig remained.


Each punch lifted the enormous hog and smashed it into the barrier. The ripples formed nonstop as Will continuously used the pig as his punching bag.


Shit it’s still alive? Impressive.


After delivering his final punch, Will rapidly lowered the ice burg. As the burg descended, Will caught the pig by its tusk and lightly spun before throwing it up again. The moment he threw the pig he jumped from the burg and created another ice sheet a few meters below and landed on it.


Then Will did knelt slightly. With a roar, he did the motion of a jumping upper cut with his right hand, except he was hitting nothing, at least not with his fist.




The large ice burg Will had made moved instead, viciously slamming into the pig the moment it hit the barrier. Will’s sixty four minds had calculated this perfectly. The ice berg shattered upon impact and the pig was squashed. Will could manipulate water, but if augmented by his own movement, the results on such a scale can only be imagined.


The result was instant death.


The battle has been won. Congratulations on winning your first battle! Goldback tusks , Primordial Body refinement skill book and 10000 points awarded as a reward.


Exiting arena.


As Will saw he prompt and felt the incredibly rich and pure energy entering him, a look of satisfaction appeared on his falling body.



It had been some time since Letty regained consciousness. When she awoke, she saw herself on a red beach surrounded by corpses. Not only were there corpses in the water, there were even corpses on the beach and far into the mainland. Dust and debris went as far as the eye could see, as if a battle of epic proportions had occurred. Some demonic beats were alive, but they only looked at her in fright, quivering and remaining as far from her as possible.


Her first thought was what exactly had happened here. The Soul Regalia knowledge had entered her mind and she was now fully equipped with it, but such a high level skill was unlike anything she had ever seen. Even if she knew what to do there was much to be practiced.


Even if one had a pen its useless if one does not know how to write.


Letty waited on the beach for her Master when she saw him materialize from thin air above her, floating on an ice sheet.


This is! He was in an arena! Since he returned alive it means he won? And not a single scratch on him!


Letty marveled at what she had just learned, but when she looked at his level she gained a shock. Because Will was now level 29!




AN: When i write, i try to picture what i see as a comic/manga or an anime. I have had this fight in mind for a long time, and i hope it was projected the way it was in my mind. Once again a special thanks to Thortsen and Magnus (Epic names by the way) for donating! I will try my best to live up to your expectations. I still have many problems as i still live in a third world country so if there are those able and are willing to donate please do so. Any amount will be helpful. Thank you very much for reading my book and i hope you enjoy what is to come!


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